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We are causal in our thought as regards to self and God. As regards to self we absolutely know nothing, and if we know something i.e the physical aspect the body, but looking through our own eyes sometimes we feel that the body is a physical thing and we are something deferente and here it is that a thought is created about our own identity. When we are inside our own house we say that it is my house and with regards to self we say it is my body which means I am different and the body is different is like house and me. God we have not seen, how can we belief in world of science and we want it should be proved in laboratory. Is ii possible ? Yes it is possible. Give a thought, we have not seen air, still we believe that it exist, and to prove it in the laboratory we give the example of a balloon in which when air is filled in the empty balloon takes a different shape, and we prove the existence of air. Similarly, God is not seen however when we test in certain parameters we come to conclusion that God do exist. God can not be proved through blowing of air through mouth but to prove the existence of God the entire world should be the laboratory, and it is in the light, late us examine what people say in their mouth and the 1st examination is Religion. All religions believe in the existence of God but majority of its followers in the language of Dr. RadhaKrishan give a benefit of doubt about the existence of the God. Let us further examine what each religion say. The Christians, Muslims Hindus, Buddhist, Janis all believe in the existence of God and they say that God is a form of light. The Christians say that Thy is Light, the Muslim say that Alaha Nur Hay, The Hindus say about Joytirlingam. Scientist have not proved the existence of God although they personally have individual opinions, some believes in achieving their inventions some super natural force has helped them and those who have different opinion have not contradicted the existence of God. The contradiction has come from Marxist who say that the religion is the opium of the people, but it is limited to, communist leadership only, the individuals leavings in a communist country have their own system of belief in God. Under the existing worlds scenario how can we prove the existence of God in light of different thoughts and creation of different groups within each religion, Let us examine what the christens say about God. They say that God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. God which is an abrebrated form which goes to say G stands for generation O stands for Operation and D stands for destruction meaning Brahma, Bisnu and Sankar. God is known as supreme soul or Param Atma. He is a point of light or : Sakti Punja a power source. Hindu say God is Nirakar, Nirbikar, meaning he has no corporeal form as like us and Nirakar means he is above five vices like Kama, Krodha , Lobha, Moha, Ahankara. As God creates Brahma the corporeal form of God with whose halp he establishes new world order.

What God does in the world drama? God has three duties through Brahma he transforms the world and through Bisnu, he rules the world and through Sankar he destroye the world meaning he transfer the world into a daity world. As the soul is point of light and the only difference is the soul take s rebirth as god does not come into the circle of birth and death. He is the world director and has the knowledge of world drama, its beginning and end. History has the record of his beautiful creation. We pray the religious preceptors who have come at different time and have tried to change the course of world drama and in this light we see Abraham who established Islamic religion, then came budha, jususcriest, Mahaveer, Mohamod, Sankarachraya. They have reacted to the existing world order and established their own religion. God creates daity world were everything was perfect meaning all in inhabitants leaving in that world where sarbaguna samprna, Solakal Samprna, Sampurna Nirbikari for which idols are prayed with devotion. At the end of world drama his duty is to take us the soul world which is our original abode. When we move outside we see the statue of our Late Political Leaders and Dignitaries who have made imance contribtion for the betterment of our society. The statues are our own creation and history is the proof of it. Similarly Religious leader are prayed with honor. When we go inside a temple we see Idols are prayed and their each activitie from morning till night they are prayed. All the religious, political leaders and other field leaders are history today but we have no records of how and why the idols are prayed in temples and who has made them as such. From our conscience we feel that at one period of history they lived in this world which was Swato Pradhan meaning pefect in all respect and it is God who has created such a leaving world and has transformed the comment man into a daity man through his teaching. God is now doing his job he has created Bramha and as reveled that he has comes to this world to established daity religion and Mudhamati atma should recognized him and as has been written in Gita, people feel that I am a common man. Once speciality with God is that he changes the world with out breaking a single law of the world. Coming to world cycle we as we belief in our religion there are four yugas, Satya yuga, Tretaya yuja, Dwapar yuga and Kali yuga God has revealed to us that each kapla has five thousand years and each yuga has been divided in to 1250 years and has added one extra yuga that is Sangam yuga . The sangam yuga is Hundred years and it is the end of Kali yuga and begning out of Satya Yuga. If we look into this small yuga we see science has developed the maximum and as provided all comfort to the humanity Man has reached moon and is trying to reach maximum, but in contrast we feel that although science is enriched, has dragged the world in to destruction. We clearly see and visualized that the world destruction and at our doors step. No construction can start with out distraction in the process of construction and destruction is on and the finale whistle will be blown at near future. Hence God says my sons leave all the relationship with the body and think that you are a soul and remember me which will provide you a seat in the daity world.

God is a form of light and a Devine form of Bindu or a point of light as we souls are point of light, the test being at a given point of time we can think only one thought. In India the oldest temple being the Lord Siva Temple and he is prayed in Linga form. Linga is an oval shaped stone in the middle of which three lines are drawn and a red spot is seen. The three lines represents Bramha , Bisnu and Sankar, and red point speak that I am a point of life. I create daity world through Bramha , rule the world through Bisnu and destroyed the world through Sankar. God creates Bramha who is common Old man who has religious bent of mind. God is incorporeal meaning has no body of his own he takes the help of the common Old man, makes his body perfect to accommodate him and enters his body The soul has the power to enter in to a body and revels himself for which he is known as Soyambhu meaning one who creates himself and gives the body the name Bramha. Through the mouth Bramha he gives discourses and attracts the people around him and comparatively pure souls recognized him and follow his Srimat and in this way through Bramha he creats Bramins and teaches them Rajyuga. These Bramins moves around the world and speared the message to the world that God has come again and his performing his Devine duty. It is in the light that the Prajapita Bramha Kumari Iswariya Biswavidyalaya has been established and it is the only one in the whole world that the godly University is functioning. It has more than Eight thousand centers in the world and has branches in almost all the countries in which more than Ten Lakhs student attend regular classes each day. Till date we have cretin concepts about God. People think that God is omnipresent, Omniscient and omnipotent. It is true that the later to are correct, but first aspect that God is omnipresent is not true. The president of India is not everywhere but his power are felt everywhere. Similarly God is not present everywhere and comes down to this world to perform his duty. God has powers to control all Five tatwas but he never contradict the existing law of nature. People suffer or enjoy as per there Karmic Laws and God has nothing to do with happiness or agony. Presently the world id seating on verge of destruction and this is the right time for God abatarana and God has come to deliver his Srimat. Those who recognised and follow his Srimat will definitely have a berth in the deity world God has revealed that history repeats itself and the cycle of five thousand year is repeated in each Kalpa. At the end of Tretaya yuga the world population is 33 cores and people pray them as divine deity. Thanks, God is wel coming and giving invitation to all that sweet children recognised me follow my srimat and through meditation transforms yours self and become pure. You have to become pure either through meditation or through punishment as without being pure you cannot go with me to your original home i.e the soul world.