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Valley Product Catalog






The Start of an Industry

Since its founding in 1946, Valmont Industries, Inc., parent company of Valmont Irrigation, has taken new ideas and turned them into products that meet the growing needs of our customers.

building efficient irrigation equipment for agriculture, industrial and municipal applications to improve productivity and conserve scarce water resources. We founded the mechanized irrigation industry and remain dedicated to providing innovative solutions now and well into the future. And Valmont provides full support to our Valley dealers and agentsand to our customerswherever they are in the world.

We aggressively participate in two specific markets food production and infrastructure developmentand we are #1 in both. Valmont Irrigation is the world leader in designing and




New Valley Products

AutoPilot Linear with GPS...10

Winner of the
2008 New Product Contest 2009 Top 50 Innovative New Products Award

Center Pivot . . . . . . . . . . 4 Towable Pivots . . . . . . . . 5 Small Field Machines. . . . 6 Linears . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 GPS Guidance . . . . . . . 10 Corner Machines. . . . . . 11 Control Technology . . . . 12 CableGuard . . . . . . . . 13 Drive Train . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Flotation Solutions . . . . . 16 Structure . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Water Application . . . . . 18 Machine Options . . . . . . 19 Pipeline Solutions . . . . . 20 Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Valley Ag Services . . . . . 22 Global Leadership . . . . . 22 Water Management . . . . 23

Small Field Pivot Point...7 GPS Guidance for Linears...10

PanelLink...12 Global Corner...11

GSM Cable Guard Monitor...13 GPS Ready Control Panels...12

The Valley Center Pivot

From pivot point to end tower, the entire Valley structure is engineered, constructed and field-tested to handle the operating stresses that your machine may experience. Valley structures stand up to the toughest loads produced by rough terrain, furrows and long-span machines. Use of a Valley center pivot can result in: a reduction in operating costs, a quick return on your initial investment, and the conservation of resources.

Valley Spans

43 m to 61 m (142' to 200') spans Pipeline and trussing maintain even distribution of weight and loads Span diameters include: 5", 6 5/8", 8 5/8", 10"

Valley Pivot Point

Full set of braces on all four sides are standard for strength and stability Optional pivot flex available for rolling ground applications Positive contact of brushes in collector ring ensures reliable transfer of power to drive units Optional stainless steel riser pipe is available for corrosive water applications

6 5/8 Pivot Point

Designed for pivots up to 396 m (1,300') long Used with 5 and 6 5/8 diameter spans Low profile (3 m or 9') and standard profile (4 m or 12.5') drive units available

8 5/8 Pivot Point

Designed for pivots up to 853 m (2,800') long Used with 6 5/8, 8 5/8, and 10" diameter spans Low profile (3 m or 9'), standard profile (4 m or 12.5'), or high profile (5 m or 16') drive units available Xenoy riser nipple is standard

8 Pivot Point
Designed for pivots up to 457 m (1,500') long Used with 6 5/8 and 8 5/8" diameter spans Low profile (3 m or 9'), standard profile (4 m or 12.5'), or high profile (5 m or 16') drive units available

10 Pivot Point
Designed for pivots up to 853 m (2,800') long Used with 8 5/8 and 10 diameter spans Standard profile (4 m or 12.5'), or high profile (5 m or 16') drive units available Heavy duty legs are standard

Towable Pivots
The reliable, field-proven design of Valley towable pivots enables you to irrigate 2 to 121-hectare (5 to 300-acre) fields easily and economically. Valley towables can be moved from one field to another in less than one hour!

4-Wheel E-Z Tow 8 5/8" (219 mm)

Fixed wheel or swivel option, easily rotates to tow in any direction For machines up to 457 m (1,500') in length

4-Wheel E-Z Tow 6 5/8" (168 mm)

Economical pivot point with fixed wheel or swivel option For machines up to 305 m (1,000') in length

2-Wheel E-Z Tow

Multi-directional towing For machines up to 274 m (900') in length

Valley Small Field Machines

Valley small field machines are ideal for small holding farmers. Valley now offers machines perfect for irrigating fields that are 20 hectares (50 acres) or less. Adding to our electric machines are the options of hydraulic or gasoline driven machines, which are easy to use and require low maintenance. When field conditions demand the best, but infrastructure and field size are limited, Valley small field machines are the equipment of choice.

Small Field Benefits

For limited infrastructure and field size Requires minimal energy Capable of applying chemicals Conserves over 50% of water compared to surface irrigation

Single Span Spinner Drive

Hydraulically powered 2% maximum slope Minimum pressure requirement (2.8 bar/40 PSI) Low maintenance

Two Wheel Linear

Forward and reverse tow Provides coverage for both small and large fields Hose feed Furrow, below-ground, or GPS guidance

Small Field Pivot Point

5" diameter pipeline 3-point hitch hook-up for towing Span lengths: 33 m to 61 m (110' to 200') Intended for use with less stressful terrain and soils Irrigates fields up to 16 hectares (40 acres)

Single Span Engine Drive

Gasoline powered 10% maximum slope Minimum pressure requirement (1 bar/14.5 PSI) Variable speed to control application depth

5" Machine
Reduced running weight Span lengths: 43 m to 61 m (142' to 200') Available on all Valley small field machines Can be combined with 6 5/8" diameter spans to minimize investment

Valley Linears

Introduced in 1977, Valley linear irrigation equipment now irrigates over 405 thousand hectares (one million acres) of grain, forage, fiber, vegetable, and sugarcane worldwide. The Valley linear uses many of the same field-proven components as the Valley center pivot...components known for their simplicity, strength and longevity.

Unlike the center pivot, however, the Valley linear travels straight up and down the field irrigating up to 98% of a square or rectangular field. Certain linears even have the option to tow or swing around, doubling the amount of land irrigated.


Linear Zone B




Forward Reverse



Pivot Zone B

Pivot Zone A


Linear Zone A
0o 0o

AutoPilot Linear Function Swing-Around Function Standard Linear Function

Water Delivery Options for Linear Machines

Ditch Feed
On-board diesel engine with generator and direct-coupled pump provide electrical power and water pressure Rolling inlets fit concrete canals and floating inlets for earthen ditches Capacities of 31 to 302 lps (500 to 4,800 gpm)

Hose Feed
Electrical power supplied by on-board diesel generator or cord drag option Polyethylene hoses with inside diameters to 200 mm (8"), in variety of lengths connected to a pressurized mainline Capacities of 12 to 88 lps (200 to 1,400 gpm)

Valley Rainger
For larger fields with machines up to 973 m (3,200') wide Available as hose feed or ditch feed Hose feed: above-ground, below-ground, furrow, or GPS guidance Ditch feed: above-ground, below-ground, furrow, or GPS guidance

Rainger Swing-Around
Able to swing around the cart to irrigate an adjacent field Available as hose feed or ditch feed Hose feed: above-ground, below-ground, or furrow guidance Ditch feed: above-ground, below-ground, or furrow guidance GPS guidance coming soon!

Can operate as a linear or swing-around, and has the option to irrigate while swinging around Available as hose feed or ditch feed Hose feed: furrow or below-ground guidance Ditch feed: above- or below-ground guidance

Two Wheel Linear

Can operate as a forward or reverse tow, or swing-around Provides coverage for both small and large fields Hose feed Below-ground, furrow, or GPS guidance

GPS Guidance for Linears

Linear irrigation equipment moves through a field by following one of several types of guidance options: below-ground cable, above-ground cable, furrow, and now GPS Guidance. GPS Guidance helps to eliminate maintenance issues associated with existing guidance options and minimizes variances in water application. GPS Guidance is proven to improve efficiency by increasing accuracy and precision of linear machines when compared with traditional irrigation guidance.

Increases accuracy and precision of linear machines Is compatible with the Starfire RTK receiver Includes a specially-designed GPS Guidance control panel module

AutoPilot Linear with GPS Control Panel

Winner of the

New Product Contest

Automatically transitions from linear to pivot mode and back again Turns primary and secondary end guns on and off Controls the application of chemicals

Changes direction and stops Available for all Valley linears


Top 50 Innovative New Products Award

Valley Corner Machines

Since the 1974 introduction, Valley corner machines have been used to efficiently and economically irrigate thousands of hectares. The steerable corner arm lets you match the unit to your field's configuration, and allows you to irrigate more of your hectares.

Corner Type Span Diameter Span Length Materials Guidance Overhang Crop Clearance Connection Floatation (on last regular drive unit) Electronic 6 5/8" 62 m (205'); 56 m (183') Galvanized Steel; PolySpan Below-ground 25 m (82') Standard- and Low-Profile Ball and Socket 3-Wheel Drive; Track Drive; 4-Wheel Articulating Drive 11.2 x 24.5 14.9 x 24 16.9 x 24 18.4 x 26 11.2 x 38

Mechanical 6 5/8" 62 m (205'); 56 m (183') Galvanized Steel Below-ground 25 m (82') Standard- and High-Profile Track and Roller 3-Wheel Drive; Track Drive; 4-Wheel Articulating Drive 11.2 x 24.5 14.9 x 24 16.9 x 24 18.4 x 26 11.2 x 38

Tire Options

Precision Corner Where Valley Corner Machines Can Be Especially Useful

Global Corner


Buildings in Corner

Buildings in Center

Both Ends

Control Technology
Control and Monitor from Anywhere
Control and monitor your linears and center pivots without driving to the field Features specialized language options: French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian displays available Voice call-out is available Linears can be managed with use of the AutoPilot Linear control panel (with optional GPS) Updated linear mapping function now includes drawings of hydrants, swing-around function, hose feed, and ditch feed Screen display of the AutoPilot Linear control panel now includes graphical buttons Each installation custom designed by Valmont Engineering

Allows non-Valley control panels and non-computerized Valley control panels to interface with the BaseStation2

Allows BaseStation2 to interpret change-in-status messages

Control Panels

AutoPilot Linear
Programming dependent on field position and other inputs Advanced diagnostics Backlit screen and keypad come standard Available with linears only

Programming based on date, time, position and other inputs Advanced diagnostics Backlit screen and keypad come standard Available with center pivots and corners GPS Ready

GPS Ready

Deter and Prevent Copper Cable Theft

GSM CableGuard Monitor

Cable Armor

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Banding

Heavy Duty Flexible Steel Conduit

Heavy Duty Span Cable Clamp

For more information, visit www.valleyirrigation.com, or your local Valley dealer or agent.

Endgun, stop-in-slot and auto reverse set in the panel Application depth changes automatically by field position Backlit screen and keypad come standard Available with center pivots and corners GPS Ready

Mechanical autoreverse Upgradable to Valley Select2, Pro2, or AutoPilot Linear Available with center pivots, linears, and corners

Entry-level panel Push button, manual operation Available with center pivots

Valley Gearbox

Built to Last
The Valley Gearbox is designed and built by Valmont in Valley, Nebraska USA. It is constructed to work under todays most demanding conditions. Theres a stronger, heavier bull gear, pre-loaded worm gear, and our new patented shaft seals that keep oil in and problems out. A heavy-duty bronze bull gear is an available option for severe field conditions.

1. 2. 5.

3. 6. 4. 7.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Expansion chamber cap made of noncorrosive cast aluminum; rubber diaphragm allows oil to expand and contract during operation Input bearing large input bearing for long life Worm Gear 25 tooth angle provides 40% longer life and better reliability in tough condition Heaviest gearbox housing more material in high stress areas. Designed to distribute loads more evenly Threaded endcap allows accurate bearing preload, to increase bearing life 52:1 gear ratio full recessed tooth design keeps oil engaged between gears Bull gear highest load capacity in the industry and longest life. Longer keyway and thicker hub Longest output shaft (steel) exclusive with Valley Gearboxes. Provides extra clearance between gearbox and tire, reducing mud buildup, which in turn prevents seal damage and extends the life of the gearbox. The shaft, combined with special offset rims, provides a reduced overhung load another Valley gearbox exclusive

Exclusive Valley Gearbox Input and Output Seals

These are the seals designed for Valley Gearbox applications to help ensure long life for gearbox components. A Valley exclusive these seals are standard on all new Valley equipmentor you can retrofit any existing Valley Gearbox.


Valley Center Drive

Engineered for Reliable Service

The Valley Center Drive is built stronger, lasts longer and uses less energy than other irrigation drive motors. Standard-speed and high-speed motors are available, with the standard-speed requiring the least amount of power in the industry.

1. 2. 7. 3. 4. 10. 5. 6. 8. 9.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Stator can be replaced independent of rotor, and is held in place with corrosion-resistant, stainless steel bolts for easy maintenance 25 tooth angles provides 40% greater load capacity and wear resistance than other manufacturers 14 tooth angles Extra-large intermediate gear bearings assure longer life Double output shaft seals Built-in crop guard over U-joint prevents crop wrapping in or near oil seals Case-hardened steel helical gears More teeth in mesh at all times for smoother power transmission. Gears require fewer reductions, fewer gears, fewer shafts and bearings. Fewer reductions also mean greater operating efficiency Exclusive coating applied to internal surfaces to prevent corrosion Watertight seal between housing components Finned aluminum housing for cool-running efficiency. Operates at temperatures 11 C (20 F) lower than comparable motors with steel housing

7. 8. 9.

10. Exclusive trapped gasket gasket is trapped in a formed slot to insure a water tights seal. Junction box is vented to inside of motor


Floatation Solutions
Valley 2-Wheel Drive

Wide wheel base for stability on rolling terrain Several tire sizes available to match your field conditions Suitable for most applications

Valley 3-Wheel Drive

More traction than standard drive unit Available with all current tire sizes to provide increased floatation Heavy duty base beam and center wheel gearbox

Valley Articulating 4-Wheel Drive

Twice the floatation and traction of a standard drive All four wheels are driven with Valley Gearboxes All four wheels follow field terrain and maintain contact with the ground Minimizes wheel rut depth

Valley Track Drive

Higher flotation and traction than wheel drives Performs best on level fields Retread tires with heavy duty steel tracks Minimizes rut depth by distributing weight over a wider area

Valley Articulating Track Drive

Maximum floatation and traction available Tracks follow field terrain and maintain contact with the ground Maximum floatation and traction available Minimizes rut depth by distributing weight over a wider area


Valley Structure

Xenoy riser nipples ensure long life and durability.

Lateral and radial welds give additional stability to the Valley span.

Large transition radius and uniform loading of truss rod heads mean a lower concentration of stress and longer life.

Drive unit legs designed for uniform loads and stability.

Full wraparound leg attachment brackets at each drive unit provide added strength. Heavy-duty gussets eliminate pipeline twist.

More strength and stability as a result of evenly loaded 4,76 mm (3/16") thick truss angles and forge-formed truss rods.

Ball and socket hitch allows movement in all directions: side to side, up and down, and rotation to minimize stress on the pipeline. One piece forged steel ball ensures long term durability.

Welded sprinkler outlet along pipeline adds strength and durability.

Longer output shaft and offset rim provide clearance between gearbox and tire to reduce mud buildup and extend seal life.

Water Application
Valmont Irrigation has its own staff of sprinkler engineers and application specialists. We design our own spray nozzlesspecifically for mechanized irrigation equipment. We also offer sprinklers from various manufacturers, including Senninger, Nelson, Komet, and others.

Application Efficiency and Uniformity

Precise, computerized sizing and spacing of nozzles ensure application uniformity Low-pressure sprays operate as low as 0,4 bar (6 psi), saving horsepower, energy and money Application efficiencies can reach 95% depending on the sprinkler package design

End Guns

Chemigation/Fertigation Equipment

Valley Boombacks

Hose Drops

Valley Sprinklers

Valley Low-Energy Nozzles

Low/Medium-Pressure Rotating Sprinklers

Provide a larger wetted diameter Selection of distribution
pads available

Valley All Range Regulators

0,030,95 lps (0.5 to 15 gpm) capability Available in 0,42,1 bar (6 to 30 psi)
outlet pressures

Only pivot company with

exclusive sprinklers

Easily exchangeable nozzle


Valley offers a variety of regulators to meet your

application requirements.

Available Options

Tire sizes
Choose the tire size and width that fits your needs: from 571 965 mm (22.5 to 38 inch) wheels and 279 429,3 mm (11 to 18.4 inch) wide.

Pipe Options
Choose from 5" (127 mm), 6 5/8" (168 mm), 8 5/8" (219 mm), and 10" (254 mm) pipe diameters to minimize pressure loss and horsepower requirements.

End of Field Stop and/or End of Field Auto Reverse

Either stop or reverse your machine precisely. Required for all partial circles. Both post and skid barricade styles are available.

Structure options for all crops

Ultra-High and High-Profile Pivot and Drive Units
Provide increased crop clearance. Ultra-High Profile clearance: 4,9 - 5 m (16' 3" 16' 6") High-Profile clearance: 3,9 - 4 m (13' 0" 13' 3")

Low-Profile Pivot and Drive Units

When standard clearances are not required. Low-Profile clearance: 1,85 - 1,95 m (6' 2" 6' 5")

Pressure Drop
This pressure gauge by Senninger provides a quick and easy check of end-of-the-system pressure. With a curved design, this product allows the drop to hang straight. Standard and Freeze-Proof models Includes 0-2 bar (0-30 psi) or 0-4.1 bar (0-60 psi) glycerine-filled gauge, 6,35 cm (1") diameter 39 cm (15.5") overall length 9 cm (3/4") F NPT inlet x 4,8 cm (3/4") F NPT outlet

Pipeline Solutions
In certain areas, water that was once known to be clean and non-corrosive is increasingly becoming more corrosive. Some producers are using less desirable sources - wastewater, process water and corrosive water. Other producers are adding crop protection chemicals or soil amendment products. Under these conditions, corrosion of standard galvanized steel can occur at varying rates. To ensure a maximized machine life, Valley offers a number of choices sure to fit your needs.

Galvanized Steel
Produced in all Valley manufacturing facilities Acceptable for most conditions, but may not meet expectations under certain water conditions Available with any Valley equipment

Produced in the USA No stainless steel used to connect spans, which can be corroded by chlorides and sulfates in the water Available with Valley pivots, towables, and linears (8 5/8 and 6 5/8 pipe) Standard with 3/4" couplers

Cathodic Anode
Produced in the USA Replaceable anode extends pipeline life in salty water conditions Available with all Valley equipment Amount of protection (number of anodes) can be customized for your installation

Type of Water
Soft Water
(low in carbonate, bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium)


Stainless Steel

Cathodic Anode

Galvanized Steel

Salty Water

(high in total dissolved solids and electroconductivity)

Acidic or Alkaline Water

(pH less than 6.2 or higher than 8.5)

High concentrations of chlorides and/or sulfates


Support for Your Needs

Weve been working on it for five decades nowbuilding, training and supporting the most extensive worldwide network of authorized, value added sales people in the irrigation industry. Valmont Irrigation offers rigorous and extensive ongoing training to personnel.

Designing a Valley for You

Local Valley dealers and agents combine their knowledge of your agricultural practices and field conditions - with Valmonts extensive irrigation experience and training - in order to design the specific application that will best meet your needs.


Installation personnel trained by Valley make sure your equipment is installed correctly and meets our specifications and guidelines for unmatched performance and reliable service.

Parts and Service

Valmont recognizes that the ongoing availability of parts and timely, quality service are critical. Valmont has manufacturing facilities, distribution offices, dealers and agents, and service personnel in over 350 locations worldwide so a new part or technician is never far away.

We Service All Brands

Since the mid-1950s, more than 50 irrigation equipment manufacturers have come and gone. But its no problem if you have an orphan machine. Valley dealers and agents are trained to service and install parts for most other brands.

International Irrigation Performance Program

Valmont's International Performance Program is designed to challenge local dealers and agents to grow and improve, offering customers the best possible service, support, and knowledge in the industry.

Aftermarket Sales

Local Valley irrigation dealers and agents are trained to assist you with various types of upgrades including electrical conversions of non-Valley machines, updating sprinkler packages, control panel conversions, etc. All of these improvements mean higher efficiency, reduced water usage, and more precise monitoring and control.


Valley Ag Services

Valley Ag Services was formed to meet the demands of customers who may need more than just irrigation. Our Ag Services team can offer everything from feasibility studies to assistance in post-harvest.

Feasibility studies Crop planning Financing options

Field Operations
Farm advisors Agronomy support Training and education

Design & Application

Water and power delivery In-field irrigation equipment Farm equipment

Post Harvest Operations

Crop storage and monitoring Post harvest processing

Equipment Procurement
Irrigation equipment Farm equipment Crop production products

Global Leadership
Valmont Irrigation is the world leader in the development and manufacture of mechanized irrigation equipment and technology.

The Valley brand has been recognized worldwide as the leader in sales, service, quality and innovation since Valmont founded the mechanized irrigation industry. This leadership position is demonstrated by sales of more than 145,000 center pivots, linears and corner machines worldwide, irrigating approximately 6.9 million hectares (17 million acres) around the world.

Proven Technology
In almost all conditions whether terrain is flat or hilly, soils are sandy or silty on all major crops Valley irrigation equipment is a proven method of increasing profitability and food production. Irrigating with Valley offers proven savings of valuable resources water, labor, energy and chemicals. Whether you are looking for one pivot, corner or linear machine, or several hundred, no one else in the world can offer you more expertise and more years of experience and service than Valley.

Water Management Solutions

With the goal of conserving resources and improving life, Valmont recognizes the multiple opportunities for reusing wastewater. Valmont Water Management Group (VWMG), a Valmont company, specializes in taking the waste out of wastewater. We are uniquely qualified to develop and implement a comprehensive water management strategy that encompasses water and energy efficiency, environmental protection, and financial stability and profitability to governments and multinational corporations worldwide.

From small villages to large metropolitan areas, Valley equipment is used to apply wastewater to thousands of hectares of land. Valley equipment helps growers meet water needs and nutrient requirements Cities benefit from lower-cost wastewater management solutions Environment benefits from elimination of discharge to streams

Industrial facilities directly benefit from effective wastewater management by VWMG and Valley irrigation equipment. Effective management reduces discharge of wastewater into municipal facilities and/or streams VWMG and Valley irrigation equipment help realize the potential to reduce capital investment required for conventional treatment facilities

The agricultural industry realizes significant benefits from the effective management and beneficial reuse of wastewater. Livestock confinement facilities use pivots to distribute liquid manure Plant nutrients in wastewater reduce the need for commercial fertilizer


Valley Irrigation Worldwide

Distribution Offices Manufacturing Facilities Dealers and Agents (by country)


World Headquarters Valmont Irrigation 7002 North 288th Street P.O. Box 358 Valley, Nebraska 68064-0358 USA Telephone: 1-402-359-2201 Fax: 1-402-359-4948 E-mail: vintl@valmont.com www.valleyirrigation.com

Western Europe/Northern Africa Valmont S.A.U. Ctra. La Poveda a Mejorada del Campo KM.9.300 28840 Mejorada del Campo (Madrid) Spain Telephone: 34-91-679-4300 Fax: 34-91-679-1677 E-mail: info.riego@valmont.es

Southern Africa Valley Irrigation of Southern Africa (PTY) Ltd. P.O. Box 1234 Nigel, 1490 Republic of South Africa Telephone: 27-11-814-7007 Fax: 27-11-814-4533 E-mail: info@valleyirrigation.co.za

Middle East Valmont Middle East FZE Plot # MO0781 & 782, R/A/ #12 Street #1245, JAFZA P.O. Box 17937 Jebel Ali, Dubai, U.A.E. Telephone: 9714-88-39740 Fax: 9714-88-39567 E-mail: valmontme@valmont.com

South America Valmont Industria E Comercio LTDA Av. Francisco Podboy, 1600 Distrito Industrial I Uberaba/MG - Brazil CEP 38056-640 Telephone: 55-34-3318-9000 Fax: 55-34-3318-9001 E-mail: comercial@valmont.com.br


Eastern Europe Valmont International L.L.C. Representative Office in Romania Str. Trilului 65 030401 Bucharest, Sector 3 Romania Telephone: 40-21-325-0919 Fax: 40-21-324-3328 E-mail: vladimir.harminc@valmont.com

Australia-Pacific Valmont Australia Ltd. 123 Cobalt Street P.O. Box 225 Carole Park, Queensland 4300 Australia Telephone: 61-7-3879-3622 Fax: 61-7-3879-3655 E-mail: vaus@valmontinternational.com.au

Mexico & Central America Valmont International Corp. 2105 Mannix Drive San Antonio, TX 78217 USA Telephone: 1-210-829-7971 Fax: 1-210-824-3233 E-mail: meellis@valmont-vice.com

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Valmont Water Management Group 7002 North 288th Street P.O. Box 358 Valley, Nebraska 68064-0358 USA Telephone: 1-402-359-6014 Fax: 1-402-359-4948 E-mail: vwmg@valmont.com

See your local authorized Valley Dealer:

7002 North 288th Street P. O. Box 358 Valley, Nebraska 68064-0358 USA Phone: 402-359-2201 Fax: 402-359-4948 E-mail: vintl@valmont.com


Valmont Irrigation has a policy of continuous product improvement and development. As a result, certain changes in standard equipment, options, price, etc., may have occurred after the publication of this catalog. Some photographs and specifications may not be identical to current production. Your local Valley Dealer is your best source for up-to-date information. Valmont Irrigation reserves the right to change product design and specification at any time without incurring obligations. 2009 Valmont Industries, Inc., Valley, NE 68064 USA. All rights reserved. INTL10098 JN 6/09