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5. Literature Review (a) Company Overview Banglalink is a 100% owned subsidiary of Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E.

, Egypt, (OTH) in Bangladesh. It was acquired by OTH in 2004, and after a complete overhaul and the deployment of a new GSM network, its telecommunication services were re-launched under the brand name Banglalink. The ultimate parent company of the group is vimpelcom, the 6th largest mobile phone operator in the world. Bangladesh has the lowest telephone penetration rates in the world andeven in South Asia. According to a report by the International Telecommunication union (ITU),only 1.56 among 100 people of Bangladesh own telecom facilities. When Banglalink entered the Bangladesh telecom industry, the scenario changed overnight with mobilet elephony becoming an extremely useful and affordable communication tool for people across all segments. Banglalink attained one million subscribers by December 2005. T h e n u m b e r of Banglalink users increased by more than 253 per cent and stood at 3.64 million at the end of 2006. In less than two years which is by December 2007, Banglalink overtook Robi (previously Aktel) to become the second largest operator in Bangladesh with more than 7.1 million customers. As of June 2012, Banglalink has a subscriber base of 25.49 million, representing a market share of 27.18%. Banglalink entered the market with a promise of making mobile phone affordable for people. This promise was kept and Banglalink was the first operator to introduce a flat rate for all calls for the convenience and ease of customers.Throughout the year, Banglalink continued offering products and services approaching different consumer segments with distinct communication needs. In August, 2006, Banglalink became the fi r s t c o m p a n y t o p r o v i d e f r e e i n c o m i n g c a l l s f r o m B T T B f o r b o t h p o s t p a i d a n d p r e p a i d connections Banglalink focused heavily on enhancing service and quality. Growth over the last years have been fuelled with innovative products and services targeting different market segments, aggressive improvement of network quality and dedicated customer

care, creating an extensive distribution network across the country, and establishing a strong brand that emotionally connected customers with Banglalink.

(b) Company Vision and Mission Vision To become the worlds leading telecom operator providing the best quality services to the customers, value to the shareholders and a dynamic, challenging and fun environment for the employees. Mission To satisfy all communication needs of the developing markets which they serve. Banglalink believes that there is viable economic model to serve emerging markets while availing affordable quality, and is racing to serve the largest possible number of customers, covering the most populous countries in the world. Banglalink, by positioning itself as the primary provider of communication services, looks forward in shaping the future of the markets it serves. (c) Organizational Structure Functional Departments of Banglalink There are approximately eight functional departments in the organization. The functions of these departments are divided in the following sections: Sales Marketing Human Resources & Administration Government Relation & Law Customer Care IT & Billing Administration Finance


Organizational Chart of Banglalink (as of November 2011)

Chief Financial Officer Mohamed Hassan Osman

Chief Technical Officer Ahmed Fady

Chief Commercial Officer Asher Yaqub Khan

Sales Director Arif Mehmood Malik

Customer Care Director Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Ahmed Abou Doma Muhammad Arshad

Human Resources & Administration Director Tarek Beram Head of PMO & Supply Chain Abdus Saboor Regulatory and Legal Affairs Director Zakiul Islam

IT Director Nizar El-Assad

Marketing Director Shihab Ahmad