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vp social
by Amanda Shendruk
Fulcrum Staff

CONTRARY TO POPULAR belief, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa’s (SFUO) vp social doesn’t spend all of his or her time partying—just some of it. The executive’s biggest project
comes at the beginning of the year with the organization of 101 Week, but following the first-week extravaganza, the position is responsible for the SFUO’s social events program, coordinating
events with faculty associations, and making sure that students know the who, what, where, and when of social events on campus.

Alexandre Chaput Coordinator of the SFUO’s Zoom

Productions. Jean Guillaume Fourth-year social work student.

Goals Goals
• To make 100 per cent of SFUO events acces- • To create events which are inclusive, mul-
sible to all students ticultural, and are relevant to as many stu-
• To focus on organizing quality events, not just dents as possible
as many events as possible • To be in solidarity with students working
• To restore the Winter Challenge (this year it towards lowering tuition fees
was the Winter Games) to its original week- • To have not only more parties, but better
long format parties
• To strengthen links between the on-campus • To develop an events list on the SFUO
clubs, federated bodies, sports services, and webpage where clubs can post activity and
student media. This means supporting non- event announcements. In this way stu-
SFUO events and working with media so that dents can always know what social events
more students are aware of coming events are happening on campus

Big idea Quote: Big idea Quote:

To ensure that programming structure is “I’m here for [students]. I’m going to be listen- To ensure that all events are inclusive. “It’s [the students’] campus, so they have to cre-
solid. Chaput explained there will be no ing to what kind of events they want. I’ve al- Guillaume indicated that he feels it is al- ate it they way they want it. Most of the time a
last minute events, only quality events. ready talked to a lot of students about the type ways the same group of people that come lot of people complain, but not a lot of people
This also includes encouraging student of programming they want to see … [I want] to events, but all students should feel like [get involved]—so we have to give them the op-
participation and increasing event visibil- to listen to the events that they want, and make getting involved and everyone should be portunity to make the move.”
ity on campus. them accessible.” represented.

vp finance
by Jessica Sukstorf
Fulcrum Staff

ESSENTIALLY, THE VP finance is in charge of doling out the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa’s (SFUO) dough. Like the federal finance minister, the vp finance prepares a budget that is
presented early in the school year; however, unlike with the feds, there’s no worry about the SFUO dissolving if the budget needs some tweaking. The vp finance also implements the budget, keeps
an eye on the undergraduate health plan, and is responsible for the SFUO’s businesses.

Roxanne Dubois Current SFUO vp finance. Maureen Hasinoff Second-year

political science student.

Goals Goals
• To encourage the SFUO businesses on • To switch the focus of the SFUO back to stu-
campus to give students a reason to use dents
them, such as offering bartending work- • To establish good surplus management so
shops at 1848 that it can be put to better use, such as offer-
• To give students a say in the budget pro- ing scholarships to low-income students
cess through consultations • To create effective [financial] plans with the
• To have strong social engagement through SFUO’s businesses to help them succeed; for
implementing sustainability and respon- example, getting a full kitchen setup for 1848
sible purchasing policies so that the SFUO can maximize the use of
• To push the “OHIP For All” campaign to available space
allow the over four thousand international • To offer programs that teach students how to
students on campus to receive health care properly manage their finances
at the same rate as Ontarians

Big idea Quote: Big idea Quote:

To foster social engagement, to be re- “It’s important for the person who takes on the To change how the executive approaches “Choose change for the betterment of all stu-
sponsible and accountable for the SFUO’s position of vp finance to have strong account- and works with students. dents.”
finances, and to advocate issues that are ability, transparency, and responsibility when it
important to students. comes to finances. At the same time it’s impor-
tant to push for social issues that affect students
and that’s why social engagement [is in] my
e2 \\ ELECTIONS \\ 02.05.09 \\
vp communications vp student affairs
by Laura Clementson by Laura Clementson
Fulcrum Staff Fulcrum Staff

WHETHER IT’S PREPARING interviews with external media or dealing with Sandy Hill commu- THE STUDENT FEDERATION of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) vp student affairs assumes a vari-
nity relations, the vp communications of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa ety of responsibilities, including looking after all of the campus clubs—which include academic,
(SFUO) is all about getting the SFUO’s messages out to a diverse public. The position is also philanthropic, and recreational groups—and the SFUO’s services, including the Pride Centre,
responsible for updating and maintaining the SFUO website, managing the SFUO’s brand on International House, and the Women’s Resource Centre, among others. The vp student affairs
campus and externally, and ensuring that all SFUO communications are bilingual. also chairs the Student Life Services committee.

Julie Séguin Michèle Lamarche

Current vp communications–
francophone for the Students’
Current vp communications for the SFUO Association of the Faculty of Arts

Goals Goals
• To continue increasing the SFUO’s visibility, which • To increase promotion for the SFUO’s services and
includes creating more accessible and more environ- ensure all services have the resources they need
mentally friendly promotional material for all SFUO available to them
services and businesses • To investigate club systems at other universities and
• To expand the SFUO’s network of partners, and to work compile a report with possible recommendations to
with the community on many levels implement within our own club system
• To increase advocacy for the presence of bilingualism • To work to bring the SFUO’s services to the Roger
on campus, as well as other language issues Guindon campus
• To improve student spaces, whether acquiring new
spaces or making existing spaces more accessible
and functional for students

Big idea
To see the SFUO collaborating and networking with other groups on campus to see everyone’s
Big idea
To increase awareness that the SFUO and its services are available for students and to ensure that
campaigns and events succeed. services and clubs have the maximum support and resources that can be made available to them.

Quote: Quote:
“There are many, many projects on the go at the moment that are not done and that I want to finish. “I want to make student life on campus as great for everyone else as it has been for me. I want every-
But there are also [relations] I want to strengthen and work on, internally and externally, and I feel one to love this university as much as I do ... I want all students, no matter their reasons for coming
like the best person for the job, having that institutional memory and the experience.” to campus everyday, to be proud to be [U of O] students and to know that if they ever need it, the
SFUO is there to help and support them during their time at the U of O.” // 02.05.09 // ELECTIONS // e3

by Amanda Shendruk
Fulcrum Staff

THE PRESIDENT OF the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) is responsible for
relations with the U of O administration, the federated bodies and faculty associations, other
universities, and any external groups or organizations, including all levels of government. The
president chairs the executive and is the face of the SFUO.

Renaud-Philippe Garner
2008 SFUO presidential by-election contender
Renaud-Philippe Garner
• To change the terms of scholarships so that if marks decline students won’t lose their
funding completely; scholarships should drop according to marks, giving students an op-
portunity to get their scholarships back
• To have the library open 24 hours for students during exam periods
• To create an ethics committee that would hold student leaders accountable for their deci-
• To make funding for clubs proportional; the size of their club and their events should
determine their funding

Big idea Quote:

Focus on the scholarship and library proj-
ects because endeavors like these affect stu-
dents directly and significantly.
“Students come first. The SFUO has lost its way
and most students don’t connect [with] or feel
represented by them. [It’s] back to basics.”
Marc Kelly

Marc Kelly Sixth-year physics student

• To work towards direct democracy; students should be free to speak at and participate in all
meetings and debates

To work towards transparency; there should be recordings of all decisions, and the rationale
behind those decisions should be accessible to all students
To develop a democratic syllabus; students should be able to vote on their syllabus at the
Tyler Steeves
beginning of their course
• To increase student representation on the Board of Governors; one student for every ad-

Big idea Quote:

To take power from the administration “Students need to have more control over their
and give it back to the students. own education, and we can do this by taking
power away from the administration and giving
it back to the student population.”
Seamus Wolfe
photos by Martha Pearce

Tyler Steeves Fourth-year management student Seamus Wolfe Current SFUO vp university affairs

Goals Goals
• To reconnect with students • To build a community by empowering and supporting student groups
• To get first-year students hooked on the U of O experience at the beginning of the year • To ensure student rights by opposing high tuition fees as well as working towards a declara-
• To foster an open source community where not only the most prominent student groups but tion of student rights and a change in the academic appeals process
everyone has the means to do something meaningful • To fight racism and discrimination on campus
• To develop a productive relationship with the university, not a blind allegiance to the ad- • To ensure transparency and accountability of the SFUO; general meetings should be held
ministration but rather a desire to work together towards student goals while not causing where all students have a vote
unnecessary conflicts

Big idea Quote: Big idea Quote:

Not to start new, expensive projects but “It is time that the SFUO really actively out-
To create a great university experience for “You won’t remember sitting at home doing complete the ones that are ongoing now reach to students who are not involved and stu-
all students at the U of O. nothing; you will remember next year.” and to not make promises to students that dents who are not seeing all the benefits they
can’t be kept. can from the student federation.”
e4 \\ ELECTIONS \\ 02.05.09 \\
vp university affairs
by Jolene Hansell
Fulcrum Staff

THE MANDATE OF the Student Federation of

the University of Ottawa’s (SFUO) vp university
affairs is anything but limited. The position is
responsible for establishing and maintain-
ing relations with the University of Ottawa’s
Board of Governors and creating and running
various campus campaigns. The vp university
affairs also makes recommendations to the U
of O’s Senate, ensures that students have ad-
equate representation on administrative and
educational committees, and keeps in contact
with off-campus community groups.
photos by Martha Pearce
The vp university affairs candidates, left to right: Ted Horton, Sidney Loko, Cameron Montgomery, and Jeremy Stuart.

Ted Horton Current Faculty of Social Sciences

representative on the Board of Administration Sidney Loko Helped found the West African Youth
Association on campus

Goals Goals
• To improve classes by ensuring that different sections of the same class have similar assign-
ments and courseloads • To increase the diversity of the SFUO’s activities and improve representation
• To improve campus by campaigning for macro-level issues like lowering tuition fees as well • To ensure equity for all students
as micro-level issues like improving internet access and food services • To guarantee better advocacy on behalf of international students
• To improve the community through obtaining a U-Pass, informing students of their rights • To offer higher quality education by allowing access to cooperative internships
as tenants, and improving student living conditions
• To improve SFUO transparency

Big idea Big idea:

To obtain a truly representative SFUO executive that actively seeks the input of students and To guarantee an inclusive SFUO that brings the student community together.
represents their interests, and according to these interests, improves university life and re-
sponds to feedback and criticism from its members.

Quote: Quote:
“I’m running because I believe in the representation of all students. Because I have been “I want to represent all students of the university, including international students. I feel that in
involved across campus, I believe myself able to represent the diverse needs of our student the past [the SFUO executive] ... has not been fairly [representative], making most of us think
body—to improve the daily lives of students, ensure a diverse and accessible campus, lobby that we are not included in the [SFUO]. I believe that we are, and that [students] can all con-
for post-secondary funding, bring fairer tuition for international and domestic students, and tribute to a better [SFUO] ... that represents all students.”
ultimately serve the needs and concerns of students as directed by students.”

Cameron Montgomery Jeremy Stuart Fourth-year political science

and history student

Current Faculty of Arts representative on the Board of Administration

Goals • To work on problems that matter to all students, such as the difficulty of maintaining en-
• To take action against substandard student housing and to institute an appeal process for trance scholarships
students having trouble with landlords • To establish two-way communication with students through general assemblies, classroom
• To make under-advertised and under-used student services, such as depression, anxiety, presentations, and an official blog
and abuse resources, more available to students • To put students before politics by running information campaigns
• To promote bilingualism as well as the culture of First Nations peoples, and take steps to • To work towards dropping and freezing tuition fees by working with administration and
have the university offer a First Nations language class provincial and federal politicians
• To compile a comprehensive student scholarship guide so students can take advantage of the
hundreds of scholarships available to them every year
Big idea
Big idea To create an educational and inspiring lecture series at the university featuring top politicians,
CEOs, artists, and other top professionals.
To provide the money for students to participate in humanitarian aid projects (through fund-

raising and community sponsorship) and, in doing so, offer students the opportunity to con-
front discrimination and intolerance.

Quote: “I’m running for the position because I think our student federation needs to focus on students
again. Our SFUO does many complicated and worthy things but seems to forget the simple
“I am one of those people who moves into a community, and within a week I’m organizing a things we lack. [For] example: getting the internet to work across campus, because if Carleton
recycle drive, teaching the neighbourhood kids to skate at the local rink, and shovelling old can do it, then so can we. Some may think it is not an issue for the vp university affairs, but
people’s driveways. It’s just how I roll. I like to be a part of my community and help it grow. I internet access affects our education, and you should not need to spend 20 minutes of every
feel that as vice-president of university affairs, I would be in a position to do really good things hour in the library trying to stay connected to the VPN. The SFUO can work to fix these small
for the university and its students.” problems and, through focusing on students and their small day-to-day problems, I think we
can make our university experience much better.” // 02.05.09 // ELECTIONS // e5
BOG - Senate - BOA
by Emma Godmere SEVEN SEATS—ONE representing each faculty—are filled by students on the U of O’s Senate. Senators are respon-
Fulcrum Staff sible for overseeing educational policy, approving new courses and programs, dictating admission requirements,
handing out honourary degrees, and looking after the scholarship and bursary distribution at the university. Only
THE HIGHEST GOVERNING body at the University of Ottawa, the Board of Gov- full-time undergraduate students are eligible to run and vote for candidates.
ernors (BOG) is responsible for overseeing all major financial and contractual
matters of the university, the hiring and promotion of staff, and general gov-
Telfer School of Management Faculty of Arts Kyle Simunovic
ernance and administration of the university and campus. There is one under- (1 available seat) (1 available seat)
graduate seat and one graduate seat on the BOG, and the elected students
each serve a two-year term. All full- and part-time undergraduate students are Eric Datars Melanie Book Faculty of Medicine
eligible to vote in the election of the undergraduate representative to the BOG. (1 available seat)
Graduate students will vote for their representative at a later date. Andrei Huranchyk Michael Cheevers
Amy Kishek Casey Rowed Andrew Boozary Aaron Kozak
Faculty of Science
Austin Menyasz Mohammed Selman (1 available seat) Faculty of Health Sciences Faculty of Social Sciences (1 available seat)
Alexandre Bevington (1 available seat)
Khadeejat Momoh Dominic Villeneuve Shamin Mohamed, Jr. Julie Levionnois Mike Fancie
Landry Ntwari Mohammed Selman Khadeejat Momoh Faculty of Law (1 available seat)
Naveen Silva Landry Ntwari
If you’re reading this, you have the attention to Bruno Gélinas-Faucher
detail we need in our proofreaders.

Come to 631 King Edward on Tuesday evenings to keep

the Fulcrum error-free. THE BOARD OF Administration (BOA) is the governing body of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa
(SFUO) and is made up of 25 seats, divided proportionately among faculties according to the student population.
BOA directors do not need to be bilingual to run and hold a seat, and are obligated to attend monthly meetings.

Faculty of Arts Faculty of Health Sciences Miatta Gorvie

(5 available seats) (3 available seats)
Cameron Gray
Scott Bedard Osama Berrada Sarah Jayne King
Dominique Blouin Laura Rashotte Stephanie Marentette
Melanie Book Kyle Ryc Ivy O
“EyeͲopeningandincredible! “Thishasbeenthesinglemost Danika Brisson
Ihavelearnedsomuch!” challengingandrewarding Telfer School of Management Kyle Simunovic
experienceofmylife!” Michael Cheevers (2 available seats)

Areyouready CJ Symons
Amy Hammett Khadijah Kanji
tomakeadifference? Robert Prazeres Faculty of Science
Faculty of Medicine
(1 available seat)
SUMMEREMPLOYMENT Martin Schoots-McAlpine
(3 available seats)
Marie-Eve Bérubé
Katherine Sullivan Matt Alteen
paidsummerpositionsthatareavailablewithourorganization: Alexandre Bevington
Faculty of Law, Common
x Aboriginal Summer Camp Counsellors: To operate summer camps Law Section (2 available seats) Liliana Godoy-Smirnova
x LabourerͲTeachers:Toworkalongsidemigrantlabourersinfarming Arthur Dennis Stark Richard Mah
x ReadingTentCoordinators:Tooperatereadingprogramsfor Jim Rae
childrenandparentslivinginlowͲincomeurbanneighbourhoods Faculty of Law, Civil Law
Section (1 available seat) Veronica Santos
individualsareencouragedtoapply.Formoredetails Bruno Gélinas-Faucher Mohammed Selman
onthepositionsaboveorforvolunteeringopportunities,visitourwebsite. Faculty of Education

(1 available seat)
Faculty of Social Sciences
(6 available seats)
volunteerͲbased, Myriam Bérubé Aminka Belvitt
organization.Since1899, Danah Beseiso
FrontierCollegehasbeen Faculty of Engineering
servingtheliteracyneeds (1 available seat) Iain Brannigan
familieslivingindiverse Brandon Bay Peter Flynn

e6 \\ ELECTIONS \\ 02.05.09 \\

Bon Appétit! Food Bank Aboriginal Counselling Resource Elder Should students vote in favour of the Smoke- Student Life Services
Service Free Campus referendum, the U of O will join
SINCE 2006, THE Student Federation of the several other Canadian universities with the same THE STUDENT LIFE Services (SLS) referen-
University of Ottawa (SFUO) has been pro- IF THIS REFERENDUM passes, the Aboriginal ban in effect. In 2003, Dalhousie University be- dum question will ask students to allow all 10
viding students, alumni, and employees of the Counselling Resource Elder Service (ACRES) came the first Canadian campus to implement the SFUO student services to be classified as student
university with the Bon Appétit! food bank, would offer a counselling service to First Na- regulation, with Brock and Lakehead following life services, allowing them all access to the SLS
where those in need of food for any reason are tions students at a price of $1 per full-time stu- shortly after. emergency fund.
eligible for a three day emergency supply of dent per semester and 50 cents per part-time There is no registered No committee for the The SLS emergency fund is a pool of money
food once a month from Bon Appétit!. student per semester. Smoke-Free Campus question. that only some of the 10 SFUO student life ser-
Bon Appétit! is helped by donations from President of the Aboriginal Law Students As- —Kristyn Filip vices—including International House, the Peer
the community and a current levy of 25 cents sociation and Yes committee member Dennis Help Centre, the Pride Centre, Foot Patrol, and
per full-time and part-time student, per se- Stark has seen at least five Aboriginal students Banning the sale of tobacco in SFUO businesses the Centre for Students with Disabilities—cur-
mester. With this funding alone, Bon Appé- withdraw from their law programs at the U of rently have access to. If the referendum question
tit! has served over 7,000 items to almost 500 O in the last year. With access to elders who ORIGINATING FROM THE Smoke-Free Cam- passes, all 10 services will be able to draw from
people so far this academic year. understand their unique situations and can pro- pus efforts of Ryan Kennery and Sarah Burke the fund.
The service is looking for a levy increase of vide appropriate guidance, he believes Aborigi- and supported by over 1,500 students who “Basically it’s a little bit of extra money in ad-
75 cents for full-time students and 25 cents nal students will be more likely to stick with signed the petition last fall, this referendum dition to the budget that the services have that
for part-time students. their studies and graduate. question proposes a ban on selling tobacco in they don’t necessarily use, but can if there is an
Bon Appétit! Yes committee representa- “By voting yes to the ACRES referendum SFUO businesses. unforeseen expense that was not budgeted back
tive Scott Pritchett noted the neglect the food question, all U of O students can ... show a strong Burke has yet to receive any negative feedback in the summer,” said Issa. The fund is used for un-
bank has received relative to other SFUO ser- commitment to support Aboriginal students on regarding her campaign, but she refuses to jump expected expenses such as new office equipment
vices. their journey to academic success and eventual to conclusions. or renovations.
“As of now, all other SFUO services are re- graduation while being proactive partners in the “There is going to be opposition; it’s just not of- The fund draws its money from pre-existing
ceiving $1 while Bon Appétit! gives constant- reconciliation efforts between Aboriginals and ficially registered,” she said. student levies. For example, undergraduate stu-
ly to our community, and we are the lowest all Canadians,” said Stark. Currently, the Pivik is the only SFUO business dents pay a $1.50 annual levy to International
funded of all services,” he said. The Student Academic Success Service cur- that sells tobacco products. If this referendum House; however, the service only uses $1 and the
There is no registered No committee for rently operates an Aboriginal Resource Cen- passes, the Pivik would have to stop selling such additional 50 cents are put into the SLS emergency
this referendum question. tre that offers several services to Aboriginal products once their contract with tobacco compa- fund.
—Catherine McIntyre students, including a visiting elders program. nies is over and no other businesses could begin “[If the referendum passes] students will not
ACRES, however, would be geared toward and selling tobacco. be charged anything more than what they al-
Millennium Villages sustained by students and designed by Aborigi- For Burke, money is not the real issue; she ready pay,” explained Issa. “It would allow the
nal peoples. believes that student values should be placed SFUO to use [students’] money more effectively
THE MILLENNIUM VILLAGES project is While there are currently about 140 Aborigi- before profits. “We should be taking a stand on so in the future we wouldn’t have to charge stu-
a United Nations (UN) initiative in which nal students at the U of O and 600 students in these issues. It’s about making sure our voices dents more if certain services, say, wanted to ex-
University of Ottawa students would donate the Aboriginal Studies program, Stark explained are heard,” Burke stated. pand their mandate a little bit more.”
money to help a rural sub-Saharan African that ACRES will be open to all students. —Aaron Kozak —Amanda Shendruk
community in extreme poverty. There is no official No committee for the
The project supports UN Millennium De- ACRES referendum question.
velopment goals—global targets for reduc- —Des Fisher
ing extreme poverty and hunger by half, as
well as improving education, health, gender Smoke-Free Campus
equality, and environmental sustainability by
2015. THE SMOKE-FREE CAMPUS campaign, start-
U of O undergraduate students would be ed in October by Communications Students’
the first post-secondary students to engage Association executives Sarah Burke and Ryan
in such a project, helping approximately Kennery, calls for students to support the ban of
5,000 people. If passed, the Millennium Vil- smoking on campus except in designated out-
lages project would add $6 to the student door areas.
levy for all full- and part-time students. The U of O’s current smoking regulations state
Nadine Lemoine, Yes committee member that smoking is not allowed within nine metres
for the Millennium Villages initiative, ex- of building entrances; however, the rule often
plained the importance of the project. goes unenforced. Yes committee volunteer Tapas
“This is the University of Ottawa’s oppor- Kulkarni indicated that the proposal in this ref-
tunity to take global student leadership on erendum has received generally positive reviews,
the issue of extreme poverty and show that some from students who are smokers themselves.
we believe that we are all equal,” she said. “Many students say that they do not know
There is no official No committee for the where they are allowed to smoke on campus and
Millennium Villages referendum question. that having designated smoking areas would clari-
—Katie DeClerq fy this for them,” said Kulkarni.

Friday afternoon
journalism workshops
The Fulcrum is hosting free weekly workshops for students
hoping to learn the craft of print journalism.

Feb. 6 - Arts criticism

All workshops begin at 1 p.m. and take place
at 631 King Edward Ave.
No registration required. All are welcome to attend. // 02.05.09 // ELECTIONS // e7

University of Ottawa

The Graduate School of Public

and International Affairs,
in collaboration with the Centre for International
Policy Studies and the Library and Archives Forum
on Canadian Democracy, is proud to present:

A talk by the Right Honourable Paul Martin, former Prime Minister of Canada

Global Governance and

the Future of the G20

February 11 at 5:30 p.m.

Location: Desmarais Building, Room 4101, 55 Laurier Avenue East

FebruaryD 1st-15th
esigner Showcase
See the newest designs in sterling silver, bronze & 14kt gold.
TAXES INCLUDED! Enter for a Chance to WIN a Pyrrha necklace.

Rideau Centre 2nd level 613.562.0101

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