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MATA PELAJARAN : ICT Tingkatan Tarikh Topik : 4 TM 2 : 8 Nov 2012 : Basic Concepts of Networks and Communications Tempat Masa : 4 TM 2 : 11.00 hingga 11.30

At the end of the learning session, students are able to : 1. define network and communications correctly. 2. state at least two examples of both network and communications appropriately. 3. give at least two importance of network and communications appropriately.


Induction Set : Contents : 1. Two pieces of A4 paper which have different messages in them. 1. Powerpoint slides note 2. Marker pen 3. A4 paper


1. Students knew some examples of current technology devices that they use regularly in their life.

Isi Kandungan
Pengenalan Induction Set: 1.Students should know to choose which is the fastest the topic to be taught today. 2. Students should know to relate the introduction to the topic to be taught today.

Pengetahuan/Kemahiran yang perlu dikuasai

3.1 Basic concepts of networks and communications 3.1.1 Define network : A computer network is a system of interconnected computers and peripheral devices. Examples : it may connect computers, printers, scanners 3.1.2 Define communications : Communications is about the transfer of information from a sender across a distance to a receiver. Examples : text, voice, sound, video, graphics, images, or a combination of all. 3.1.3 Importance of network and communication - share data, file, software - long distance communication

1. Students should know to relate the use of network and communication in the real life. 2. Students should know the example usage of network and communication. 3. Students should know the difference of network and communication. 4. Students should know the key words of the definition of both network and communication

Aktiviti Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran

Pengenalan : Induction Set : 1. Teacher calls upon 4 students to play in a game called "Sampaikan Salam". 2. 4 voluntered students are then divided into 2 groups. 3. One of the group member have to stand in front of the class and another one have to stand at the back. Students at the back will be given a piece of paper with a message in it. They have to give the message to their partner by using any possible method. The fastest group is the winner. 4. Teacher discuss with class about the game. 5. Students are allow to give their opinion. 6. Teacher relates the activity with the topic to be discuss later on. BBM:


Duration: 5 minutes Values: Decision making

1. Message written in 2 A4 papers

Perkembangan Pengajaran : 1. Teacher gives the definition of network and highlights the key words that students have to remember. 2. Teacher gives some examples of network usage in daily life. 3. Students write the definition, key words and examples in their notebook. 4. Teacher gives the definition of communication and highlights the key words that students have to remember. 5. Teacher gives some examples of communication usage in daily life. 6. Students write the definition, key words and examples in their notebooks. 7. Teacher asks the students to discuss among them in a group of four members about the importance network and communication. They have to choose their best answer. The answer has to be written in a given A4 paper by the teacher. 8. Students discuss in group with guidance from the teacher. 9. Teacher asks each group to paste their answer at the white board. 10. Students paste their answer. 11. Teacher concludes their answer and asks students to copy down the suitable answers. 12. Students write in their books. BBM: 1.Slide PPT 2.Marker pen 3. A4 paper Values : Cooperate Duration: 20 minutes

Aktiviti Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran


Penutup :
1. Teacher asks students to recall what they have learnt. 2. Students give their answer. Duration: 5 minutes

Tugasan :
1. Teacher asks the students to find information about types of computer network which are LAN, WAN and MAN to be discussed at the next lesson. 2. Teacher asks the students to complete their notebook as it will be checked in the next

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