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Stefan Marinov



Part VII


Documents on the violation of tine laws

of conservation



Editrlce Internazlonale






Stefan Marinov



Part VII

Documents on the violation of the laws

of conservation


Editrlce Internazlonala

Published in Austria


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International Publishers »East-West«


First published in 1990

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Tchouang TSEN





A. GIDE (II imnoralista)




JESUS SIRAH (5:12) in dem Brief an die Relativisten von Arimathaa





B. B.




- Maestro, Ihre Theorie wider- spricht den Experimenten.

- Desto schlimmer fur die Experimente.

This cartoon was executed by Filippo Scozzari in Perugia in September 1989 in the

record time of 2"" 37^. For showing that Einstein's theory is a galimatias one needs

no longer time.

Einstein's moustaches can be seen hanged up on the grave

cross of R. E. Tivity in Ma-


whose complete text is pub-

lished on. p. viii of vol.1

of Marinov's CLASSICAL PHY- SICS. The text at the right of the cross runs:

questi a destra

sono i baffi del Maestro.

hilt la Ihi' €fttv(iitHWI kUtmrllm <t fw \***

Ergo ' (in *w»»l (h f # »^.ffm »1

mr (hire

iJCi ntics' (lini''n'.inii\i U»y

Chuifunl Ci kpluvi VinJiif h

(kr i^i'ossmihm'





Giudicateli non dalla differenza di loro linguagio ma daH'identitai dei risultati

Robespierre in his speech

against the supporters of the displacement current


Quite the whole seventh part of the collection of documents THE THORNY WAY OF TRUTH (TWT) presents my endeavours in showing that Maxwell's displacement current does not exist. I republish enough historical and contemporary papers and excerpts from text- books on this topic, so that the reader can quickly receive a well -documented impres- sion about the view-point of "conventional physics".

There is no unity between the defenders of the displacement current concepts and sometimes the differences are so big that for one and the same experiment different Maxwellians give different predictions. So, for example, G. Mie (p. 124 ) predicts that a leaky capacitor will not generate magnetic field, while French and Tessman (p. 141) predict that it will generate magnetic field.

However, although different Maxwellians speak different languages, all of them pre- serve some common rules.

1. There is no Maxwell ian after WW! who would mention and discuss Whitehead's expe- riment (as well as there is no relativist who would mention and discuss Kennard's ex- periment). Whitehead has carried out a kinetic displacement current experiment which is PURE and, as it shows that there is no motion of a dielectric across which displace- ment goes when put in an alternating magnetic field, this experiment offers a clear and direct demonstration that the displacement current has no magnetic properties.

2. All Maxwellians discuss only the potential displacement current experiments. These experiments are NOT pure as the alleged magnetic field generated by the displa- cement current in the condenser is overlapped by the magnetic field generated by the conduction currents in the wires supplying electric charges to the plates of the con-


3. The Maxwellians dedicate their whole attention to discuss the displacement cur- rent in vacuum and the different theoretical concepts of the different authors differ substantially one from another. However concerning the displacement current in dielec-

trics (the polarization current) the Maxwellians are quite unanimous: this current generates magnetic field. Meanwhile none (except Whitehead with a negative outcome and Eichenwald with a wrongly interpreted positive outcome) has tried to show whether

this assertion is true. With my potential displacement current experiment and with my repetition of Whitehead's kinetic displacement current experiment I showed that the experimental verifications of the absurdity of Maxwell's concepts can be done by chil- dren, today, when dielectricswith high permittivity are available.

Now, when I give this book to the printer, I even regret of having compiled such a big book. The question about the displacement current is SO SIMPLE that ten pages are enough to CLOSE THE PROBLEM ONCE AND FOR EVER.

If nevertheless I print this book, it is only to emphasize the IMPORTANCE of the problem, as the dethronization of the displacement current leads to the conclusion

that the interactionsof

loops if there are condensers in the circuits. From its part this conclusion, in the light of Grassmann's formula for the unequal forces of interaction between current

elements, brings us to the conclusion that Newton's third law in magnetism can be


To this problem the scientific community MUST PAY ATTENTION because one of the pillars of contemporary physics becomes shaky.

current loops

are interactions between NON-CLOSED



Now a couple of words on the machine TESTATIKA. On the 27 -29 October 1989 SAFE (Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft fUr Freie Energie) organized a big congress on free energy in Einsiedein (Switzerland) on which about 700 participants took part. A 30-minutes film on TESTATIKA and on the Christian community METHERNITHA was pre- sented. Representatives of the community gave abundant information on the spiritual

and material foundations of the community. I was further working on the organization

of the visit of Acad. Sakharov in Linden and on the subsequent presentation of the

film on TESTATIKA by the Moscow TV. But in December the heart of the giant


ceased bea-

During the congress in Einsiedein I made contact with some Germano-Aroericans (whose

names at the present time I cannot divulge)

with hydrogene peroxyde. After going through special catalysts, H2O2 decomposes into

H2O and O2 under high temperature (about 1300°) and high pressure. The Germans have used this method in the war to propel torpedoes. In the helicopter, the peroxyde goes through tubes until the extremities of the propeller, where the catalysts are placed. Thus the acting reactive force acts on a lever equal to the half length of the prop- pel ler. In this way the flight of the helicopter becomes very stable. The one-man

helicopter consumes for one-hour flight 90 liters of peroxyde and the power deli- vered to the propeller is 90 HP.

I called from Italy my friend Stefano Ricciardi who came with his motor (see TWT-VI, p. 202). The Germano- Americans remained deeply impressed by the efficiency and simp- licity of Ricciardi 's motor. A preliminary cooperation contract was signed and if both parts will come to mutual understanding, in America in 1990 the production of cars will begin for which the energetic source will be catalytically decomposed pero- xyde and the motor will be Ricciardi 's machine.

who showed to me a helicopter flying

In the future I hope to change no more the contents of my books TUT. Thus in the future I shall reprint the books from the following editions (correcting only the typing errors):

TWT-I - third edition (1988),

- third edition (1986),

TWT-III - second edition (1988),

TWT-IV - second edition (1989),



- first edition (1989),


- first edition (1989), first edition (1990).


All references will be given to these editions and the editions will be no more mentioned.


15 March





This is my native house in the street El in Pel in Nr. 22 in Sofia. El in Pel in was one of the classics of the Bulgarian literature who lived in Nr. 12 (he died in 1949). His son Boby was my first boy friend. El in Pel in was uapcKH qoBCK (king's man) amd when king

Boris used to come to visit him,

we, the children of the street, were happy of

having seen and spoken to the Bulgarian king. I must add that we were not at all amazed

that the king was without crown /jiHncBaxa h naaeaHTHTe, komto xcwrr /iibpflOH, xpnexa/ nJTbTHO 3afl BCCKHro OT "HapoAHHTe" peny6jiHKancKH KonnyKaTopH/

Again my native house. Although since eight years I am a poor Staltkmckt (groom)

here in Graz, but I descend from a rich family (yew, ym TaKOBw npeBpaTHocTH cyAbCbi!).

The father of my mother,

Gantcho, was owner of a big plant with 4,000 workers in Con-

stantinople and supplied with bombs and explosives the whole Turkish army. He graduated

from the Bwcinee rTHpOTexHHMecKoe ytmnHme (High Pyrotechnic School) in Sankt-Petersburg

and was a very talented inventor. His sister, Adriana Budevska, was the Bulgarian Eleo-

nora Duse. However, my both parents were communists since their youth. My father joined the Bulgarian Party of Narrow Socialists before the First World War. This was, as a mat ter of fact, the first (since 1903) communist party in the world , as the Bolsheviks left

the social -democracy in 1912 and all revolutionary socialists

after WWI. My parents were very good friends of Traitcho Kostov, the secretary of the

Bulgarian Communist Party, who was killed in 1949 by the Stalinists around Valko Tcher-

venkov. blamed of being an Anglo-American agent. Valko Tchervenkov, native from Zlati-

tza, was a distant cousin of my father. In 1981 I was deprived of Bulgarian citizenship, accused of being an anti -communist,

of Europe did this

and my house was confiscated by the government aB jjb royBwxbp -be IlpeiteMu.




With my mother, Galina, and my brother, Coliu, in 1944 in the garden of the native house of my father, Marin, in Zlatitza, 76 km far from Sofia, a beautiful picturesque romantic village (WAS!) in the southern skirts of the Balkan. Zlatitza was a Turkish village (Kaca6a). When the liberation Russian army approached in 1877 the Balkans from

the north, the Turks sold in a hurry their houses and lands and the grand-father of my

father, Gruio, bought quite the whole upper part of the village (and a mill in the lower part). His daugher, Christina, the sister of my grand-mather, Maria, was a communist and member of the central committee of the party between both world wars (she died in 1937). A big part of the relatives of my father were communists, fighting for freedom and social justice in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, China (the cousin of my father, Ivan Gentchev, was the chief Komintern's agent in Shanghai in the thirties) and the Soviet Union. Two uncles, Christo and Vasil, and one aunt, Nevena, perished in the Stalin's extermination camps b

Tbicswa AeBHTbcoT TpmmaTb h npoKjurrboc roflax.

My mother has studied history of art in Munich during and after W\i(I. She spoke Russian, German, French, Czech, had a beautiful voice and sang on the piano L^edeA of Schubert, Schumann, Russian romances and Soviet airs. She was a passionate Wagnerian and her greatest dilight was to hear classical music. I do not remember my mother ailing and she never in her life has visited a dentist.


10 -

•^ MM IM

I 8. i nod B.eb B.d.rf ,p|, .^f a « ,„ ;;„'i^' Unlenchrift des Inlubersi


befuidhcbe Unterichrift eigenhindig toIUogen hat


^" 10; I^Z. "4^9

Du Scemannsamt

4^ M/9


I began to study physics in Prague's Charles University in 1948 (my father was a dip-

lomate in Prague). In 1951,

Bulgarian government and communist party, I interrupted my studies in physics and went

as a volunteer to the Varna High Navy School. After graduating, I sailed as deck officer

on Bulgarian, Czechoslovak-Chinese and West-German cargoes on the world's oceans and seas. The picture above is taken on the German ship "Bernhard Howaldt" in the Indian

Ocean in 1958. The captain, Malte Wittstock, has served from the first to the last day of the war on nazi submarines. I do not remember of having met a more calm and well-

poised person. Once in a narrowness

lead to collision with another ship. Captain Wittstock, who rarely mounted the bridge, by an unexplainable "command of the fate", appeared at the most critical moment, correc- ted my error and by no muscle of his face showed to me that I have brought the ship to the threshold of a disaster.

in the apogee of the cold war, following the appeal of the

in the Red Sea,

I took a wrong decision which could


11 -

On the 29 April 1978 at 11.00 I carried out a demonstration on the Venceslao square in Prague in support of Charter 77. Support to Charter 77 was given by dissident groups in all East-European countries. Only from Bulgaria (as always) no voice was heard. I de-

cided to go from Brussels to Prague and to manifest my solidarity under the head of the horse of Saint Venceslao. I announced the demonstration to Jiri Hajek, Julius Tomin, the son of Ludvig Vaculik and the only representative of the Western Press, Mr. Lamourieux (I hope, I spell well his name) from Agence France Press. The demonstration was betrayed (I think Mr. Lamourieux did this), as when I came to the upper part of the square, there were around dozens of policemen. When I approached the monument a policeman asked for my documents. Until he looked at the identity card, I rushed to the monument, exactly un- der the head of the horse where two other policemen stayed and rolled out my poster with

the following text: "Va§e charta - nale charta, Marinov - Bulharsko" (Your charter is our charter, Marinov - Bulgaria). My intention was to write the following text: "Va§e charta - na^e charta, my jsme v?ichni jedna parta", but J. Tomin said that such a text i^s of the

kind of the slogans "Kdo dnes sedi* na chodni'ku, nemiluje republiku" and added "V cestine

slovo 'parta' se uzyva spfs jako parta do hospody". And he gave me the advice to cancel the last words what now I regret of having done. Tomin said to me that my demonstration on the Venceslao square will be the first one after 1969. I am proud that the demonstra- tions for freedom in Prague, in which now hundreds of thousands take part, began with my one-man demonstration. A koncfm slovy kter^ se Tominovi urcit^ libit nebudou:

Vykr^jem si pSkny kus svobody a pujdem potom do hospody.


This picture is taken in Washington, D.C., where I spent some of the happiest months

In my life. On the 3 April

1974 I could escape from the psychiatry in Sofia where for

a second time I was detained because of my political dissent. After changing my pyjamas

with the cloths of a friend of me, I entered the American Embassy to present an address to the world protesting against my imprisonment in a psychiatric clinic. The employees, who

knew me very well, instead to help me, called secretely the Bulgarian police. Two well-trai

ned muchachos of the special services

(SS) beated me vandal ically in the hall of the Embas

and brought me back to the psychiatry. In 1976 when J. Carter won the elections and raised

the banner of human rights, I presented in the Embassy a claim for injury but I received

only a bureaucratic answer (see the relevant correspondence in my book Hsnoh, CaraHa!).

When in 1977 I arrived in Belgium, I addressed President Carter directly, asking for his

excuses for the barbaric beating. In June 1978 I was invited by the American Embassy in

Brussels to visit Washington for better investigation of the case and of my scientific

background. Half a year I was in an active contact with the State Department, the White

House, the NBS, the NSF, NASA and several democratic and republican members of the Cdngres

But in December 1978 the Ininigration Office expelled me. When I went to Mr. Ivan Sipkov,

a Bulgarian who was introduced to me by the State Department, shouting loudly: "How is

this possible!? Which is this idiotic bureaucracy in

country! I am awaitii


this stupid

for the answer and for the excuses of the President of USA and these bloody guys expel 1 me


Mr. Sipkov smiled: "Be calm and go pack your luggage. This is the answer of Carter

of your friends relativists."


13 -

At the International Conference on Space-Time Absoluteness (ICSTA) in July 1982 in Genoa, with Prof. J. P. Wesley and Prof. J. P. Provost. This was the second ICSTA-confe-

rence. The first one had to meet in Bulgaria in May 1977 but it was prohibited by the

Bulgarian government and 20 days before the opening I was imprisoned (for a third time) in a psychiatric clinic. On the day on which I shall find money, I shall announce the

third ICSTA-conference to seal on it the death of relativity.

14 -

December 1982 (or February 1985). My meager dinner as poor groom in Niederschockl (Photograph by P. T. Pappas).

PS. The number of the sweaters on me speaksabout the cold in my room.




Further threat of immolation

British diplomatic missions in Genoa

Otaly) and Vienna (Austria) have been

under siege in the past few weeks by Dr

Stefan Marinov, the Bulgarian physicist

now living in the West, with threats of self-

immolation. Dr Marinov is protesting at the refusal of the Editor of Nature to

publish three long scientific articles, one of

which is a restatement of Marinov's theory of absolute space-time, another of which

announces the design of a perpetuum


Dr Marinov first embarked on self-

immolation in Genoa on 8 August, outside

the British Consulate, but by his own account was held in conversation for half

an hour by staff from the consulate' and

was compelled to Hee when the staff sought

the assistance of the police, knowing that

he was present illegally in Italy (having

been denied entry in 1980).

At a press conference held in Austria last

week, Dr Marinov again announced his

plan for self-immolation, this time outside

the British Embassy in Vienna. On the tele- phone earlier this week, he said that he

would take this step at 10 a.m. local time on

2 October but, on being informed of the appearance of this piece, said "Now I don't know whether to immolate myself


Dr Marinov's claims that Einstein's

theory of special relativity is misplaced

were first made in 1974 {Czechoslovak J.

Phys. B24, %5: 1974), on the basis of an

experiment carried out in Bulgaria that

purported to show that the velocity of light

is direction-dependent. Marinov has since

claimed to have repeated the experiment.

The paper describing that investigation,

"New measurement of the Earth's

absolute velocity with the help of the

coupled shutters experiment", says that the experiment was carried out in his girl-

friend's apartment, that the rotating shutters, functioning as a siren, disturbed

the neighbours and that "after a couple of

altercations, my girl-friend threw away

from her apartment not only my apparatus

but also me".

The two other papers submitted for publication are called "On the action and

interaction of stationary currents" and

"Coup de grace to special relativity and to

something else". All three papers have now

been published by Marinov in his book The

Thorny Way to Truth (Part U).

Marinov's complaint against Nature is

primarily that publication of these three papers has been refused, but also that "milliards of dollars" are being lost each day the world remains ignorant of his per- pectual motion machine. Other matters in dispute are Nature's refusal to publish an appeal to the late Yuri Andropov at the end of last year and, earlier, a manifesto called

the "Ten Jena Commandments".

John Maddox


September 1983. On the

streets of Graz, alone, with my "coupled mirrors" expe-

riment, absorbed in thoughts about the thorns on which has one to tread for rea- ching the shining summits of scientific truth.

February 1934. Explaining the essence of the "coupled mirrors" experiment. My fingers show the ways in which both light beams go from the one perforated disk to the other. One can see on the photograph only a small part of the laser producing the initial light beam which is split by the semi transparent mirror seen in the photograph. The reflected beam

goes to the left, while the refracted beam» after a reflection on the mirror seen in the photograph, goes to the right. Between the perforated disks, these two beams proceed in the opposite directions. The person who gave me a possibility to carry out my "coupled mirrors" experiment in

his laboratory took from me the solemn promise that I shall never say where have I carriec

To my question, why is he so afraid, the answer was: "I do not wish one day to be

poisoned by certain special services (SS)."

it out.


17 -

April 1984. With the first model of the effective Bui -Cub machine. In the photograph above the Bui -Cub machine is working as a generator, as the rotor is rotated by an elec- tromotor on the right and from the wires on the left one obtains a direct tension. The Bui -Cub machine is the first one-and-a-half polar machine in the world (according to my^ classification of the electromagnetic machines). Francisco Mliller (Miami, USA) was the

first man who has constructed one-and-a-half polar generators. I constructed the first

one-and-a-half polar motor and called these machines, in honour of MUller's and my na-

tive countries (Cuba, Bulgaria) the BUL-CUB MACHINE. The Bul-Cub machine without stator which I constructed in 1987 was the first machine in the world which demonstrated violation of Newton's third law and of the law of angu- lar momentum conservation. The world's scientific bulls refuse to analyse the Bul-Cub machines, because the motional -transformer induction comes there patently to light.


May 1984. One of my machines with negative outcome to which, now, I give the name BUL-MACHINE. If one will wind on the plastic torus only a couple of windings near one to another, leaving the other part of the torus without windings, there will be a torque acting on the lower pole of the vertically fixed magnet and the magnet will be pushed from the one side of the windings to other side. The explanation is the follow- ing: The magnetic intensity field over the windings is horizontal and it pushes the near positive magnetic pole in the direction of the field. Thus one should expect that if the

whole torus will be covered by windings, as the field will be the sum of the fields of

any of the windings, the magnetic force lines will go over the torus horizontally and will bring to rotation the four vertically fixed magnets. This, however, is not true.

There is no

magnetic field is jji the torus, and the field outside the torus is null . This experiment gives a confirmation of the assertion that a direct current motor without sliding con- tacts cannot be constructed. This experiment also shows that any d.c. motor without sli- ding contacts will inevitably be a perpetuum mobile. If one would have a magnetic mono-

pole, then the field in the torus will set this monopole into a continuous rotation. Thus all those who since many years are searching for magnetic monopoles are, simply, idiots. The Bul-Cub machine represents a certain development of the Bul-machine. The effective

torque acting on the rotor above. Indeed, for a toroidal coil, the whole

Bul-Cub motor rotates. It has no sliding contacts but there one makes short-circuiting

of the windings "outside** the poles. I have not made the Bul-machine effective by short


19 -

ppumjumi i i ii iiiiuii| i iiiiiiw i ^ i!gpifpipwfiwyp^


After the expulsion in December 1978, I submitted several applications for visa at the American embassies and consulates in Brussels, Genoa and Vienna but always my application

was rejected by the motivation that I am communist (see TWT-I, pp. 150 and 184). Even the intervention of my friend, the member of Congress Robert Dornan (he tapped me on the shoulder calling me "Steve" and I tapped him on the shoulder calling him "Bob") remained without success (see TWT-I, pp. 124 and 149). But the categoric intervention later of my

friend. Dr. Henry Dart, an acanite anti -relativist from Tucson, impelled the Washington

administration to issue me a visa. Dr. Dart sent telegrams to the American Ambassador in

Vienna and to President Reagan, saying that he is an American, a free citizen in a free country, and he wishes to have me as a guest in his house in Tucson. The administration

has not the right do decide for him, whom he has to receive and whcmhe has not. Dr. Dart

even cited a poem of Maiakovsky:

H fla 6yzieT Te6e noHRTHo, SyMaKHO-KpbiCHHa mb^hji, B nocJiejquHH H nocT-nocneflHHH pas, -

He Nn paHH MHnoBiinqbeH KpHCTannorpacJiiH a Bbi, HHHOBHMKH-ra/ibi, zmn nac!

In a beautiful sunny day in November 1985 (in Arizona 300 days of the year are beautiful and sunny) I visited with Dr. Dart the Kitt Peak Observatory and he took the picture above.


February 1986. In the house of my brother in North Sydney,

21 -

In August 1986, together with Prof. P. Pappas who came to take me from Graz, I visited the International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory in Budapest, where I was accepted

as a participant. However, the president of the local