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Robray T-3

Robray T-3 is a purpose built barge-type self-erecting tender assisted drilling (TAD) rig with a flat bottom, raked stern and raked bow hull shape. The TAD rig is designed especially as a cost efficient and very flexible drilling system for development scenarios involving multiple well slots fixed offshore platforms whereby the rig moves from platform to platform using its own Drilling Equipment Set (D.E.S) which is lifted on by its own crane.

Further information Tel: +47 51 30 90 00 GENERAL Design Built/year Modified Flag Classification Class notations WELL CONTROL BOP (Surface)

Self-erecting TAD barge Marathon LeTourneau / 1980 2001 Panama ABS +A1 Barge & 'Statement-ofFact' for MODU Code 1979

BOP handling Mud gas separator C&K manifold

MAIN DIMENSIONS/TECHNICAL Length 87 m Breadth 18 m Max water depth 122 m Min water depth 10 m Drilling depth 7600 m Variable deck load 4140 MT Min Tow Required 60 - 80 MT Bollard Pull Transit speed 5 knots Helideck Sikorsky S61N Accommodation 117 persons

Shaffer 21 " 2K ABOP Hydril 13 5/8" 5K ABOP GK CIW 13 5/8" 10K 1xSRBOP CIW 13 5/8" 10K 1xDRBOP BOP Handling Trolley System SWL 50 MT 43" OD with 6-ft, mud seal ServeTech 4-1/16" 10K API Spec 6A 2 x Oilwell A-1700PT Triplex 5000 psi WP 4 x Derrick FLC2000 Cleaners Burgess Magna-Vac Mdl 1500 Operator supplied

MUD SYSTEM Mud pumps Pressure rating Shale shakers Degasser Mud Centrifuge

STORAGE CAPACITIES Fuel 649 Drill water 948 Potable water 203 Liquid mud 371 Base oil 188 Brine 181 Barite/Bentonite 149 Cement 149 Sack storage 3000

m3 3 m m3 3 m m3 3 m m3 3 m sacks

POWER Main engines Main generators Total power Emergency power

5 x Caterpillar Model D399TA 6 x Kato Brushless 1287 KVA 4650 KW 1 x Caterpillar 3408 TA

STATION KEEPING Anchor wire 8 x 1182 m - 48 mm Anchors 8 x Delta Flipper 7 MT Mooring winches 4 x Skagit Model DMW-150 double drums LIFTING EQUIPMENT Main crane Favelle Favco Model PC150 Main crane rating 95 MT SWL at 10.6 m radius Deck crane Favelle Favco Model 7.5/10K Deck crane rating 34.8 MT SWL at 9.9 m radius M/Skid cranes Nil M/Skid crane rating Not applicable

DRILLING EQUIPMENT Derrick Pyramid 152-ft telescopic Drawworks National 1320-UE 2000 HP Drill pipe capacity 6000 m x 5" S135 NC-50 Top drive Varco TDS-4S 1100 HP Rotary table National C-375 with 37 " Power Tong Nil - Operator supplied Drilling Line 35 mm OD x 2285 m Hookload/ Setback 340 MT/ 181 MT DES dry weight 606 MT DES number of lifts 22 Platform height 27.5 m above msl

OPERATING CONDITIONS Wave height, Hs 5.8 m Wave period, Tz 6 - 8 second Surface current, Vc 2.0 knots Wind speed, Vw 80 kph

OFFLINE ACTIVITY CAPABILITY OAC crane Nil OAC power tong Nil Offline electric log Nil Offline CTU Nil Offline cementing Nil

SURVIVAL CONDITIONS Wave height, Hs 7.6 m Wave period, Tz 9.0 second Surface current 4.0 knots Wind speed 120 kph