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Specification // HERB 160 Frame

version sizes colours material rear travel standard shock shock hardware seat post and clamp size adjustable seat post guides bearings bearing sizes head tube head sets compatible tires disc mount bb shell front derailleur chain device mount dropouts rear axle standard hub size optional hub sizes fork travel HERB 160 (V1.1) small, medium, large black anodized frame, red anodized linkage and hardware 7005 aluminum, custom butted, heat threated and ball burnished (less fatigue) 160 mm (can be changed to 180 mm with HERB 180 rockers, use same shock lenght) Rock Shox Monarch Plus RT3 High Volume, 216 x 63,5 mm 8 mm bolt, top 47,8 mm width, bottom 22,2 mm width 31,6 mm, 100 mm min. insertion, clamp 34,9 mm, not included Reverb Stealth compatible cable routing, additional guide for outside cable routing stainless steel sealed cartrige bearings 15 x 28 x 7 mm tapered, bottom 1,5 1 1/8 internally and externally CNC machined bottom - semi integrated 1,5 (55,96-56,00 mm), top 1 1/8 semi integrated (44 mm) 26 x 2,7 Internat. Standard, max. 205 mm BSA, 73mm, 83 mm bottom bracket with 5 mm spacers on each side Shimano top swing only, for example FDM-970-10, for 73 mm bb ISCG 2005 and 2001, Hammerschmidt compatible for 12 mm through axle, replaceable derailleur eye 12 mm through axle, delivered with the frame 12x142 mm 12 x135 mm, 12x150 mm (change derailleur eye and remove/change brake spacer) 160 mm is recommended, max. 180 mm

Helpful Information The HERB 160 can be converted to the HERB 180 using the 180 conversion kit, which comprises two rockers and the bearings. Simply switch the rockers - no need to change the shock.

To find specifications of discontinued models and previous versions, please have a look at www.last-bikes.com in the service catergory. The information given in this document is subject to change without notice.


Geometry // HERB 160

frame size example fork fork travel A D C B E F G H J K L M fork length + head set height top tube top tube sloped top tube horizontal chain stay length steering angle seat angle effective seat angle head tube length wheel base (40 mm fork offset) seat tube length bottom bracket height small Rock Shox Lyrik 13 160 mm 545 + 2 mm 383 mm 505 mm 569 mm 426 mm 65,5 70 74 130 mm 1123 mm 428 mm 12 mm medium Rock Shox Lyrik 13 160 mm 545 + 2 mm 416 mm 536 mm 601 mm 426 mm 65,5 70 74 130 mm 1155 mm 428 mm 12 mm large Rock Shox Lyrik 13 160 mm 545 + 2 mm 449 mm 567 mm 637 mm 426 mm 65,5 70 74 140 mm 1189 mm 490 mm 12 mm

The table to the left shows the nominal geometry of our frames using a Rock Shox Lyrik fork with 160 mm travel and 2 mm stack height for the bottom part of the head set.Typically the semi integrated head set has a stack height of 2-4 mm, minimal changes for the steering angle can result from this. Also notice that the fork lenght may vary +/- 5mm according to the fork manufacturers tolerances. If you want to use a different fork you can easily calculate the approximate change of the steering angle. The change is about 0,5 0,4 towards a steeper angle per 10 mm lowered crown.

The information given in this document is subject to change without notice. www.last-bikes.com