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Project Based Services Department, ITD

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EPT Result Entry Second UAT Specification Result Entry



Project Based Services Department, ITD

TABLE OF CONTENT TABLE OF CONTENT 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 2.0 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 4.0 4.1 4.2 5.0 6.0 7.0 Introduction Purpose Scope Abbreviations Business Scenarios Pre-requisites Environment Requirements Requirement from Clients Previous Tests Other Conditions Testing Approach Input Testing Procedures Output Pass/Fail Criteria Test Summary 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4-6 6 6 6



Project Based Services Department, ITD 1.0 1.1 Introduction Purpose This document specifies the details in performing UAT for ept result entry module 1.2 Scope This UATS covers on result entry on English Placement Test (EPT). User will key in band for writing, reading and listening/speaking. The users need to do finalized submission thru this result entry module. 1.3 Abbreviations Abbreviations UAT UATS Description User Acceptance Test User Acceptance Specification


Business Scenarios The scenario begins when a user log into the system to do result entry of EPT. The user go to http://itdportal.iiu.edu.my/advise/ .Then click the EPT/APT/TPT Mark Sheet and click the EPT Result Entry. After finished key in result entry, user save the record and click the finalized submission button for finalized result.

3.0 3.1

Pre-requisites Environment Requirements As specified in (1)


Requirement from Clients None


Previous Tests None


Other conditions The user must be an active IIUM staff. He/She will get access privilege from CELPAD.



Project Based Services Department, ITD 4.0 4.1 Testing Approach Input Choose subject Session Semester Course Section Chr Matric # Name Course Section Prog IntProg Band Write Band Read Band L/S Avg band Overall Nextlevel Status Grade Valid Entry Until Date Due Date Submit * <Auto fill in Current Session > * <Auto fill in Current Semester > * <Auto list of value course code> * <Auto list of value section> * <Auto fill in credit hour> * <Auto fill in matric no> * <Auto fill in name> * <Auto fill in course_code> * <Auto fill in section> * <Auto fill in current programme> * <Auto fill in intended programme> Writing band (key-in zero if band is null) Reading band (key-in zero if band is null) Listening /speaking band (key-in zero if band is null) * <Auto calculate Average band > * <Auto calculate Overall band> * <Auto fill in Next level of English> * <Auto fill in Status of English (PASS only for EXIT nextlevel) > * <Auto fill in Grade of English (P or F) > * <Auto fill in last date key in result> * <Auto fill in due date to key in result> * <Auto fill in submission date>

* Denoted field that will automatically be filled when open the form and cannot be changed



Project Based Services Department, ITD 4.2 Testing Procedure

4.2.1 Test Procedure 1 Test ID Status Objectives Testing Data Test Steps : : : : : 4.2.1 Result Entry Pass/Fail To record final result of EPT As mention in 4.1 1. Click EPT/APT/TPT Mark sheet from http://itdportal.iiu.edu.my/advise/ 2. Click EPT Result Entry 3. Key in Oracle ID, password and database. 4. Select Course and Section 5. Click at column matric no to refresh student list. 6. Fill up form as with the test data in section 4.1 7. Press Save button to save record 8. Press the Finalized Submission button to send result to CELPAD. 9. Click BOE Sheet button to print the record. The system will display the following message : For action no 5; Your record has been saved For action no 8; Please save your changes by pressing the save button (diskette icon). For action no 8; <Course> , <section> has been submitted For action 6; Entry not complete Click Exit button to exit the form.

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Project Based Services Department, ITD 5.0 Output Please refer to Attachment 1 to attach the output 6.0 Pass/Fail Criteria A full pass is achieved when all procedures in section 4.2 are passed 7.0 Test Summary Test Results : Passed


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