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Science Module #1 Test (1 Hr) Name: __________________________________________ A calculator is allowed to be used on this and all other chemistry tests. Please do all work on this page or turn in the extra pages with your test. This test was taken within the allotted time and without any outside help, such as the textbook, notes, or a classmate. A calculator is allowed for this test. _________________________________________ (Parent Signature) 1. Fill in the word for which the following definitions apply: a. _____________________________ is two or atoms joined together to form a substance with unique properties. b. _____________________________ is the quantity of a substance within a certain volume. c. _____________________________ is the smallest chemical unit of matter. 2. Carbon is a substance that makes up a variety of familiar things including charcoal and diamonds. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, poisonous gas that contains carbon. Is carbon monoxide a atom or a molecule? 3. You are having a discussion with a friend about the statue of liberty. He says that she must have been made from a special green metal. What would you tell him?

4. Which of the following is a picture of molecules and which is a picture of atoms? a. b.

5. If you see a measurement in a notebook that says 45.3 g. Is this mass, length or volume? 9. An object is 23 in long. What is that in centimeters? (1 in =2.54 cm) 10. A liquid laundry detergent advertisement says that it can wash as many loads of clothes as its competitor despite the fact that the bottle is only half as big and it uses the same active ingredient. Is this possible or must they be stretching the truth? 7. An objects volume is 2.3 L, what is that in mL?

6. What does the prefix centi mean?

8. An objects mass is 12,321 g, what is that in kg?