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ISO 22000 audit

Internal HACCP audit checklist

(Applied for ISO 22000) 1. Does the organization have an internal audit plan for HACCP? 2. At what frequency does the organization conduct internal audits? 3. Have the audit purpose, criteria, scope and methods been defined? 4. How does the organization ensure that the program covers all aspects of HACCP system? 5. Have the auditors been trained? 6. Have the responsibilities and requirements for audit been defined? 7. How does the organization ensure the independence and impartiality of the activities? 8. Have the purposes of audit been achieved? 9. Is the audit data utilized for improvement of the HACCP system? 10. Have the audit results been documented?

Waste Control Audit Checklist

(Applied for ISO 22000) 1. How does the organization control waste? 2. Are there sufficient waste control facilities in production area? 3. Is waste been removed periodically from the production/storage areas adequate to prevent contamination?

4. How does the organization treat the waste? 5. Does the waste disposal method comply with any relevant regulations?

Construction and layout Audit Checklist

(Applied for ISO 22000) 1. Are walls and floors in good condition? 2. Is drainage adequate? 3. Is ventilation adequate? 4. Are processes properly separated? 5. Is the layout of equipment, facilities and processes suitable and appropriate? 6. Is there any congestion in processing areas? 7. Are storage conditions adequate for keeping goods? (e.g. dry/frozen goods etc.)

Exclusion of Pests Audit Checklist

(Applied for ISO 22000) 1. Does the organization have a pest control plan/system? 2. Are rodent, bird and insect prevention facilities suitable and appropriate? 3. Are doors, windows and other facilities in good condition? 4. How does the organization ensure all pests are being controlled effectively? 5. Have these controls been documented?

Audit Checklist of Control of Employee Health Conditions

(Applied for ISO 22000) 1. Are there any procedures to control employee health and sanitation condition? 2. Are the procedures being implemented? 3. Have the employees undergone periodic health examination or screening? (Health certificates etc.) 4. How does the organization manage return to work following illness?

Audit Checklist of Proper Labeling, Storage and Use of Toxic Compounds

(Applied for ISO 22000) 1. Has the organization appointed personnel responsible for toxic compounds? (e.g. cleaning and pest control chemicals) 2. Are these toxic compounds stored separate to raw materials, ingredients and packaging materials? 3. Are these toxic compounds clearly labeled for identification? 4. Are there handling/usage instructions available? 5. Does the organization keep records of the use? 6. Have the personnel been trained in the safe handling and use of such materials?

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