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Numerology for Soul Awakening


Vitae Bergman

Burkeshire Press


Published by Burkeshire Press Printed by Lulu, Inc Copyright © 2004 by Vitae Bergman

All rights reserved under International and Pan- American Copyright Conventions including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

Manufactured in the United States of America. First Edition



Dear Reader, in this book you will find a useful tool for self-discovery. Numerology is an ancient and time- honored process by which much about your self may be uncovered.

Numerology may be employed for many diverse purposes. Here, it is used as a means for an individual to become more closely identified with his/her Soul Self and thereby grow into being an instrument for Soul Purpose.


Souls are eternal. They are rays of the Divine, or what some call Supreme Consciousness, or what others call God.

Souls, having emerged from the Divine, are pure expressions of the Divine. God, being Omniscient [all knowing, which is to say, Supreme Consciousness], Omnipresent [everywhere, which is to say, in every atom, every molecule, every aspect of the manifest world and the spirit worlds], Omnipotent, [all powerful, which is to say the only support of all that is], so too are these qualities inherent at the core of every Soul.

Souls, however, emerge from and become individuations of the


Divine. And, as such, they move around and get involved in various activities, one among which is involvement with the manifested, earth plane of existence.

It is here, in the physical world, to which Souls have been attracted, where they lose their identification with the Divine. Here, Souls tend to become ego-bound. They become immersed in earthly preoccupations, develop desires that spellbind their consciousness, that propel them into ever deeper emotional, psychological involvements with themselves and with other incarnated Souls, until, finally, they totally forget their Divine origin.

Ultimately, at some point in the eternal journey of the Soul, there comes an awakening. Soul desires to return to its origin, to uncover its true core Self. It is then that Soul comes into the physical realm with a purpose of healing itself from the many scars and wounds and desires and obsessions that have developed over the eons of fascination with life on earth. Soul must needs now come to earth and heal itself, to grow back into its original wholeness so it can return to its Divine origin and merge once again with God.

This, then, is the Divine Drama.

Young Souls abound on the earth plane. These are not interested in finding God. Indeed, they are fully intent on total involvement with the material life. They are the ones who hunger after the things of this world.

Old Souls are those among us on earth who hunger for God.

Their sense of purpose converges on healing, repairing, purifying. Souls such as these, involve themselves in spiritual practices, as a means of “doing the work.” They study themselves to see what needs to be perfected.

Only when we identify with Soul Purpose do we find ourselves living a harmonious, joyous life.

Regardless of our external circumstances, whether we are financially well off or not, whether we enjoy a prestigious position in the world or something less, whether we are in a good relationship with our


fellows or not -- regardless of these outward signs -- unless we are living in accordance with our Soul’s desires and working toward our Soul’s fulfillment, we will never really truly feel connected with our true potential.

I encourage you to read this book many times. Learn to make your own numerology chart step by step. Dwell on each segment, studying your growing chart, meditating upon its significance until intuitive insight blossoms and you then become increasingly aware of your Soul essence and its purpose for this life sojourn you ordinarily call your life.

Deepen your practice by making charts for your friends and family. Eventually, in a fairly short time, you will become an expert reader. Your psychic faculty will blossom.

Thank you for purchasing this book, my humble contribution to our evolutionary process. It is an honor for me to be of service in this manner.


Vitae Bergman



A Quick Overview


1.) Relates to the ego self, the individuality aspect, the will, and willingness to explore.

2.) Relates to the dual nature and analytical aspect of

self, and/or qualities of balance and harmony leading to inner peace.

3.) Relates to creative, expressive, imaginative, physical, verbal and artistic actions.

4.) Relates to foundational aspects [like four legs of table] stability, self-discipline, orderliness.

5.) Relates to action, versatility, courage to move forward, energetic equation.

6.) Relates to caring, compassionate qualities, service, self- responsibility.

7.) Relates to wisdom, detachment, intellect, occult sciences, metaphysical activity, scientific activity, spirituality.

8.) Relates to authority, power, executive ability, leadership.


9.) Relates to altruism, tolerance, compassionate, humanitarian action, high spiritual development, mystical union with Self.

Numerology, as here used, addresses issues of soul purpose [soul desire], personality traits that serve the soul urge [or, one’s personality traits may be in opposition to soul desires, thus causing friction and struggle in the life.], destiny of the entity’s present incarnation, the life expression in the later years of the sojourn [end goal], and the energy expression which is determined by the date of birth, together with traits of temperament [how one interacts with the world], and finally challenges faced during early years, and achievements [pinnacles] made in the mature years.

Soul desire numbers are derived from examining the vowels of a given name.

Personality expression is derived from examining the consonants.

Destiny experience looks at the combined numbers of vowels and consonants.

End goal of life is derived from the Destiny number and the Birth number.

Missing numbers [so-called Karmic numbers] address what needs to be integrated into the life expression, either in current life sojourn, or the next, or sometime.


When adding up the numbers, all digits are combined until a single number remains.

Note: while 10 reduces to 1, the indication, when 10 occurs, corresponds to the idea of Alpha/Omega, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

Final Note: there are three master numbers:


= Self-Mastery


= Master Teacher


1 st Lesson:

Introduction to Self-Understanding


Quantum physics tells us that matter is in actuality a denser form of energy. Thus, what reveals itself to us through our senses as solid, is in actuality a frequency vibration. The body-mind-soul organism, whom we know as ourselves, expresses in the physical world through a unique frequency vibration. Each one of us has a personal signature, as it were, which constitutes the essence of our being.

Becoming more aware of our unique expression, offers us the opportunity of aligning ourselves more harmoniously with that expression, thus bringing our true-life purpose into focus.

We are all aware, to a lesser or greater degree, of how living in this world is a learning process by which we gradually gain wisdom and understanding. The "School of Hard Knocks" eventually knocks sense into our growth curve.

Sooner or later, through hardship and struggle, the life forces compel us to get on track with our reason for being here. Sooner or later, we learn our most productive way of accomplishing what we came here to do.

There are tools available, however, that we can make use of, which will guide us to awareness (clarity of purpose) with less stress, fewer "wrong turns." Numerology is one


such tool.


Pythagoras, the mystical mathematician, refined and built upon earlier understandings regarding the quality of vibration inherent in the nine numbers we ordinarily use simply for counting things.

Each number, one through nine, carries a vibration that has a certain meaning relating to the nature of the universe, and the nature of being in terms of the human expression. The sequence of the numbers follows a progression akin to growth, i.e. the development of an individual.

One [1] relates to the energy of outward expressing personality, the beginning of a developing consciousness, the ego-self.

Two [2] relates to the energy of duality, of analytical thinking; and as well to the balancing energy of analysis and synthesis, in other words, harmony.

Three [3] relates to the energy of creative activity, not just solely artistic activity such as painting or writing or some other art form, but also in the field of creative interaction with life in general and with individuals and groups.

Four [4] relates to the energy of stability, like the four legs of a table, thus providing a stable platform for further actions.









action, of


participation in whatever mode of movement towards one’s fulfillment.

Six [6] relates to the energy of compassion, of the caring and empathetic feelings one may be capable of expressing towards others as well as toward self.

Seven [7] relates to the energy of spirituality, of spiritual, scientific and intellectual investigation. Here the level of one’s consciousness has moved well beyond ordinary personality concerns and takes up an interest in personal spiritual development.

Eight [8] relates to the energy of leadership. On the mundane level, this energy may be expressed in various external forms of leadership, such as the head of a group, organization, company or governmental body. On the inner mode, this energy may be seen as providing the individual with self-mastery leadership on the path to Self- Realization and Oneness.

Nine [9] relates to the mystical energy that expresses as wholeness. This energy expresses the creative force of the number 3 in a magnified manner as 3 x 3, like a Holy Trinity as it were. In its outward form, it reveals an individual that could be seen as a great humanitarian, a bringer of wisdom to a group as well as to one’s self.

All these number/energies can be seen as carrying cosmic power into the manifest world. Each of us comes into the world on the wave of one of these energy/numbers. The day we are born represents a particular moment in cosmic terms, a particular and precise placement of the individual and our planet in the energetic field of manifestation. And


thus, as in the science of Astrology, the individual has an energy signature, so to speak. And this energy signature represents the predominate manner in which an individual will be expressing during the life of the person.

This energy number is ascertained from one’s birth date. The numbers that speak of the date of your birth, can be reduced to a single digit by adding the units until one number remains. This remaining, single number becomes the birth number, the energy of expression for the life of the individual.

Example: May 9, 1932 (my Birth date) reduced to a single digit can be viewed first as: 5-9-1932, which becomes 5-9- 15, then becomes 5-9-6, which resolves to 20, and then 2. The Birth Number, then, is 2.

However, added another way, 5+9+1+9+3+2, the sum equals 11, which may or may not be reduced to 2.

The number 2 relates to ideas and understandings of harmony or duality, balance or disunity. Whereas the higher vibration of 11 relates to a point of consciousness described as self-mastery.

A person with the birth energy of 2 will be expressing her/his creative style, mainly through addressing issues of dualism [analytical thinking] and balance [intuitive, unifying thinking] seeking approaches to life exigencies through a combination of the two, working always toward harmony, although possibly never achieving same.

Such an individual would tend be predominately intellectually oriented, and perhaps reveal a scholarly inclination, and would certainly tend to exhibit a skeptical



Other factors go into the mix, factors of personality and of soul desires, and more - of which more will be said in subsequent lessons.

Should the person decide to work within this kind of energy field [2] in a more conscious way, that person would be then expressing the 11 energy, thus striving toward mastery of self, particularly through mental activity.

Two other higher vibration numbers are 22. The number 22 refers to those beings destined to be great teachers of mastery.

Since there are only nine numbers out of which we express our birth-given creative energy, one might assume there are only nine human types running around on the planet. But this is not the case; for it is in our names where we find clues to our personality structures and our soul purposes.

The art and science of numerology makes use of the letters in our names to pin point the subtleties of our individual vibration frequencies. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a corresponding vibration number as follows:

individual vibration frequencies. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a corresponding vibration number as follows:


PLEASE NOTE – When assigning numbers to the letters in a name, if that person named is a special ending to the name, such as John Doe Jr. or John Doe III, then the full spelling of the generational ending is to be applied. John Doe Junior, or John Doe Third.

By converting the letters to numbers, we can begin to build a picture of an individual's mind-body-spirit profile.

At this point, the Doubting Thomas in you might be questioning how one’s name can provide so-called cosmic information [that is information coming from the Cosmic Mind of All Knowing] regarding an individual’s mind- body-spirit profile.

Whereas one’s time of birth may seem less arbitrary, and thus understandable as something fated or destined, one’s name, usually given by parents, seems to be rather somewhat arbitrary, or at least under the direct influence of the parents rather than a formulation having come from some higher source, such as one’s Soul.

Numerology responds to this kind of questioning in various ways.

1. In most cases, parents generally consider it quite a serious matter when it comes to giving their child its name. They ponder deeply, listen to inner promptings, their dreams. They will consult other family members. Even when there is a desire to name the coming child after an older or deceased family member, the parents take into consideration many subtle thoughts and feelings. Even if the name giving comes out of some spontaneous inclination, such as naming the child


after a favorite singer or movie star, or even a president of the country, or famous historical figure, such promptings, when looked into deeply, usually indicate an amount of intuitive activity happening within the psyche of the parent or parents. Therefore, it can be said that the name giving activity strives to impart in the new life a sense of its role in life or of its destiny.

2. In esoteric terms, it is said that the souls of the parents and the soul of the newborn, along with guides and teachers, have already formulated their life plans in the in-between stage, or life dimension of their soul existences. Thus the child’s name along with the energy patterns the name represents has already been established before any of the souls involved have entered their physical existences.

3. And finally, one must consider the fact that a name, when spoken, carries an energy vibration in its most subtle form. And this sound imparts a subtle, intuitively understood message. The child, from infancy on, hears this vibratory message constantly. The parents murmur the name over and over. Eventually that energy pattern becomes imprinted into the child’s sub-conscious mind. The parents have chosen the name as a consequence of deep intuitive urgings, no matter how superficial or flippant that choice may seem on the surface of things. The soul of the child has already made agreements with the souls of the parents, along with the help of spirit guides and teachers. The child is prepared to receive the subtle vibratory message that comes across when


hearing its name spoken.

And thus, the sub-conscious mind of the individual from childhood on is developing a hidden sense of the cosmic message for its Life Purpose, its Life’s Goals - the reasons for its coming into the physical plane to express and learn and grow in a certain and precise way for the benefit of its Soul’s Growth and Healing.

In Lesson 2, we shall look at how the name of an individual reveals the “Plan”.


2 nd Lesson:

Soul Purpose









At birth, our parents bestow upon us the magic of our name, which carries the vibratory frequency out of which we will express throughout our current life sojourn.

Although the process may seem arbitrary, in truth, the effort made by those involved - parents, grandparents, and other interested relatives and friends - is a quite serious matter. Our parents, particularly, seek inspiration from various levels of soul searching in order to 'come upon just the 'right' name for the soul newly entering this plane of existence.

Down through the ages, it has always been considered the most important beginning of an individual's life. The

to name the newborn. The name carries

power. The name reflects karma. The name spells the future.



Thus we see, many factors are involved in the naming of the new child. And even the soul that is about to come into the physical has played a role in this naming process. Yes, all during the pregnancy, a subtle communication


takes place between future mother and future child.

Dreams and premonitions, quiet meditations, introspective reflections - these are the vehicles of communion between the two.

Names have external meanings, their significance connected to namesakes, historical figures, biblical or scriptural figures, family and tribal ancestors. There are special dictionaries that provide meanings to this aspect of names.

Names contain, as well, internal or esoteric meaning. This is the realm of numerology, the vibratory aspect, which is embedded in the vowels and consonants.


As for the vowels, these sounds seem to float forth into the world on the wave of breath. They come from a deeper level of the being, consisting more of spiritual quality, feeling and emotion giving shape to the expression, which is of the soul.

Examining the vowels in one’s name, then, may discover one’s soul purpose. Refer to our first lesson for determining the number affiliation for the various vowels. You will see that the letter A carries the vibrational frequency of the number 1; E carries 5; I carries 9; O carries 6; and U carries 3. In some instances, Y may be considered a vowel, but not in all cases. Subtleties such as this will be treated in later articles. In any case, when Y is used as a vowel, it carries the frequency of 7.



Let us examine the name of an historical figure to arrive at a feeling for how the vowels may reveal soul purpose. We'll refer to Abraham Lincoln.

The first name, which was given by the parents, reaches back into biblical times for its exoteric significance. In scriptural history, there was an Abraham, regarded almost as an Adam, in other words, an early, perhaps the earliest father of a long lineage.

And indeed, the inner meaning of the name reflects this 'beginning' quality. Notice, all the vowels are A's. Three 1's! The number 1, being the first number, already has within it the idea of 'beginnings'. Number 1 also relates to the concept of self and selfhood. The 'I' - and in this case, the Soul Self. These same numbers can express consonant energy and are then interpreted differently.

In the second name, the family name, we find two vowels, a 9 and a 6. The number 6 relates to the concept of caring, of compassion. It is the vibratory frequency of the heart. Whereas the number 9 relates to the concept of humanitarian expression, indeed although an extension of the heart expression, a more universal, larger scale projection is involved. 9 energy also reflects a high level of spiritual attainment, a completion of spiritual work with selfhood, being as it is the last number of the series one through nine. 9 is the culmination of the mystical three times three.

Now that we have a notion regarding the inner content of the name, that is, the quality of the individual numbers, we


can add them together to determine the final number which speaks more directly of the soul purpose.

We have the components. Now we examine the constellation. So, add the numbers together and reduce to a single digit and the result, not too surprising, comes to 9.

Abraham Lincoln's soul purpose for his historical life focused on the humanitarian expression. That he is considered as having been a great benefactor to mankind, would indicate that he fulfilled the goals of his Soul Self.

At this point it would be worthwhile to begin making your own chart. Write down on a separate piece of paper your birth date, then reduce the numbers to a single digit. Beneath that write down your name and then determine what the vowel numbers are. Keep in mind the vowel numbers for each of your names, then the sum of these numbers. The individual names will indicate subtle aspects of the total number energy.

Now, set your worksheet aside for later computations as we move on to the issue of consonants.


Consonants relate more to external expression, the ego and personality dynamic. The consonant sound bursts forth into the world from our lips with an energy that reflects this dynamic that carries with it an intellectual quality. Lesson three will address the consonant equation.


3 rd Lesson:

Personality Profile






In the last lesson, we saw how vowels provide insight into the nature of a Soul's urging for a particular expression in a given life.

We see that the Soul, as an outpouring of Divine Source, enters into involvement with the realm of matter, becomes identified as an entity separated from Source, undergoes numerous life sojourns, acquiring fascinations, wounds of sadness, pain and sorrow, dark habits - until, at last, desire for liberation, desire to return 'home' becomes the paramount need. Thus, each Soul, with its goal turned toward Source, now enters physical expression for purposes of growth and healing. The fact that you are now reading this material, indicates that the Soul who you are has begun the “return journey” to its Source.

Psychology speaks of the human being as developing distinct personality traits, each one of us a unique being, the developing process subject to numerous subtle, sometimes not so subtle, influences from parents, extended family and society in general, as well as our own mental promptings. And generally, there is what might be considered the “social” personality, the mask a person generates with which to interface with his world, wishing to appear to others in a certain way, attempting thus to keep more private the actual personality traits that define the behaviors.


These traits, however, are not solely the consequence of external forces. We come into the world with certain tendencies, precise inclinations that determine how we accept (take in) and respond to external stimuli.

Numerological study provides insight to these 'inborn' qualities. We look to the consonants for this purpose. The Soul has lived many life times encountering experiences that have affected it in both positive and negative ways. The positive aspects are carried over into the new physical sojourn and can be regarded as talents. How often does one encounter individuals who display an extraordinary talent in a particular field of expression? Where does such an ability come from, one asks?

As for the negative experiences of a previous life or lives that have affected the Soul, one might say, the Soul has become injured or somehow impaired and thus has developed certain personality aspects, inborn qualities, that may need to undergo alterations so as to render the Soul capable of beginning its healing process and its journey back to Source. Such has been referred to as Karma in other traditions.

Again, let us take the name Abraham Lincoln for an example of how consonants reveal the Soul endowed personality tendency.

Four consonants are embedded in the first name: B(2); R(9); H(8); M(4). And five consonants in the second name: two L's(3); two N's (5) and one C(3).

Thus, the numbers are for Abraham: 2,9,8,4, which combine to 5.

The numbers for Lincoln are 3,3,3,5,5, which combine to 1.

These numbers comprise the different 'strands' that collectively


become braided into a single number, in this case, the number 6.

Number 6, then, becomes the predominant 'theme' of the

personality substratum. In other words, we are talking about the personality profile which will interface with the world and consequently undergo subtle modifications - which will then be experienced by others as 'Mr. Abraham Lincoln,' 'President

Lincoln,' 'good


Abe,' etc.

The elements that comprise Abe Lincoln's 6 may be different from those of another's name. Not all 6's are alike!

Examining the several numbers, we see that 2 relates to issues of duality and/or balance (harmony). The 9 (as we saw in the previous lesson) is the 'humanitarian' number. The 8 relates to issues of leadership. The 4, stability. The 3 is the number of creative expression. And 5, the action number.

Summing up, we can say that Abraham Lincoln's personality profile [sub-stratum tendency] reveals a strong creative approach to life situations and its problems, a positive willingness for implementing action, a definite disposition toward balance and stability, leadership qualities, and an inclination toward a humane manner of problem solving.

And all these 'embedded' numbers add up to the 'braided' number, 6 - which is the number of compassion. And considering that his Soul urge number was 9, we can easily observe how a personality 6 can be very useful.

Knowing what we do of Lincoln's role in history and the extent of his achievements, we can see that his numerology profile rather accurately portrays his life course. We can say that his Soul


endowed potentiality succeeded in its purpose.

For more information about Abraham Lincoln, visit this clearing house site:



4 th Lesson:

The Life Destiny

Soul Purpose (vowels) combined with Personality Profile (consonants) offer insight into the Life Destiny of the individual. The life Destiny Number is also known as the Integrated Number. Unless the ego-self, embedded within the inherent traits of personality, finds itself willing to fulfill the soul urge, an integration of the two numbers fails, and the life's destiny may be thwarted.

Those who have strong ego orientations that clash with their inner, soul desires, often regard their lives as difficult, full of struggle, with inner conflict spilling out into their world. Their personality traits are at odds with their inner urgings, and they fail to clearly 'hear' the inner voice.

In such cases, looking at oneself through the lens of numerology can benefit one's understanding and further a smoother development toward harmony with self and with environment.

In the case of Abraham Lincoln, we see that the Soul Purpose Number, 9, is well supported by the Personality Number, 6, which, when combined, results in 15, then reduced to a single digit of 6. Thus, the soul's humanitarian urge, 9, and its vehicle for compassionate expression in the life sojourn, 6, are well suited for each other, and the Life's Destiny, 6, is fulfilled.

Had Lincoln's Soul Purpose Number been 8, for example, the combination of 8 and 6 may have easily produced a conflicted life. The energy of 8 strives to fulfill leadership


goals. The 8, then, could have easily over-ridden the personality trait of 6, particularly since an 8 figures in the name Abraham from the letter 'H'.

And since the 8 and 6 combine to make a Life Destiny Number of 14, reduced to 5, which is the action number, Lincoln's role in history might have been decidedly different. As Commander-In-Chief of the Union Forces, he often by necessity was required to resort to some rather draconian methods in dealing with the war situation.

With the Life Destiny Number, 5, the impetus toward action, in support of fulfilling the soul purpose, 8, of leadership, this 8 and 6 combination could have readily caused Lincoln to over-ride his otherwise compassionate nature, and he could easily have drifted into dictatorial outpourings.

But, in fact, Lincoln's Soul Purpose was not 8. It was 9, and thus, in his Second Inaugural Address, he was completely within character when he urged "malice toward



for all" in the coming peace.

In part four, we will see how other number factors give shape to the overall plan for a particular life sojourn.

We will observe the nature of the Challenges, derived by the numbers in the birth date, how they come to the life in the early years, how they mold the character of that unfolding life.

And in the Pinnacles, likewise derived from the birth date numbers, we will see what the successes are that will come in the mature years, should all go well.


We will see in the Planes of Temperament, derived from the quantitative analysis of the letters in a subject's name, the mental, perceptual (intuitive), emotional and sense (data gathering) tools that can aide or can inhibit (when not brought into consideration) an individual's career on our planet's three-dimensional field of action.


5 th Lesson:



In the case of challenges, the numbers are subtracted:

month minus day (higher number from lower), day minus year, then these products are subtracted one from the other, and finally the month minus the year, diagramed in a descending pyramid.

Using Lincoln's birth date, it should look like this:

February 12, 1809 = 2 - 3 - 9 [each segment reduced to a single digit]

1809 = 2 - 3 - 9 [each segment reduced to a single digit] The 1

The 1 st Challenge is 1

The 2 nd Challenge is 6


The 3 rd Challenge is 5

The 4 th Challenge is 7

Note: Always subtract the lower number from the higher.

The CHALLENGES come, generally, in the early segments of the person's life. In the example we are using, Lincoln's first challenge would have come during his first twelve years. His second challenge would have emerged and been dealt with, successfully or unsuccessfully, by time he was in his early twenties. The third challenge would occupy him during his early thirties. And finally the fourth challenge would come in the early forties.

These age designations are understood to be approximate. Generally, the Challenges usually occupy the first twenty- five years of a person’s life, more or less. One must apply the intuitive faculty when judging at what ages the Challenges will be addressed.

In the case of Lincoln, my intuitive sense tells me that his maturation pace was somewhat slower than in a more ordinary life.

These Challenges point to the character traits an individual must grapple with in order to grow into a maturity that satisfies the soul's purpose for the life sojourn.

When dealt with in a positive, successful manner, the person's life flourishes. If the individual fails in harnessing the energies these Challenges represent, that person's life tends toward excessive struggle and possibly hardship.


Lincoln's early Challenge, 1, focuses on developing a strong self identity, a sharp understanding of his capacities, a willingness to learn early to stand on his own two feet. Self-reliance and forthrightness are the positive results of meeting the challenge successfully and thus strengthening the will.

Had his Challenge been 2, for instance, a different dynamic would have been in force. His early development would have focused on coming to grips with a tendency toward vacillation and ambiguity over issues resulting from an excessive dualistic outlook. The ability to maintain a balanced view, a harmonious and harmonizing attitude, would have been the Challenge to accomplish.

Lincoln's second Challenge seems quite in keeping with the developmental process his character faced. Possibly a tendency to generate too strong a self-possessiveness might have led to something like an overweening pride, an arrogance needing amelioration from too strong a 1 energy might have occurred had there not been the 6 Challenge to deal with.

Thus the Challenge of 6, the number pointing to energies relating to compassion, idealism, a feeling-connection with oneself so as to be able to empathize with others. This is a difficult challenge to harness, for one's sympathetic tendency might easily descend into overloaded sensitivity and sentimentalism.

We can see how the energy of the 1 and that of the 6 can be brought into a balanced relationship the more so when one is not faced with having to grapple with questions of the 2 energy, which Lincoln never had to deal with. Evidently, there was an innate character trait, a strong 2


ability, well developed perhaps from a previous life sojourn that aided him in the process of harmonizing the energies represented by the 1 and the 6.

The third Challenge, in Lincoln's case 5, points to a tendency toward inertia. The 5 is the number of action, of meeting the world with aggressiveness and determination. This, evidently, was an issue for Lincoln, something perhaps hidden from public view, or even a trait of which his family and close associates may not have been aware. A private struggle perhaps, that, met with that 1 determination already developed in his earlier life, evidently served him in dealing with the action Challenge of the 5. He was able to successfully “spring into action”.

Thus we can see, how the young Lincoln honed his character, readying himself for his life role on the world's stage.

His final Challenge 7, points to an inner developmental activity. The energy of 7 relates to the spiritual side of one's existence. That one may have intellectual doubts regarding the nature of the spirit-being whom we really are, is nothing new in human history. For some individuals, this spiritual issue is relatively mild, or even non-existent. For others, it can be a burning question.

The Challenge of 7, then, deals with one's need to question the nature and validity of the spiritual aspects of one's life. It may be a question regarding the importance of religion in the person's life. On the other hand, it may be a deeper issue, a doubtfulness regarding one's mystical leanings, or perhaps a questioning of the inner, psychic experiences. Or a sensitivity to the question of one's soul's



We can see how this challenge for Lincoln must have been central to his external situation, where early in his public career, he made decisions and took on an unequivocal stand regarding the institution of slavery, to mention but one among many moral issues.

From 1 to 6 to 5 to 7, is an interesting progression to analyze. We can readily observe how each challenge impinges and effects the next, until a growing pattern appears that offers a picture of the development of a person's character.

In the next lesson, we shall look at the fruits of these character accomplishments, this labor of self- development. We shall examine the Pinnacles.


6 th Lesson:


We have seen how the Challenges come to an individual early in the life, providing the catalysts necessary for the formation of character.

Now, we shall examine how the Pinnacles in the individual's chart reveal what triumphs will have been, or have already been attained.

These peak accomplishments arrive in the latter years of the person's life. They are clear reflections of the efforts made on behalf of soul purposes, pointing as well to the End Goal of the life sojourn, of which we will speak in a later lesson.

Like the Challenge numbers, the Pinnacle numbers are derived from the Birth date numbers. But instead of being subtracted, the numbers are added.

1st Pinnacle: month and day are combined. 2nd Pinnacle:

day and year are combined. 3rd Pinnacle: the products of these two additions are combined. 4th Pinnacle: month and year are combined.

Another feature regarding Pinnacles, relates to the approximate year they occur in the person's life. The 1st Pinnacle comes at age 36 minus the Birth date number. In


Lincoln's case, Birth date number 5, the 1st Pinnacle would come at age 31, each successive Pinnacle occurring about nine years later.

And now to examine Lincoln's Pinnacles.

Birth Date: February 12, 1809 >> 2 - 3 - 9 [each segment reduced to a single digit]

2 - 3 - 9 [each segment reduced to a single digit] 1st Pinnacle, age 31:

1st Pinnacle, age 31: 5 * 2nd Pinnacle, age 40: 3

3rd Pinnacle, age 49: 8 * 4th Pinnacle, age 58: 11

To calculate the age when the 1st Pinnacle occurs, add to age 26 the number of the person’s Birth Date number. In Lincoln’s case, his Birth Date number is 5, which indicates that his 1 st Pinnacle occurs at age 31. For succeeding Pinnacles, add 9 to the previous Pinnacle age. Thus, his 2nd Pinnacle occurs at age 40, and so on.

Interesting that Lincoln's first Pinnacle would be a 5, the number of action, in this context, action that results in levels of success, in accomplishing goals.

Studying his early life, there is no real indication that


Lincoln had no settled direction for himself. But right along the period bracketing this 5th Pinnacle year, roughly between 1836 and 1842, the pattern of his life took on definite shape, and he succeeded in many accomplishments.

Becoming a lawyer, getting elected to State office, winning the hand of his wife, after a courtship that at times seemed to be going nowhere causing the young Lincoln to go into a state of depression.

The second Pinnacle, 3, points to accomplishment of a creative sort, which by age 40 (1849), was revealing of his political acumen. He had already served two years in the House of Representatives, and was beginning to develop his never faltering approach to the issue of slavery. That these were times needing politicians with statesman-ship qualities, goes without saying. The creative principle, as opposed to a pragmatic attitude, is what seemed to shape Lincoln's political career.

The third Pinnacle, 8 - the number of leadership, points to the obvious accomplishment to which Lincoln attained. His almost super-human ability to lead the nation at one of it's most perilous times, in not the most perilous, need not be long dwelled upon. To me, it is remarkable that this Pinnacle can be observed as having been pre-established from the time of his birth,

Finally, the fourth Pinnacle, 11. This is a master number. There are three such numbers in this system. 11, 22. The 11 relates to issues of self-mastery. 22's play the important role in life of being the "master teachers."


Lincoln obviously proved his 11 qualities, although his untimely death occurred about two years prior to the actual date of the Pinnacle. And it is this fact that causes me to wonder and imagine what greater accomplishments in the area of mastery over self might have been revealed by this most remarkable human being.

In the next lesson we shall focus more precisely on this question when we examine the End Goal number, which is derived from the combination of the Birth Date number with the Life Destiny number.


7 th Lesson:

Karmic Past – End Goals

With this lesson, the basics of numerology will be completed. Here, we deal with issues related to one's Karmic Past and its influence on the present life.

We talk about the End Goals, the final guiding light in the life sojourn, which serves as a kind of beacon toward which our matured energies aim.

And, lastly, the Planes of Temperament, the faculties one is endowed with, which constitute the basic tools one uses for discerning the environment, and which aid in the fulfillment of the life's purpose.

The Karmic numbers are those that do not appear in the subject’s name. There may be only one Karmic number. There may be several. These Karmic numbers represent the energies that the Soul entity has to date not deal with, that it is say, has thus far in the current cycles of lives as various personalities has failed to integrate into the totality of its essence. The Soul, coming into a life sojourn usually is intent on working the missing number or numbers into some level of integration so as to complete a cycle of lives in the pathway to full Soul Awakening.

Again, using Abraham Lincoln’s chart as an example, we see that there is one missing [Karmic] number, #7. This


is the number of spirituality, idealism, inwardness and metaphysical interest.

Interesting to note that in Lincoln's chart, the number 7 does not show itself, neither in the letters of his name [thus the Karmic number] nor in the configurations that appear as Soul Purpose, Personality Profile, Challenges or Pinnacles, or End Goal.

Such a situation would indicate, Lincoln failed to address the Karmic issue.

And yet, that his Soul Purpose number was 9, the humanitarian number, which is also a mystical number [3X3]; and that his End Goal number was 11, the same number as his final Pinnacle, which is also a powerful mystical number, being the number of Self-Mastery--all these factors would suggest that Lincoln, indeed, in some internal, quiet way, brought into his life experience an appreciation of his spiritual qualities.

Lincoln appears to have lived almost entirely an externalized life, being a politician, a benefactor to his fellow man, fully engaged in the world of action, the physical side of life.

Had his life force number [Birth Date Number] been 7 rather than 5 [the action number], his life expression might have been that of a clergyman or a contemplative, or a metaphysician: a Merlin type.

Nowhere does 7 seem to play much of a role in his life. However, there is one indication that it did.

When we look at his Integrated [Destiny] Number, 6 [the


number of compassion], we see embedded in the 6, the number 8 [leadership, coming from Abraham] and the number 7 [spirituality, coming from Lincoln].

Lincoln's End Goal number, 11, and his last Pinnacle number, also 11, point to a future state when he would have been enjoying his twilight years, had he not been cut off by assassination, exploring and refining this mystical side of his existence.

The question remains open, however. This is a mystery, the answer to which we will never know, for his life was cut off long before he might have naturally concluded his life.

Planes of Temperament

The final numerological feature to examine: the Planes of Temperament.

Here we find in the system coming out of the letters of a name, a similarity to other systems and psychological profiles, such as the Meiers-Briggs test and the Jungian formulation of personality types.

In numerology, the temperaments are divided into four types or qualities: mental, physical, emotional and intuitive. Each quality is characterized by certain numbers.

The mental quality is formed out of numbers 1 and 8. The physical, numbers 4 and 5. The emotional, numbers 2,3 and 6. And, finally, the intuitive, numbers 7 and 9.


Each individual makes use of these four qualities in different ways, depending upon the frequency of these numbers in a given name.

With Lincoln, we see that the letters in his name, converted into numbers, reveal his mental frequency to be 4. His physical frequency, 3. His emotional frequency 5. And his intuitive frequency, 2.

These Planes of Temperament numbers do not refer to capacity in terms of abilities, measured on some kind of scale, such as an IQ test.

The Planes of Temperament numbers relate to the manner and style in which an individual receives external information: how one relates to the outside world.

When faced with a situation, we use our capacities to gauge and understand what it is we are confronted by. And it is our Planes of Temperaments that determine how we take in and process the information we accept [what and how we perceive].

Thus we see that Lincoln's tendency was to first have an emotional response to his external experience. Then he would take that first 'hit' and determine what his mental attitude, his intellectual perspective, would have to say about the matter. Next, he would re-check his impressions with the aid of his physical capacity, which is to say his senses.

The way he would experience life, would go something like this: He'd first feel a reaction. Then he'd examine this reaction with his intellect. Then test his reaction with his senses [primary data gathering apparatus]. And finally, his


intuitive understanding of the situation would be brought into the mix, he would determine whether his inner sense of the rightness of things agreed with his more outward oriented realizations.

That his Planes of Temperament numbers are fairly close together, no extremes such as a mental 8 and an emotional 2, for example, wherein the individual would be more like a cold fish, always intellectualizing, never very much in touch with the emotions, Lincoln appears to have been fairly well balanced and thus well suited for the role he played in our nation's history.

We can safely state that altogether, Abraham Lincoln's numerology chart matches and describes quite elegantly the manner of his life course.


8 th Lesson:

Using Your Chart for Growth

Now that you have learned how to construct your Numerology Chart, the real work, and fun, begins.

Some individuals refer to their Numerology Charts for external purposes. They may be bent upon getting a picture of what their future might have in store for them. Or, they may desire to know what professions they are best suited for.

Some folks like to verify through a "reading" of their charts, how well they deal with relationship issues. Others might wonder why their relationships fail, or why they themselves seem to miss out in finding the "right" significant other.

To be sure, these and many other reasons for studying one's chart are quite valid. I've known individuals to use Numerology for divination purposes regarding their business dealings, political objectives, gambling schemes, even what kind of clothing to wear.

And it is possible to derive somewhat sufficient answers to such questions.

But for myself, I use Numerology for Spiritual Growth purposes. In the previous lessons, the spiritual emphasis has been the main focus.


To reach into the core of ourselves, where our Soul Self is to be found, requires turning our attention away from external matters, and going within. It is the meditative process. One can use one's Numerology Chart as a kind of map for the inward journey to Self.

The chart can serve as a kind of platform from which to observe oneself. An approach that leads one to a level of consciousness called "witnessing" by some, "detachment" by others.

My personal approach is to take one aspect of my chart at a time and dwell on its meaning for me. I do this from an altered state of consciousness. This state of mind is not so esoteric as it may sound. One simply gets into a meditative mood, relaxing the body and focusing the mind inward, or away from external influences.

This simple shift of awareness allows one to contemplate a particular feature of one's chart with the kind of detachment, or non-involvement, or objectivity [however way one wishes to put it] that stimulates one's creative imagination to intuit new levels of meaning about oneself. This is a technique similar to the Jungian concept.

Try studying your chart in this manner and discover what thoughts surface for you that are new to you concerning yourself.

We all know ourselves quite well. We travel through our interior landscape innumerous times every day. But, alas, we usually take the same pathways over and over. We journey through all the very familiar neighborhoods of our inner world, our memories, our notions - all so familiar.


One's Numerology Chart can serve as a kind of intervention tool. Using it as an elevated platform, so to speak, from which to view one's life, as in "witnessing" oneself, opens the way to discovering your mythological and cosmic role in the scheme of things.


9 th Lesson:

Your Cosmic-Mythological Role

Eventually, one comes to the realization that the life one is living has deeper significance than what appears by merely looking on the surface.

One grows up, learns a way of making a living, gets married, has children, becomes involved in civic and social activities, in other words, plays a role, becomes a feature on the canvas of life.

And somehow, in all of that, patterns can be discerned, patterns that seem to have a deeper, or a larger meaning -

a meaning beyond what is revealed through observing,

simply, the deeds, the roles, the accomplishments a particular person has exhibited; beyond what is generally understood as a person's character, personality,

and traits.

There is an essence to the life expression that seems to point to a whole other level of meaning or significance. A meaning that seems to be from another dimension of existence, a place normally hidden from our senses.

This is the dimension I call the mythological arena of

one's life. We live on this planet. We live in the physical world. But also, simultaneously, we live in a cosmic world

in which exist other dimensions, such as the astral and the


causal world. Dimensions inhabited by spirit brings, incarnate and disincarnate.

For we are spirit beings as well as human beings. We are Souls manifesting ourselves into the physical dimension of existence. And at this level of our existence we have other roles to play in addition to those, which we take on in the three-dimensional expression. Besides performing as mother, father, teacher, fireman, etc. in this worldly life, we are playing an additional role that is operative both in the totality of existence, the other realms, as well as this realm.

Through studying our numerology charts with this larger perspective in mind, we can discern our mythological role, and thus come to realize how we bring that aspect of ourselves into the physical expression, perhaps thereby discovering more subtle reasons for what we do.

Some of us can see that we have roles that can be described with titles such as 'care giver' or 'messenger' or 'soul doctor' - sometimes an individual is 'seen' as an 'angel in disguise'.

Meditate upon your chart with these ideas in mind and see how you have been 'living' this aspect of your life expression alongside the more mundane actions you have been engaged in. See how the work you do, and/or the manner in which you relate to others, reflects this 'hidden' side of your nature. With more insight to this level of your being, you provide yourself with a greater sense of your 'purpose' and thus an enhancement of the gifts you bring to the world. Your deepest self, you as Soul needing to express and learn, grow and become whole may then fully blossom.