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On the Wings of Ecstasy

Nochur Sri Venkataraman

English On the Wings of Ecstasy by Nochur Sri Venkataraman

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On the Wings of Ecstasy, appositely titled, is a collection of poems by Nochur Sri Venkataraman. All the poems in this collection took form within a span of 48 hours, but they emanate the fragrance of bliss experienced during various ecstatic moments in the past. Footprints of various visions, insights and practices of the past flowed anon as if some secret tap in the heart of the author had opened.

In the strictest literary sense, these compositions cannot be classified as poems, rather they are ecstatic outpourings from the heart in the form of songs without any metrical sequence. But then, the mystical flights of a spiritual heart is not bound by any manmade rules of literature.

The Blessed Dawn

On the Wings of Ecstasy

The Blessed Dawn

The dawn came to me not in the eastern horizon But in the deeps of awareness. Gliding the barrier of logic I fell deep into the well Of peace, existence and light. There arose the nectarine liquid Of love, sweet, ineffable From the secret source Of existence, bliss and awareness! Fruition and fulfillment was Reached here and now Blessed is this life Blessed is the very earth Blessed, blessed, blessed.

On the Wings of Ecstasy

The Lamp
At last my lamp also was Lit by my beloved! The lamp of this body Was filled with the oil of love The wick, the ego was Dry to get aflame Unaware He came - My Master with the lamp of Self knowledge bright in His hand And gave fire to the Dry cotton in the mind. The dark corners of my Heart Anon was lit up with the Effulgence of that golden light. Peace spread out everyWhere when the horrid creatures Of darkness quit the place Peace that fills the whole Being was so deep that Its beyond my power To fathom its grandeur!

On the Wings of Ecstasy

The Vision of my Beloved

Once in a dark night He came, my beloved. I was clothed in the radiance of His presence The whole spot was filled with a divine effulgence He my beloved sat near me caressing me. I was on His sacred lap Lo! the thrill that streamed thro me! He was neither a person Nor was He impersonal. Love solidified was His form His breath touched my Heart And face with rare warmth of sweet love A silent voice whispered from Within Dont you recognize Me dear one? I am your beloved, Nay I am Thy own Self Listening this I melted like A candle and fused into His radiance then and there. He was light, peace and love.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Water of Spirit

O Lord, my Master! Thou filled My heart with Thy divine presence! Thou art light, love, power and peace. In the dark days of ignorance Ego, like a cap was shutting The mouth of my Heart hole. When Thy grace fell on me Pop opened that top which Closed the sluice gate of The inner reservoir and Lo! Unlocked was the Sacred water of spirit! It drenched me with Joy, love, power and peace. Initiated I was then, Not by water but by the spirit. Gratefulness filled my heart, Surrender flowered in me. Now Master alone is; No me, no world, no other God.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Shy Being

Stealthily He enters, unaware To own the whole being. He comes to melt and recast The inner me to perfection. The outer me remains unaware While the inner workshop is busy. The Master artist is busy In chiseling the inner figure In the likeness of his own image. The moment I peep and Look within He disappears Ha! He is the most shy being. His work grows in humility, In non-recognition. In silence and non-recognition The golden image is chiseled to perfection. At last the holy image is Installed in the sacred shrine Only then all the doors are Opened to flood the light Of grace into the vast expanse.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Wind of Grace

All my free time I began To chant His Name aloud And lo see the power of grace He made me free of time, Space and causation and Held me firm in His Sacred abode! Chanting the Name and Brooding over His grace Is the powerful worship that I did, Nay He made me do. Lord I am nothing Thou art everything Was the refrain of my Heart. Soon His grace torrentially Poured in and filled my entire body. The body is not mine but His Was clear like daylight. O the power that is controlling The entire creation is operating Thro me was the realization. I became a dry leaf swept By the force of the divine wind.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Freewill was lost entirely And in that loss was my victory. Free I became wholly Free from the clutches of The mind, senses and logic.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Venerable Presence

Chanting His sweet name Dwelling on Divine glories I moved about in ecstasy. On the eastern horizon arose The radiant lord in all majesty. Beholding the divine effulgence The mind lost its foothold And arose to celestial heights. The divine land where always There is sunrise and Never goes to obscure Was revealed to the mind Where I have my true home. Beholding that glory Time stood still, space was not, Thoughts hushed to stillness Refused to make a move In the venerable Presence of Him who illumines the Sun.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Vision
The dawn came in the horizon And unveiled was all forms! When the veil was lifted Lifted was all the forms too Everyone was He; He alone! The joy of THE VISION! It was a perception Unknown hitherto to the mind All dualistic castles fell down All frightening creatures of darkness Vanished anon from the sight Who beheld the vision? its mystery! No seer and the seen No He or She or I One solidified Mass of Love. Love, alas! Where the lover has ceased The great release, eternal relaxation; Nirvana!

Flickerless Flame in Windless Space

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Treasure
To be aware of the invaluable Treasure kept in the chest of my heart, The gem of rare brilliance, Which gleams forth thro The holes of my eyes Is the only act to be Done, moment by moment. To behold the radiance Of this rare beauty And to be awake Day and night to guard it Is my only act to be Done, moment by moment. Unaware, the thieves enter Alas to steal this treasure Through the back doors Hence I am awake allThe night burning the lamp Of vigilance and wisdom.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


To Know Ones Self

To unlock the source of infinite energy To know ones self is To lose oneself in infinite awareness To know ones self is To lie at the feet of supreme love To know ones self is To work constantly without desire To know ones self is To spread peace all-around without effort. To know ones self is To love the entire existence without motive To know ones self is To rest eternally in the throne of omnipotence To know ones self is To know nothing and to Carry nothing in awareness.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Life throbs everywhere! The shower of rain brings nothing But life energy in its waters Plants luscious, green, throbs With life and beauty. Life is beauty, life is Self. The vast blue sky is The expansion of life, consciousness - pure. That mystery is solved Here and now when ones Inner experience is probed That which pulstaes As I I is life, divine. It is existence, knowledge and bliss.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


True Home
In the inner space dwells This Supreme Being surrounded By the climate of melting love. His nature is abundant, Overflowing deep peace. He is immortal and radiant With golden light. With eyes turned inward Behold His effulgence And Lo! The beauty of it! The moment mind is turned Towards Him, there issues forth A liquid light from the Deepest point of my inner world The mind which is only a Speck, an insignificant dust Is sucked into that brilliant Light and there shines The orb of brilliance and Grace, which is my True, abode. My true home is reached

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Here and now and That Home is OM Tat Sat OM!

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Primordial Fire

To be aware of ones self Is to be aware of God. Certain we are only about The existence of self as I am. That is the self evident Light of God as pure experience. Leave aside all cerebrations And bury your mind in The deeps of I amness. Hitherto unknown feeling Of strength and peace youll gain. Move not from that center. Stay there rooted as a pillar of power. Youll cease to be a petty self. A column of fire will be Thy form The fire which arose in the beginning of time. The inscrutable fire that baffled even gods Will blaze forth in the centre of your being.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


What is Thy form?

Scholars speak about scriptures Pontifs adhere to tradition Ritualists claim rituals alone Sectarians claim only ours Devotees claim devotion Knowledgable says knowledge Yogis say Do Yoga Worldly ones say only money Tell me, tell me O Lord What is Thy real form? Hearing this He the silent one Spoke from within Listen To me child - That alone is My form where the speaker, Claimer or doer is not

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Flickerless Flame in Windless Space

A lamp was lit in the Inner chamber of my house. Wind from various openings Blew and the flame flickered. Slowly The Master closed The windows one by one To make the flame, flickerless and bright.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


That state where I ceases to move Where the eye of knowledge beholds Thee Where dual throngs play not the game Wind of grace is released Whence Love, attachment, hatred; mere words! That supreme state of Samadhi is Thy abode; conflictless Infinite beauty!

The ego returns to its womb The mind vanishes in the inner space No power was attained; power, thy name Into the ocean of power I dissolved Power that hurts not but heals Power that radiates protection and love That omnipotence art Thou O Infinite Peace

Nothing sacred was known apart Knowledge was there as solidified love Nay love was there aflame with knowledge Knowledge and Love as male and female Fused together and radiated joy Lo thy power! Thy beauty, thy depth Peace is thy name O existence!

On the Wings of Ecstasy


When perception digs its own bosom When the mind swallows its own Self When the Self dives back to the womb Then, is the dawn of that Infinite being Who can fathom its depth! The phantom who dived into The fathomless deeps was lost; Lost forever was he In the ocean of eternity; He gained eternal life by death.

In the deepest spot within Lies a flower of divine brilliance Within is hidden enormous lives Eternity lies in its womb The Time-less One is asleep within Its petals are made of satoric insights Do they open, one after the other In the still hours of twilight, The brilliance of the Divine within Gleams thro the Knowing Stillness. The brain rests in absolute quietude The mind is hushed to supreme silence Be-Still the flower now blossoms!

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Inner Glory

Live not in nature Live in Thy Self A slight slide of I Puts the Self into becoming Let all around be deluge Thou live in thy inner glory Let there be fire around Live thou in thy inner glory Let death do rampage around Live thou in thy inner glory Let all the damsels dance Live thou in thy inner glory

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Divine Sport

The individual I is not real Then why should it arise? It arose simply for the sake of sport Sport it is for the Truth Here I am Whole and from me Arise this limited I so that He can play with me The game of hide and seek Leela Kaivalyam indeed!

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Buddha
That great ancient teacher Who walked the earth Who set the wheel of compassion to motion That great being who merged In the profound stillness of being And emerged for the good of all That sage par excellence who Did superhuman penance For the release of all That master who gave up all And took the begging bowl of compassion That emperor of monks Who found the infinite reservoir of love and intelligence Came to me often and merged in my being I became one with him in the deepest core of my heart Profundity is Thy name O Lord! The life itself is the field of enlightenment The life itself is the Bodhi tree Live it with all attention; alertness In one life - your life - is the WHOLE The entire creation is buried inside you. Seek the tree of life and find its root They say that the root is He the sacred one!

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Seek the sacred in the secret corners of life Seek, Seek by living with alertness; Not by learning or rituals do thou discover But by alertness do thou behold Be alert to thy very roots Be alert moment by moment And explore its unseen deeps

Enter thy inner being and behold! Behold the root of creation The root is existence, light and bliss From there comes out the first sprout The sprout of I and its shoot mine The moment attention loses the hold The root is no more seen There stands the mammoth tree The tree of life, Desire are its leaves Pain and pleasure are its fruits Senses are the branches The body is its trunk In it is perched the ego bird To fell this tree one should have the Powerful axe of Who am I?

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Be still, He comes!! Still is the mountain Still is the deep sea Still is the windless woods Still is the contemplating Mind In the womb of stillness is born The dark beauty, the ethereal joy! He the dark one is effulgent! Yes, have you heard dear Dark and yet effulgent! He is dark and radiant! He is still and dynamic He is manifold and one He is bewitching yet formless Be still within and behold In the stillness of the mind He comes!

On the Wings of Ecstasy


In the deep recesses of the mind Movement of an unseen force is felt It moves now in darkness and then in light Desire is its movement in darkness And insight, its movement in light. The force arose from beyond Beyond desire and knowledge is its form IT IS THE SHAKTHI OF CHITH The power of the divine Self! It blazes up from the inner fire When it enters the field of ignorance Apparent it is as desire and knowledge Transcending the dual and see it as it is It is the force of grace The power of Motherly love The power of Paternal discipline It alone can complete the life As it arises from the Perfect One!

The body moves from place to place The mind thinks about facts There is movement in both

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Beyond both is that abysmal stillness Stillness which percolates through the mind Stillness which fills each and every cell. When one touches that dimension The entire panorama transfigures The mind with all its vibrant thoughts And the corporeal frame with all its limbs Each and every atom is made of That The mind is the vibrant form of stillness The body is the solid form of stillness The body is ever in flux The mind too is ever in motion Change seems to be the nature Beyond both is that abysmal stillness Stillness which is not mere aloofness Stillness which percolates through the mind and body Stillness which impregnates each and every cell When I merged in that stillness The entire panorama was transfigured There is neither body nor mind The very form is impregnated with primordial stillness.

The Guru

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Dream Master

There comes to my mind Those days of deep sorrow And depression of not seeing Thee, my beloved who was All the time waiting in me. Alas not knowing the Source of the perfume in vain Does the Kasthuri deer loaf about Helter, skelter in seeking While the thing was Always in its own body. Same was my state during The search for everlasting peace. Wept and wept till my Heart was saturated with pain. At last He my Master came In my dream and laughed At me saying Wake up Wake up, dear one!! Thou art Free here and now Declaring thus anon disappeared The radiant form bathing Me with joy, peace and light.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Grace of Guru

The rejuvenating silence that Reaches the deepest core of My being spread out Like perfume of a flower From my Master Ramana Arunachala. They say He is no more in body Ho! I cannot believe them. He is fully here, fully here In me as I I dancing As peace, awareness and love. Every body is His, every Heart is His. Alas man locked in petty self Claims possessorship.

He my lord by boundless Grace forcefully entered my Heart and took over the control My body then and there Became a willful instrument In the hands of Sadguru. His grace as a cool stream

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Of peace is now running Underneath my usual self. Whoever comes near me Is touched by that coolness It is not mine, it is His I am not even aware about Its operation on others.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Compassionate Master

I saw Him, the effulgent being His eyes were like green emerald The inner vision was vast, Deep, and was like ocean. Around Him was a halo Of pure white lustre. His very presence was So soothing and comely His face was calm, majestic And emitted cool rays of Peace like silvery full moon. He sat there before me, Bathed in a mist of golden effulgence. O the grandeur! O the fire like presence! The moment I recollect, He, My beloved Master is there Right before me Emitting scintillating sparks of spiritual fire. Austerity was there around Him Not as an imposed discipline But as an invigorating tonic Of deep silence, watchfulness and love.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The great teacher who was None other than God who walked the earth Made me mad with inundation. He was not a person. He was a teaching. An awakening was He Awakening to our own majesty, Awakening to the Godhead. An awakening which is only A Rediscovery of the Primordial teaching in Ones own deep awareness. This vision of the great Master Filled the heart with gratefulness. Tears rolled on and on Expressing the inner fulfillment What else can be returned To the omnipotent being Who was solidified nectarine Ocean of compassion!

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Great Relief

He is the doer I am not. This fact is ignored often. The moment I Ignore this He gives me a slap to remind I suddenly wake up from the Dream of this petty me and mine. The bubble was born from the Ocean and breaks only To behold the vast sea As its substratum and essence. I am the doer, enjoyer idea Makes me carry the heavy load Of desires, guilt, pride and duty. Ho what a relief it is To unload the heavy weight! The compassion of the Guru Is ineffable which rescued Me from the torture of Doing, seeking and gaining. Each doing added to the weight And each glance of my Master

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Made the weight melt to nothing. Giving up the me is The only way to invoke His power to flow thro Me to deify my entire being.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Guru
To be in the presence Of Guru is to get illumined Inwardly with the light of God. Guru is none other than Our own real Self shooting Out in a comely form to Pull our mind towards Him. This is the most mystical Incarnation of divine grace. When the mind moves to the centre The flame in the centre swallows it. That flame is the Inner Guru Once the Inner monitor Takes over the Control the Person can never go wrong. Infallible is His guidance. A person whose attention Is sharp enough to listen to This Infallible inner voice Is a free person. He is liberated from The trap of ignorance.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Thou Art That

When we look out its plurality When we look within its diversity Alas where is that divine vision? On came my Master and whispered Dear child! Thou art That Anon flashed wholeness within I am the Self Supreme, Infinite Existence I am the Self Supreme, Infinite Awareness I am the Self Supreme, Infinite Bliss But the inside and outside fused together As one whole mass of consciousness Within is God, Without is God In dream is God, In waking is God God alone is, God alone is Not as a person but as The only reality in all forms

In the deepest poise of sleep Do I merge in the undifferentiated There I become One with Truth From Perfection I arise to waking

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Unto perfection do I merge Perfection is the substratum Perfection is the essence of myself This treasure was ever hidden in the heart Unknowingly was my trip often The veil of Ignorance was torn apart By the grace of Master within That very moment attention was ablaze Undifferentiated awareness was revealed As my eternal Home The real import of profound OM!

From eternity I was seeking For perfection and wholeness The vague recollection of THAT Made me frantic to seek Where have I seen it? Where have I touched it? Why this frantic search for the unknown? Why this nostalgic brooding of a lost home? The whole world was felt an alien land Then came the grace of my Master He roared You are the Truth

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The truth was revealed as The very essence of my being That healing source which Is the most ancient balm of life For all the miseries of the world The only panacea for the pain of embodiment Was revealed within as my very being

The Seeking

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Struggle
Struggle is inevitable in inner life It was a constant fight to gain Perfection, Truth, purity and silence. Each time with courage I fought But alas! Only to fail again. I wept and beseeched Him. He said Child observe with Attention at your failure Again I fought only to fail. Then it was found that It is the failure of the I. Each failure made me expand more. Each failure convinced me that I am nothing. By constant defeat the I was completely vanquished And then dawned perfection, Peace and silence as the substratum. On this ground was all these Battles taking place corrupting the sacred spot.

When the battle was over the war was won. The fight for victory was lost and

On the Wings of Ecstasy


In that failure was my success. I fought and fought only to perish. On the ashes of my dead self Was the resurrection of the divine. It was the death of all ambitions, Worldly or otherworldly. It was the death of all gloating Over attainments and success. It was the death of all curiosity, Fear, guilt, pride and envy. The fight was indeed a noble one In which the warrior was crucified to death. And that death was another Name for God, Truth or Love.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


In the Woods of Meditation

In the woods I walked in Deep inebriation of Godliness God was there right before me In the crystal like beauty Of a dewdrop. God was there in the vast Azure sky as infinity itself God was there in the Joyous clouds floating in the blue expanse. Lo, He shines forth in all Names and forms as beauty, existence and radiance He is the perceiver of all Beauties and feeler of all joys. Verily I am He, I am He Danced my Heart In intoxication of the exalted experience. The liquor of God consciousness Was already full in my head Reeling I walked in mirth Drinking again and again That divine intoxicant O the ineffable joy!!

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Walking in God
To walk is to be still, To walk is to meditate When the body moves agile God was there as profound energy. The fresh dawn hours when The whole nature is alive With divine stillness and peace rejuvenating I walked listening to The melody of warbling birds Nay I listened to the very silence Some secret pep was set free Within the centre of my body There issued forth a stream of Invigorating energy from That centre bathing me in peace. God was there around me Wafting a divine fragrance There was no separate me To feel Him, yet the Feeling was deep as ones own existence.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


To walk in the dawn When the divine orb sets in For me is to move in Light, Peace and Joy.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


To See GOD
To see God is to be filled With light, energy and joy. To see God is to behold love Pure, in the heart of all To see God is to move about With a lilt in ones heart To see God is to be free, Fearless and agile like a child. To see God is to be aware Of a vast ocean of joy in ones heart To see God is to bury ones mind In the primordial ground of creation To see God is to be free Of the ego movement. To see God is to be Free of envy towards all To see God is to see The Self in all beings. To see God means to have The inner lake still and deep To see God means to be Awake always to the Real To see God is to be God, yet to be NOTHING.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Walking into the Beyond

My mind goes back to Those silent nights when I walked alone in our village I walked in a brooding State of meditativeness Certain it is that Some alchemy have Happened during those walks. Walking brisk, the mind Grew subtle and subtle Till it became the minutest speck Then something which was Vast and immeasurable was there. It was the ground on which The waking, dream and Deep sleep states moved. The ground was my reality. Knowing the true home The mind moved deeper and deeper One by one it crossed The barriers of the states

On the Wings of Ecstasy


And glided into the beyond Where the kingdom of God was eternally mine.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


A Sacred Place
It was a temple of rare Sacredness where I spent Some days in Inwardness. Austerity was there in the Very air inside the holy place. Moods changed from love To peace, silence to ecstasy. One could clearly see the Change; palpable was it. During twilight hours They say that the Lord Walked the sacred earth. Yes, there was something Personal moving during Those periods which drew The deepest and noblest Emotions in you.

As the smoke from an Incense stick wafts A rare fragrance, mist like,

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Emanated from that centre Which instantly made the Mind still, introvert and tender During Those periods some Thing melted in our heart. That was love, ecstasy; That was God experience. Every dawn and dusk in Those days was an invitation To be a part of this most mystical Imperceptible worship. To recollect those days Is to Relive it here and now.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Effulgence
Those were days when the storm Of grace swept the leaf forcefully. Delightful it is to recollect the joy. A boy floating on the river of Bhakthi was sitting immersed In front of a Sacred Shrine. A liquid light from inside Came flooding and spread out Hither, thither everywhere Light alone was there. It was His light - the Light which was the ray of grace. It came and vanished Alas only to kindle the Fire of deep yearning for Him. The light came as a messenger From the beloved to beckon Me to Him in my own Heart.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Sun
The reflection of the brilliant Sun was there in the Muddy water of the lake. When the water shook, the Reflection also wavered making shapes. Every wave made the reflection Dance, break and muddy. Then with great effort The water was purified To make the reflection pure. For a minute the Sun Looked pure and steady Alas only to get shaken again. This non-ending effort continued. Atlast the brilliance of the Sun Made the water evaporate And Lo! There was no Sun In the lake to suffer. The Sun in all majesty was Shining bright in the heaven.

Royal Road to Peace

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Conversation with Love

Love, divine love! Where are you? To have Thee is to have light. Without Thy presence life is alas A movement in darkness Thou danceth in the cremation ground of desires. When desires are burnt in the fire of knowledge You manifest there in all your coolness. The I which is petty and limited Keeps the door closed in my Heart. Love, O all-powerful one! Swallow this I and Reign alone there as my own self.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Seek Him in Heart

Seek not God in temples or Gurus Seek Him in your heart with burning faith. Know that His nature is blazing purity and burning love. Burn yourself in the furnace Of renunciation, devotion and wisdom In the ashes of your petty self Will dance the Supreme dancer Lord of all lords, Siva - the ever-auspicious one. In death will you find immortality In the cremation ground will you Find the ever-living form of love. Make your heart a crematorium Where you burn the corpses of all personalities. In that sacred spot will Manifest He, The essence of pure love and knowledge.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Seek Him Behind The Mind

One Supreme Being alone is Nothing else exists apart. That being who is of the Nature of surpassing love and peace Is the witness behind all visions. Seek Him within, behind your mind With vision introverted and sharp. He will shine forth as pure awareness. I am He thus do identify And be free here and now From the beginningless thralldom To body, mind, senses and ego.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Living Flame
To be without I is Freedom here and now. To be without the I is To be the real I which is Existence, awareness and bliss. Moment by moment pay attention To the feeling of I I. Watch its every movement As a tiger would, its prey. Burn this virulent offshoot With the fire of watchfulness. Watchfulness is the radiumRay of the Real Self. Switch it off, you are in dark. Keep it aflame, you move in light, Nay you are light. Moment by moment live With this flame of awareness. Be a living flame of Awareness, Peace and Existence.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Rediscovery of the kingdom

The primal ignorance makes The body, senses and the mind move There is no doer of any act, There is no enjoyer of any feeling. He is the doer, He is the enjoyer. To be aware about this Inner monitor always is to Rediscover our lost kingdom. The body eats, sleeps, moves about Speaks, breathes and enjoys Without an I to eat, sleep or move. Unalert, the I takes over the show. Alertness keeps the bluffer in abeyance. To be free of this I am the doer Is to be ever in trance. To be free of this petty Self Is to be ever aware of the reality. To be free of this individuality Is to open the reservoir of Infinite power and energy. The body then moves about

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Compelled by the past wind Without a prisoner within. To see that body is to Behold a sacred temple. To look at those eyes Is to see ones own beloved.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Boon to be Bestowed

Not to be wealthy but to be healthy Not to be famous but to be blessed, Not to be handsome but to be wholesome, Is, is my boon O lord to be bestowed.

Not to amass but to give in plenty, Not to seek love but to give love, Not to be worshipped but to adore, Is, is my boon O lord to be bestowed.

Not to be curtailed but to be free, Not to brood but to be silent, Not to be active but to be still, Is, is my boon O lord to be bestowed.

Not to be deified but to divinise Not to be restless but to be restful Not to subdue but to be surrendered Is, is my boon O lord to be bestowed.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Not to be fascinated but to be enlivened Not to be haphazard but to be vigilant Not to be lazy but to be agile Is, is my boon O lord to be bestowed.

Not to crave or wish but to be content and still Not to be afraid ever but to be fearless anon Not at all bound or dull but to be free and brave Is, is my boon O lord to be bestowed.

Not to sing or dance but to be a song of delight Not to celebrate or proclaim but to be a celebration to all Not to be glorious or bright but to have the glow of love Is, is my boon O lord to be bestowed.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The mind is a pendulum It constantly rocks to past and future. It is a cloud which covers The brilliance of the divine orb. To be free of time is To be free of the mind. Know that the now alone is. Past, future are the bluffs of The mind to entice attention. Do not believe your mind Instead listen to the divine Whisper in between the thoughts. Listen to the voice of I am. I am I am is the ever Ringing mystic syllable, the manthra. Go deep and find this Ever rolling inner rosary within. I amness is another name for liberation. It is neither in past nor in future. It is the eternal Self which Is Here and now.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


In this refreshing ocean Of Now does the mind create Waves of past and future. Be aware of the eternal Truth, the present moment. It is Self, God and Truth.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Most Selfless Workers

God indeed has assumed all forms He the omniscient one in various Forms chisel and mould our mind To make it pure, silent and wise. Those who criticise and scandalise Are indeed the greatest benefactors. They are certainly His agents. They purify us constantly. They are the greatest selfless ones Who are ever concerned about others. They work like a detergent To cleanse your inner dirt of Karma And see! They do it free of cost. Without them alas wholl Help us to know the lurking Impurities in the unconscious realm

Those who talk ill of others Are indeed the most sacred Tirthas like Ganga or Yamuna

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Alas! Seldom we recognize The invaluable Service rendered by them. When they insult or scandalize The ego that lurks in various Unknown crevices will peep out Then should you use the shaft Of Who am I? to burn it. Otherwise the hidden foe Will never appear to the Clear light of your vision. So we should prostrate To the great Master who Appears in the form of Scandalizers, Backbiters and Insulters.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Invoke Him
Do not sit in the drivers seat Quit the spot and invoke Him. Give the reigns to the ancient Being, the teacher of all teachers. The simplest way to be free Is to stop the tussle with Our mind and handing it over To Him who is the all powerful one. If we struggle with our power Difficult, nay impossible is the goal. Hand it to the Master, freedom The angel which even gods dream Is here and now in our Heart.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Saving Knowledge

A stage will come to you My friend! When youll ask Alas what can I do? Ask this question to yourself Truly with deep sincerity The I which asks will Show itself as an illusion Which is powerless to do. It is only a reflection Of God in the blue waters Of your inner lake. Do not give the dignity Which is Gods to the reflection. The I is not doing. It is the totality happening Thro you in various forms. Accept this - you are free Resist this fact - youll have To fight and lose every Moment with the non-existing Evil, the phantom, the petty self.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


This is the saving knowledge Which deals a death blow To yourself to wake you up To the Sunlit land of immortality.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Walk away your Life

To walk and walk long and To have no place to reach Is to set free the divine energy. Move alone in divine recklessness See nature alive with joy. In the freshness of the dawn Let the thoughts be hushed To absolute stillness Let not any movement In brain disturb the quietude Carry deep stillness in your bosom Let the body be dynamic And the mind be still Such walking is meditation Such walking is trance Blessed are those who Walk away their life in Such divine intoxication.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Stream of Duality

Get out of the stream of Duality that breeds conflicts. The stream contains the Water of desire forming Ripples and waves of craving. It moves in between the Banks of good and bad. Jump out of this stream Watch the operation Of duality in the mind. Beware! The watcher, Pure awareness alone in True. His reflection in the Non existing waters of the Mind creates the mystic two And out of these Issues forth billions, Light the lamp of awareness And hold it unflickering. Duality will vanish Before your sight like A Dream to the waker.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Conversation with Him

O Lord! how to attain peace? By erasing the ego alone. O Lord! how to erase the ego? By surrendering to Me now. O Lord! how to surrender to Thee? By knowing ones helplessness. O Lord! how to know ones helplessness? By constant exposure to grace. O Lord! When will grace dawn? When you fail in your efforts. O Lord! What is the effort? To purify ones mind and body. O Lord! how to purify mind? By devotion and selflessness. O Lord! how to attain selflessness? Be watchful of the egos moves. O Lord! How to attain devotion? By constant recollection of Me. O Lord! How to recollect Thee? By chanting My sweet name. O Lord! how to get power to chant?

On the Wings of Ecstasy


By contacting My devotees who chant O Lord! How to know Thy devotees? By the fragrance of love and peace.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


Royal Road to Peace

Put the money in your pocket Do not put it in your mind. Move about freely in the world Let not the world move in you. Recognize God-presence in others Do not crave others recognition. Let all thoughts dwell in you Do not dwell in your thoughts. Work always for Him alone Let not the ego steal the fruit. Chant His name with Love Do not crave for name. Sing His fame always Do not want fame for you. Serve Him in all the beings Do not ever desire to be served.

On the Wings of Ecstasy


The Supreme Yoga

Simply to identify with the Body is to be a shuttle In the hands of maya. From death to birth, from Pleasure to pain will you move. This body is a product Of natures magic. It is not me, not mine It is not for my purpose Is the great dictum to Release you from its slavery. It is the royal path to Claim your birth right, Freedom from all miseries. Once you move away from What you are not, the Self which you already are Will shine forth within you. To behold the flame within The chamber of ones heart Is to merge in primordial stillness.