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Captains Report Dec 2012

December Game and Year End Prize Giving Function The Els Club - Friday 07 December 2012
Christmas came early for some of us as we enjoyed our December and 12th game of the year at The Els Club on Friday 07 December 2012. This was followed by our Annual Prize Giving Dinner and Quaffing Evening held on the patio of the newly opened Els Clubhouse more on this later. The course was in its usual great condition although judging by the scores a number of players found it quite difficult. All in all this is a great venue for our end of year game and the Club did us proud with a very competitive winter green fee including a pre game snack and a couple of drinks some players took the opportunity to indulge in a few Castles that were on offer to try and improve their games. A big thanks to Kelvin Tayfield for his great organisation of both the golf and the dinner even though he was unable to play and attend until later in the evening. We had a field of 24 players including 21 Jiggers and 3 Guests somewhat disappointing for our year end game. This did not seem to dampen festivities though! Welcome to our 3 Guests (in no particular order): Mark Barr (past Jigger) Roscoe Friend James Bisset

Prize Winners for the day

Individual Stableford (open to Jiggers members only) Charles Arnestad Dave Green Betterball Stableford Charles Arnestad and Craig Strydom Bruce Penn and Dave Green Pete Hedley and Wally Robinson 41 points 40 points o.c.o. from 40 points 40 points 37 points (cant keep him out of the prizes these days!)

Committee Rob Edgecombe Ernest Hosking Kelvin Tayfield Brian Schofield David Green Ant Milne Captains Assistant Zia Hosking

Society Chairman Society Captain Vice Captain & Social Organiser Scorer & Society Handicapper Away Game Organiser Sponsorship Organiser

+971 (56) 6034759 +971 (50) 5503160 +971 (56) 6503454 +971 (50) 4659375 +971 (50) 5508746 +971 (50) 5581379

edgecombe1@gmail.com ernestjh@emirates.net.ae ktayfield@alkhaliji.ae jiggersdubai@gmail.com david.green@gaj-uae.ae anthony@motivate.ae

+971 (50) 8753033


Individual Shotmakers Nearest the Pin 0 14 handicaps Nearest the Pin 15 28 handicaps Longest Drive 0 14 handicaps Longest Drive 15 28 handicaps Bruce Penn Dalton Taylor Mike Berry Erik Dekker

A number of games were played:Player 1 Pete Hedley Jean van Loggerenberg beat beat Player 2 Bruce Penn Paul Webb-Jones Score 2nd play-off hole w/o

These were the finals of the Matchplay trophy and the Matchplay plate. Updated Matchplay sheet attached.

Annual Prize Giving Function

Jiggers were honoured to welcome our respective Ministers of Home and Social Affairs/Handbrakes/Chicks to the Annual Dinner and Prize Giving Function held at the newly opened Els Club. The girls certainly arrived in their finest livery and the Committee momentarily considered a constitutional amendment to embrace a unisex society! However, having enjoyed the company of Charles Glass post the game in the afternoon and some fellowship in the Jacuzzi, it was a very fleeting thought! The Els Club did us proud as did the weather and the evening was enjoyed by all even with the absence of quiz-master of yesteryear in his pink CK jocks missed you Marty and your good partying wife! A big thank you to Francisco and his merry team for keeping us well stocked with good food and Ernies finest. While on the subject of thank you a special note of thanks to the Jiggers Committee for their time and dedication to the cause of our society I certainly appreciate the great support during this past year, my first year of captaincy: Chairman Rob whose wise council and ongoing enthusiasm for Jiggers is just fantastic Vice Cappie Kelvin whose no nonsense approach has been a great support Scorer Brian who has spent most of the year developing new handicapping software that should be put to good use next year Tour organiser extraordinaire David who continues to ratchet up the bar and does so with good humour and great patience in shepherding a bunch of aging Wrinklies around foreign soil Sponsorship Ant who not only prevents any waffling at committee meetings by keeping us rigidly to the agenda but has also spent the year cajoling various sponsors into a stunning array of prizes that were available for the evening. (Please note guys these are generously sponsored prizes and Ant in many instances has his business reputation on the line when collecting so they unfortunately cannot be swapped or exchanged in any way!)

Not to forget also my very capable and persistent assistant (and better half) for organising our games roster and dealing with all the clubs. I would also like to thank El Capitano Bill Collins for his assistance and advice in handing over the reigns he sure made it easy for me. Another big thank you is owed to both Chairman Rob and Jean van Loggerenberg for sorting all the prizes out and getting the trophies repaired/replaced and engraved for the yearend function. Coming to the end of another successful Jiggers year, a vote of thanks was extended to our wives/partners/chicks (or in some cases perhaps all 3!) for putting up with the early alarm on a Friday morning, listening to our noisy ablutions and receiving a loving tap on the behind as we rush off full of hope to play Jiggers, only to have to deal with our grumpy return when not much of our game turned out to be as we imagined! The fines were conducted by our zealous Fines Master Pete Hedley and the coffers were well lined by the time he had finished!

There were some real classic fines levied by some of the Jiggers - notably the tale of the two wedges by Umgababa Wally Wun-Putt Robinson on Slapper McKerchar which nearly led to a war of civilisations in Wallys office and the fine by Bruce Penn on Bill Collins for a certain matchplay monkey that does not appear to want to leave the Ex El Capitanos back!

Annual Competition Winners

Player of the Year (Average of best 5 stableford points) Peter Hedley Mike Berry Kevin Hudson 35.4 points 35.2 points o.c.o. from 35.2 points

Eclectic (Best stableford points on each of strokes 1 to 18 on courses played) David Green Charles Arnestad Mike Berry 58 points o.c.o. from 58 points 57 points

Most Improved Player (Percentage reduction in handicap) Bryce Allan Kelvin Tayfield 30% reduction to a 7 handicap 25% reduction to an 8 handicap

Bryce was obviously also hoping to pick up an award as the most appropriately dressed Jigger of the evening! Matchplay Winners Trophy: Peter Hedley winner over Bruce Penn after the 2nd playoff hole a titanic battle

Carmelo Plate: Jean van Loggerenberg walkover Paul Webb-Jones due to Pauls unavailability

Jigger of the Year (As voted for by Jiggers) Mike Berry A new award was introduced for the first time this year. This was for the Jigger who showed commitment to Jiggers through regular attendance at Jiggers games and functions and who, in his own way, embodied the ethos and spirit that makes a good Jigger. Whilst there were some views expressed that it would be a mistake to single out one individual when there are so many unsung heroes in Jiggers, the Committee felt the more committed and spirited members we have in the Society the more successful it would be and the longevity would be guaranteed. In many sporting codes at the highest level there is an award for people voted by the players/participants themselves and it is usually a highly coveted award. The Committee hoped that in the future this award would also be valued within Jiggers and would contribute to an even healthier Society. It certainly is not the intention to undermine so many other great members we are so fortunate to have in our society.

Mike was clearly overcome by this award as he proceeded to indulge in some serious imbibing, then took hold of the microphone and suffered a case of brain-flatulence and made no sense to anyone other than himself!

Race to December Kevin Hudson David Green Mike Berry 87.50 place points 77.75 place points 76.00 place points

This was a new competition this year which involved no playing skill at all. It was designed to satisfy those punters amongst us who are missing their gambling. Essentially each Jigger chose 5 players who he felt would perform consistently well during the year and importantly would play in as many games as possible. Each Jigger would contribute AED50 into the prize pool with the winner taking home 50% of the pool!

Other Prizes, Awards, Special Mentions Annual Jigger Chipping Competition Most Points over 5 Consecutive Holes Most 5 Pointers in the Year Most Jiggers holes played in the year Craig Strydom 16 Points Kevin Hudson, o.c.o. from Erik Dekker and Corey Spring 1 Bryce Allan, o.c.o. Arnestad and Andre Naude from Charles

252 out of a maximum of 270 Chairman Rob from David Green 243 including only 9 holes at Yas after baling with heat exhaustion!

Some stats for this past year o Average number of Jiggers who played the games during the year was 21. This was a 12% increase on the year before but we should strive to improve on this as it means on average 11 Jiggers are not playing each game we play this surely can be improved upon. In total we averaged 27 players during the year which was an 8% increase on the prior year. Green fees averaged AED430 per game which was a 3% increase on the year before. The hardest course we played based on the lowest average score was JGE Earth Course where we only managed to average 24 points. The easiest course we played was Abu Dhabi National where we averaged a very credible 32 points. The most difficult hole we played was the 16 th on The Earth Course 448 yard par 4, stroke 7 where we only managed to average 0.7 points. The easiest hole we played was the 17 th at Al Badia 360 yard par 4, stroke 6 where we managed to average 3.0 points.

o o o o o o

Next Game (first game of 2013)

Friday 11th January at Jumeirah Golf Estates Earth Course (hopefully still in good condition following the Race to Dubai) Confirmed tee times for 32 players Green Fee: AED595 including a bacon (pork!) and egg sandwich for breakfast. (This is AED100 off the normal corporate rate for winter. Tee Times: 08:00 a.m. to 09:24 Organizer: Bryce Allan Fines Master: Bill Collins We will also take the opportunity to raise funds for the very tragically injured cyclist Richard Holland. The circumstances for him and his family are really incredibly difficult see http://backonyourbike.com/. We have some prizes left over from the year end game which we intend to raffle off so please bring a few extra dirhams to this game.

Games Roster
The roster will be circulated early in the New Year. The first 3 games are as follows: Friday 11 Jan 2013: Friday 08 Feb 2013: Friday 08 Mar 2013: JGE Earth Course Arabian Ranches Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

Please diarise these dates in the mean time and make sure you get your golfing butts into action.

Movers and Shakers

Mike and Barbara Berry are to be congratulated on their eldest sons engagement. Mikes future daughter in law comes with a ready-made so Mike is spending a lot of time in the company of Pete Hedley for a crash course on grand parenting an Aussie! If you see the Chairman loitering in Baby Shop dont be surprised either as he and Linda are delighted to announce that they are grandparents in waiting as their daughter is expecting around mid 2013!!

A warm Jiggers congratulations to both these families! Those of you at the Jiggers Annual Dinner 2 years ago will recall the yena lo holiday ga mina story related by Wally Umgababa Robinson. We had the good fortune of having Umgababa spend the night with us that evening. By the time we arrived home Umgababa was not in a tidy state. He took a terrible tumble as he was mounting the stairs and in a brave effort not to head butt a large glass vase and also not break the glass of water in his hand, he did some painful damage to his persona. Unable to gather himself without help and with my one arm being in a cast, I looked around for some support from my better half only to see her listing severely to starboard herself and giggling hysterically like some mocking bird. I had visions having to call the local constabulary for assistance but eventually managed to haul Umgababa up off the stairs in to bed. He awoke in some severe pain in his wrist during the night and stumbled down stairs looking for ice to ease the pain. Unable to find any, he sort comfort by wrapping his hand in a packet of frozen peas! This was not before the bedside lamp also took a trashing but was hastily repaired with some nimble DIY from Walter! It was with some trepidation therefore that we answered the call for post Annual Prize Giving accommodation this year especially when it was accompanied by the instruction to ensure all ornaments were bubble wrapped before his arrival. We took comfort though, secure in the knowledge that he would be accompanied by his good wife Scary Mary this time round. We were not to be disappointed however. Umgababa waltzed in to the house with his golf bag over his shoulder and proceeded to do a pirouette that would have made Giselle proud with one wide sweeping motion the offending glass vase from two years prior that he avoided so valiantly then, was in splinters. The effect on Scary was remarkable like a lithesome female leopard she rounded on poor Walter with a threat that if he so much as moved in the direction of the lladro ornaments he would be forking out his entire years salary in compensation. Walter duly obliged and whimpered slowly off to bed! The remains of the offending vase: -

This year we bid farewell to one of our founding Jiggers members Erik Dekker - who played in the very first game in December 2005. Erik also served a 2 year stint on the committee as Away Tour Organiser and organised some really memorable tours, namely the Garden Route South Africa and Spain Tours. In addition to his ability to purvey a certain taste level of email around the group, Deks was also renowned for managing his handicap at a solid 17 throughout his period in Jiggers.

Whilst his handicap didnt waiver his scores certainly did and tended to err on the good side when it mattered most. He was also usually seen wielding the fines glass after each game collecting the fines money and this somehow kept him under the radar when it came to being fined himself. Erik and his family have relocated back to Cape Town expect to have a Jiggers Cape Town branch up and running soon. (I am sure Deks will also put some pressure on another past Jigger Rodders to get the Johannesburg branch up and running as well.) Thanks Erik for your strong commitment, fun and camaraderie that you brought to Jiggers over the years we wish you, Sharon and the family all the best in your new endeavours. Look forward to you joining us on tour again with some of your Cape Town Jiggers mates. (Preferably no Dirty Dougs!) We also say good bye to Sean Drury, Tony Geldenhuys and Allan Stanton who have not seen their way clear to commit to be able to play enough games with Jiggers next year. I am sure we will see them guesting whenever they get the chance. We accordingly welcome the following new members into Jiggers next year most of whom dont need much introduction as they have played quite a few games as guests: James Bisset In James words: I'm 30 years young. A Creative Director at Ogilvy. Which means I run a team of creative people in coming up with various advertising campaigns - TV, print, outdoor, experiential and others. I've been in Dubai for nearly five years - including a 4 month sabbatical in South America. I've always been a golf nut. Ever since taking up the game age 6. Became a scratch handicap at 18. Been on the way out ever since. Currently it sits at 6. My claim to fame on the golf course was beating Margaret Thatcher's son, Mark, 6 and 5 in a league game for Mowbray against Royal Cape. He was a real pr.ck. I also won the ReMax Long Drive Challenge for the Western Cape in 1999. Enjoyed that! At the South African Inter-varsity Golf competition in 2003, I shot 76 on the West Course at Royal Johannesburg. The next day I shot 106 on the East Course. My girlfriend's name is Sofia Dadourian. We met in Dubai about 3 years ago. I haven't told her that I shot 106, so please keep that quiet. Graham Walker In Grahams words: I was born in Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa after school. After 16 years in the Motor Trade I joined the Telecoms industry in South Africa. I now work at Al Babtain LeBLANC Telecommunications (based in Abu Dhabi but live in Dubai) they are infrastructure providers to the Telecom & Broadcast industry. I have been in the UAE for about 2 months after living in Saudi for 7 years and Malaysia for 16 months. I am married and my ball and chains name is Theresa. I played off a very bad 10 handicap in Saudi and hope to have that rectified soon. James Edgecombe James Edgecombe is a 26 year old Chartered Accountant and comes with a significant pedigree being the Chairmans son. His golfing pedigree however surpasses that of his old man James plays off scratch so I am sure he will put some pressure on our perennial prize winners!! He is a Kearsney Old Boy which will bring much delight to some of our Abu Dhabi contingent although one would hope he is eminently better behaved. He will be well known to many of you as he has played a number of games as a guest of Jiggers and has been on a few Jiggers tours where he was the Black Dog Totes wingman in addition to being one of the late night revellers didnt seem to affect his golf though he was always at or near the top of the leaderboard. James is in a relationship with Sarah May. AN Other To be advised.

Golfing Quotes and Trivia

A parting bit of trivia from Deks (which required no censorship!) The Ryder Cup hadnt even ended when the vultures started circling the U.S. Ryder Cup team and captain Davis Love. The captain sent out the wrong players, he made the wrong picks, and, most of all, the American team choked. Choke is a loaded and misunderstood word in golf, and its out of order in discussions of the 2012 Ryder Cup. Team USA didnt choke away the Ryder Cup, and to say they did isnt fair to how well the Americans played. It also takes away from the incredible comeback the European team pulled off Sunday. I covered every Ryder Cup between 1989 and 2004. Ultimately, when you put it all in the blender, the team that putts the best wins. On Friday and Saturday, the Americans putted better. On Sunday, the Europeans did. The question is, why did they putt better? Everything in golf revolves around your energy level, and that level is hard to maintain. Thats why a guy who shoots 62 rarely follows it with a 65 the next day. On Friday and Saturday, the Americans had great energy. Thats a credit to Love and the team environment he created around his players. For years, the knock on the Americans was that they were great at singles but didnt play well together. The 2012 Ryder Cup proved that wrong. Playing together, the Americans were committed to making putts, and they did. By contrast, the Europeans were just trying to make putts they werent committed and they didnt make them. What I mean by "committed" is the feeling that you won't be denied. On Friday and Saturday, the Americans were so emotionally invested that they weren't going to be denied. They made putts without regard for the consequences of not making them. On Sunday, the roles were reversed. The Europeans put it all on the line and didn't think about the consequences of missing putts. They couldn't afford to. Playing with a lead, the Americans were more aware of those consequences. That's the difference between commitment and trying. The Americans expended so much energy those first two days that they didnt have anything left to rally around on Sunday. Meanwhile, the Europeans felt like nothing went their way until Saturday afternoon, when they gained a little momentum with those last two matches. On Sunday, playing for the memory of Seve Ballesteros, they had extra emotion. They played like they had nothing to lose, which is the best way to play. You could almost see this one coming. On Saturday night, I tweeted that Europe had won five of the seven matches that ended 1-up. Facing a 10-6 deficit, European captain Jose Maria Olazabal did what he needed to do: he sent his best players out first to silence the crowd. Its no different from a Game 7 in the World Series. The U.S. team made a similar comeback in Brookline in 1999, but that was a home game. The Europeans faced a more difficult challenge. The road team has to get a lead to take the crowd out of the game. After Europe won the early matches, the Americans werent able to draw the emotional energy from the crowd that they desperately needed. And once the Europeans got the score to 10-10, it was a whole different ball game. One thing I hope this Ryder Cup puts to rest is the idea that the Americans somehow dont want to win as badly as the Europeans. You cant tell me Tiger Woods doesnt care about the Ryder Cup. The U.S. team wanted this Cup badly; they just couldnt find the energy when they needed it on Sunday. It happens. It happened to the Red Sox against the Yankees in 2003, and it happened to the Yankees against the Red Sox in 2004. And it will happen again to the Europeans and the Americans in the Ryder Cup. I love this event, but I wish there wasnt so much vitriol around it. These are two likable teams, and most of the players on both sides earn their livings on the PGA Tour. Theres no reason for nastiness. Im not blaming the American fans or Chicago fans; it happens everywhere they bring the Cup. Lets just enjoy the best golf the United States and Europe have to offer. And that choking talk? Put a sock in it.

Race to December
The final race results after 12 games are as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

Hudson Green Berry Hedley Hosking Tayfield van Loggerenberg Dekker Schofield Robinson Milne Strydom French Arnestad Bayly Drury Penn Edgecombe Allan McKerchar Webb-Jones Jones Taylor van der Bijl Stanton McKerchar Naude Clements Spring Geldenhuys Collins Smyth Kevin David Mike Peter Ernest Kelvin Jean Erik Brian Wally Ant Craig Wayne Charles Martin Sean Bruce Rob Bryce Brian Paul Dave Dalton Vince Allan Dave Andre Declan Corey Tony Bill Kevin

87.50 77.75 76.00 75.00 74.00 72.88 71.63 71.25 70.88 69.63 68.88 68.88 68.25 67.63 67.63 67.63 67.50 66.00 65.88 65.00 64.13 63.13 62.75 61.88 61.38 60.63 59.25 58.25 56.00 55.38 55.13 45.88

Kevin Hudson kept his steeds running strongly throughout the year and emerged the final winner and took home a decent contribution to his Christmas stocking. He was followed down the main straight by Dave Green and Mike Berry. We will be running this competition again this year so start thinking about the steeds you wish to saddle up. Remember you need to choose 5 guys who finish strongly in the placing of each Jiggers monthly game (overseas tour games do not count.) It takes the average of the best 8 placings so one also needs to ensure you saddle up a regular participant. (Suggest you check on Messrs Gullivers Collins and Smyths travel plans for next year before saddling one of them!) Unfortunately no dispensation for withdrawals due to injuries so a look at whether your nag is a Wrinkly or a Pimply may be a good strategy given some of the injuries that have beset our senior members in

recent years. The final new Jigger for 2013 will be advised shortly so you guys can make your choices and let me have them before the first game.

Subs for 2013

We will be collecting subs again for 2013 amount to be advised. In addition we will collect AED50 for the Race to December betting syndicate. (Apologies to the local laws and customs!) Looking forward to another positive and fun filled golfing year for Jiggers in 2013 with competitive golf played in true Jiggers spirit. Lets try and get the attendance up this year guys we will be looking to some afternoon tee times in the hot summer months if we cant get off early enough in the mornings so get in the gym, get fit and get on the course heat is not an excuse! A belated Merry and Blessed Christmas to all of you and your families and may 2013 bring you all you wish for especially that perfect golf swing how about a Jiggers hole in one this year!!! Happy golfing, head up and force! Captain Nest