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Coaching in practice

How to coach during an implementation and to sustain performance

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November 2010


In preparation for the next days

On Thursday and Friday we will start a number of role plays. Look at those role plays from a coach perspective and think how you would respond and coach in those situations.

How we learn
We Learn. 10 % of what we read 20 % of what we hear 30 % of what we see 50 % of what we see and hear 70 % of what we discuss 80 % of what we experience 95 % of what we teach

How we learn to coach

Read a book Listen to a lecture Watch a video or slide presentation Watch someone else do it Look at pictures, graphs Hands-on experience Practice real in the field

The approach The Negative Spin

Why arent you? I guess you dont understand about How many times have you? Do you want me to tell you what youre doing wrong? I dont see the proactive monitoring trends on the monitor Your register does not match with the switches in the panel! If you did your proactive monitoring you wouldnt have all those alarms

The Positive Spin

I was wondering if you could tell me about Is everything well within limits? Is your proactive monitoring tool doing as you would expect? What has (variable xyz) been doing since the shift started? There are hardly any alarms on your summary whats your secret? How can we improve proactive monitoring? What is the difference between being reactive and proactive? Do you have a lot of active overrides?

Approaches Unsuccessful Coaching Is

Punitive One-way Supervising, directive Intimidating Condescending

And is recognised by
Oh, no. Here comes the know-it-all again. I think Ill take a long break in the restroom. Call me when he/she leaves.

Approaches Successful Coaching Is

Positive reward and recognise good behaviour Win-win Two-way communication Dialogue, discussion, agreement A learning encounter and environment

And is recognised by
Hey, Im glad to see you. Ive got some questions. I also think I have some solutions to a problem we discussed earlier on and I want your opinion.

What is Coaching



On the why and what of the coaching campaign and make an agreement about it Either F2F, close or at distance. Focus on facts




Explain what you saw and ask for clarification and/or confirmation Highlight the good and clarify any gap



Engage on ways to close the gaps. Ask whether the coaching session helped. Follow up.

Coaching is a process

Information given Training received

Clear expectations set

Procedures and tools (if applicable) available Focus on priorities, identifying the critical issues

How to execute coaching

Implement something EVERY DAY, and stretch your comfort zone

Reflect on what happens and extract learning Seek feedback & support, ask others ideas and transfer learning into next step. Do ask for help


Remember the basic steps

# Feedback step Yes/No Remarks / Evidence

Set the stage Select a good moment to talk and be timely. Look for that coachable moment. Be specific, based on practical behaviours & observable evidence. Give balanced feedback, including positive points. Identify opportunities for improvement. Help to identify consequences. Agree on follow-up actions and the timing for those actions & results.

4 5

A few reinvigorating quotes

Experience alone does not ensure development I found 5000 ways how not to make a light bulb. Change before you have to ! Speed skating and figure skating have one thing in common: the ice ! One does not discover new land without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. The play was a success, but the audience was a failure Its not whether you get knocked down. Its whether you get up again. All learning have an emotional basis To teach is to learn twice Being a role model is not the best way to lead: its the only way Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice does

Back up
Positive and negative spins to a CRO


So keep this in mind when we do our exercises on Thursday/Friday


The negative spin..

Why arent you looking at the proactive monitoring trends? I guess you dont understand your job Would you like me to tell you what you are doing wrong? You wouldnt get all those alarms if you used the proactive monitoring trends. What part of proactive monitoring do you not understand? Cant you do anything with all those alarms beeping all the time? Do you think someone understands what you write in your shift report? Why dont you have the minimum skilled people in your shift? So you have no idea where you find the Variable Table? That handover only took 5 minutes, thats too short. All those procedures here are out of date didnt you see that?


The positive spin.

Ive noticed that there are several alarms on the summary. I you explain me what the problems are at the moment? What is your experience with proactively monitoring the facility? Could you tell me about (variable x) and its behaviour? What has it done over the last two shifts? Ive noticed there are hardly any alarms on the summary great job! Whats the secret? Can we improve the proactive monitoring trend package? How ? Do you have trends you routinely monitor that are not currently in the package? What is the difference between proactive and reactive operations? Does the Bad Actor work help you in your job? How do you know if you are operating within the limits, all the time? Can I (you) help you (me) understand anything about the unit today? How are things going today?