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Valve Maintenance

By Murlidhar Verma

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Valve Maintenance
Topics Covered
What Types

is Valve of Valve


Operating Procedure
Associated with Valves

Problems Valve


An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less.

Valve Maintenance
What is valve Valve is a device used to isolate and control the fluid flow.

Educational relations make the strongest tie.

Valve Maintenance
Types of Valve
1. Gate valve 2. Globe valve 3. Check valve 4. Ball valve 5. Butter fly valve 6. Steam trap 7. Needle valve A successful person is always on the move and never satisfied.

Valve Maintenance
Valve type & suitability
Sr. 1 2 3 4 Valve Gate Globe Check Ball Steam Water Oil Air Gases

6 7

Butter fly
trap Needle

A great book is opened with expectation and closed with profit.

Valve Maintenance
Gate valve A straight through pattern valve in which closure element is a wedge situated between two fixed seating surfaces, with means to move it in or out of the flow stream in a direction perpendicular to the pipeline axis. Next to mothers smile, books are the best.

Valve Maintenance
Globe valve A valve whose closure element is a flat disc or conical plug sealing on a seat which is usually parallel to the flow axis.

Can be used for throttling services.

A compromise is always better than a legal action.

Valve Maintenance
Gate valve V/s Globe Valve Gate Valve

Used as a isolation valve, not as a control valve.

The closure element of a gate valve is called gate, wedge or disc.

Globe Valve
Generally used as a throttling valve, sometimes used as a Isolation valve.

The closure element of a Globe valve is plug.

The cheerful loser is a winner.


Valve Maintenance
Check valve A one-directional valve which is opened by the fluid flow in one direction and closed automatically when the flow stops or is reversed. Lack of confidence is not the result of difficulty, the difficulty comes from lack of confidence.

Valve Maintenance
Gate valve detail

Focus on your potential goal rather worring about your limitations.

Valve Maintenance
Globe valve detail

They never die who die in a great cause.

Valve Maintenance
Swing Check valve
Sl.No. 1 Description Body

3 4 5 6 7 8

Disc Seat Ring Hinge Pin Gasket Stud Stud Nut

A man is never too old to learn.

Valve Maintenance
By Pass Valve

Experience teaches slowly and at the cost of mistakes.

Valve Maintenance
Control Valve

It is used to control the fluid flow to maintain the process parameters as per requirement.
It is actuated using pneumatic/Hydraulic /Motorised actuator.

Knowledge is nearer to silence than to speech.

Class A pressure rating expressed as a dimensionless number. The class rating charts give actual pounds per square inch maximum allowable pressure at a given temperature.

Valve Maintenance

Material of Construction

Valve Maintenance

Frustration is not having any one to blame but yourself.

Material of Construction (Contd)

Valve Maintenance

The business of life is to go forward.

Material of Construction (Contd)

Valve Maintenance

The measure of life is not length, but honesty.

Valve Maintenance
Valve Operating Procedure

1) Open/close the valve slowly.

2) Clean the valve spindle, if found dirty. 3) Dont try to further opened/closed valve. open/close already

4) After opening valve fully, it should be closed a little to ensure that wheel is free.

5) Open by pass valve first wherever it is provided with main valve.

A long dispute means that both parties are wrong.

Valve Maintenance
Valve Operating Procedure (Contd..) 6) When valve is passing, dont try to close by excess load, reopen the valve and close again. 7) Avoid hammering on the wheel. 8) First try to open/close the valve by hand. If required, use proper size of F-rod. 9) Avoid over travel of Isolation/Control valve. 10)Gate valve should not be kept partial open. 11)Try to avoid prolong extreme throttled operation of Globe Valve. Govern yourself and you will be able to govern the world.

Valve Maintenance
Problems Associated with Valves 1) Passing

2) Hard to operate/Over-travel
3) Gland leakage 4) Incorrect Installation of Valve 5) Bonnet leakage 6) Free movement of Wheel/Valve Spindle (No movement of disc/ valve plug) One who cannot forgive others, destroys the bridge over which he himself must pass.

Valve Maintenance
Problems Associated with Valves (Contd..) 1) Valve Passing due to a) Cut marks/Scratches Disc/Plug. on seat ring or

b) Cracks on seat ring or Disc/Plug. c) Improper tightening of valve. Remedy i.

Gate Globe

Lapping/polishing of seat and Disc/Plug.

ii. Under cut, built-up and machining. iii. Resetting of stroke.

Valve Maintenance
Problems Associated with Valves (Contd..)
2) Hard to operate a) Due to newly filled gland packing or over size gland packing. b) Due to bending of Stem/Spindle.

c) Jamming of disc on seat by over travel.

d) Rusty/Dirty stem/nut thread. e) Stem bearing damaged. . Imagination is the eye of the soul.

Valve Maintenance
Problems Associated with Valves (Contd..) 3) Gland Leakage

a) Gland packing damaged.

b) Wrongly fitted gland packing. c) Loose Gland.

4) Incorrect Installation of Valve

a) Valves are designed for uniflow direction so always check the direction before installation. b) Valve should be in horizontal pipe line. vertical position in

Idleness is the holiday of fools.

Valve Maintenance
Problems Associated with Valves (Contd..)
5) Bonnet Leakage a) Gasket damaged.

b) Cut marks/Scratches on Body/Bonnet.

c) Loose Bonnet bolt. 6) Free movement of Wheel/Valve Spindle (No movement of disc/valve plug) a) Wheel locking got free. b) Spindle broken.

c) Plug/disc holder unlocked with spindle.

d) Stem nut thread damaged.

Valve Maintenance
Lapping/Polishing is the process of removing material to get a smooth plane surface by using proper tool & lapping paste. Types of Lapping paste
a) Silicon Carbide paste b) Tungsten Carbide past c) Diamond paste

Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.

Valve Maintenance
Silicon and Tungsten carbide paste is available in three grades 1. Coarse

2. Medium
3. fine Tools for Lapping/Polishing 1. Glass 2. Specially designed C.I. tools Happiness is not a destination we arrive at, but a manner of travelling.


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