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Sun, 3 Feb 2002 16:51:48 -0500 15 degrees Aquarius

The Angels of Astrometaphysics Also known as The Angels of 'Ugirpon'

Beloved, We teach people about astronomy and its influence on the mental, emotional, and physical planes. When a person has reached a certain stage of maturity, we teach them about the inhabitants of other planets, about their spiritual development and maturity, about their technical achievements, and any other information of importance. From the prime beginning, Divine Providence created lights in the sky to transmit information, so that the celestial music of the spheres plays within the nervous systems of all life. The long period of ignorance concerning the stars and heavenly bodies is ending and many people are awakening into heightened sensitivity to information waves from space. These information waves travel through matter. Information waves are decoded by changing light waves into light particles with the energy of conscious attention. Through intention, consciousness connects with planets or other points in space. In meditation this connection becomes an information superhighway. Meditation and deep contemplation, using the Delta-Theta range of brainwaves, freezes light waves into light particles. These particles contain packets of information that are opened in whole brain thinking. It is these light packets that set off chemical reactions, such as neuropeptide secretions in the pineal gland, that psychoactively change consciousness. The universe is made of infinite fractals, which is the meaning of As above, so below. Fractals are repeating patterns that nest inside each other endlessley. This is why an atom looks identical to a solar system and a solar system looks like a galaxy. This is why it is said that man is made in Gods Image. The vast reaches of outer space are mirrored in the vast reaches of inner space and the interface between the macrocosm and the microcosm is consciousness itself. This is why consciousness can change a light wave into a light particle. These light particle information packets from the heavenly bodies are software that requires conscious attention in order to download chemically into the body. That is why meditation is so important. When you have created a personal system of meditation, by pointing your attention on any planet, or area of the sky in your thoughts, and asking for information concerning it, ever streaming light waves respond to your request and become light particle packets of information in your meditation. Where the attention goes, energy flows. The angel groups corresponding to the degrees of the planets and points in your astrological chart are the members of the heavenly hosts who form your original spiritual family for this lifetime. If a planet in your astrology chart, for example, is located at 3 degrees and 16 seconds Aquarius, look up the angel group for 4 degrees Aquarius. Any little bit over a degree puts you in the influence of the next degree. Once you know the angelic names of each of the degrees of each of your planets and points, use the cosmic language to integrate them into your consciousness. The astrological chart shows the dynamics in the relationships between the various divine virtues and how they impact each area of consciousness and each area of life. Progressions and transits map this process through time. Over an Egyptian Temple are the words, Man Know Thyself. This is a key phrase pointing to meditation as the pathway to illumination and enlightenment. To know the outward lights, one must go inward to look at them. Meditation allows the outer lights to become the inner lights. As above, so below. Ugirpon U.The creative act and karma. * G.Grace and Mercy. * I.Cause and Effect. * R.Freedom and independence, following inner guidance. * P.The urge to spiritual perfection.

* O.Justice and Harmony. * N.Supreme Happiness. * Miracles. *************** Divine energy flows from the ALL THAT IS into an individual incarnated Atman which is sun/moon and corresponds to Delta brainwaves of Pure Being. Then down through the secondary suns of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto; which corresponds to Theta brainwaves of deep inner thought. Then down through the inner planets, which are Alpha brainwaves of emotion and feeling, and through the signs which are Beta brainwaves of memory, logic, and the five senses. It looks like the following flow chart: +=masculine, fire, electric [All that is] Sun[+]-Moon[-] Under Uranus is Under Pluto is Earth [+]-Saturn [-] Mars[+]-Venus[-] Under Earth[+] is Under Mars[+] is Leo[++]-Cancer [+,-] Aries[++]-Scorp[+,-] and Under Saturn[-] is Aquarius[-,+]-Capricorn[-,-] Libra[-,+]-Taurus[-,-] In this scenario the middle path is wisdom which is will and love together, the left is willpower, and the right is love. All fire signs are +,+; creative and electric in the inner[ Alphaemotion] and outer [Beta-five senses, logic, memory]world. air signs are -,+; receptive on the inner and creative on the outer. water signs are +,-; creative on the inner and receptive on the outer and earth signs are -,- receptive in the inner and outer world. So, for instance, if your sun is in Capricorn, then your Masculine Nature or Spirit is receptive on the inner[feeling] and the outer[five senses, logic] to Divine Will. Or, if your Mars is in Pisces, then creative Divine Love expresses through creative wisdom in feeling on the inner and in the outer world through receptivity.****** *Transpluto planets apply to the path of enlightenment and world service . These planets would be important to almost anyone reading these messages. *[Software that provides the transpluto planets and the asteroids can be obtained from Astrolabe .Tel.: USA [508] 8965081*Fax: [508]896-5289 ] *************** and and Under Venus[-] is Gemini[-,+]-Virgo[-,-] Under Mercury[-,] is Sag.[++] and Pisces[+,-] equals Spirit-Soul equals Willpower[+], Under Neptune is Jupiter[+]-Mercury[-] Under Jupiter[+] is Wisdom[+,-], Love[-] =feminine, water, magnetic

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto