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ADL (Algo Design Lab)

ADL is a revolutionary visual programming platform using drag-and-drop building blocks that enable traders and programmers alike to design, test and deploy automated futures and options trading programs without writing a single line of code. ADL is fully integrated with X_TRADER 7.11.

A look inside
The ADL Designer canvas (right) is a drag-and-drop interface on which trading programs are created, as code is written behind the scenes Live streaming market data provides a visual representation of the logic ow A separate window called the Algo Dashboard allows users to launch, monitor, modify, pause or delete programs

ADL provides advantages that can signi cantly change the way a rm operates their automated trading department by taking advantage of the following bene ts.
Unprecedented e ciencies ADLs user-intuitive building blocks allow for rapid development, testing and deployment to signi cantly reduce the time required to bring trade ideas to market Customers can bene t from the fully optimized code generated by ADL while leveraging TTs ultra-highspeed connections to dozens of leading global exchanges on ve continents Safety ADL blocks convert into well-tested code that virtually eliminates the risk of programming syntax errors ADL prohibits certain errant designs and generates warning messages to guard against potentially undesirable trade designs The robust new TT SIM simulation platform will allow the user to exhaustively test new strategies created within ADL using real-time market data. Use visual testing tools to observe the step-by-step ow of logic on the design canvas Economy ADL is included as an application within X_TRADER Pro at no additional cost ADL enables programmers and non-programmers alike to do their own programming ADL can reduce dependencies on programming resources Seamless integration with the TT platform Programs created in ADL can be designed to trade any of the exchange-tradable products supported by TT software Launch and manage ADL strategies from X_TRADER components including MD Trader Create programs from a visually inviting canvas that streams live market data so that you can observe your logic against dynamic market conditions as you create it Use Excel links to import external data into ADL logic Flexibility Instead of o ering pre-made strategies, ADL allows the user to create custom algorithms and manage the lowerlevel logic In addition to futures, ADL users can create options execution programs that can act as an electronic eye that executes when user conditions are met, or import theoretical values from Excel to create a market-making system Strategies can be portable and available to any user, or locked to prevent sharing at the rms discretion

Software Requirements
The ADL application is available with X_TRADER 7.11.

Algo Strategy Engine

ADL programs run on a proximity-based server called the Algo Strategy Engine (Algo SE). Server-based execution via Algo SE delivers sub-millisecond performance whether the exchange is across the street or around the world.

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