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Extraterrestrial Aliens and Reptilian Gods in the Quran, Pt 1 by Amir Fatir

This is the first in a series that reports on the Qurans explanation of extraterrestrial gods interaction with humans in the not too distant past. The ancient texts are filled with reports of strange gods, flying machines, weapons of mass destruction and biological experiments that could only amount to cloning and genetic manipulation. UFOlogists and scholars like Zechariah Sitchen, Erich von Daniken and R.A. Boulay have combed through the Mahabharata, Ramayana, the Bible, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Popol Vuh and ancient Sumerian tablets and revealed a wealth of information about extraterrestrial gods, their wars, their loves, their flying machines and their test tube baby, Adam. Almost ignored in the quest to explore the ancient scriptures is the Quran. Since much of the Qurans material runs parallel to that of the Bible yet discussed from an alternative perspective one would think Western scholars would be at least as familiar with the Quran as they are of, say, the I Ching. The poor quality of Quranic translators no doubt has contributed to scholars aversion. Existing translations have masked and concealed both the deep mystical language of the book and its surprisingly advanced scientific and technical knowledge. The asteroid belt is utterly filled with icy debris or ice-water mixed with rock. If one of the Qurans most basic verses could be so poorly translated and understood, how much more of the books true knowledge is obscured beneath layers of dogma, medieval ignorance and misunderstanding of Arabic and the important loanwords that entered Arabic from Kamitic (ancient Egypt), Sumerian, Canaanite Syriac, Babylonian and even Sanskrit?

Establishment religion and establishment science have both failed to satisfy modern humanitys need to know and experience our origin and potential. New theories of mans extraterrestrial origin have emerged over the past halfcentury. The most coherent such theory appears to be that espoused by Zechariah Sitchin in his Earth Chronicles series. Sitchins theory is based upon his interpretation of Sumerian and Babylonia clay tablets which preserved such scriptures as The Epic of

Were a scientist to read that the Quran says that Allah sent down water from the sky he would probably not be very impressed with such a revelation. Anyone with eyes could look up and see rain falling from clouds in the sky. But if that same scientist read that the Quran stated several times 1500 years ago that Allah sent down water from the asteroid belt, well, that might catch that scientists attention. The Arabic word Sama is ordinarily translated sky, cloud or heaven. But Sama came into Arabic from the Sumerians. To the Sumerians, Sama meant, literally, hammered out bracelet, and that is what they called the asteroid belt, which they believed to have been hammered out by a collision between a planet called Nibiru and a giant watery planet named Tiamet. The collision shattered half of Tiamet, making the hammered out bracelet. The other half was knocked into a new orbit and became the watery planet Earth. So, rather than saying that water falls from clouds something any five year old knows the Quran maintains that water originates from outer space. Many serious scientists, 1500 years later, are hypothesizing the same. In The Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto writes my investigation into the mysteries of water makes me think that water is something not of this earth. Louis Frank of the University of Iowa proposes that water arrived

Gilgamesh, The Enuma Elish and The Tale of Adapa. While most mainstream scholars would call the ancient writings myths, Sitchen and others believe them to be actual, factual reports of what the ancient civilizations witnessed, experienced and learned from their makers, the gods. Since Sitchen appears to have developed the most prominent extraterrestrial genesis theory, a synopsis of his interpretation of the Sumerian texts is in order. THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ZECH Billions of years ago the planet Nibiru and its Moons entered our solar system from deep space. Its Moons collided with the giant watery planet Tiamet and her Moon, Kingu. Tiamet was split in two, one half becoming the asteroid belt and the other becoming Earth. The Moon Kingu became earths present Moon. Nibirus elliptical orbit brings it across our solar system every 3,600 years and when it passes, its gravitational pull wreaks havoc on earth, causing floods and even the reverse of our magnetic poles. Nibirus atmosphere was deteriorating and huge quantities of gold was needed to sprinkle microscopic gold particles into the atmosphere to shield Nibiru from the Suns deadly rays. Advanced intelligence eventually evolved on Nibiru. Their King was Alalu who was overthrown by his cupbearer, Anu. Alalu escaped in a spaceship and settled on earth. To be continued... Amir Fatir has studied the Quran since 1969. In 1976 he was surprised to find that many passages of the Quran corroborated the theories exposed by scholars who held that earth had once been colonized by ancient

on this planet in the form of lumps of ice from outer space. Professor Franks theory is that ice balls bombarded the earth 40 billion years ago, created oceans, and the same thing continues today. The earths gravity pulls ice comets into the atmosphere where they evaporate and become gas. Eventually, they fall to earth as rain or snow.

astronauts. He is a student of many ancient spiritual traditions including Egyptian, Sumerian, Yogic and Taoist systems. He is a novelist and social commentator. His web page address is www.amirfatir.tripod.com He can be reached at amirfatir@go.com