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Important Reminder: NewBrook Winter Sports Will Begin On January 9, 2013.

Hopefully, this is not the 1st time you have read or heard about this years Winter Sports Program. Each student in grades 1-6 should be signed up for a winter sport, which will begin on January 9th the 2nd Wednesday back after our Holiday Break. The Kindergarten students will be doing their own winter sports activities at the school. Please direct any questions you have concerning your childs winter sports activity to the teacher coordinator. Skating- David Parker(ext.114) ( skaters will go to park in Brattleboro by bus and return by end of the school day. Snow Shoeing - Sue Biolsi(ext.112) ( snow shoers will go by car and be back by the end of the school day. Climbing Wall - Emily Bullock (ext. 106 ) climbers will be at school and done at the end of the school day with the exception of a few special trips. X-C Skiing - Brady Andersen (ext. 105) will go by car to Grafton Ponds and be done by the end of the school day. DRIVERS ARE NEEDED please contact Brady. Downhill Skiing/Boarding - Marcia Wells (ext.115) will return to school by 4:30

Down Hill Skiers and Snow Boarding at Stratton Mtn. Reminders Signing up for these 2 activities is now closed.There will be no bus this year. ALL STUDENTS WILL BE TRANSPORTED BY CARS. A mandatory meeting for chaperones to figure out groups and transportation will be held on Thursday, January 3rd at 5pm. Students leave school around 11:30 and return around 4:30. It is greatly appreciated that student pick up at school after skiing is punctual. Students need to always be prepared for the cold. Sunny in Newfane does not mean sunny at Stratton. Parkas, snow pants, hats, mittens, dry socks, neck gators, and goggles are a must. Helmets are also required to participate. If you can not get a hold of any of these articles please let Marcia Wells know ASAP! Rentals are $7 and include skis, boots and poles. Questions? Contact: Marcia Wells at school (365-7536 ext. 115) or by e-mail mwells@newbrookschool.org Two instructor clinics will be offered. If you have signed up to instruct you are required to participate in at least one of the clinics. Choices are either Sunday, January 6th or Monday, the 7th. The clinics are held in the afternoon from 1 to 4. Free day Sundays at Stratton for all JISP participants are the 6th and 27th of January, the 3rd and 10th of February, the 17th of March. Free All Day at Stratton is March 5th, Tuesday (town meeting) and March 31st, Sunday. The 2 All day free Sundays at Bromley Mtn are January 13 and March 3rd.

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