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HESS OIL AND GAS 1185 Avenue of the America 40th Floor, New York, NY 10036.

Tel: +1-360-355-8317 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE +1-360-355-8317 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (USA) Tel: +448719151546 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE +448719151546 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (UK) Fax: 1-773-620-4419, Dear Anil R. Murtekar, We appreciate your interest and willingness to work in our Organization, We have gone through your profile and verified your working experience and that have made us to consider to offer you the position as . Manufacturing Development Engineer . This is because of your lengthy work experience but this position will becomes official when the management have concluded, which will be coming up after you agree with the terms and condition of this company by signing this contract agreement form with us. AT HESS OIL & GAS SERVICE, your duties are as below; Perform with Product Engineering and other personnel in manufacturing to enhance and stabilize wafer wet etch fabrication processes in relation to reliability, productivity, quality and cost reduction. Ensure to characterize and document enhancements. Ensure to optimize and characterize wet etch, strip along with wet clean processes. Develop and maintain all process controls along with metrics for wet etch processes and machinery in high volume manufacturing atmosphere. Conduct activities for waste minimization as well as operational cost improvements. Conduct common and specific engineering duties related with development of allocated project and apparatus line. Ensure to assemble, verify and evaluate results of others, develop reports and present results. Initiate and develop parameters for products, tooling, equipment, processes and systems to attain optimum cost as well as quality manufacturability.

Perform with Design Engineering to insure manufacturing product design. Design, prepare, justify and guide new engineering concepts installation along with equipment, tooling, processes and systems. Conduct suitable procedures to optimize manufacturing cost and maintain same. Participate and lead local company committees, councils and teams functioning to enhance existing technologies plus manufacturing practices. Analyze technical proposals and results of experimental, analytical or design studies. Assist team to achieve objectives plus commitment. Analyze technical proposals and results of experimental, analytical or design studies. However, attached to this mail is Contract Agreement Letter, Application Form and Interview Question which you are to read carefully answer the Interview, (Sign the agreement letter and fill the application Form then answer the interview )return to us immediately and for other official protocols if you accept the terms & conditions? You must know that we have few weeks of enrollment in our Organization with all the legal formalities being completed including the Visa and Air-Ticket processing period. The Organization will provide a free accommodation that befits a family size not exceeding 4 occupants(which is you and other 3 members of your family) in its housing estate for its employees. This means that you are not providing any accommodation for yourself throughout the duration you are working with us. HESS ENERGY COMPANY: Shall provide Air- ticket for you to come here from your country after you must have scanned your Visa to us. This will enable the Transportation Department to propel your Air-Ticket to come for your career with us. Here is the company profile: HESS ENERGY COMPANY is involved in Oil and Gas Services development of the petroleum, asphalt, downstream, final products, LNG, olefins, refining, solvents, transportation, upstream-exploration, upstream production and petrochemicals, as well as planning, coordinating, supervising and controlling the decisions both in the United States and abroad. Though, we value the interest you have shown to work in our company by sending your resume to us. Meanwhile, your resume has been shortlisted for HESS OIL & GAS SERVICES . As the Companys Recruitment Officer by name Dr. Barry Douglass and on behalf of the entire staff of the organization, I am generally wishing to have you as one of our employees and hope that you will find your employment with us here satisfactory. Conversely, kindly return your answer script together with filled Application form within 5 working days of receipt. Please you are advised to patiently follow our recruiting process as we proceed. We provide free accommodation, free medical and dental care to our workers, free airline ticket and a starting salary of $11,500 USA DOLLARS per

month and other fringe benefits. Moreover, you are expected to follow the Organization traveling policies. So for this reason you should take care of the Visa Fee. Your readiness with the Visa Fee will enable the America Attached Embassy Officials Visa to facilitate the immediate processing of your visa application forms and other traveling documents without any delay. Finally, the Organization shall open an International Account (Domiciliary Account) for which you are to operate in the period of your stay in United State, your salary is payable at regular payroll period by Cheque. If you agree with this employment schedules and ready to relocate and to work with us, sign Contract Agreement Letter for record purpose. Nevertheless, having accepted the ethics (obligations) of this Organization. You are requested to send the following requirement Via the E-mail below;

i. Scanned copy of your original Education Qualification. ii. Contract Agreement Letter and Application Form. iii. Scanned copy of your appointments letter in your current office or previous worked before now. iv. Scanned copy of birth certificate. v. Scanned copy of your International passport and photo size. vi. Your current residential address. Note: This entire requirement is to enable the preparing of the documents that will be sending to the American Consular in the America Embassy in your country. Best Regards, Dr. Barry Douglas. Recruiting Officer. HESS OIL AND GAS COMPANY, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA.