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Scott Gerold

1501 Candlewood Drive Columbus, Ohio 43234 614-203-2698 scott@futuresystemsinc.com

Professional Summary
Mr. Gerold is a Senior Software Developer and Architect with over twenty-three (23) years of professional experience. He has worked in all phases of the development life cycle including analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and post implementation support. He has extensive experience working with .NET Framework 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET, Web Services, .NET Remoting, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Active Server Pages (ASP), COM, XML, XSLT, MS SQL Server, Oracle and DB2. Industry experience includes government, insurance, e-commerce, restaurant, housing/remodeling, banking/financial and hospitals. Operating Systems: Languages: Databases: Tools: Windows NT/2000/2003/Vista/2008 C#, VB.NET, XML, XSLT, AJAX, VBScript, JavaScript, T*SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, Visual C++ MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MS Access, Oracle, DB2 Crystal Reports .Net Crystal Reports, MS Office, PhotoShop, Informatica ETL, Toad, Documentum, MS SharePoint, Reporting Services .NET Framework 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0/1.1, Web Services, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Visual Studio Team Systems (VSTS), Visual SourceSafe (VSS), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), .NET Remoting, MS Exchange, COM, DCOM, Windows Sockets, Internet Information Server (IIS), Infragistics, Informatica ETL, NUnit, NCover, FxCop, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Active Server Pages (ASP) Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

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Independent Consultant 2009 Present Software Architect/Developer ELMS Software, LLC. Designed and developed commercial Software as a Service (SaaS) application for the remodeling and construction industry; utilized the following technologies: ASP.NET, .NET 2.0 - 4.0, C#, JavaScript, Web Services and MS SQL Server. Designed a multi-tier web application including presentation, business, data , and interfaces. Designed the logical and physical database model. Developed all application tiers including all Transact SQL. Integrated with QuickBooks, Google Applications, and Microsoft Bing Maps. Designed and Developed an Automated Invoicing System to support SaaS; integrates with Authorize .Net Merchant Accounts.

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Created test plans and test scripts.

Independent Consultant) 2007 2009 Senior Consultant (Architect/Developer) Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Software Architect/Developer responsible for building a multi-phase ASP .NET application for the Office for Exceptional Children at the Ohio Department of Education; the project included the development and integration of projects for all five (5) groups inside the Office of Exceptional Children. Responsible for system design and development; utilized the following technologies: ASP.NET 2.0/3.0, Oracle, C#, PL/SQL and Web Services (asmx & WCF). Completed project tracking and testing using Visual Studio Team Systems (VSTS). Integrated with Documentum , CORE, OEDS, SAFE Created a data model with ERwin Developed ETL processes for yearly data loads. Independent Consultant 2007 NCS Corporation Designed and developed an ASP.NET application for managing test results for Nuclear Plant carbon filters; application is responsible for tracking test data and test results for carbon filters. Translated functionality of antiquated Visual Basic application into a web application. Provided online access by persons at nuclear sites to view test results for their specific carbon samples; online test results were available to all customers thus reducing the need to print and mail reports. Completed the design and development work in ASP .NET, C# and MS SQL Server. SydTrace, LLC. Designed and developed a web-based subscription service for differentiated instruction management system. Managed the entire development lifecycle from initial requirements through User Acceptance including development. Completed the design and development work in ASP.NET 2.0 with C# controls. Integrated with Google Checkout. Heartcare, Inc. Designed and developed an educational/marketing website for a local cardiologist group. Coordinated efforts in order to drive requirements gathering and worked with a Graphical Designer. Completed the design and development work in ASP.NET 2.0 with C# controls. Independent Consultant 2005 2007 Senior Consultant (Architect/Developer) Wendys International Automated Store Deployment System Lead Architect and Developer for a file distribution system between corporate and restaurants; designed .NET 2.0 Windows Forms application, Windows Service and SQL database, using Visual Studio 2005, .Net Remoting and C#; system interface with Remote-ware to transmit software upgrades, releases and updates to specified stores; responsible for software development plan, use cases, business rules, software requirement specification, software architecture document, design presentation and primary development. HME Timer & Report Built .NET 1.1 Windows Service in C# in order to communicate with drive-thru timer device via RS233 and/or Windows Sockets; this service communicates with a SQL database in the back office via ADO.NET; also designed the application to generate XML reports from a MS SQL Server database and transformed the XML with an XSLT file into a readable HTML report the report is generated periodically throughout the day and accessible to the store and the corporate office.

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ESR Web Services Designed web services in .NET 1.1 using C# to be installed in the Wendys stores; the backend of the Web Services integrate with existing COM components to retrieve information form store databases; this project also included the building of a package and deployment solution that required the packaging of the Casinni Web Server, the web services and the configuration of the Web Services on the web server. POS Time Clock Designed and built .NET 1.1 solutions in C# for allowing time card swipes from existing Point of Sale (POS) terminals; this included .Net assembly to interface with the POS; all solutions were packaged in deployment packages built with Visual Studio 2003. POS Label Printer- Designed and built .NET 1.1 solutions in C# for sending sandwich information to a label printer service within a back-office service; this included .Net assembly to interface with the POS; all solutions were packaged in deployment packages built with Visual Studio 2003. Miscellaneous Migration to .NET Migrated and/or re-worked Windows Forms applications on Wendys back-office workstations from Visual Basic 6 to .NET and C#; these applications included Store Profiler used to update the registry, BadgeReader (Windows Service) used to read employee time clock, and Data Viewer used to view data from generic data source (MS Access or MS SQL Server). Application Maintenance General application maintenance to Wendys Point of Sale Application using C++, COM and Visual C++ 6.0.

Independent Consultant 2006 Title Solutions Designed and developed ASP.NET 2.0 website using C# that integrates with existing client/server application; utilized Master Pages and other 2.0 features in the implementation of this web site. This project included the design and development of a data access layer for communicating to MS SQL Server 2005 and a business layer that was shared between this web application and client side applications. Developed .NET 2.0 Assembly in order to integrate with existing unmanaged C++ application; enhanced C++ application to call .NET Assembly. Maintained and enhanced existing software application for Title Industry; used Visual C++ 6.0, Crystal Reports, Roque-Wave Libraries and MS SQL Server to enhance and maintain software. Independent Consultant 2004 2005 Senior Consultant (Architect/Developer) Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Worked on the initial design and development of CORE utilizing the .NET Framework; CORE is a web application that will allow all educators in the State of Ohio to maintain and track their credentials, as well as certifications via a single web application. Designed the remoting and Web Service interface for a data access component used to retrieve personnel and organizational information for the entire enterprise; the design effort involved separating all business logic and data access logic while executing in a remoting distributed environment. Utilized a mapping tool (LLBLGen) to create the interface and wrapped the component with both a .NET Remoting and Web Service interface. Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Worked on enhancements for an existing web application used to track provider hours and payments to outside providers for the Head Start Plus initiative. Designed and implemented ASP.NET/C# application enhancements against an Oracle 9i database; additional technologies used included Crystal Enterprise Report Server, .NET Remoting concepts and Toad. Developed enterprise error logging and messaging service to be utilized for all ODE applications; this initiative utilized Log4Net, XML and .NET Remoting.

Gerold/Page 4 Nationwide Insurance Software Data Architect for Nationwide Corporate Data Access group responsible for the maintenance and availability of data and interfaces to the application groups. Analyzed DB/2 database models and developed transact SQL for support of the application development groups. Designed and developed APIs and/or Data Access Components in Visual Basic and Visual C++. Independent Consultant 2003 2004 Perfected Golf, Ltd. Updated and enhanced PC based software package used to support a small device that measures the acceleration of a golf swing; major enhancements included mapping best-fit curve using non-linear curve fitting algorithm and updated communication link to read from USB port. Maintained the software using Visual Basic. Fraternal Order of Eagles Developed an ASP.NET/C# solution for a large Web application used for maintaining membership, charities, benefits and all member due processing. Designed overall software architecture, data access components, security architecture, accounting interface (MAS) and served as Technical Lead over the remainder of tasks. Developed proof of concept for reporting, letters, labels and postcards over the web via Crystal Reports.NET and the Adobe Acrobat plug-in. Developed Active Server Pages (ASP), stored procedures and wrote client-side JavaScript. Assisted in the establishment of the development, test and production environments. Dave Fox Remodeling Software Architect responsible for the design and development of a web site to allow customers to track the progress of their remodeling projects. Developed workflow between production, interior design, salespersons and customers via enhancements to existing production system. Existing system was developed in Visual Basic with ActiveX components, ADO, and SQL; all new enhancements and migration efforts to the .NET Framework included VB.NET and C# with ADO .NET and a MS SQL Server 2000 database. Independent Consultant 2002 2003 Senior Consultant (Architect/Developer) Huntington Bank Worked with an internal IT business group and performed an assessment of their current business model, process, toolset and resources. Interviewed all players and decision makers, in order to formulate an assessment document this included evaluations and options for change. Quickly analyzed their business process and workflow, evaluated their toolsets and resource skills, as well as finally formulated options for making their group more productive. Nationwide Insurance Developed an Active Server Page (ASP) solution for a large Web Application used for maintaining, estimating and managing internal/external IT projects. Evaluated existing HTML prototype, MS SQL Server 2000 database and data schema; after evaluation, generated interactive Active Server Page (ASP) Web Solutions in a very short timeframe. Developed Active Server Pages (ASP), stored procedures and wrote client-side JavaScript. BMW Financial Services Designed and developed a Windows Service Utility for the internal Systems Architecture group; utilized C# and the .NET Framework to develop the Windows Service.

Gerold/Page 5 Designed and developed a configuration file in XML, as well as designed an XML schema for the configuration file. Developed unit test cases and implemented unit test cases with NUnit. Interfaced with the existing system framework, MS SQL Server 2000 databases, and a Siebel CRM application. Created design documentation, installation and configuration documentation, as well as source code documentation as defined by BMW current standards.

Independent Consultant 1999 2002 Dave Fox Remodeling Software Architect, responsible for the conversion of a client/server application originally written in Visual Basic with ActiveX components, ADO, and SQL to the .NET Framework; utilized both VB .NET and C# with ADO .NET and a MS SQL Server 2000 database. Wendys International Design Architect, responsible for the large-scale deployment of a Point of Sale & Back-Office restaurant system with a central management facility. Designed and architected the Quick Service Restaurant System consisting of a touch screen point of sale system and supporting back-office applications. Utilized Visual Basic, Visual C++, COM, XML, XSLT, ATL, MFC, Winsock and MS Access in a Windows 2000 environment; the system was designed to incorporate restaurant operations and seamlessly integrate with the current enterprise architecture this system was expected to support 1200 plus locations. Dave Fox Remodeling Software Architect/Developer, for a General Contractors estimating and leads management system responsible for designing a multi-tier application with the requirement of integrating with a 3rd party accounting system. Served all major rolls on the project including Architect, Database Designer, Application Designer and Developer. Utilized Visual Basic, COM and MS SQL Server, running in a Windows 2000 environment. Satmark Media Group Project Manager, responsible for the development of a J2EE application assisting in the migration of video stream advertisements on Anytime Teller Machines. Managed third party Developers and quality assurance. Responsible for design changes and developing proof of concepts using Active Server Pages (ASP), SQL and DNA. IBM Global Services 1997 1999 IT Specialist Citibank Converted large-scale client/server application to a web enabled application. Responsibilities included designing ActiveX components to source the business rules, as well as accessing ActiveX components via Active Server Pages (ASP) on MS Internet Information Server (IIS). Responsible for leading a parallel research effort to determine the feasibility of hosting the existing client/server product with Citrix and MS Terminal Services. Technical Specialist Nationwide Insurance Responsible for a client/server development effort; initially, responsible for understanding the claim-processing system in a limited amount of time. Designed and developed an interface for creating new insurance claims into the current claim processing system; utilized OS/2 Presentation Manager and C with a backend DB2 database. Primary responsibilities included project management, design/development, customer support, testing and delivery.

Gerold/Page 6 Independent Consultant 1996 1997 Project Leader Childrens Hospital Worked on an application development effort for client/server Purchase Order System. Worked on proposals, customer management and project planning, as well as performed the role of Development Team Leader. Responsible for implementing electronic mail, developing customized electronic forms, and interface with an existing relational database for automatic routing of forms; the business application was to utilize the MS Exchange Server and the family of Windows NT back-office products. Lead Developer Parker Hannifin Developed a Visual Basic application that emulated the VT100 display and communicated with an existing VAX system in order to manage inventory transactions. Developed an Embedded C application on remote scanners located on forklifts used to communicate with a Visual Basic application via radio frequency this allowed forklift operators to move inventory in the warehouse via inventory transactions without having to return to the hub for instructions. Project Leader subsidiary of Lifetouch Inc. Responsible for an Object Oriented (OO) development effort; in addition to business objectives there were requirements to maintain a true Object Oriented (OO) approach, and maintain the separation of visual interface, data and business logic. Primary responsibilities included project management, technical support for staff and management of Developers. The business application was developed in Delphi and utilized the Paradox database. Wendys International, Inc. 1992 1996 Senior Programmer Analyst Enhanced and supported Store Systems. Served as Team Leader in all phases of the Point of Sale development and as Technical Consultant for the design of an OS/2 back-office system this also included integrating with the enterprise systems and back-end DB2 databases. Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. Manufacturing Systems Programmer Consultant Senior Developer - Timken Research E.K.J. Design and Drafting Systems Analyst 1990 1992 1988 1990 1987 1988

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Bowling Green State University