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DEPARTMENT OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUBJECT CODE: 571212 SUBJECT NAME: MARKETING MANAGEMENT UNIT I PART A 1. What is marketing management? 2. Define a market? 3. Define marketing? 4. What are marketing concepts? 5. State the different types of marketing concepts? 6. Differentiate selling concepts and marketing concepts? 7. How marketing acts as an exchange process? 8. What is marketing orientation? 9. What is customer orientation? 10. What is organizational integration? 11. What is technology and product orientation? 12. What is sales orientation? 13. What is manufacturing orientation? 14. What is organizational mission? 15. What is customer value? 16. What is value chain? 17. What is environmental scanning? 18. How will you arrive total customer value? 19. What is marketing plan? 20. What is marketing strategy? 21. What do you mean by gap analysis? 22. Name four classification and strategies used in BCG model? 23. What do you mean by marketing environment? 24. List out the different types of marketing environment? 25. What is the difference between internal and external Environment? 26. What are the factors contributing marketing environment? 27. Define global marketing? 28. What are the factors influencing the global marketing

Environment? 29. Define global marketing environment? 30. What is global advertising? 31. What is domestic marketing? 32. What is the role of export promotion? 33. What are the forces of marketing environment? 34. What is meant by interrelationship marketing department? 35. What are the cultural dimensions of global marketing? 36. What is decision in global marketing? 37. What are the modes of entry into global markets? 38. Difference between domestic and global advertising? 39. Why should a firm think to enter into the global markets? 40. What is product concept? 41. What is global environment? 42. Who is a satisfied customer? 43. What are the factors affecting marketing environment? 44. What is customer value triad? 45. What are the five ingredients from the core of the 46. What are the five major decisions when a firm thinks to enter into globalize environment? 47. What is internal and external environment? 48. What is demarketing? 49. What are the basic features of modern concepts of Marketing? 50. Explain socially responsible marketing? 51. Define undifferentiated marketing? 52. Explain customer driven organization? 53. What are the characteristics of mission statement? PART B 1. Marketing involves satisfaction of consumer needs-elucidate the statement? 2. What are the marketing concepts? Explain the evolution process of management philosophy? 3. What is marketing orientation? How will you find out the level of marketing orientation of a firm? 4. Explain the difference between an economic man and marketing man? marketing system?

5. Explain marketing management process? 6. Explain the objectives of consumer orientation? 7. What are the objectives of consumer orientation and sales promotion programme? 8. Explain marketing planning and control system? 9. Explain consumer oriented behavior? 10. What are the types of customer value? Explain the relevance of each value in the context of consumer behavior? 11. What are the characteristics of customer value? Why are they dynamic in nature? 12. What do you understand by value constellation? Give five examples? 13. What are the methods to monitor customer satisfaction? How will you measure customer satisfaction? 14. When product performance exceeds customer expectation, the customer is delighted. Explain in the context of Indian market? 15. Classify customer value on the basis of role and universal value expectation. Compare and contrast the different values? 16. What do you mean by value delivery network? Distinguish between supply chain management and customer relationship management? 17. Explain in brief the importance of marketing planning? 18. Explain the steps involved in corporate planning process? 19. Explain the details of contents of a good marketing plan? 20. How will you explain social marketing in the context of an exchange process? 21. What is value chain? Explain different activities under value chain? 22. Explain the inter relationship of marketing department with other functional areas? 23. What is external environment? What are the changes affecting business in external environment? 24. Explain the different types of marketing environment with suitable environment? 25. What are the reforms hat bought in savings and investment environment in India? 26. What are the major factors contributing the modern Indian market with suitable examples? 27. Explain the marketing environment in todays competitive world? 28. Explain the commitment level in global marketing? 29. What are the various environmental factors influencing marketing decisions? Why it is necessary to monitor the external environment? 30. What is a competitive environment? What influence does it have on the management decisions? 31. Discuss the major challenge of performing marketing functions, in a rapidly changing global environment?

32. Discuss the relationship between marketing and other functional areas in designing and delivering total customer satisfaction? 33. What are the external uncontrollable forces affecting marketing environment? 34. Explain marketing concept and compare with selling concept. Give examples? 35. The deterioration of the natural environment is truly a global concern. Identify four issues associated with the natural environment impact marketers decision throughout the world?

UNIT -2 PART A 1. What is product? 2. What are the features of product? 3. What are the steps involved in product development process? 4. Explain the types of product? 5. Explain PLC? 6. What is market? 7. What is market segmentation? 8. Explain market penetration? 9. What is undifferentiated market? 10. What is prototype product? 11. What are the phases of PLC? 12. What is co branding? 13. What is Branding? 14. What is benefit segmentation? 15. Explain perceived value pricing? 16. What is product development? 17. Explain product planning? 18. What is pricing? 19. What are the elements of brand? 20. What are the functions and channels of distribution? 21. What are the steps in product planning? 22. What is concentrated marketing? 23. What is product modification? 24. What is product elimination? 25. What are the steps in forming segmentation? 26. List out any three guidelines for selecting target market?

27. What are the approaches to target market? 28. What is positioning? 29. What is extended product mix for service marketing? 30. What are the five stars of service quality or the RATER model? 31. What are the three reasons for the increasing relevance of service quality management? 32. Define technical quality and functional quality? 33. What are the key factors that influence a customers expectations? 34. What are three parameter used for measuring service quality? 35. What are the factors influencing pricing? 36. What are the objectives of pricing? 37. What are the categories of pricing? 38. What are the approaches of market planning? 39. What do you mean profit Impact of market strategies? 40. Define cost plus or full-cost pricing? 41. Define marginal cost pricing and going rate pricing? 42. What do you mean by discriminatory and psychological pricing? 43. List out the various objectives of channel design? 44. Name the three issues which are involving in evaluating channel alternatives? 45. Name any six types of intermediaries in channel design? 46. What are the different kinds of distribution strategies? 47. What are the functions of retailing? 48. Define retailing? 49. Define wholesaling? 50. What are the types of retailing? 51. What are the different types of wholesalers? 52. What are the objectives of promotion? 53. What are the functions of promotion? 54. What are the factor influencing sales promotions? 55. Define advertising? 56. What are the objectives and task method of advertisement? 57. Discuss role of advertising in marketing? 58. What are the scope and importance of public relations? 59. Describe the role of public relations in many foreign countries? 60. State three ways for a firm to evaluate the success or failure of its public relations efforts? 61. What are the objectives involves in public relations?

62. What are the different types of public relations activities? 63. Define public relations? 64. What are the different types of advertising? 65. Define montage?

PART B 1. Explain PLC? What are the stages involved in PLC? 2. Explain id about the product development? 3. Explain about brand management? 4. Explain briefly market segmentation? What are the types? 5. What are the steps involved in segmentation strategy? 6. What are the factors determining market segmentation? 7. What are the methods of market segmentation? 8. Explain the criteria that affect market segmentation? 9. What are the bases of market segmentation? Explain? 10. Explain product mix strategy? 11. Enumerate the various kinds of pricing for the products adopted by the organizations? 12. Examine the various requirements for effective segmentation? 13. What are the strategy considerations in PLC? 14. What are the branding decisions? Explain in detail/ 15. What are the types of PLC? Explain briefly?

UNIT-3 PART-A 1) Define the term customer satisfaction? 2) Who is a satisfied customer? 3) Who is an industrial buyer? 4) What is service marketing? 5) What is consumer behavior? 6) Define buyer behavior? 7) What is satisfaction?

8) What is a habitual buyer behavior? 9) What are buying motives? 10) Determinants of consumer buying behavior? 11) What is consumerism? 12) How did consumerism originate? 13) Consumer exploitation in India. 14) What are the methods for measuring consumer satisfaction? 15) What are the buying motives? 16) List out the classification of buying motives? 17) What are buyer behavior model? 18) Difference between individual buyer behavior and industrial buyer behavior? 19) What are the tools to study buyer behavior? 20) What are the psychological factors contributing in individual buyer behavior? 21) What are the characteristics of service marketing? 22) Who are the participants in the business buying process? 23) What are the stages in buying process? 24) List out the types of purchasing process? 25) Define marketing research? 26) Explain the product research? 27) Define research? 28) Define research process? 29) Functions of marketing research agencies? 30) Sensations in motivational research? 31) Nature of marketing research? 32) Objectives of marketing research? 33) Scope of marketing research? 34) Role of marketing research? 35) Importance of marketing research? 36) Define advertising? 37) What is meant by commercialization and final launch? 38) Discuss about advertising strategies? 39) Write the users of marketing research? 40) What is product launching? 41) Objectives of advertising? 42) Role of advertising? 43) What are the problems in advertising? 44) Advantages of advertising?

45) What are the types of advertising? 46) Define demand estimation? 47) Write the tools and techniques of marketing research? 48) Define the designing of marketing research strategy? 49) Preparation of research report? 50) Analysis of collected data? 51) Define collection of data? 52) Organization of research report? 53) Describe the term descriptive research design? 54) Draw the schematic representation of marketing research? PART-B 1) What are the factors that determine customer satisfaction? Explain? 2) Discuss service marketing with particular reference to commercial banks? 3) Discuss the factors affecting the consumer buying behavior in Indian context? 4) What are the distinctive characteristics of service as opposed to goods? Explain the additional three marketing mix elements in service marketing? 5) Explain the factors that determine buyers behavior? 6) How are service market usually classified? Explain? 7) Discuss the factors influencing customer satisfaction in relation to hospital services? 8) Discuss the relationship between satisfaction and loyalty. Is a satisfied customer always a royal customer? Give your arguments? 9) Explain the factors that determine buyer behavior and also examine the importance of customer behavior? 10) What are the methods for measuring customer satisfaction? 11) How delivering customer value is satisfied? 12) How delivering customer value is attracting and retaining? 13) Explain briefly about the schematic representation of marketing research? 14) What are the various steps required for preparing a marketing research plan? 15) Draw a diagram describing various research process steps and explain in detail? 16) Explain in detail about the role and the importance of marketing research? 17) Explain briefly about the scope of the marketing research? 18) Give brief notes about the limitations and the advantages of marketing research? 19) What are the steps in marketing research? 20) Write the users of marketing research and explain them in detail? 21) Explain the typical applications of marketing research?

22) Write the problems in conducting marketing research in India? 23) Explain the issues and emerging trends in marketing research? 24) Explain about the advertising goals and marketing theories? 25) Write brief notes on the objectives and the role advertising in marketing? 26) Explain briefly about the benefits of advertising? 27) Write the major players in advertising and explain them? 28) Explain the various types of advertising? 29) Explain the advertising management process in detail? 30) Explain briefly about media Mix? 31) Explain the determination of advertising budget? 32) Explain briefly about the deciding of advertising message? UNIT - 4 PART-A 1. What is customer satisfaction? 2. What are the factors influencing customer satisfaction? 3. What are the five dimension of service? 4. How to identify the right customers? 5. What is service marketing? 6. What are the processes involved in building customer relationship? 7. Define customers relationship management? 8. State the objective of customer relationship management? 9. Name the three kinds of distribution strategies? 10. What do you mean by distribution channel? 11. What types of alternative distribution channels are available to a manufacturing company? 12. How the retailer meets the expectations of both manufacturer and customer? 13. Explain the set of controllable and uncontrollable variables in retail strategy? 14. What do you mean by retail mix? 15. What is retailer and retailing? 16. What are roles playing of retail stores in India? 17. What are the advantages of retail markets? 18. What is the difference between retailer and wholesaler? 19. How creates an image of retail stores? 20. What are the purposes of marketing research? 21. What is marketing research?

22. What are the seven os in marketing research? 23. What do you mean by competitor analysis? 24. What are the related aspects of competitor analysis? 25. How competitor analyses can helps to improve the product? PART-B 1. What are the factor influencing customer satisfactions? Explain detail? 2. Why is it necessary to identify the customer and understand them? 3. What is customer satisfaction? Explain the term customer delight and step to achieve customer delight? 4. What is mean by marketing channel? What are the objectives of channel or distribution management? 5. Discuss the issue of data warehouse and mining in customer relationship management? 6. What factors influence the selection of distribution channel? 7. Explain the functional areas of physical distribution system? 8. What are the relationship between the retailer to customer and wholesaler to consumer? Suggest which is best? 9. What are the different types of retail stores in India with examples? 10. Explain the retail market in India and Analyze the Environment? Give the comment? 11. What are the functions of retailing? How retailing is Important in India? 12. What is retail mix? What are the elements which are use to design final retail management program? (OR) 13. What are the factors of retail mix? With suitable examples? 14. What are the contents of marketing research report? 15. What are the steps involved in marketing research processes? 16. What are the types of marketing research? 17. What are the role and scope of marketing research in making managing decision?


1. What is global market? 2. How is E marketing is helping to grow the business? 3. What is market intelligence system? 4. What are the disadvantages of on line marketing? 5. What are the advantages of on line marketing? 6. State any four essentials of a well designed web page? 7. Explain E CRM? 8. State two webs based marketing programme? 9. What is on marketing? 10. What is marketing challenge? 11. What is world wide information system? 12. Name any four companies involved with web using marketing programmes? 13. What is internet? How it is used in marketing? 14. What is e-commerce? 15. Explain E commerce application? 16. Explain the process of conducting online marketing? 17. What are the challenges of online marketing? 18. Explain latest trend in online marketing? 19. What is de marketing? Explain? 20. Explain the term systems buying and selling? 21. What is database marketing? 22. What are the uses of customer database in marketing? 23. Discuss the various challenges in liberalized economy? 24. What is the impact on information technology on marketing activities? 25. What are the components of marketing information system? PART B 1. Discuss online marketing process and its future in India? 2. What are the emerging opportunities and challenges to a marketer of consumer durables? 3. Discuss how information technology influences marketing decisions? 4. Discuss the emerging trend and challenges as applicable to Indian consumer goods industry in the context of globalised marketing environment? 5. Notes on Impact on information marketing decision Diffusion process

Online marketing 6. Explain in what media and in what format(s) or levels of aggregation should the information be provided to marketing management? 7. What are the components marketing information system. Explain? 8. Use information technology to develop new market research techniques based on developing visual shopping environment & tracking customer behavior on the internet? 9. How can I.T help firms reduce losses from obsolete goods? 10. How E marketing is helping to develop the new product. Explain? 11. How online marketing does motivate the general public towards the specific product? 12. What is multinational marketing? Explain? 13. Why should a firm think to enter in to the global market? Explain?