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Thirteenth Sunday af ter Pentecost

I I Class is

Latin written in a discriminatory size, with off center columns, and drop caps which often collide with text.

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P s 7 3 : 2 0, 1 9, 2 3

spice, Dmine, in testa mntum tuum, et nimas puperum turum ne dereln quas in finem: exsrge, Dmine, et jdica causam tuam, et ne obli viscris voces qurntium te. (Ps 73: 1) Ut quid, Deus, repulsti in finem: irtus est furor tuus super oves pscu tu? v Glria Patri.

ave regard, O Lord, to Thy covenant, and forsake not to the end the souls of Thy poor: arise, O Lord, and judge Thy cause, and forget not the voices of them that seek Thee. (Ps 73: 1) O God, why hast Thou cast us off unto the end: why is Thy wrath enkindled against the sheep of Thy pasture? v Glory.


mnpotens sempitrne De us, da nobis fdei, spei et carittis augmntum: et, ut meremur ssequi quod promt tis, fac nos amre quod prcipis. Per Dminum.

lmighty, eternal God, grant us the increase of faith, hope, and charity; and that we may deserve to attain what Thou dost promise, make us to love what Thou dost command. Through our Lord.
Gal 3: 16-22

Lctio Epstol beti Pauli Apstoli ad Glatas. ratres: Abrah dict sunt promissines, et smini ejus. Non dicit: Et semnibus, quasi in multis; sed quasi in uno: Et

Lesson from the Epistle of blessed Paul the Apostle to the Galatians. rethren, To Abraham were the promises made, and to his seed. He saith not, And to his seeds, as of many; but as of one,

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