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ECDL Module 1 Quiz 05

What is the name of the law for the storage and use of data? Details Provision Act Data Protection Authority Data Privacy Authority Data Protection Act

What is the best way to prevent a computer virus from entering your computer? Log out of your computer each time you have finished using it Install and use anti-virus software on your computer Do not use emails on your machine Make sure all your files are safely stored to your floppy disks

What does RSI stand for? Repeated Strain Inclusion Regular Systems Initiation Routine Structures Infection Repetitive Strain Injury

Health and safety is important when working with computers, which of the following will help to prevent injuries? Always use screen savers Ensure the office is air conditioned All trailing cables should be secured Turn the lights off at the end of the day

Which of the following systems will help to improve communications within the company? Excel PowerPoint Email Solitaire

Which is a use of e-commerce on the internet? Checking flight availability Searching for a suitable holiday Researching holiday destinations Booking a holiday

Which of the following would you use to find information on the internet? Email Word Processor Search Engine Photo Editor

In the home, which of the following would you use the internet for? Storing friends and family names and addresses Researching information for homework Storing your files Re-booting your computer

Which is the MAIN advantage of using a network system in the office? Allows sharing of data Regular backups Costs are reduced Office procedures can be automated


Which of the following software manages the files and folders on your computer's hard disk drive? Applications software Anti-virus software Systems software Utilities software


Which software application would you use to create a report? Excel Powerpoint Word Publisher


Which of the following is NOT an input device? Monitor Mouse Keyboard Scanner


What does GUI stand for? General Utilities Intervention Graphical User Interface General User Intervention Graphical Utilities Interface


Which type of computer is the most convenient to store calendar events and a to-do list? Desktop computer Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Mainframe Laptop


Which of the following describes the essential components of Information Technology? Primary, secondary and cache memory RAM and RAM Hardware, software and communications technologies Hardware and shareware


The speed of the CPU is measured in: Megahertz (MHz) Bits per second (Bps) Gigabytes (GB) Megabytes (MB)


Which of the following statements about formatting a floppy disk for the first time is true? Formatting prepares a floppy disk to store data Formatting backs up data onto a floppy disk Formatting copies a floppy disk Formatting unlocks a floppy disk


Which of the following tasks is a function of the operating system? Adding data to a spreadsheet Producing a database report File management Producing a presentation


Which software would you use to create a mailshot letter? Web browsing software Spreadsheet software Accounting software Word processing software


The computers in your office building are connected together so staff can share files and printers. What is this arrangement of computers called? FTP LAN WWW HTTP


An intranet is: A network operating system A network filing system A private company network A private network that includes external specified users


Which of the following devices do you need to be able to communicate with other computers using the telephone network? CD-ROM Modem Plotter Speakers


Which of the following tasks would be more suited to a person rather than a computer? Tasks that are repetitive Tasks that require speed Tasks that require complex mathematical processing Tasks that require imagination


Which of the following is NOT a use of computer applications in a school? Class timetabling Student registration Computer based training Stock control


Which of the following is NOT a feature of electronic commerce? Goods can be advertised and prices compared There is a physical contact between buyer and seller Transactions can be processed quickly Services are available 24 hours a day


Computer use can cause repetitive strain injury (RSI). Which of the following is the best was to avoid this? Ensure your computer is in a well-lit area Use an operator chair without arms Place your monitor at the correct height Work with your wrists level with the keyboard