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MBD 401

Management Information System Suggestive Questions for Semester Examination

1. (a) What is an information system? What activities does it perform? List and
describe the organizational management and technology dimension of information System? (b) What is purpose of information system from a business perspective? What role does it play in business information value chain?

2. (a) What are business processes? What role do they play in organizations? How
are they enhanced information system? (b) List and describe the information systems serving each of the major functional areas of business.

3. (a) What are the characteristics of the Transaction Process System (TPS)? What
role do they play in a business processes? (b) What are the characteristics of MIS? How do MIS differ from TPS? 4. (a) What are Enterprise System? How do they benefit businesses? (b) What is Supply Chain Management System? How do they benefit businesses? (c) Explain the Push Vs Pull based Supply Chain models?

5. (a) What is meant by Decision Support System (DSS)? What are the
components of DSS? (b) Differentiate DSS from MIS. (c) What do you mean by Data visualizations? (d) Write a short note on Group Decision Support System.

6. (a) Discuss various approaches for building an information system.

(b) Briefly discuss the various stages in System Development Process. 7. (a) What is Porters Competitive Forces Model? How does it work? What does it explain about competitive advantages? (b) Describe Simons Decision making model.

8. (a) Write a short note on Business Process Management. (b) What are the main categories of Information System from a constituency perspective?

9. (a) What is Knowledge Management? How does it promote organizational learn?

Why is it act as great interest in business? (b) Explain the important dimensions of knowledge. Distinguish between tacit and explicit knowledge. (c) Describe the stages in knowledge management in value chain. (d) Briefly discuss the major types of Knowledge Management System.

10. (a) Why is file management important for overall system management?
(b) List and describe the problems of the traditional file environment. (c) List some benefits of a DBMS and the solutions it provide for the problems of the traditional file environment. 11. (a) What is RDBMS? How does it organize data? What are the three operations of a RDBMS? (b) What is business intelligence? How is it related to database technology?

12. (a) What do you mean by following terms:(i) Data administration; (ii) Data Governance; (iii) Database Administration; (iv) Data Quality Audit. (b) Briefly discuss the database approach to data management.

13. (a) Describe the five general cultural factors leading toward growth in global
business and four specific business factors. (b) Describe the connection among these factors. (c) Describe the technology issues and opportunities for global value chain.

More Emphasis given on Ques No. 1, Q.2, Q.3, Q.5, Q.6, Q.9, Q.10, Q.12 and Q13. (Marked with tick)

Assignment for Semester Examination: Answer any four questions: 1. trends. 2. Evaluation the impacts of contemporary information system and the internet (5X4)

Make an assessment of the contemporary software platform

on the protection of individual privacy and intellectual properties. 3. Demonstrate how information systems help businesses use synergies,

core competences and network based strategies to achieve competitive advantage. 4. era. 5. Analyze how internet technology has changed value proposition and Identify and describe new approaches for system building in the digital firm

business models.


Assess how information systems support the activities of managers and

management decision making.