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How To Install Ndiswrapper And Engenius Eub-362 Ext Driver Please guide me with my questions in brackets with the

instructions given by Kee nan Systems. Thank you very much. I am new to Linux and appreciate your help. Arthur Download build and and install version 1.6 or later of the ndiswrapper here: htt p://pkgs.org/ubuntu-12.04/ubuntu-universe-i386/ndiswrapper-dkms_1.57-1ubuntu1_al l.deb/download/ ( I am assuming I have to unrar this file using a Linux command using tar - zxvf ndiswrapper-version.tar.gz) You will need the eub-362 drivers and bootloader files here ( I unrarred this zip file and made a separate directory on my flash drive. Will the command "ndiswrapper - net5523.inf find the directory on my flash drive or do I have to copy the files to which directory on my hard drive ?) install the eub driver with the command ndiswrapper -i net5523.inf plug in your eub-362 modprobe ndiswrapper (Does this command create the line below cat ?) cat /proc/bus/usb/devices note the vendor id and product id ( does this command give me the id number and product id ?) tell ndiswrapper to use the driver on the eub-362 (Where will this directory of files reside /) vendorid ( What does this commend do and mean ?) serial number ndiswrapper -d 0cf3:0001:0.01

load the bootloader (put this step into your startup it must be issued each time the eub is inserted) (Where is the startup to issue this command ? Also if the EUB-362 is always conn ected I assume that I don't have to issue this command. ) vendor id prodid load_fw_ar5523 ar5523.bin 0cf3 0002

bind the eub362 to wlan0 ndiswrapper -d wlan0 net5523

Issue iwconfig command you should now see the eub362 as wlan0 and can configure in the usual way. Where do I issue the command iwconfig ? Thank you very much. Arthur ******************** Ubuntu + Engenius EUB-362 EXT [SOLVED] Posted by Kelvin on 10 Feb 2010 at 06:13 pm | Tagged as: programming, Ubuntu Recently bought an Engenius Wireless LAN USB adapter EUB-362 EXT. There are a number of postings on Ubuntu Forums about trying to get this working on Ubuntu, with no avail. Keenan Systems from whom I bought the adapter has an out-dated howto for getting it working on Ubuntu. Here are the definitive steps to getting it working on Ubuntu 9.04. May work wit h other Ubuntu versions too. sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-common ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 cd /tmp wget http://www.engeniustech.com/resources/EUB862_362_XPV2.1.zip unzip EUB862_362_XPV2.1.zip wine EUB862_362_XPV2.1.exe Run the driver installation using wine. Then.. cd ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 sudo ndiswrapper -i net5523.inf Connect EUB-362 to your computer. ndiswrapper -l should produce net5523 : driver installed device (0CF3:0002) present That's it. Enjoy your new wlan adapter!