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2006 California Volunteer Manual


CODE 50 the CSL will be distributed to senior citizen

CALIFORNIA SENIORS SPECIAL FUND service organizations throughout California.

If your client and/or their spouse/RDP are

65 years or older and claim the Senior CODE 53
Exemption Credit on line 9, they may make RARE AND ENDANGERED SPECIES
a combined total contribution of up to $188 PRESERVATION PROGRAM
or $94 per spouse. Contributions entered for
this fund will be distributed to the Area Contributions will be used to help protect
Agency of Aging Councils (TACC) to and conserve California’s many threatened
provide advice on and sponsorship of and endangered species and the wild lands
Senior Citizens issues. Any excess that they need to survive, for the enjoyment
contributions not required by TACC will be and benefit of you and future generations of
distributed to senior citizen service Californians.
organizations throughout California for
meals, adult day care, and transportation.
If your client’s 65th birthday is on January 1, STATE CHILDREN'S TRUST FUND FOR
2008, they are considered to be age 65 on THE PREVENTION OF CHILD ABUSE
December 31, 2007.
Contributions will be used to fund programs
CODE 51 for the prevention, intervention, and
ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE/RELATED treatment of child abuse and neglect.

Contributions will be used to conduct a CODE 55

program for researching the cause and cure CALIFORNIA BREAST CANCER
of Alzheimer's disease and related RESEARCH FUND
disorders and research into the care and
treatment of persons suffering from Contributions will be used to conduct
dementing illnesses. research relating to the prevention,
screening, cure, and treatment of breast

Contributions will provide for Senior Citizens

Adult Day Health Care Centers, nutrition
centers, respite care, long-term care, senior
citizen abuse prevention programs,
Alzheimer day care programs, and the
California Senior Legislature (CSL). The
CSL are volunteers who prioritize statewide
requirements of seniors and propose
legislation in areas of health, housing,
transportation, and community services.
Any excess contributions not required by

2007 California Volunteer Manual

CODE 56 families by offering moral support, crisis

CALIFORNIA FIREFIGHTERS' counseling, and financial support that
MEMORIAL FUND includes academic scholarships for the
children of those officers who have made
Contributions will be used for the the supreme sacrifice. On behalf of all of us
construction of a memorial on the grounds and the law-abiding citizens of California,
of the State Capitol honoring the hundreds thank you for your participation.
of fire fighters who have died protecting our
neighborhoods, our homes, our families,
and our dreams. These brave men and
women answered the call when fire alarms CODE 59
sounded or when paramedic services were CALIFORNIA MILITARY
needed, and their sacrifices and the FAMILY RELIEF FUND
sacrifices of their families deserve to be
remembered. Contributions will be used to provide
financial aid grants to members of the
California National Guard who are California
CODE 57 residents, and have been called to active

Contributions will be used to help local food

banks feed California’s hungry. Your clients’ CODE 60
contribution will fund the purchase of much- CA SEA OTTER FUND
needed food for delivery to food banks,
pantries, and soup kitchens throughout the The California Coastal Conservancy and the
state. The State Department of Social Department of Fish and Game will each be
Services will monitor its distribution to allocated 50 percent of the contributions.
ensure the food is given to those most in The California Coastal Conservancy will use
need. the contributions for research and programs
related to the near-shore ecosystem,
including sea otters. The Department of
CODE 58 Fish and Game will use the contributions to
CA PEACE OFFICER MEMORIAL establish a sea otter fund within the
FOUNDATION FUND department’s index coding system for
increased investigation, prevention and
Contributions will be used to preserve the enforcement action.
memory of California’s fallen peace officers
and assist the families they left behind.
Since statehood, over 1,300 courageous
California peace officers have made the
ultimate sacrifice while protecting law-
abiding citizens. The nonprofit charitable
organization, California Peace Officer’s
Memorial Foundation, has accepted the
privilege and responsibility of maintaining a
memorial for fallen officers on the State
Capitol grounds. Each May, the Memorial
Foundation conducts a dignified ceremony
honoring fallen officers and their surviving