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Key skills communication Adult literacy Level 2

Test Paper A
This test paper An answer sheet

You may NOT use a dictionary Do NOT open this paper until you are told to do so by the supervisor There are 40 questions in this test Total marks available: 40
Try to answer ALL the questions YOU HAVE 1 HOUR TO FINISH THE TEST INSTRUCTIONS Make sure your personal details are entered correctly on the answer sheet Read each question carefully Follow the instructions on how to complete the answer sheet At the end of the test hand in the question paper, your answer sheet and all notes to the supervisor



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Questions 1 to 4 are about this draft article.



4 9 5

10 6 11

In order to put its message across to parents, the Government is A B C D researching into the effects of transmitters saying that children should not touch mobile phones distributing more than a million leaflets about risks holding an inquiry into the effects of mobile phones

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


According to the document, risks to young people can be reduced by A B C D receiving security benefit using hands-free kits more scientific knowledge keeping calls short

The best heading for paragraphs 5 to 8 would be A B C D Phones to be labelled Advice on health risks International phone guidelines Brain damage to children

The best word to replace potential in paragraph 4 is A B C D possible proven probable developing

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


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Questions 5 to 9 are based on this extract from the first draft of a letter to the Editor of a local newspaper. Dear Sir, I was horrified to read two weeks ago in The Thornby Gazette about the proposal to build a supermarket on Silstone's community playing fields, and I feel that I must, through your paper, protest most strongly. This open space has been a marvellous asset to the residents of Silstone for generations, relied on by many local teams. People from this neighbourhood continue to give enthusiastic support to all the activities held there. By conducting a survey, I have discovered the depth of their commitment to keeping the sports facilities. There will indeed be loads of trouble if the council allows the supermarket to be built. We have decided, as you may have heard, to conduct a vigorous campaign against the proposed development. I ______ urge any readers who wish to join us to contact one of our focus groups, called Save Silstone's Sport. line 1 line 2 line 3 line 4 line 5 line 6 line 7 line 8 line 9 line 10 line 11 line 12 line 13 line 14 line 15

The writers main intention in the letter is to A B C D ask for public support present the council's views disagree with the newspaper explain about the survey

Which phrase does not suit the formal tone of the letter? A B C D protest most strongly will be loads of trouble I was horrified to read as you may have heard

Which word would best fit the gap in line 13? A B C D can might would could

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


The pairs of commas in lines 4 and 12 are used to A B C D mark off the words from the rest of the sentence show where the reader should take a breath make a list of the relevant issues and ideas introduce a different aspect of the topic

The writer has missed out the same punctuation mark in lines 2 and 14. It is A B C D a comma inverted commas an apostrophe an exclamation mark

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


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Questions 10 to 13 are about this draft Railcard leaflet.

Get your hands on a Young Persons Railcard Get away with 1/3 off College? Uni? Gap year? Job interviews? Whatever you are doing next, youll need a Young Persons Railcard. You can use it to visit friends, for trips to the cinema, or for days out shopping. In fact it's such a good idea, you might even persuade your folks to pay for it. The Railcard gives you 1/3 off most rail fares, anywhere in Britain, costs only 18 a year, and usually pays for itself in one or two trips. So long as you are aged 16-25 (or a mature student aged 26 or over in full time education), you can apply for one today and start saving right away. Do it while you can You can travel almost any time, at weekends, Bank Holidays and mid week. The only restriction is that if you travel at or before 10am, Monday to Friday (except during July and August), a minimum fare will apply. So where can you use it? You can't use your Railcard in unreserved First Class or Silver Standard ____________, Railair Links, Eurostar or Heathrow Express, special excursions or charters, some coach/bus links, to buy season tickets or period Travelcards, or in conjunction with many Train Company special offers, e.g. Apex. Please remember that for journeys made at or before 10am, Monday to Friday, a minimum fare applies which is the least you can pay for your ticket. If you travel regularly before 10am, then a weekly or monthly season ticket may be more appropriate. However, no minimum fare is applicable in July and August, on Bank Holidays and at weekends. One Day Travelcards have separate minimum fare requirements which apply at all times. For full details of minimum fares, please ask at your local staffed season ticket office or rail-appointed Travel Agent.

line 1 line 2 line 3 line 4 line 5 line 6 line 7 line 8 line 9 line 10 line 11 line 12 line 13 line 14 line 15 line 16 line 17 line 18 line 19 line 20 line 21 line 22 line 23

10 The main purpose of this leaflet is to A B C D sell the advantages of railcards to young people inform young travellers of railcard restrictions argue that rail travel is the cheapest form of transport instruct students how to apply for a railcard

11 Why has a paragraph break been inserted between lines 17 and 18? A B C D The subject matter has changed The subject matter is the same The previous paragraph is long enough The previous paragraph has a different style

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


12 When does the minimum fare apply? A B C D On Bank Holidays Before 10:00am Monday to Friday In August and July On Sundays

13 There is a word missing on line 15. It is A B C D accomodation acommodation accommodation acommadation

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


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Questions 14 to 16 are about this draft leaflet. Community Group line 1

The Community Group has arranged an evening of fun and entertainment at Carlton Leisure Complex, including one hour on the go-karting track and then a Karaoke session. The price includes a free bar meal and any special diets can be catered for. All are welcome, bring your friends and family, only 4.50 per person. __________ all meeting in the bar at 6.30pm and the fun begins at 7pm. For more details or to buy tickets ring any member of the Community Group, details below: Name Karen White John Brown Anne Fekete Dave Maxwell Carl Harrison Nina Narayan Wang Wei Tel No. 09910 8472 09910 8471 09910 8470 07777 8510 07776 8222 02210 9120 02210 9121 Time Available 9am to 5pm 9am to 1pm 9pm to 1am 5pm to 7pm 9am to 6pm 5pm to 7pm 10pm to 11pm

line 2 line 3 line 4 line 5 line 6 line 7 line 8 line 9 line 10 line 11 line 12 line 13 line 14 line 15

14 There is a word missing on line 5. It is A B C D Where Were Wear We're

15 Which two committee members are available for exactly the same period of time? A B C D John Brown and Anne Fekete Karen White and Carl Harrison Anne Fekete and Carl Harrison Dave Maxwell and Nina Narayan

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


16 What time does the go-karting begin? A B C D 7:00am 6:30pm 7:00pm 6:30am

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


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Questions 17 to 19 are about this draft leaflet.

Open daily October-April 10am to 5pm. May-September (theatre season) 9am to 12 midday, exhibition and guided tour into the theatre. 12:30 to 4pm exhibition and virtual tour of the theatre. Only closed on 24 & 25 December. Group rates available on request; advanced booking essential. Telephone 020 7902 1500. Fax 020 7902 1515 SHOP Open daily October-April 10am to 6pm. May-September (theatre season) 10am to end of evening. GLOBE THEATRE The theatre season runs from May-September, Tuesday to Sunday. 600 5 tickets per ____________ . Box Office Telephone 020 7401 9919. Fax 020 7902 1475 GLOBE EDUCATION Globe Education shares the discoveries made at the Globe with students, teachers and members of the public of all ages and nationalities through on-site workshops, seasonal events and distance learning programmes. Telephone 020 7902 1433 Fax 020 7902 1401 EATING AND DRINKING Globe Caf Open daily October-April 10am with last orders at 6pm. May-September (theatre season) 10am with last orders fifteen minutes after end of performance. Telephone 020 7902 1576 Globe Restaurant Open for lunch 12 midday to 2:30pm. October-April open for supper 5:30pm to 10pm, May-September, to 11pm (last orders). Reservations 020 7928 9444 Private entertaining For details of corporate hospitality space, entertainment, catering and hire charge, telephone 020 7902 1503 HOW TO GET TO SHAKESPEARES GLOBE By train to London Bridge, Cannon Street, Blackfriars or Waterloo. By underground to Mansion House, Blackfriars or Cannon Street (District and Circle Lines), London Bridge (Northern and Jubilee Lines), Southwark (Jubilee Line), St.Paul's (Central Line). By bus 45, 63, 100 to Blackfriars Bridge; 15, 17 to Cannon Street; 11, 15, 17, 23, 26, 76 to Mansion House; 149, 381 to Southwark Street; 344 to Southwark Bridge Road. Millennium Bridge is now open. Shakespeares Globe, 21 New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DT www.shakespeares-globe.org Entrance to the Exhibition is on Bankside near the foot of the Millennium Bridge.
Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


17 A student decides to travel to the Globe Theatre by train. He could travel via A B C D Waterloo St. Paul's Southwark Mansion House

18 What is the correct spelling of the missing word from the GLOBE THEATRE section? A B C D preformance perfomance peformance performance

19 A student wishes to learn about the discoveries made at the Globe. She is unable to travel to London. She could use A B C D on-site workshops distance learning programmes seasonal events guided tours

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


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Questions 20 to 24 are about this Railway information leaflet.

BALA LAKE RAILWAY Enjoy a _________ ride by narrow-gauge steam train on the Bala Lake Railway along Wales largest natural lake. Our main station is at Llanuwchllyn ("the village above the lake") and here you will find our well stocked souvenir shop and buffet. On most days you can visit the loco shed to see the engine being prepared for its journey to Bala. We have adequate car parking at our Llanuwchllyn Station but only road-side parking at Bala. All of our trains stop at Llangower which is the mid-point of the lake and should you wish you can leave the train here to picnic by the lake before joining a later train to complete your journey. All trains arrive at Llangower 10 minutes after leaving Llanuwchllyn, and 15 minutes after leaving Bala. Trains also call at Pentrepiod and Bryn Hynod halts. JOURNEY TIMES Llanuwchllyn - Bala single journey return trip 11.15 --11.25 --11.40 single journey return trip 25 minutes 1 hour 12.50 12.55 13.00 13.10 13.15 14.25 14.30 14.35 14.45 14.50 16.00 16.05 16.10 16.20 16.25

Llanuwchllyn Pentrepiod Llangower Bryn Hynod Bala Bala - Llanuwchllyn

25 minutes 1 hour 25 minutes (as train stops at Llanuwchllyn to take on coal and water) 13.25 13.30 13.40 13.45 13.50 15.00 15.05 15.15 15.20 15.25 16.35 16.40 16.50 16.55 17.00

Bala Bryn Hynod Llangower Pentrepiod Llanuwchllyn

11.50 --12.05 --12.15

NOTE: it is not possible to make a return trip with the last departure from Bala.

20 At Bala you will find A B C D adequate car parking our souvenir shop road-side car parking the railway loco shed

21 Catching the 13.25 from Bala, you should arrive at Llangower at A B C D


13.35 13.40 13.45 13.50

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A

22 Catching the 14.25 from Llanuwchllyn, you should arrive at Bryn Hynod at A B C D 16.00 15.25 14.45 15.00

23 The correct spelling of the word missing in the first sentence is A B C D liesurly liesurely leisurley leisurely

24 The information on Bala Lake Railway is presented in which form? A B C D chart / text graph / text diagram / table text / table

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


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Questions 25 to 28 are about this draft document.

MBF Computers

MBF Computers Limited PO Box 6 Havant, Hants PO6 1AA 25th April 2001

line 1 line 2 line 3 line 4 line 5

Dear Mr The enclosed edition of our PC Guide is designed with your requirements in mind. In it youll see proof of our dedication to providing high quality PC computing that offers long term solutions to your ever-changing business needs. Youll also find that the new format makes it easy to select which of our notebooks, desktops, workstations, servers and compatible options are right for your business. No matter how large or small your needs are, youll discover that customised MBF computing is an affordable reality, eg on page 6, for only 797 exc VAT, you get Pentium III processor 866Mhz power in a space-saving black microtower. .. this catalogue contains only a fraction of the MBF range. Visit us at www.mbf.com/uk/business or call 0800 069 5826 to buy direct or get more information on our extensive range of products and options. As a bonus, if you complete and return the questionnaire on page 6 before 30th May 2001, you could win a stylish MBF iii Series portable. I hope you enjoy looking through this latest catalogue, and find that recent developments in MBF PCs can help maximise the productivity of your business. Yours sincerely Mae B Fould MBF Personal Computers

line 6 line 7 line 8 line 9 line 10 line 11 line 12 line 13 line 14 line 15 line 16 line 17 line 18 line 19 line 20 line 21 line 22 line 23 line 24

25 The main purpose of this document is to A B C D introduce a guide to new computers introduce a new range of computers introduce the new format catalogue offer the chance of a bonus prize

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


26 The document can best be described as A B C D a survey an instruction a promotion an encouragement

27 The term customised computing (line 12) means A B C D computing via the web customers who compute computers to suit customers needs computers of high quality

28 Which is most appropriate to begin the paragraph on line 15? A B C D Because Of course If so Therefore

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


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Questions 29 to 31 are about this newspaper extract.

Test-tube baby chip is born

SCIENTISTS are working on a test-tube baby chip which could mark the first step towards production line embryos. The chip will automate all the steps involved in in-vitro fertilisation, from fertilising eggs to preparing embryos for implantation. Ultimately the device, effectively an artificial reproductive tract, may even be able to sort and test embryos for genetic flaws, New Scientist magazine reported yesterday. The US researchers, based at universities in Wisconsin and Illinois, expect the technology to be used for livestock production at first, though the ultimate aim is to use it for human embryos.
Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273

29 The phrase 'production line embryos' in the first sentence suggests that embryos will be A B C D produced in factories made in a straight line produced in large numbers made by large machines

30 The chip is A B C D an artificial reproductive tract based at universities in Wisconsin very like a test-tube baby full of major genetic flaws

31 The eventual aim is to use the chip for A B C D producing livestock human embryos university teaching scientific magazines

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


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Questions 32 to 34 are about a visitor centre Document. THE WEDGWOOD STORY One man, and the company he founded in 1759, changed forever the pottery industry throughout the world. The Wedgwood Story is a new, multi-million pound celebration of that man and his great legacy. Josiah Wedgwood was a multi-talented visionary. He combined the skills of a scientist, an artist, an engineer, a social and environmental reformer with shrewd commercial instincts. Set in beautiful grounds and recently fully refurbished, the Wedgwood Visitor Centre is a comprehensive and absorbing account of Wedgwood, past and present. There is something in the history of the Potteries, and of Wedgwood in particular, that raises it to a plane above the commercialisation of other industries. Here you will see how a company steeped in tradition and painstaking craftsmanship can at the same time, with modern techniques, turn out a classic teacup every six seconds. But you will also see how a simple lathe, designed by Josiah Wedgwood himself, performs its task perfectly today: no-one has been able to improve on it, or design a machine to replace it. 32 The main purpose of the document is to A B C D advertise the Wedgwood Company's designs give directions to the Wedgwood factory tell you all about Josiah Wedgwood encourage people to visit 'The Wedgwood Story'

33 The document is most likely to form part of A B C D a textbook a leaflet a poster an essay

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


34 The language used in the document could be described as A B C D objective amusing persuasive poetic

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


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Questions 35 to 37 are about a leaflet on food labelling.

On Sainsburys labels we usually show the nutritional content of the food once it has been prepared or cooked according to the instructions. The information is given for an average serving of the food and for 100g.

35 The main purpose of this leaflet is to A B C D persuade people to buy healthy food inform people about what they should eat inform people about how food is labelled describe how packaged food is produced

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


36 Which statement is correct? A B C D Sugar and starch are both carbohydrates All carbohydrates are composed of starch GDAs show children's carbohydrate needs An average serving of food equals 100g

37 According to the label, the flan contains A B C D more fat than carbohydrate more saturates than protein between 1g and 2g of fibre most of a mans GDA of fat

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273


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Questions 38 to 40 are about this hastily written message.

From: Ricky To: Nadeen

Mr. Price phoned at 11.30 a.m. about the new computer system you installed. Apparently theres something not quite right with it and he needs your advise. He asked if youd phone him back some time today or tomorrow (preferably today if possible). His number is 0123 45678.
38 The main point of this message is A B C D Mr. Price phoned about his computers Nadeen needs to phone back Mr. Price Ricky thinks Nadeen's made a mistake Mr. Price will try to phone back Nadeen

line 1 line 2 line 3 line 4 line 5 line 6 line 7 line 8 line 9

39 The word 'theres' on line 5 should be written as A B C D theirs theirs theres theyres

40 There is a spelling mistake on A B C D line 4 line 6 line 7 line 8 END OF TEST

Key skills communication/Adult literacy level 2: Test A M13273