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Adapted from Dr. Linda M. Perry Description: Review eight websites in the same or related industry as your client. Critique three websites your client's, the best site and worst site (in your opinion). If your client's website is the best or worst, choose the next best or worst so you have a total of three critiques. If your client does not yet have a website, choose one closest to your client in industry-type, size, etc. Task: (1) Briefly answer the following questions in all three critiques. (2) Explain why the website is your pick for worst or best, and indicate which website belongs to your client. (3) Include the organisation's name and the website's URL (web address) in the headings for all three sites. (4) List all the websites you reviewed and from which you chose your three to critique. 1. In general, what are the strengths and weaknesses of this website? Consider: o Comprehensiveness of features: Kinds of information, graphics, photographs, etc., included in the site and what should have been included but was not. o Site architecture: How easy it is to find what you are looking for, to navigate the site. o Aesthetics of the site design, especially the home page (including dimensions as recommended in The Non-Designers Design Book), and whether individual pages are cohesively designed. o Functionality: How long it takes graphics to load and whether all links are functional. o Clarity of communication: Whether writing is clear, without grammatical or spelling errors present. 2. What components of this site do you like and dislike most? 3. What elements of this site should be included in your website? Why? 4. What and who do you think the website's objectives and target audiences are? Requirements: Write your critique in narrative format. It should be typed in 10-12-point Times New Roman, flush-left, and about three to four pages, doublespaced. You may add a page to list the all the websites you reviewed. Headers should include the URL. Be sure to indicate which website is your client's. The paper is due on Friday 7 September 2012 at 5 p.m. Please provide a hardcopy to your lab instructor and submit a softcopy to the IVLE Workbin. Hint: Read Williams' The Non-Designer's Design Book pages 139-142 and chapter 1 for guidance. Use the following checklist to assure you have included all the elements. Do note that your lab instructors will be using the same criteria to grade your assignments.

Web Critique Checklist

_____ Three websites critiqued, including your client's, in same field or industry as your client. _____ Title and URL included in headers. _____ Strengths and weaknesses addressed, including: _____ comprehensiveness, including missing features; _____ site architecture (ease of navigation); _____ aesthetics of site design, including dimensions/size of home page; _____ functionality, including loading times; _____ clarity of communication. _____ Components liked and disliked, and why. _____ Elements that should be included in your site, and why. _____ Websites' objectives and target audience inferred. _____ Best and worst sites indicated, with explanation. _____ Report well written, typed and double-spaced within limits (four pages) specified. _______ Content (75) _______ Writing, Grammar/Spelling (25) _______ TOTAL (100)