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Cheating is a guys way of getting approval from other guys. Page 23

Growing up I have had many dreams and none ever came to life; purely because I was lazy and not fully equipped to make them happen. This year God pushed me to my limits and I am proud to have taken this journey. I remember the days when I would read True Love magazine and imagine being the next Sbu Mpungose. Im ecstatic and overwhelmed by this new baby-it has been tough but it is here. Its a huge leap from being a student to becoming a founder of a Melodian Magazine-but I promise to bring you the best varsity memorabilia along with my team. The aim of this publication is to inspire and empower young females, I feel like there is no unity amongst ladies. We are either competing with one another or bringing each other down. I would like to embrace all kinds of women in this magazine because we truly need to appreciate and celebrate our womanhood. Heres a toast to making dreams come true. I would like to thank my family, friends, my editorial team and the sponsors for supporting me through this project. It was Gods plan for this magazine to be published and I so happened to be His tool for possibilities. My mother always says that God gives through me so that I can give to others, I pray that I have given you hope and restored your faith in making your dreams come to life.


Same sex relationships arent different to heterosexual relationships Page 25

That godliness should be our main principal rather than appearance. Page 58


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5| AUGUST 2012

that the Rovers lived up to their name till the end of orientation. It was phenomenal to see how well the Rovers had bonded with each other within the time they spent together. Above all, the most amazing thing is how they have managed to sustain the relationships they built during that time. We had a number of activities ventured on with the rovers such as: health talks, bonding sessions- where we got to know each Rover on an individual basis. We had a movie night, a valentines dinner, squat parties, outing to Cocos and departure braai. Id like to emphasize that all these activities were meant to promote the sense of sisterhood within our house while uplifting cultural diversity and unity. Let me give credit to some rovers that just made every Hakka have a smile on their face: Lumka, Snowy, Akwaba, Amanda (my voice), Spux. A special thank you to the following flats: F and G for coming up with the Juffrou and Highness song, H and I for best participation and punctuality, B and C with their disqualified juffrou songand many more memories. There were tough times were we would go to campus boma for formation practices and come back tired and still wake up for a jog. With all that being sad I would like to congratulate every Rover who completed orientation succefully. You guys made my orientation programme an entire success.

The memories....


By Juffrou Deedz

It all began on the 27th of January 2012. All the House Committee members including myself were extremely excited about welcoming our first years to their new home. At 6pm I had to take the stand as Orientation Hakka and address all our first years. This address included explaining the basic rules of orientation. I knew this would be quite a challenging task considering the unique background and home basis each first year has. Some would not feel the need to cooperate and some would be more than willing to take and be a part of orientation. Funny enough I felt less worried about those that felt orientation wasnt for them, my goal was to execute each orientation task I had succefully. We named our 2012 first years ROVERS. The name comes from a sisterhood group within the Army (scouts). I can honestly say

Let me just say this once more......ROVERS!!!!

7| AUGUST 2012

6| AUGUST 2012

Its the last week before exams and it feels only like yesterday when we all arrived nervous and excited on the 27th of Jan to be registered. Where we would be shown our rooms, meeting our roommates and trying to learn where everything is. We were no longer high school graduates but University students .At six o clock that night, orientation started. It was tough, the no shaping, singing in a strange language, waiting in long queues for our food, waking up at five every morning to go and sing for the HKs and having to remember to take our toilet paper to the bathroom. But before we knew it orientation was over and the next big step started, CLASSES. I was so excited to be starting but also quite nervous, didnt really know my way around campus and had no clue how the lectures would be. But not to worry, lectures were awesome. So much information to take and so many new things to learn but wow, was the homework a lot. After the first two weeks I felt like I didnt even have a social life anymore but it was worth it, seeing my hard work pay off in the results. This semester was so much fun with classes, campus life festival (we won overall), having mentoring sessions, our flat meetings and so much more. Exited to be going home to rest but cant wait for next semester to start. Well thats all for now Diary, talk soon

Its only been 7 months since I came here and Ive already gone through it ALL! Of all my 18 years of existence, Ive never been pushed to the edge like I have been here!


Ive had to make new friends, live with someone I had never met, go through ORIENTATION and so many other things I thought Id never even consider doing! I must say though, the most challenging experience I underwent was ORIENTATION!!! This was torture and ecstasy, all at the same time! At first it was exhilarating because NOBUDDAY knew what to expect and we all felt invincible because we were FINALLY at varsity! So on the evening of the 27th of January, a horde of eager yet doubtful teenage girls gathered at the res TV lounge for a welcoming. Honestly, I was expecting a little pep talk about the big bad world and maybe a tour around our new home. BOY WAS I WRONG!! This was the occasion which was kindly created to warn us and to some degree, petrify us! Ubu Rover bunzima. Unfortunately, this is a statement Ill never forget! One of the most incredible moments of my life happened because of this place! FORMATION! This was the most competitive event I had ever attended! I was one of the front row girls and I had never danced in front of a crowd before so it was such an adrenalin rush and there are so many other things I want to write about!! In a nutshell, this has proven to be a great way to start afresh so Ive decided to enjoy everything that comes my way despite what people say. So heres to NEW BEGINNINGS!

-Heidi Sullwald

-Love Phila Bomela

8| AUGUST 2012 9| AUGUST 2012

The Orientation or Initiation or whatever it is-was supposed to be was really interesting. Terms such as Holy Ground and Shaping were introduced to me to name a few. Its probably because I come from a township school but I really dont get the concept or purpose of orientation. As the days progressed it really got bad fellow rovers were calling their parents complaining, crying at random times, fainting, becoming sick and even quitting orientation as a result. I dont think that was the intention of the hakkers but I feel that somewhere along the line they lost the plot. It started becoming personal because people were getting emotional about it. As rovers we started categorising our hakkers and formulating methods to deal with the different categories. Shame there were the quiet and un-noticed ones, attention seekers,IDCs, humble and intelligent ones. You see, respect is a two way street and you dont demand it you earn it. I have the most utter respect for some of my hakkers and some I dont even bother to look in the eye because they simply dont deserve my respect. Maybe I have an attitude problem or perhaps I dont tolerate any rubbish-you choose. Yet it wasnt a train smash some of the things Ive learnt during orientation will aid me for life like perservernce,discipline,7babies and strong will to name a few. Thus far life has been a different tale every day, with each day coming with its own challenges and rewards. Im coping and still discovering more mechanism to cope with everything else involving this great change from being away from home.


Sleep all day, party all night were the lyrics that serenated my mind on this journey in a foreign country, with a new life, new rules and a new lifestyle. The excitement grew immensely for this new path in which I am walking in. Campus life for me had all this to offer, what more could I have possibly asked for? This new life that already had its final design unknowingly had an extra detail added to it. Final outcome hit me head on and left my mind in a state of confusion. I found myself doing what I dreaded the most, singing. To worsen the situation-I had to sing in a language that I never understood. It wasnt ordinary. I would say it was crazy for me at that point. The climax was when I had to stand and gaze at my food on an empty stomach, which I had to sing my lungs out before I would be allowed to devour it. To think that was enough, I had to still sing to wake up the hakkas at the beginning of each day! Apart from the singing a lot more activity was done for the day. Come to think of it, it was quite an amazing experience for me to see people doing things with so much passion, as it was revealed in the singing that eventually had me have a different opinion for it. My opinion on campus life changed and eventually had to be redesigned again based on reality; that it was a tough place. One had to take responsibility and in the face of challenges never to back-down or give up.

-Mandisa L.Gama
10| AUGUST 2012

-Dorothy Archilla
11| AUGUST 2012

Chumisa Ndlaza-Secretary


BEAT: What is your greatest accomplishment? One of my greatest accomplishment is working at a radio station called TruFm as a producer for a teen show. BEAT: What do you think you will be doing five years from now? I really dont know. However, I will be wherever God wants me to be. BEAT: If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you, meet? Steve Bantu Biko. BEAT: What did you do growing up that got you in trouble? I once stood on a broken glass bottle and injured my foot badly. When I got home, I lied and said that I got injured at school. However I actually injured myself at some other playground in town on my way back from school and I was not meant to be there.

By Amanda Niescor

Khanyisa Gece-Primaria
BEAT: If you were invisible, where would you go and what would you do? I would go to Jamaica and try out weed. BEAT: If you knew the world was ending in 2012, what would you do differently? Give up school and go back home to spend more time with my family. BEAT: If you could choose your first name, what would you change it to? I love my name, but Id change it to Juwairiyah meaning wife of the prophet in Arabic. BEAT: What would you name the autobiography of your life? I lived, laughed and loved. Why not do the same? BEAT: What is unique about you? The scars on my body will not say where though.

Maya Fanti-Treasurer
BEAT: What are you best at? Being myself. BEAT: What was your most embarrassing moment? When I was told in front of everyone (family and friends) that my gran passed away and replied Yho, what am I going to wear at the funeral? BEAT: Do you like being in pictures, or taking them? Why? Being in pictures wheres the fun in taking them? BEAT: If you could be the parent of any celeb child, who would it be and why? Jaden Smith, he is cute for decades.

12| AUGUST 2012

13| AUGUST 2012

Zola Maneli-Cleaning and Maintenance

Kwakhanya Ndleleni-Security
BEAT: What word describes you best? Social butterfly. BEAT: What is your motto in life? Matthew 6:33 Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you. BEAT: If you knew you could try anything and not fail, what dream would you attempt? Being the CEO of a big media company with my purpose fully established in Gods kingdom. BEAT: If you knew the world was ending in 2012, what would you do differently? Live a more dedicated and devoted life to God and make more disciples as well.


BEAT: What is most memorable about your high school years? Late submission of Afrikaans assignments and finding out on the day that a particular assignment is due and the whole class would panic and copy each others work and no one would take the blame. BEAT: If you were invisible, where would you go and what would you do? I would chill in the mens bathroom and keep pulling down their pants before they even walk out. BEAT: What do you think you will be doing five years from now? Starting my career and focusing on an initiative which will be for orphans in the Eastern Cape. BEAT: What cartoon character best depicts you? Pumba

Sihle Vatsha-Academics
BEAT: What was your most embarrassing moment? It was when I was talking to a guy I had a crush on and I had a snot hanging down my nose but I didnt realize that. BEAT: What is one of your favorite quotes? To lead others, you must first lead yourself. BEAT: What is unique about you? Apparently its my eyes They say a lot of things. BEAT: If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would you like it to be? I would want to be remembered for my sincerity

Siphokazi Mhlola-Orientation and Catering

BEAT: If you knew you could try anything and not fail, what dream would you attempt? Going to heaven for a day and returning to the world again. BEAT: If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you, meet? Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl BEAT: What did you do growing up that got you in trouble? Having a boyfriend at the age of 12 BEAT: If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would you like it to be? The best mother that the Rovers ever had.

14| AUGUST 2012

15| AUGUST 2012

Koketso Phusumane-Wellness
BEAT: What word describes you best? Humble BEAT: What is your greatest accomplishment? So far, the greatest thing is being alive, though I cant credit myself for that. It would have to be being a Once Ambassador BEAT: What cartoon character best depicts you? Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls. BEAT: If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you, meet? I would like to meet Michelle Obama, a very influential person. Humbled, her heart of gold reminds me of my mother. BEAT: What did you do growing up that got you in trouble? I ran away in primary school. I wrote my parents a note and I left. My parents called the cops and my principal. I received a beating almost every second of that day and I even got a detention letter from my school.

Amber Basson-Sports


BEAT: If you were on an island, who would you want to be with? Why? My blackberry, that way I would be able to chat with more than one person. BEAT: What are you best at? Sleeping and being lazy. BEAT: What super-power would you most like to have and why? I would like to have the ability to freeze people so that they wont have to talk to me or follow me. BEAT: What was your most embarrassing moment? When I got up to go on stage for a sports award, two of us shared the same name and both surnames started with a B and we were referred to as Amber B But they were calling her and not me.

Sandisiwe September-Arts and Culture

BEAT: What word describes you best? Unpredictable BEAT: What super-power would you most like to have and why? Reading minds that way Id be able to foresee disappointments, conflict and deception to avoid being hurt. BEAT: What is one of your favorite quotes? Risk everything but your reputation BEAT: Do you like being in pictures, or taking them? Why?Obvious! I love being in pictures. The camera sobs for my presence.

Lindela Mketeni-PRO

BEAT: What do you think you will be doing five years from now? I will be completing an internship for the UN or I would be running my own NGO for youth development in rural areas. BEAT: What is one of your favorite quotes? Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too. BEAT: If you knew the world was ending in 2012, what would you do differently? Nothing. I believe my life is just fine the way it is. I would die a very happy and satisfied person. BEAT: If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would you like it to be? I want to be remembered for my kindness. I think that being kind is a trait that is genuine and people will always remember it.

16| AUGUST 2012

17| AUGUST 2012


Cleaning & Maintenance

Yanga Mbixane

Hlumelo Batyo

Aphiwe Nako

Spuxolo Toni

By Amanda Niescor

Bavuyile Mbatha

Dominique Rala-Rala

Zuzole Msingata

Sinazo Mtshengu Nomkhita Cakata Philasande Bomela Zenande Xoko

Arts & Culture Sports PRO GCI

18| AUGUST 2012

19| AUGUST 2012

NMMU is home to all!


By Nozipho Jili and Chuma Gayiza

NMMU being a university that embraces diversity and Ubuntu as two of its values is home to thousands of international students from different corners of the globe. The university accepts students from countries such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Zimbabwe and Kenya to name a few. As BEAT magazine, we went in search of a few international students to ask about how they came to know about the university, why they chose to leave their homes to join the NMMU family and their experiences so far as NMMU students. We spoke to Mellissa Goodman, a 21 year old BA General student from America. She is doing her second degree, the first being Forestry Management which she did back home. I heard about NMMU during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, she explains. I was in South Africa, based mostly in Port Elizabeth where I got to meet some students from NMMU. While giving me a tour of PE, we ended up in NMMU and I immediately fell in love with the architecture and the scenery, she recalls beaming. I did some research about it when I got home and I was very impressed, although it was tougher convincing my parents. On her experiences in NMMU she says, I really like the atmosphere here, the people here are very friendly and Im actually considering being based here permanently, although I do want to go work at home and work there for a few years. In terms of bad experiences, she says they have been few and far between and they mostly come in the form of rude or unfriendly people. We also caught up with 20 year old American student, Jonathan Matthews who is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. I really cannot recall how I ended up here, he says, my grandfather suggested NMMU to me because hed been a student at the old University of Port Elizabeth. Ive really grown to like it here though. Its very different from home because back home its all about each person for their own, but down here the spirit of Ubuntu lives in every person, he explains its like were all one big family. He also adds that he has no intentions of going back home; hes met a beautiful girlfriend that he loves. Well, you know what they say Jonathan: once you go African, you never go back.So it seems like our country is not as hopeless as we all think it is. Amidst all the politic drama and crime people genuinely love this place and its people. So lets begin to have the same love for our own country so in turn those from the outside can learn from us. Its a beautiful place to live in really and our university a world class institution. Lets be proudly South African.

Pictured Above: Jonathan Matthew

Pictured Above: Mellissa Goodman

21| AUGUST 2012

That awkward moment when...

By Lindela Mketeni

Male Decoding


By Chuma Gayiza

1...you release air down

2...the guy, that is

there while doing the dance with your man

Every girl that has ever been in a heterosexual relationship has found herself in a situation where she was left perplexed by what he says, what he doesnt say and what he really means when he says certain things. We all fall constant prey to guys subliminal messages and actions. So I took it upon myself to set the record straight once and for all. With the help of a few ladies I put together a series of questions that girls want to ask guys but never get the honest truth. I took to the streets and found a group of our very own NMMU gentlemen who were willing to tell all. This is all they had to say, but brace yourselves ladies, its not for the faint hearted.

into your friend, starts hitting on you as soon as she passes out.

shame out of Xanadu with a Thank You Steers paperbag 6...your bf looks 5...you meet a guy and he asks for your at the bill and number only to realize when he calls you asks you to pay because he forgot had saved it as stalker. 7...you find out the guyhis wallet bf starts 8...your you made out with is buying you lingerie actually gay. from Temptations 9roomza introduces your and all you ever wear ex as her boyfriend. is BM intimates 10...your tummy makes hunger noises just after youve told your man that youre full.
Email your awkward relationship moments to beatmelodi@gmail.com

4...youre doing the walk of

3...you say I love you

and he replies either with Me too, a smiley face or a

Beat: Why do guys cheat? Is it a matter of running out of love or simply because they can? Its not about running out of love as much as its just the nature of guys. With most guys its what they see growing up from their fathers and other grown men they look up to. They cheat not because they love their girl any less but rather its an issue of a lack of trust, they feel like shes probably doing it, so why not. What I picked up was that its mostly something they do to not seem like a sissy amongst they guys. While girls commend each other on being faithful, guys see it as a sign of weakness amongst each other when a mate sticks with one girl, so they do it for the approval. Beat: What is the first thing you notice when you look at a girl, the one thing that will attract you to talk to her? I ts all about the way a girlish from the waist down, they say. *chuckles* booty over breasts, any day and the way a girl walks and carries herself says a lot about her. Guys can smell inferiority from a mile away so they stay away from those kinds of girls who dont seem to think much of themselves. A girls face must also atleast be pleasant to look at but first and foremost, booty and legs. Once they do actrually get talking to a girl, the most common turn off is arrogance. Theres a very thin line between confidence and arrogance and girls seem to cross that line more often than not. Careful ladies your attitude counts, a lot. Beat: What is the objective of testing girls? What

pleasure do guys gain from it? Its an ego booster for guys. Its all about gaining the upper hand, and sometimes they just do it just to say they did, and just to check if they still got it. Beat: What defines an easy-girl and how long on average do relationships with easy-girls usually last? Easy girls are those it doesnt take much effort to get into bed also known as the one night stands. According to the guys, these girls, it doesnt take much effort to impress. You just throw a few lines around and they fall prey to it immediately. Another important point that came up was the issue of how long it has to be when a girl and a guy are dating before they have sex without the girl being defined as easy. The guys all agreed that once a couple is dating, whether it is an hour, day or a week, theres no amount of time that can make the girl seem easy because the two people are in a relationship and its only fitting that they become intimate. So ladies, when it comes to the 90 day rule, guys honestly couldnt be bothered. Beat: What is SO wrong about weaves? They are misleading. A girl will never be mainchicked before they rock their natural hair or something that isnt a weave. Guys like girls who are as natural as possible; girls are more attractive when they keep themselves more natural. A girl whos going to rock a weave, fake nails, fake eyelashes, etc. and then claim to want a real man is just confused. *chuckles*

22| AUGUST 2012

23| AUGUST 2012

Beat: When is a girl the sidechick and how, as a girl, can I tell that I am the sidechick? What are the obvious signs? With guys that are good at the whole juggling a lot of girls thing, it is very hard to tell when you are the sidechick. Generally though, with the main chick, she is a no go area for the guys. When they chilling and spilling all about their sex life, guys will usually spill about their experiences with the sidechick not the wife because with her theres that sense of respect that they have. The obvious signs that youre the sidechick, you dont get introduced to the guys and they will never want to be seen with you in public. If they do happen to bump into you, they keep it very casual and brief. Mhhhm seem familiar, anyone?? Beat: What is so attractive about a girl that is unavailable? The adventure and the danger of it!! And thats the long and the short of it *Chuckles*. Beat: What is so repulsive about a girl that gives her all?

Its not so much about the girl herself but rather the fear on the guys part of falling too deep and getting hurt. Every guy has that one girl that he loved so much and she hurt him and by that ruined it for all the girls that follow because thereafter he will never allow himself to feel that way again, and if he does he messes things up just to gain the upper hand again. Beat: You cheat on your girl and she does the same. What happens now? Do you call it even or end it? Now this one was a long debate. According to the guys, its acceptable that guys cheat, its okay but the moment the woman cheats all hell breaks loose. For guys sex is just sex but for girls its emotional which is why it is so much worse when girls cheat. The only time guys regard it as cheating, for themselves, is when they get emotionally attached with another girl. So ladies, there you have it, the ugly truth, hopefully this will help you somehow in future encounters with the male species.

Our love is also real


Andisiwe Mtengwane & Dominique RalaRala

Watching Nosicelo Majeke and Phumla Dlamini walking hand in hand towards me, I am reminded of how it feels to be in love. For them, they are imperishable. They share a heartbeat and to them thats all that matters. They dont worry about what others will say because they see nothing beyond their love. Although society has created social constructs that have brainwashed us into believing that the normal couple should be straight, I found myself convinced without a doubt that this was love in its most natural form. While women of today have the unique privilege of renegotiating the definition of love, Nosicelo and Phumla have redefined love. For them its not a bond between man and woman but rather love has been about exposing themselves to vulnerability, criticism and letting go of their guards. Like the beginning of most relationships, the two couldnt get enough of each others company. Phumla would find any excuse to visit me exclaims Nosi, But baby I loved being around you replies Phumla. The two look at each other and smile, within a year of their relationship they still gladly reflect on how they fell in love. Although Nosicelo had never imagined herself ending up with a girl, she couldnt deny the feelings she had developed for Phumla. Accepting the feelings that arose for Phumla, Nosi wasnt prepared for what was about to follow. Disclosing our relationship to my friends wasnt easy recalls Nosi. I thought everyone was going to be happy for me but some didnt understand Nosi adds. The couple had to let go of disapproving friends but other problems arose. People would stare at them in disgust when they walked hand in hand. Men approached Nosi while they knew she was in a relationship with Phumla and claimed that they had the real thing and that Phumla was not a real man. Through all the negativity, the couple have remained positive by staying close to each other. Phumla looks at Nosi in wonder and says I would be lying if I knew what love really is, but I have no doubt that love is what I feel for this girl. The secret to this relationship is true love as Nosi and Phumla spend each day building on what they have. Another thing you have to know is that two girls in one relationship is too emotional jokes Nosi.

24 AUGUST 2012

25| AUGUST 2012

Add a bit of Love

By Andisiwe Mtengwane

....and a dash of Hope


Name: Tando Guzana Age: 23 Occupation: Freelance photographer/ videographer and stylist at Vertigo. Single or Taken: Single Describe your style: Casual grounded and respectable. 3 Words to describe you: Creative, Loyal and Passionate. Your definition of FUN: A day away from reality and the norms learning or doing something new. Describe your perfect girl: A women who understands that her beauty is not in her appearance but her spirit and content. A woman whose spirit radiates through her skin will always be beautiful. Favourite part of a girl: Her eyes (The gateway to her soul) Dream date would be: A day of action sports a fun, Paintballing, skating or bungee jumping. What makes a girl not sexy? A girl who forgets or doesnt know her value and settles or succumbs to the standards of the world. One tip on flirting (for a girl): Ladies guys are not good with signals from women. Try finding something your both interested in an play on that topic and show him you really enjoy hes company. Make up on a girl- Yes or No: NO! A man who truly loves you will love you in your natural state. Don`t hide your insecurities they are what makes Hint: This Hottie is a very talented you human.

Name: Sinethemba Fumbata Age: 22 Occupation: Full time Honours Student Single or Taken: Taken Describe your style: Simple, chilled-out guy. 3 Words to describe you: Motivated, Humble, Respectful Your definition of FUN: Having a good time, doing something enjoyable and entertaining. Describe your perfect girl: A girl that makes me want to change for the better. Favourite part of a girl: Her Smile; theres just something about a girls smile that I cant explain. Dream date would be: Anywhere as long as both individuals enjoy each others company. What makes a girl not sexy? Being all clingy and too dependent. Rude attitude towards other people, to me personally its a turn-off. One tip on flirting (for a girl): Lol, not to come-on too much on the guy, youll seem desperate. Make up on a girl- Yes or No: Yes and No, depends on the occasion. How would you have described yourself at school? Hardworking, goal-orientated and considerate of other learners academic welfare. I didnt mind helping another learner out with their academics.

26| AUGUST 2012

photographer. Just dial him up for How would you have described yourself at some studio time with him. school? Well rounded, approachable free spirit.

Tid Bit: This Hottie doesnt even know hes on fire!

27| AUGUST 2012

Beauty vs Brains
By Mandisa L.Gama
It would be vey limiting to confide oneself only to the physical aspect of an entire human being. I mean how do you think Jay Z got Beyonce or Jacob Zuma got all of his wives? For their superb looks of course #Chick Magnet#. On a serious note though, I dont think theres ugly people in this world. For the mere fact you woke up this morning, took a bath, brushed your hair than teeth is in its own right a stamp of beauty. Unfortunately not all of us have white teeth, nice hair or ears. We are all made in the image of God and please, the man upstairs does not create anything that is not in His qimage of perfection. Therefore we are all beautiful and dont let the devil tell you otherwise. By virtue of the eye, the first thing you will observe when you encounter a stranger is how s/he looks. Not how big their hearts are or aptitude of their intellect nor deepness of their pockets. Although by human nature the cover of the book is more important than the content of the book and the quality of the engine is less important as long as the car looks fine. I am not talking about artificial beauty but the real [thang]. Not auto tune but that voice that naturally serenades you like an accappella. The biological synthesis of good genes is that produces divine creations of art, delightful to the eye. Sometimes I wonder how the criteria is set; how is it that others get to be good-looking while we are still being baked in the oven of heaven. Now what about the not so good looking mooi van vers of this world?

to artistic, academic, sport and leadership intelligence. The list goes on and on just like a bottomless coke. Each and every human being is born with some form of intelligence; the key is to finding yours and applying it to the best of your ability. Otherwise life would be purposeless. Failing ones assessments, tests or exam does not amount to you being at the wrong institution. For the fact that your application was selected amongst 1000s of others makes you very capable of being in university. It just means you have to discover yourself academically and utilise your intelligence. Yes ladies we need more female executives and presidents. Just make sure that you dont think you know everything when you know absolutely nothing # Just saying.

Beauty: Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?
Just as the Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, women have always been tormented by the never ending old-age debate of beauty. I could have not said it any better than MW Hungerford when she stated Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However different people have different definitions of beauty. What I may find appealing, one may find absolutely disturbing. So picture this, you walk into a Rage shoe store and out of all the 100 pairs of exquisite shoes theres this one particular pair that seduces your eye. site sex; You have not experienced beauty! Now that ladies and gentleman is the Beauteous Effect, the Halo Effect. Until you have not experienced the Halo Effect not limited to stunning shoes of course but unbound to the allure of this world more specifically the oppo

BRAINS: Your brain is as big as you want it to be

To my amusement there are people who think they are intelligent and those who are intelligent. This also comes back to people and their definition of the ultimate attainment of intelligence. What one may consider being supreme brainpower I may consider mediocre. Well lets just say until you have built a bridge that connects earth and heaven, I dont consider you intelligent (Jokes). The art here is having the ability to utilise your mental capacities to the best of your ability. Even though you are the most talented sports player in the entire world, if you dont develop your skill you will remain an average player if not worse. God has blessed us with incredible talents with respect

28| AUGUST 2012

29| AUGUST 2012

What started out as an idea by two young minds in the Eastern Cape is rapidly becoming a very well-known and appreciated clothing brand in the country. CHASE Designer Wear is a casual wear clothing brand that you have to own, guarantees BEATs male style guru, Lebohang Nakeli. CHASE clothing steers away from everyday street wear and hip-hop wear to a trendy and European-inspired clothing brand. With the name Chase the brand places great emphasis on keeping up with the latest trends and being an Ambassador of Fresh and Unique clothing. Whether youre chasing dreams, or pursuing them, Chase is the brand for you.

CHASE Brand making it BIG!!!


FACE OF CHASE:Luthando Shosha

(SABC 1s Music Show) Luthando Shosha, is one of the faces of the CHASE Brand. This lady is becoming a force to be reckoned with and rest assured that she will be taking this Brand all the way to the top with her. The CHASE website is a platform that engages with its adoring fans. It gives you all the information you need to know about everything that has anything to do with CHASE as a brand, whether you are a 1st timer or an all-time loyal fan. The best part about the website is the blog. This allows the CHASE Generation to interact with each other on a Home Based level. It even offers the customers a chance to give their inputs and feedback on the brand and what it represents in their lives. Nothing gives anyone as much pleasure as being made to feel like you are part of something, especially something as big as the CHASE Brand, and that is exactly what the brand is doing. As like any other Clothing Line, the prices are varied but very much reasonable. To visit the CHASE site go to http://chasedesignerwear.co.za

The brand has started a new Teen Culture that embraces being different and encourages young people to CHASE their dreams and never give up on them. With growing tweets of #ImSoChase, Chase is a name to get familiar with.The Brand ranges from Hoodies, T-shirts and Caps. For those of you who have been keen on rocking a number of CHASE Underwear, the new Underwear Range will be launched in Spring 2012, so you guys can look forward to that. The brand is also set on venturing into creating a full clothing line that will give its competitors a run for their money and bring a whole new meaning to Modern Fashion. Judging from their success with their present merchandise, it is no doubt that their full line will be a breath of fresh air for all the fashionistas out there. The team has also made everything accessible to their loyal fans by allowing them to place their orders online. This is surely going to be a very accessible and convenient way for their customers. The new, very well-known Port Elizabeth Golden Girl, who recently became the New Face of LIVE

30| AUGUST 2012

31| AUGUST 2012

Fashion FACE-OFF:

The battle of Style


By Andisiwe Mtengwane

Name: Sihle Siphamla Age: 18 Course: Bcom Economics and Statistics Describe style: Im very diverse. Whatever looks good, I will wear. Fashion Inspiration: Kimora Lee Simmons!!! Favourite clothing retailers: Mr. Price, Woolworths, YDE and Zara Favourite pieces: Blazers, bags, shoes and scarves What makes an outfit unique? Accessories with bags and shades

Name: Mendy Zintwana Age: 19 Course: Bcom Accounting Describe style: I dont have a particular style, I wear anything that I feel like. I can dress like a boy or a lady-as long as I feel good. Fashion Inspiration: Im my own inspiration Favourite clothing retailers: Mr. Price, Legit, Favourite pieces: Sunglasses, neckpieces, and bags What makes an outfit unique? Confidence

32| AUGUST 2012

33| AUGUST 2012

The Jacket:


BY The Knitwear:


Walmer Branch

Aphiwe wears: Natanja wears:

Top, R119.Pullover R89.95.Skirt, R169. Opposite Page: Dress, R229. Coat R399.95 Top, R69.95. Cardi, R199. Chinos, R249. Opposite Page: Top, R99.95, Jacket, R299, Skirt, R189

Thato wears
Dress, R229, Jersey, R229 O,pposite Page: Top, R69.95. Jacket, R399. Shorts, R189

Jersey, R269, Skirt, R169, Scarf, R69.95 Opposite Page: Jesrey, R269, Scarf, R89.95, Coat R399.95. Chinos, R249

Deslynn wears:

34| AUGUST 2012

35| AUGUST 2012


Sindi Tshawe, Outreach writer wears: Pink LuPaB creation (price on request, hiring R350). Mandisa L. Gama, Columnist wears: Pink and silver LuPaB creation (price on request, hiring R350).

36| AUGUST 2012

37| AUGUST 2012


Sinazo Mtshegu, Lifestyle Reporter wears LuPab champagne-coloured creation. Dress is available in other colours (price on request, hiring R350)

Anesu, General Writer wears, LuPab skirt and corset combination (price on request, hiring R350) Amanda Niecsor Sub-editor wears LuPab lilac skirt and corset combination (price on request, hiring R350)

38| AUGUST 2012

39| AUGUST 2012


Lindela Mketeni, Fashion and Beauty Editor wears LuPab red-coloured creation. Corset and Skirt can be bought seperately (price on request, hiring R350)

Andisiwe Mtengwane, Founding Editor wears LuPab purple coloured creation with feather details. Corset and Skirt can be bought seperately (price on request, hiring R350) Yayah Sokutu,wears LuPab one arm purple coloured creation with silver details (price on request, hiring R350)

40| AUGUST 2012

41| AUGUST 2012


BEAT Makeover
By Lindela Mketeni

How to get smokey eyes


By Lindela Mketeni & Khanyisa Gece

Name: Amanda Niescor Occupation: Deputy Editor of BEAT and Toursm student Age: 20 From: Kynsna Her Style: Careless and Comfy What we did: Dressed her in body hugging clothing items to accentuate her curves. S-curled her hair for a lady-like look. Removed the glasses to bring out her eyes.
If you would like to be transformed like Amanda then send us a picture of yourself to beatmelodi@gmail.com You could be featured in the next issue!

Step 1: Apply eyeliner on the inside of the eyelids.

Step 2: Outline the top of the lash using the charcoal eyeliner.


Step 3: Use your thumb to smudge the liner on the top of the lash

Step 4: Apply base colour (preferably a dark grey) to the eyelids

Step 5: Use a straight object and hold it diagonally across the face from the base while applying the shadow, to create a cat eye effect.

Step 7: Apply another layer of eyeliner on the base of the eyelids

42| AUGUST 2012

43| AUGUST 2012

Battle of the Series by Andisiwe Mtengwane and Chuma Gayiza

Gossip Girl vs


The Story:

With the opening phrase Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandelous lives of Manhattans elite Gossip Girl probes into the lives of the rich and privileged teens on Manhattans Upper East Side, a world where secrets are hard to keep with the all-knowing Gossip Girl, following and recording their every move. The Upper East Side is thrown in for a surprise when Gossip Girl reports that Seran van der Woodsen, Manhattans most notorious party girl, has arrived back in town after a mysterious absence where no one knows where she was or why she left. Not even Serenas closest friend, Blair Woldorf knew her whereabouts and is shocked to learn Serena has returned. However, their once close friendship is complicated upon Serenas return, strained now that Serena is the center of attention and Blair has been cast from the limelight, and the revelation that Serena had a fling with Blairs boyfriend Nate Archibald. Also ruling the Upper East Side is Chuck Bass, son of the wealthy and powerful Bart Bass and a friend of Nates since childhood. Chuck leads a reckless life-but he remains the man youd love to hate. Dan and his sister Jenny are the middle-class kids whose background keeps them on the border of this exclusive circle. When a chance encounter brings Dan to Serenas attention, he suddenly finds himself dating the girl of his dreams. The more Dan discovers about the real Serena, the more hes challenged to make sense of her world but Dan and Serenas relationship is further complicated by the arrival of Dans friend Vannessa.

Set in the lavish backdrop of Beverley Hills, 90210 comes across as the typical teenage series: Rich, spoilt kids and the hardships, or lack thereof, they face all through high school. The series revolves around several students at the fictional West Beverly Hills High, including new Beverly Hills residents Annie Wilson and Dixon Wilson. Their father, Harry Wilson, has returned from Kansas to his Beverly Hills childhood home with his family to take up the position of principal of West Bev High, as it is popularly known. Annie and Dixon struggle to adjust to their new lives while making friends and yet adhering to their parents wishes. Annie finds herself in the Queen Bees (Naomi Clark) bad books when she pursues a relationship with Ethan Ward, who happens to be Naomis ex-boyfriend. All through the series, the two girls alternate between being the best of friends, the worst of enemies and at some point sisters, after they discover that their parents have a child together. Other characters in the series are the likes of Adriana Tate-Duncan who is struggling with a drug addiction in the first season, Erin Silver, known as Silver, who is the rebel and Naomis former best friend turned worst enemy in the first season but they soon find themselves reconciling later on in the series. This group of people, along with some others who are introduced into the series as it progresses, face high school and the pressure that comes with being part of the popular crowd in West Bev.

The Story:

Reasons to Watch Gossip Girl:

If youre a girly-girl then Gossip Girl is just for you. The tension between Blair and Serena isnt lost on anyone in this crowd, since they all live for gossip and scandal, along with fashion, shopping and partying in Manhattans trendiest hot spots. This is a world you have to be born into, full of wealth, power, and people like Chuck. Keeping track of the shifting friendships, jealousies and turnoil in this wealthy and complex world isnt easy, but its what Gossip Girl does best. And who is she?Thats a secret shell never tell.You know you love her.XoXo.

Reasons to Watch 90210:

44| AUGUST 2012

90210 is a great watch as it deals a lot with everyday hardships of the teenagers lives. As much as the series is about rich kids doing what they please, unlike popular series similar to this one, they learn that money doesnt make everything go away and friends can turn their back and stab you in yours as quickly as they will tell you they love you. Its filled with a lot of drama but at the end of the day they all got each others backs. Youll find yourself in tears at times, others in stitches of laughter and other times in states of curiosity, wanting to know what happens next. Either way, it is a good show, and is definitely worth any ones time. Its sure to keep you glued to your screens.

45| AUGUST 2012

By Andisiwe Mtengwane

R.Kelly Write Me Back ***
I grew up listening to R.Kellys sound and he never disappoints. He is the man that has a song for every mood, emotion or event. He is a creative mind that has managed to stay in a short-lived industry. With the release of his 11th studio album, Write Me Back, Kelly has found a balance between his love for upbeat and soul jams. Although the sound is a 50s Motown/rock-n-roll vibe, songs such as All Rounds On Me and Lady Sunday will leave you grasping for more old school hits.Believe In Me goes ultra spiritual but When A Man Lies is the albums climax. Its moving and earnest, preaching how lying pierces the very soul of that woman youve pledged yourself to. This album is proof that R.Kelly has learned to unite both sides of his personality in new ways that solidify his status as a modern-day great.

By Chuma Gayiza

Usher Raymond Looking For Myself ****

A Child called It by Dave Pelzer

This heart wrenching biography takes place in the child, Daves, most vulnerable years during the first decade of his life. Dave was brutalized, imprisoned, beaten, and demeaned, being treated worse than an animal by his mother, and his non-involved father. The book talks of the struggles in a childs mind. He convinces himself that its normal, though he knows something is wrong with his life since other children arent the same as him. His once loving and beautiful mommy, embraces the bottle when relationships in her life leave her disillusioned and angry. As the whiskey flows, so does her obscenities as she mercilessly starves and beats her son. David courageously faces all her abuse, his perseverance and will to survive kept him going through long days with no food, no warm clothes and no love. Even after his mother stabbed him, pushed him down stairs, and made him breathe toxic fumes, David picked himself up and dressed his own wounds. This book is horribly painful and violent. It is a tear-jerker throughout, as you witness on each page, the courage of a little boy who had to grow up way before his time. Nevertheless it is worth a read, but I must warn, it is not for the fainthearted.

The Man Diet by Zoe Strimmel

The Man Diet is not a novel but a manual for girls who are looking to clear their lives of emotional clutter and baggage caused by unhealthy relationships. Its a simple 10 rule diet whose stated aims are being and feeling awesome and to feel whole entirely separately from men, as stated in Chapter 7. The book doesnt suggest that you give up on the opposite sex entirely, instead, the author advocates a short-term detox from todays hookup-heavy dating scene, which she paints as being fuelled by booze and social networking, and full of women working hard to appear ecstatic with no-strings-attached sex, while secretly feeling disappointed, unsatisfied, and longing for something more meaningful. Strimpels style is breezy and intimate, and shes not afraid of making jokes at her own expense. Shes also sharp enough to realize that the advice she gives can come across as punishing, so she recasts it as a pro-feminist exercise in independence. Its a great read, sometimes leaving you in stitches and other times just plain sympathetic to some of the things other women go through. You can read the book just for the laughs and the lessons or you can read to go on the diet and stick to it. Either way, its a great, light-hearted read.

After watching Ushers Amex Unstaged Show, I realised what a great Usher is. From Confessions, to There goes my Baby Mr. Raymond has put his fans at the forefront of his personal life while also producing party anthems. Ushers seventh studio album is a fusion of Pop/Dance and R&B. Although some critics dubbed the album as Ushers way of staying relevant I believe the title Looking for Myself serves its purpose. Being in an industry with different genres Usher defines his distinct voice in Dance and R&B. Songs such as Cant Stop Wont Stop, Scream and Numb will get you into the dance mode. With Burn and Separated, Usher has a way of always including beautiful break-up songs and Climax is no different. I Care for you and Sins of My Father are songs to lookout for in the album. This is not one of Ushers greatest works but the album is worth buying. Most of the songs featured are number 1 hit material.

Frank Ocean Channel Orange ***

With a Grammy nomination for his mixtape Nostalgia Ultra, a feature in 2 songs in Watch the Throne Frank Ocean is a talent to pay attention to. Before the release of this album Frank came out of the closet, saying that he had fallen in love with a man and if you take a listen to Forrest Gump on the album you will realise that his outburst was not a publicity stunt. Whether you dislike him or not, his album is worth a listen. The album is more or less similar to his mixtape though, with numerous preludes to the main songs. His biggest song Thinking about you from his mixtape is the second track on the album. To love this album you have to understand the order of Oceans work because he doesnt go for the usual-although I feel he could have experimented more with his sound. Being a Frank Ocean fan I expected more in this album since he has worked on very great songs with other artists. Songs to look out for are Pyramids (which could be turned into a party tune), Lost is and Pink Matter which features Andre3000.

46| AUGUST 2012

47| AUGUST 2012

Things to do at the Boardwalk

Port Elizabeth, the windy city has more then just its strong winds to share with visitors and its residents. The Boardwalk has great and fun entertainment, from the movies, to great dinning experience, to having a spot for a great night out with your friends. Here are a few and great places and things to do when you are The Boardwalk.



By Sinazo Mtshengu & Andisiwe Mtengwane

Splurge: La Dolce

On a Budget: Billabong

Value for Money: Craft Worshop

Shop at your leisure in the many clothing and festival reatil outlets. Luxurious South African clothing designs, art momentos, imported chocolates, nuts and liquorice, mohair and leather products from part of the treasure trove of gifts and amentities to be discovered. Surf and skate wear, elegant boutiques, funky fashion and natural fibre clothing are all available.

Splurge: Squires On a Budget: News Cafe Value for Money: Dulce Cafe

From Meditteranean delicacies, fine wines, Oriental Cusine, authentic Italian and juicy steaks, sizzling stirfry and indulgenct buffets,, The Boardwalk has it all. Pavement style cafes, romantic indoor restuarants and lavish exotic feats wull get your mouth watering. Restuarants are opened daily until late.

Exploring the Art

Splurge: Nu Metro On a Budget: Boardwalk Games Value for Money: Speed Way
Shop The Boardwalk has a variety of non-stop activities. Among their entertainment facilities there are a five-screen cinema complex, outdoor go-kart track, fairground rides, 9-hole adventure golf course, Tenpin bowling and the Magic Company to name a few.

Other places
Splurge: Craft Workshop Paintings On a Budget: Craft Crafts Value for Money: Bargain Books

Crafters at the Boardwalk use the barest elements of Africa to create dynamic works of art that represent the unique people of this continent. From beadwork, clay and wirecraft, to sculpture, paint and homeware, you will walk feeling inspired. Situated near the Craft Workshop you will find Bargain Books

To get a winning: Casino

Be iced: Cone Zone

Sweet Tooth: Mini Orbits

48| AUGUST 2012

49| AUGUST 2012


Basic fitness exercises to keep

YOU in shape by
Crunch: Lie-down on your back with your shoulders off the ground and keep your legs and hands
up. The aim of this exercise is to try to crunch your upper abs to touch your toes. Do three sets of thirty counts to firm upper abs.

Full Curl: Keep arms straight down, parallel to the body. Carry weights or any object that has weight

on both hands. Pick weight up and down to your shoulders. Change arms and keep doing same routine. Do three sets of tens to build biceps and to firm arms.

Lunges: Stand upright with your legs together then step forward. If youre going down with your right
leg, then your left knee must be down. Your upper body must be straight while doing the exercise. Do three sets of tens to firm your thighs and bum.

Back Curl: Position yourself in a straight angle, lean forward with your chest out and your arms

against your ribs. Carry weights or any object that has weight on both hands. Push arms backwards with weights. Do exercise with both arms at the same time. Do three sets of tens to help firm triceps and to avoid goodbye arms.

Bum bum: Your hands and knees must be on the ground. Pick up one leg and pull it straight back.
Move the leg up and down in a steady motion. Do 10 sets of thirty counts to help firm your bum.


50| AUGUST 2012

51| AUGUST 2012

The Feminine Side

By Xoliswa Nkani

The three most common vaginal infections

Vaginal Yeast Infection: Yeast is the most common cause of vaginal infection. A fungus causes vaginal yeast infections, which occur inside the vagina and in the vulvar area that surrounds the vagina. The symptoms of vaginal yeast infections include vaginal itching; a thick, white vaginal discharge that may look like cottage cheese; pain during sexual intercourse; redness; burning; soreness; swelling; and general vaginal irritation. Trichomoniasis: Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and the most common curable STI. The time between exposure to trichomoniasis and the onset of symptoms is from 5 to 28 days. While some women dont experience any symptoms, other women have symptoms such as a yellowish-greenish vaginal discharge, a foul vaginal odor, pain during sexual intercourse, pain during urination, vaginal itching and general irritation, and rarely pelvic pain. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV): BV develops when the normal balance of bacteria that colonize in the vagina gets thrown off by overgrowth. While there is not a definitive answer about what causes BV, a few factors are known to raise risk including having a new or multiple sexual partners, using vaginal douches, having an IUD, and failure to practice safe sex by not using a condom during every act of sexual intercourse. The most common symptom of BV a fish-like vaginal odor, as well as an abnormal vaginal discharge that is white or gray and that can be either watery or foamy.

Cleanliness is next to godlinessa perhaps clichd phase but one that some tend to overlook. And as women society has placed a greater emphasis on this quality on us. But lets face we cant be perfect 24 hours a day; as human beings we sweat and as students most do not have the time to take long elaborate bathes twice a day BUT thats not saying skip out on all of them altogether! Even though some of the following tips may seem like you have heard them a million times before, it does not hurt to refresh our memories, if not for yourself for the benefit of your fellow Melodians.
Daily shower Even when you have a 07:45 lecture and its cold outside, or someone is taking too long in the shower or you simply cannot be bothered just remember that a daily shower not only helps keeps bad odors at bay, the risk of infection due to clogged up dirt in pores or other damp areas of your body such as armpits and genitalia. Your private areas sweat just like the rest of you, so it is very important that you wash away any sweat or dirt that may have gathered there. Always cleanse your feminine parts after any kind of sexual contact, even if it was only touching or oral contact. Facials Find a good cleanser to wash your face with. Every morning and night spend four minutes massaging your face with it. Get around your nose and right up to the hairline of your forehead. Rinse your face with warm water then with cold water to close your now-clean pores. Pat your face, and apply pimple cream as needed. Remember, warm water opens pores; cold water closes them. Brushing teeth This goes without saying really.and mouthwash too for pearly whites! Dont just use any toothpaste pick one that is right for you. If you have recurring ulcers it may mean your toothpaste has a too high alkaline base for you and you need to swap to a milder one. Replace your toothbrush when the bristles begin to drip (3-4 months). Brush two times a day for two minutes each. Shaving: Dont shave your under arms every day. This can cause redness and irritation, and a burning sensation. Only shave every 2-3 days to avoid this. If you need to shave, spread a layer of shaving cream or body wash on the desired area and shave gently and slowly. Dont use soap to shave, because it dries out your skin. If you dont shave, consider it. Hair traps dirt and moisture which are the biggest contributors to odor. Again, if not for yourself, for your fellow Melodians!

Basic Hygiene tips


By Anesu Sakutukwa

Ways to prevent vaginal infections

Get Clean: The most common sense way to preventing any type of infection, especially vaginal infection, is to practice good hygiene. Products such as sprays and bubble baths often irritate the vagina and facilitate infections. Scented or deodorized toilet paper, tampons, pads or panty-liners are also irritating to the vagina. It is recommended that women use unscented pads and tampons during their menstrual cycle. Get Dry: A moist environment encourages the growth of yeast and other fungus. When engaging in activities where water or sweat is involved, promptly remove the wet clothing as soon as possible. Women should also dry the vaginal area thoroughly after showering or swimming. Get Loose: Loose- fitting clothing discourages the growth of yeasts and other fungal agents. Wearing cotton underwear and other undergarments with a cotton crotch will help the vaginal area to breathe and stay moisture free. A tight, moist environment encourages the growth of yeast. Opting to not wear underwear during the night when sleeping also is a good way to prevent vaginal infections from occurring. Get Cultured:Decreasing sugar and high sugar product consumption decreases the yeast growth in your body. Increased yeast growth could facilitate vaginal infections. Eat yogurt and other probiotic products that contain live cultures of lactobacilius acidophilis helps to maintain healthy yeast levels.more expensive option of hormone replacement therapy.

Yes, they may seem basic but consistency is also vital 53| AUGUST 2012

52| AUGUST 2012

Starting your business NOW

We all want to achieve financial stability some time in our lives and the best time to start in now. Starting your own business is the most fascinating kind of art says businessman Andy Warhol, it requires passion and basic steps. Here are a few guidelines to help you start your business, from deciding what business you want to start, to seeing the opening of it. There is no better time to start building an empire then now, so go ahead and start yours today, but first follow these five basic steps.
1.Choose the product or service you would like to sell/provide. You need to find a niche idea, something new or unique, if you are doing something already done, think of ways your will be better. You need to make sure you understand the product/service. You can not excel in a field of business you have no care for. As much as it is about money, it also about passion. 2.Know your market. You need to do some market research, who is you target market? Do people need the service/product? Is there are market or gap in the market for it? Conduct a survey to find out if people will buy or use your product/service, so that you can also make sure that your target market are interested in having this service provided to them. 3.Make a business plan. This is a document that will explain what your business is; it will give details of everything involving starting the business, from the mission, vision, market, capital (starting costs), and the SWOT analysis. The business plan is the most important part of the starting the business, because this is the document that will help you will get funding. Clearly specify all your sections in the business plan, so that no one is left asking questions when looking through it. 4.Register the business. You need to establish the type of business you will have, whether it will be a sole trader, partnership or co-op. This will help you be able to know the registration procedure. You will need to register the business at the CIPC but if it is a local business like a tuck-shop or shop you can register your business with your local municipality or if you are starting the business in school, you will have to register it with the school or university. 5.Get capital. The are many ways to get funding, one way is to present your idea to the bank and asking for a loan, but the bank is very strict in there policies and lending out money, so the next best choice would be to get funding from business funding schemes like the NYDA they are always looking for young entrepreneurs.


Profile woman: Sam Beynon

BEAT: Describe yourself in one sentence.

By Amanda Niescor

By Sinazo Mtshengu

I am ambitious, a go-getter with a great sense of humor. People are my passion- I dont see color (race) but rather potential. I accept people for who they simply are.

BEAT: What is one thing that people dont know about you?
There are actually three. 1. Im confused about what race/ culture I am (Im an umlungu but NdingumXhosa mna. 2. I have a passion for Community Outreach and would rather spend time in an underprivileged community than in a fancy building. 3. I am in my fourth year of coaching (Hockey).

BEAT: What does your position of SRC Secretary General entail? BEAT: Who inspires you and why?
My mother who passed away recently was a great inspiration to me. She believed in me and my ability to lead. Through her acceptance of and love, compassion and dedication to others I was able to understand the importance of giving back and treating people around me with compassion and respect. Her hard work throughout her lifetime taught me to be disciplined in all that I do and aim to achieve. As a woman of faith she encouraged the growth of my Christian path, a complete blessing. She ultimately shaped me into the young woman I am today. I am also inspired by people around me. The underprivileged remind me of how blessed I am and how it is so important to give back, the youth strengthens my belief of a bright future for South Africa, the elderly pass down their needed wisdom and communities diverse in nature allow for me to acknowledge how unique our country really is and the blessing that is. I have furthermore always been inspired by our freedom fighters, Tata Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Walter Sisulu and Helen Suzman amongst others who sacrificed most of their lives to bring about positive change in South Africa. It basically entails two aspects, the one of completing administrative duties such as setting up meetings, minute taking, the submission of relevant documentation to stakeholders such as policies and agendas and reporting as well as the other aspect (more importantly) of overseeing the daily operations of the SRC as a unified structure in order to ensure it operates efficiently and effectively.

BEAT: Do you have any advice for women on how they can be successful in todays day and age?
I feel women need to acknowledge and know their selfworth. A woman is no longer considered to have been born simply for the purpose of cooking, cleaning and producing a family. A woman is much more than that (as important as those attributes are in the context of a wellrounded home) and has a lot to offer towards ensuring the success and prosperity of this nation. A woman must make the most of the opportunities granted to her today and strive to be as successful as her male counterparts without fear or possible acts of prejudice. I believe a woman is strong, daring, and powerful beyond measure and thus more than capable of succeeding in her endeavors; it is a matter of belief and the will to fight for her success.

54| AUGUST 2012

55| AUGUST 2012

BEATing the Odds

By Sindi Tswhawe and Andisiwe Mtengwane
BEAT, in association with Eyakho Magazine donated lunch packs to a disadvantaged pre-school in Motherwell. The initiative, which was funded by NMMU students, was a great success as it provided a source of food for those who attend crche on empty stomachs. The founder of the Pre-school, Zodwa Plaatjie was overwhelmed by the project because her aim for Lukhanyiso Preschool was to bring light into Motherwells Nu29. Although the Pre-school is located in the backdrop of poverty and crime, it is the only foundation of hope in the community. Situated in an old small shack that is rented to Zodwa by her neighbour, the crche is divided into two sections, a small part to use as a kitchen area and the other as a class venue. As you step outside, you are faced with a toilet made of zinc instead of the expected jungle gyms. The biggest challenges that Lukhanyiso is faced with is maintaining the daily activities of the Pre-school without proper funding. Zodwa uses the little she receives to pay the teachers who develop the childrens education even though she lives off her husbands Petrol Attendant income. With a growing need for sponsorship, Zodwa is forced to depend on her garden project to provide the little ones with daily food. As BEAT Magazine we recognised their cry for help and offered our assistance by doing something small for them.As we were handing out the lunch packs, the childrens faces lit up with excitement, glowing with gratitude-bringing out their beautiful smiles. They sang their hearts out for us to show their appreciation for what we had done for them. The feeling of making a change is indescribable and as a continuous initiative we plan to visit them more often and would appreciate your assistance in making a change in their lives. Any donations would be of great help to Lukhanyiso. We will also be hosting other initiatives to help improve the Pre-School.


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Unraveling the Word with Pastor Sbu: EXPENSIVE SISTERS

I believe most of our sisters are selling themselves cheaply for momentary pleasure and fulfillment.At the end of it all they are faced with negative results of their hasty decisions. However, in the beginning of beginnings men highly esteemed women, And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man (Genesis 3:23). This scripture is indicative of the fact that our sisters dont come low-priced. No currency or precious stone is costly enough to equate to the quality of a godly woman. It cost Adam a rib from his own body to create Eve. Can you just imagine it in your mind of minds how significant a woman is before Gods eyes? Most of our sisters have succumbed themselves to ungodly Hollywood influences which the bible calls seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God has created to beto be received with thanksgiving of them that believe and know the truth (1 Timothy 4:1,3). For an example most television programs we watch preach that marriage is not necessary but still promote that someone can engage in sexual intersexions. It is Gods will that the younger women should marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully (1Timothy 4:14). In todays society such a view is deemed to be old-fashioned. Our media is continually bombarded by advertisements on bio-slims and weight-loss plans which have taken pre-eminence in many peoples lives above Gods word. We see most of our plus-sized sisters envying to have slim and trim bodies to the extent that they starve themselves as a result many have fallen victims of bulimia and anorexia nervosa. The word of God clearly states that one should not be envious of anyone (Proverbs 23:17) but should continually give praise to God through our Lord Jesus Christ for all things (Colossians 3:15). Gods word admonishes that For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come (1 Timothy 4:8). A slender body will not do you good if your spirit is not Christ-filled. Sisters even if God has made you fully-figured, youve got a reason to thank Him and confound your counterparts most of whom are not in the Lord. When a sister is in Christ she becomes as bold as a lion (Proverbs 28:1) and sound-minded enough like Hannah to Peninah who used to taunt her. Tell those who deride you, Because you are slender than me doesnt mean that you are chubbier than me. The challenge for our 21st century females is that of mak-

Faith Like Paulina

By Andisiwe Mtengwane

To add on to her problems, her fathers side of the family refused to believe that she was part of the family. They blamed her mother for giving birth to a cripple but her father always stood by his wife. Things were harder to endure since Paulinas sister was also tormented at school for her blood relation to the abnormal child. As Paulina grew older, her parents never gave up on her condition. She had her first operation at Bedford hospital when she was only 3, where she learned to walk on crutches. Although she was young at the time she remembers the joy on her mothers face when she took her first steps. The next big step became a hassle since getting proper education for her was limited. However, through the Grace of God her mother found out about Ikwhezi Lokusa Special School in Umtata. Paulina was enrolled at the school and won the top student award for 5 consecutive years. For Paulina life has never been easy, since birth she has always had irregular encounters. Born as a premature baby at 6 months, her life took a turn for the worse when her only source of survival failed on her. She was the only baby that lived to see the end of that day after several other babies died with the electricity failure in Umtata General Hospital. Although it has never been proven, her parents always believed that the single day she spent in an ineffective incubator cost her a normal life. It was only when her other peers were getting more advanced did her parents take note of her slow development. She was taken to several doctors before she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy diplegia, but coming from a pastoral backgroundthose words became too foreign to digest. Her parents continued to search for means to heal her, from doctors, to witch-doctors and pastors but all routes were unsuccessful. It was only when a pastor looked into her eyes and said my child, you are special-and God loves you did she realize that she had to accept herself. Acceptance was the hardest part, with other children always pointing their fingers and laughing at her, looking at her reflection was a misery. The only problem at the school was the guards who kept on beating them up. Paulina recalls an incident when she told one of the aunties she needed to urinate, but instead the auntie disregarded her request. After being patient with the auntie Paulina couldnt hold it in anymore, so she released her water unaware of the consequences that were going to follow. She was slapped and packed down with a whip because the guard believed she was too slow. Paulina learnt to keep to herself in fear that she would be firmed for being too loud. Her nightmare at Ikwhezi Lokusa ended and she moved to Pretorias Philadelphia special school where she encountered more problems. Only this time the pain inflicted on her were words. Paulina had a low self-esteem and had difficulty with making friends. Her conversations with other peers always ended up in tears because they would mock her and call her squint. She became her own friend and that didnt bother her. She excelled in matric but lost her grandmother, mother and father after she was accepted at Wits. After losing the heads in her family, Paulina developed a relationship with Christ. She regained her self-confidence and she learned to depend entirely on Christ. Paulina graduated from Walter Sisulu University and moved to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. She is currently the Deputy Chairperson of Fusion, an organisation that unites and embraces differences. Paulina is determined to take her ordeals in her stride as she continues to walk with God.

What is it that defines a womans worth? Could it be her outward beauty or the magnificence of her rubies, onyx, emeralds, silver and golden precious gems? In a materialistic society that were in a persons value is attached to how much monetary resources are at his/her disposal. Women have shifted their priorities to braided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly clothing (1 Timothy 2:9) and have overlooked the most important elements of professing godliness with good works. Dont get me wrong the bible did not mean that women are prohibited from looking gorgeous rather it stresses that godliness is the principal thing. Our society has given birth to a new breed of women, so called gold-diggers whose motives are to milk every dime from their rich and influential sugar-daddies.Nowadays, it has become common-place for most of our prominent politicians to be implicated in such vices in exchange for sexual favours and polygamous tendencies.The word of God tells usthe love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10). How sad it is that some of our state-presidents instead of cultivating a culture of well-principled and God-fearing women have passed legislation that degrades the dignity of a woman.

ing choices at the margin. The main battle is immediate

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choices versus eternity, ones will at loggerheads with Gods will. So which ones will you take?

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The Melodi subcommittee hosted XMs first ever Soul Night on the 4 May 2012 in the XM dining hall. The event was filled of great with great soulful acts. People came in numbers and by the time the event was in full swing, the dining hall was packed. The night ended off with the Sub- Comm selling delicious homemade soulful food. From the entertainment to the food, the event was a great success.

Subcomm Soul Night

XM Opening function


On the night of 14 April 2012, XM had its first function which was hosted in Hume Park hall. The event was pure elegance from start to finish. The hall was beautifully decorated, food was exquisite and the guests were entertained by XMs finest. This event was truly a success and we cannot wait for more events.

On the 15th of April the Melodi had a special day planned for the Melodi residents. Both seniors and juniors came in numbers to enjoy the festivities. There were a variety of games, classics such as Twister and 30 seconds, and then there were the more popular ones Friends like these and Guess Who. The ladies, especially the 2011 Hakkas, were very enthusiastic about the games, and there was competition between group one and two. The event was a great success and ended off with a braai.

Melodi Fun Day

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The Last Word with

Mam Wendy
When looking at our spiritual growth, we have to: focus on our interior life where we need to uphold strong ethics and moral values; our interactions with others, and; our spiritual practices such as prayer and worship. It is possible to have new beginnings in every sphere of our lives and, in fact, we should have regular introspections where we change or improve what is not working for us. A huge part of our holistic make-up must consist of the care we give and time we spend with our loved ones. Time has also to be made for fun and relaxation. There may come a time in our lives where we need to check ourselves to reach the balance. I am sure we all know the saying All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. We may get to a turning point where we realise that certain friends are not a good influence in our lives and, although difficult to face, we have to make a decision to befriend those who are going to make a positive and worthwhile contribution to us. One of the most important new beginnings which has to be faced is that of our choice of career. After finishing school, embarking on a post school qualification will become the cornerstone in setting our way forward on the road we have chosen for the rest of our lives. If we do not know exactly what we want to become or do, or circumstances may change along the way, it is not too late and, the change may steer us in a totally different direction.

Hello my dear Melodians

Firstly, I need to express my gratitude at being asked to contribute towards the first Magazine of its kind in Melodi. As Residence Manager, it is an absolute honour and privilege to be able to communicate with you on an informal basis and to share some of my thoughts with you. The theme of new beginnings which has been chosen for the magazine could not be more appropriate as it coincides with the start of a university career for many and is symbolic to Melodi Residence. We need to consider that each generation is taken through new beginnings from the time we are born. These new beginnings must be balanced in all scopes and become the cornerstones of ones life life/health/career.

When we make changes in our lives, we must always weigh up the consequences to see if they are In life, we are reminded that it is time for new going to be more in line with our future plans, beginnings where we are representing the start goals and dreams.To sum up, in the words of Marof a new life. It is important for us to make time tin Luther King Jnr, Take the first step in faith. to concentrate on our wellbeing whether it be spiritual growth or health, fun and relaxation With love and best wishes From UmamWendy and, of course, our career.

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