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The Last Will of Shiromordov

A Comedy in Three Acts by Natalya Churlyaeva

Translated from Russian by Jane H. Buckingham

Natalya Churlyaeva Kolomenskaya 12/42 Krasnoyarsk, Russia churyahin@rambler.ru

The Last Will of Shiromordov by Natalya Churlyaeva

PALYCH: Gennadii Pavlovich Belochkin, the head of a respectable establishment. GALIA: Galina Iakovlevna, PALYCHS spouse. SOTNIKOV: a character of undefined social status. BOSS: Semen Semenych, the head of the local branch of the shadow government. ATTORNEY: Valentin Sergeevich, the attorney of the local branch of the shadow government. NOTARY PUBLIC: Elena Petrovna, the notary public of the local branch of the shadow government. ANNA: Anna Averianovna, Shiromordovs sister. GEORGE: ANNAS husband. VESELKO: Angelika Ivanovna, Shiromordovs former lover, works at the respectable establishment. LAPSHIN: Anatolii Petrovich, a prominent official. BODYGUARD: Alex. SECRETARY.

The Last Will of Shiromordov by Natalya Churlyaeva

The action takes place in the city, in a luxury apartment and a government office.

The present.

The bizarre circumstances after the death of a petty functionary expose the corrupt atmosphere of some government agencies. Three different sets of heirs, each holding a copy of the will bequeathing the entirety of the property of the deceased to them, try to claim their inheritance. The government agency where the deceased worked needs to sort this out as quickly as possible so that the inheritance would not go into the wrong hands.

The Last Will of Shiromordov by Natalya Churlyaeva


Act One
As the curtain rises, GALIA, PALYCH, SOTNIKOV enter a luxury apartment. GALIA (Heaves a sigh.) There, finally its all over. Now we can relax. SOTNIKOV Allow me, allow me, distinguished Galina Iakovlevna. Oh, I beg your pardon! Youre not just distinguished but dear to us... And no question about being dear, youre our beloved! It would be better to say that its all over for our dearly departed Shiromordov. Now he can really rest... (Chuckles.) If, of course, we pay no attention to the existing superstition about the Last Judgment waiting for all of us. PALYCH Youre being dramatic, as always. SOTNIKOV But what else can you do with such tragic circumstances? GALIA Gennadii, pay less attention to him. He talks all sorts of nonsense, let him blabber to himself. What will you get from him? SOTNIKOV While you, sweet Galina Iakovlevna, believe that theres something to get from you as opposed to me? GALIA What, what? Whats this youre saying? Why am I here? SOTNIKOV Indeed, why are you here? Youre perfectly right in posing the question. Its worthwhile for you to ponder over, strictly speaking, the meaning of your stay here. What relation do you have with this apartment... (Gestures.) What rights do you have to leave tracks on this parquet... PALYCH Why can you talk this way to my wife? Id ask you not to forget yourself. SOTNIKOV and


Ah, please excuse me, Mr. Belochkin, please dont kill me, show mercy. How could I forget? Now youre not a simple gentleman, but so grand, so fabulously rich! God forbid, only imagine to yourself heaven knows what and make a big deal at the spur of the moment. Indeed, as if theres no regret later. Or even repentance. GALIA Gennadii, is he going to keep on being a buffoon? Keep getting on my nerves? Enough mocking us! SOTNIKOV What are you talking about, Galina Iakovlevna? What buffoonery? What mockery? Can yesterdays friend, todays servant, and should be tomorrows slave really allow himself such things, Gennadii Pavlovich? PALYCH What nonsense are you talking? Enough! After all, its starting to get boring. GALIA Gennadii Pavlovich, I demand drastic measures from you. I announce to you officially: if you dont put this brazen face in his place...eh-h-h...how to express it better... SOTNIKOV Please dont trouble yourself for nothing, Galina Iakovlevna. Please dont strain your pretty little head too much, otherwise, God forbid, what if something came out of it. What if something extravagant, like the birth of fresh thoughts. GALIA You shameless man! Get out of here! SOTNIKOV Aha, not so fast... Have you noticed what a poor start would bring? I run and stumble. GALIA Gennadii Pavlovich, I demand your immediate intervention. PALYCH (Shrugs his shoulders.) What can I do with him? You cant do anything if hes born this way. GALIA Throw this man out of our home immediately! Let him leave us alone at last!


SOTNIKOV Why? whats this whining? GALIA Gennadii, are you suggesting that I act independently? What, am I to summon a guard? PALYCH Galina, calm down, please. Its bad for you to get excited. You know him, hes always this way. Cant reform him already. SOTNIKOV Exactly, I am what I am, and I dont intend to be reformed to please all kinds of weasels! This is no penal colony! PALYCH Why are you making such a fuss? No one is demanding anything like that from you. SOTNIKOV Youd start to demand from me yet. Who are you to demand anything from me? But here I can demand something from you. Why do you want to say that? PALYCH

SOTNIKOV Dont you understand? Already forgotten what were indebted to? How quickly youve stepped into the role... Just that Id behave more carefully in your shoes. And take your beloved wife in hand... GALIA Gennadii, why do you let him do this? (Turns to SOTNIKOV.) Why are you wagging your tongue? Who are you, after all? What do you imagine yourself to be? SOTNIKOV Me? I at least dont try to imagine myself as anybody, unlike you, our precious Galina Iakovlevna and Gennadii Pavlovich. (Hysterical.) My husband and I represent reputable organizations! Were professors, under our guidance... PALYCH GALIA


(Frowns.) Galina, calm down, whats this for? Why do you start this explanation that no one needs? GALIA What do you mean why? This man obviously doesnt quite understand whom hes dealing with! Doesnt realize the difference between us! SOTNIKOV And whats the difference between us? I dont see any special difference... However, to be honest, of course there is a difference. Though sad as it is for you, I am still a bit smarter than both of you put together. Wha-at? What made you decide that? SOTNIKOV How do you think intelligence is measured? Dont know? Or do you think that the more papers you write to yourself, the smarter you become? Must be, your precious wife convinced you of this? Meanwhile, the presence of such confidence by itself indicates the exact opposite. Do you know what it is? The mental deficiency of an individual. You have no idea how many such backward people are among our high and mighty! Almost in every chair of command. And sometimes even manage to get two or three in one chair... GALIA Oh, you scum! You beast! Now Ill show you backward... (Grabs a pillow from the sofa and hurls it at SOTNIKOV but hits PALYCH instead.) PALYCH Are you out of your mind? Watch where youre throwing! GALIA You deserve what, like...you know who! (Chuckles.) He knows, he knows. You know, right, our professor...pseudo? And you shut up! Defect! GALIA SOTNIKOV SOTNIKOV GALIA PALYCH


(Restraining himself.) What did you say? OK, jokes aside. Well, take the old witch away... You hear? Else I cant vouch for myself... Come on, come on, do I have to remind you who made you professor, leader, and all the rest? Itll be so bad for both of you youd wish it had never happened... Well? (Shows PALYCH a fist.) Forgotten that Im fed up with you? PALYCH (Coughs.) Galina, please go out for a minute... Leave, go down, take a walk. He and I have to talk. GALIA Why do I have to go? I still havent looked around the place as I should. PALYCH Well, so go, look... Go, go! SOTNIKOV (Chuckles.) Just that I earnestly ask you: dont touch anything. You still havent assume the rights to the inheritance. GALIA Oh, Im so sick of him! Wish I hadnt laid eyes on him. SOTNIKOV Absolutely agree with you. Would be great if theyd stop squinting at me. Not eyes but downright some cash register! GALIA My nerves definitely cant take it anymore... (Pulls out a cigarette.) Im going to have a smoke. SOTNIKOV Go, go... Smoke... From under a black cloak... (GALIA walks out of the room in protest.) PALYCH Why are you so rough with her? What wrong has she done you? SOTNIKOV (Impatiently.)


Shed try to do me harm yet. Me, who made the way for her and you together in the world... Something Ive since regretted many times already. When will your sweet other half stop double-cross me? Huh? PALYCH Its not on purpose. SOTNIKOV Not on purpose, not on purpose... Perhaps shes not on purpose, but here it turns out that you presents me especially with surprises. What surprises? PALYCH

SOTNIKOV What, what... These. Didnt I fix up the scientific council in your lousy establishment? I did. Secure commercial protection? I did. So why did you start getting greedy? Why did you make your own assistant idiots more prudent? Everything is not enough for you? Think with your head: you and your old lady are simply pathetic candidates of disciplines nobody needs, and nothing more! Cant prove to anyone that they're commercially viable or restructuring. PALYCH Okay, okay, I wont anymore. SOTNIKOV Yes, of course, you wont. Already ruined it... Exposed all of us... (Gets furious.) Youre what, a rat, decided to destroy our specialty network, huh? You look at me. PALYCH I understand everything. No need to go on. SOTNIKOV Understand what? What do you understand? What could you understand if we even havent started the conversation yet? What conversation? PALYCH

SOTNIKOV Business conversation... Serious conversation... What, you think Im going to carry on small talks with you here? PALYCH Perhaps not now? Maybe later?


SOTNIKOV What nonsense! Well talk right now. PALYCH OK, fine, I agree. I wasnt against it at all. SOTNIKOV Even if you were... So, fine... Since no one is against it... (Takes some papers out of a briefcase.) Heres a copy of the will... (Hands them to PALYCH.) Next week go to the notary public and declare yourself the heir. PALYCH Why the rush? Seems to me not quite decent. Maybe we should wait a little? SOTNIKOV Earlier had to wait! Sit and wait, not run and talk about anything with your old fool. PALYCH Here we go again. Why are you constantly going after her? Old, so old. Why is she old? Shes my age, and I dont consider myself old. SOTNIKOV What, you think that if a broad of retirement age stretches a mini-skirt over her wrinkled ass, shell instantly become young? Is that your opinion? PALYCH You made it sound so indecent. You have to understand, were constantly in the public eye and must meet the demands of fashion... In a word, were public figures. SOTNIKOV Its hard not to agree with you. Youre right, shes a public broad, and you, well, a public dude. Thats right, everythings just as I thought. PALYCH Excuse me, but something I dont quite... SOTNIKOV (Gets furious.) Why did you blabber about this will to her? Now she moves around here, shaking the relics! Pictures herself the mistress... What connection does she have with all this? (Shows around with his hands.) The same as you... And the late Shiromordov... And other professional


figureheads. Just keep in mind, in case of anything, no one will be polite to you. If anything, have to get yourself out of... (A heartrending cry is heard, and ANNA barges into the room. She grapples with BODYGUARD, who is trying to hold her back. GEORGE gives BODYGUARD a shove in the back.) ANNA Oh-oh-oh-oh! My gosh! Save me! Help me! Murder! (Grabs BODYGUARD by the ear with one hand, beats him on the head with her purse.) SOTNIKOV Who are you? (Does not hear him.) Police! Quick, call the cops! George! ANNA

(Turns to PALYCH.) Palych, who are they? You know them? Nope. See them for the first them.



GEORGE Oh, you shameless liar! Anna, did you hear what he said? It turns out this jerk sees us for the first time! ANNA (Not letting go of BODYGUARD.) Call the police, George! Told you to call the cops! GEORGE (Runs up to the window.) Police! Help! Burglars! SOTNIKOV (Runs up to the window and closes it.) Shut up, you idiot! What do you want here? PALYCH Wait, wait... It seems I might actually have seen them somewhere before... Just not sure where. SOTNIKOV


Youre never sure of anything! Where could you have seen this blockhead? GEORGE Ill show you a blockhead! Ouch-ouch! It hurts! BODYGUARD

ANNA (Hits BODYGUARD with her purse.) Take that, take that! Take that, you lousy scum! BODYGUARD Let go! (Tries to break free.) Let go, crazy bitch! ANNA (Holds onto BODYGUARD by his hair.) George, help! I cant handle him alone. GEORGE Aha, now I... (Runs over, picks up a chair.) Take this, you skunk! (Hits BODYGUARD on the head with the chair. BODYGUARD topples over onto the floor and lies there not moving.) Rest a little... Think about life. (Pants.) Oh-h, my, what a wild one... Got loose somehow. SOTNIKOV Lord, what are you doing? Did you organize an escape from the loony bin to the slammer? GEORGE Wh-a-at? Who are you? Well, get out of here, and quickly... And take this stiff with you... (Points at BODYGUARD lying on the floor.) SOTNIKOV You dont have to worry about him. As soon as he comes to, hell leave on his own. ANNA ANNA


(Detects PALYCH.) Listen, George... I for sure have seen this slimy crook before. GEORGE I recognized him right away. He lies that he doesnt know us. ANNA (Gives PALYCH a push.) Listen, you, goatee! You really dont remember me? PALYCH Havent had the honor to be introduced. ANNA Wasnt it you who was quite drunk at the banquet and took it into your head to paw me, huh? What, forgotten? (Amazed.) Wow! I see your taste leaves something to be desired, Palych. ANNA George, did you hear? Theyre insulting me! GEORGE Dont bother with them. They wont do anything to you, can knock them down with a feather. ANNA George, dont you understand me? GEORGE I do, I do. Just dont understand what Im to do. SOTNIKOV But here I personally cant much understand anything. Palych, cant you explain precisely who they are and what the devil theyre doing here? Especially on such a painful day for all of us. PALYCH Darn, I dont know! I know nothing. SOTNIKOV And you, good people? Maybe tell us who you are and why you dragged yourselves here? GEORGE SOTNIKOV


Want a lot, get a little! I wont tell you anything, dont pin your hopes on it. SOTNIKOV Whys that? Man, are you by chance a terrorist? (Confused.) Annie! What should I do? GEORGE

ANNA Keep quiet, George, better keep quiet. You know yourself. SOTNIKOV You then, Palych, come on... Tell at what banquet and with what goal you grope this respectable lady? PALYCH Theres nothing to tell... I dont remember anything. SOTNIKOV Well, were you so totally wasted then? ANNA He lies all the time! The rascal, he remembers everything very well. SOTNIKOV So, lady, that means you remember this well? Thats wonderful. Then lets figure out this character together. Youll have to tell us, whats this banquet for? In whose honor? GEORGE Theres this, like his... Well, this... Presentation... For some new bigwig of theirs. Something to do with some vets of some wars. ANNA George! Shut your mouth. GEORGE Oh, OK. Understood, already shut. SOTNIKOV Now something I dont understand again. What vets, what wars? And what presentation you attended, Palych, without our knowing? Werent you told: no letting strangers into our business! Why did you start exercising autonomy? What role did you go into? PALYCH


They were no strangers. Everybody there was in a very narrow circle of their own people. Can even say almost relatives. SOTNIKOV In that case, whose people are these? (Points to ANNA and GEORGE.) Yours? PALYCH No. Really not your relatives? Not by any chance. SOTNIKOV Hey, people! Please tell us whose people you are. ANNA Definitely not yours. SOTNIKOV Not a shade of doubt in that. Perhaps youre someones relatives? ANNA Shiromordovs! SOTNIKOV Wh-a-at? Palych, did you hear? Now this is news. GEORGE How is this news? Annas his sister, like forever. (Turns to ANNA.) Its true? SOTNIKOV SOTNIKOV PALYCH

ANNA Nothing more true... Exactly, you cant doubt it. SOTNIKOV Well, then, that explain many things. In that case, please allow me to express my deepest condolences for the untimely death of your brother. GEORGE


No big deal. Had to drink less... BODYGUARD (Comes to and tries to get up, chimes in irrelevantly.) I didnt drink! It wasnt anything, it wasnt that. ANNA (Takes a breath.) Youre right, George. Indeed how he got drunk the last time. Horror! Now death has caught up with him... And all because of them, his drinking buddies! Look at their trend: get drunk and go behind the wheel... BODYGUARD (Again irrelevantly.) Never! I always get behind the wheel stone cold sober! SOTNIKOV Shut up! Not for you to talk. Youre not behind the wheel, should be behind the door! And not let anyone in. BODYGUARD (Gets on his feet.) Right, not let in! I tried... And she had to hit me? Is that so? SOTNIKOV Okay, leave, well sort it out later... Indeed, a hit man. BODYGUARD Oh! (Turns and holds his head.) My head is splitting! ANNA Have no fear, it wont. No need to harass a married woman. BODYGUARD Think Ill go lie down... (Enters.) Whats this lie down? Wheres he thinking of lying down? (Looks around.) And who are these people? BODYGUARD Dont worry about me, please, Ill find a place somewhere... Here, I can lie down GALIA


on the couch... GALIA Are you out of your mind? Just you look at him! He wants to lie down on my leather couch! ANNA George, you just look at this snake bitch! How clever, turns out she already has a couch here! Interesting, since when? BODYGUARD Ill go then, rest in the car... PALYCH (Agitated.) Wait, wait, Alex! Wait, dont leave, something strange is going on here. SOTNIKOV Well, Alex wont be able to clear up any situation for us. Go, Alex, dont listen to him... Go wherever you want. Well sort things out with you later... (BODYGUARD leaves.) GALIA Gennadii Pavlovich, I officially demand an explanation from you: who are these people and by what right are they here? (Shrugs his shoulders.) She says shes Shiromordovs sister. As for the guy with her, I have no idea. Probably her husband. ANNA Who else? Of course my husband! GALIA Husband huh, so? And whys that? What do you have to do with us? I dont know you and I dont want to know you! Gennadii, throw them out of our place now! And let them take Sotnikov along at the same time. GEORGE Oh, you bitch! You tacky cat! Ill rip out your legs and stick them together as matches, old witch! Then youll run and yell! SOTNIKOV Quiet! Silence, everyone! PALYCH


ANNA Fat chance! Ordering people out! Why should I listen to this slut and keep quiet? Had to think up something like this? Her house... Completely lost her mind, filthy chatterbox? No way, like hell! (Gives GALIA the finger.) Who do you think you are? Half-baked! Cant put two words together, yet put on airs! Who knocked it into your rotten head that such wealth could fall on you, you hairy-legged pariah? According to what law? The law of inheritance! GALIA

GEORGE Wh-at? Fancy that, how smart! Indeed, the heiress turned up, from the back alley. What more do you want? GALIA Gennadii Pavlovich, why do you keep quiet? PALYCH Galina, it seems to me that you had better not get involved in this. Therere circumstances not known to you. Better let Sotnikov sort this out. SOTNIKOV Whats to sort out here? Nothing to sort out. Everythings clear as day. We have on hand a will written in black and white that in case of Shiromordovs untimely death, Gennadii Pavlovich Belochkin is the sole legitimate heir of all of his liquid and non-liquid assets. As well as all bank accounts, domestic and foreign, registered in Shiromordovs name. Naturally, not suspecting the existence of this document, our lady excellent in all other respects... (Points to ANNA.) ...decided that all these properties will be transferred to her as the legitimate heir. And it would be quite reasonable for her to come to such a conclusion since, as we all know, Shiromordov had no official wife or legitimate children. If not for the afore-mentioned will. We, on our part, did not look into this issue at all, believing that Shiromordov had no sister. Well, for this mistake, Gennadii Pavlovich will assume, so to speak, personal responsibility. So there you have it, my dear, if you want to know: were here on full legal grounds. Namely, on the basis of the law of inheritance. ANNA Listen, Mr., dont you take me for a retard! I knew my own brother better than you, and when there was a chance I was skilled at loosening his tongue. This crazy brainless fool... (Points at GALIA.) ...doesnt know what she needs and what the deuce shes plucking out of here! But then I know for sure what you are and why you needed my brother! So now you


listen well to what Ill tell you: you blew it this time, understand? And all the others together with you. Look! (With a triumphant look pulls out a piece of paper.) See? I also have a will. (Screams.) Ah-h-h-h!! (Throws herself at ANNA and knocks her down. GEORGE tries to separate them.) No, bitch, no! I wont allow it! (Tears the piece of paper out of ANNAS hand and stuffs it in her own mouth, and chews.) Thats it! Thats it! You have no more will! PALYCH (Approaches, slaps GALIA.) Dont disgrace yourself, idiot! (Laughs.) The bitch has completely lost her mind. Its a copy! SOTNIKOV Thats right... Good job, Palych, should have made her see reason long ago. GALIA (Confused.) Gennadii, you raised your hand to me? You hit me? After all that Ive done for you? After all the sacrifice on my part? How dared you? What, is there nothing sacred left with you? All my life I exerted myself, pulled you up! Oh God, why such humiliation for me before some lowbrow? ANNA Shut your trap and choke on the paper... Some aristocrat turned up from the back alley... Im coming with you... George, listen, have to go around, make a list of everything, otherwise, they might steal things. Start with these... SOTNIKOV Id advise you not to rush ahead of time. So far, theres nothing clear about your status. For my part, I can only assure you that nothing will turn out for you in this matter. Am I correct, Palych? PALYCH The will was drawn up properly in my name and I dont intend to let anyone have anything. I owe nothing at all to anyone here. ANNA GALIA


GALIA (Emotionally.) You owe me everything! Everything that you have! Youre incompetent, not enough of anything! Remember how the last year in high school I gave my new boots to our class instructor so she would change your 4 to a 3 in the certificate? Have to give away such boots for such a worthless person! Forty years have passed and those heels are still in front of my eyes... And how you failed your session at the institute, remember? How I got on my knees in front of the rector and begged him to transfer you to the evening session? Now I wouldnt do it for anything in the world! Remember how you by folly set off an explosion in the department? You cant imagine what it cost me to hush up the matter! And later, already in Moscow, when you were in grad school? Already forgot how I had to sell Mamas place and spend everything to the last dime on you, you blockhead, so that you would finish? I indeed keep quiet for your protection, and think of the terrible... PALYCH Then keep quiet. Pull yourself together. GALIA What are you saying? So I should pull myself together but youll let loose? Not happening! PALYCH Calm down! Dont you see whats happening here? (Quietly.) We simply have no other way out. ANNA (Concerned.) Listen, George, this is indeed a very big place. Maybe somewhere theres another way out? You better go check, else Im worried. GEORGE True, indeed, Annie... (About to exit.) GALIA Dont let him go alone! Hell rob us! PALYCH Heard that, Mr.? Youre not going anywhere alone. GEORGE Whos barking? Why am I not going? PALYCH


Because I said so! ANNA Whoa, you said so! Who are you here? PALYCH The owner! I ask you to remember once and for all, Im the owner here! (LAPSHIN and VESELKO enter.) ANNA Im the owner here! LAPSHIN Whats this news at our home? Whats this with owners turning up in our absence? ANNA Yes, Im the owner here! Whats this? Oh, heavens, and this hussy with him! LAPSHIN What hussy? ANNA The last love of my deceased brother! Why did she show up here? Havent we gone through enough of her shame during his life, she has to fray my nerves after his death? GALIA (Starts to moan.) Oh-h-h-h! Now Im starting to feel bad! Quick, give me water... (Fills a glass herself and drinks it.) PALYCH Anatolii Petrovich, I fail to understand you. You in your position bring shame to yourself this way with this... Dont even know how to say it. You should be ashamed! LAPSHIN I dont understand you, Gennadii Pavlovich. Why the feeling of shame here? SOTNIKOV I can explain. You see, this lady whom you brought along as companion, to put it mildly... VESELKO What are you saying? Behave yourself like a man!


SOTNIKOV And how should a man behave with women, I beg your pardon, of that sort? GEORGE Give a punch to one place, thats the whole conversation. PALYCH If this woman wont leave here now... LAPSHIN Nothing of the kind. Why should she leave if she just got here? I dont understand the meaning of your statement. And Id advise all of you to stop carrying on this kind of conversation altogether in her presence. Whys that? GEORGE

LAPSHIN Because no one else but she, being Shiromordovs wife, inherits... Wh-at? Shes his wife? Yes, wife! ANNA You think youre his wife! I think youre Satan! Only certainly not his widow... GALIA Right! Totally agree with you! This is no woman but the devil in a skirt! SOTNIKOV (Laughs.) Have to give it to the broads! Only just fighting and already at one. Just like them. This is typical, whoever they are, whatever circle they run in, they react the same way to those like Veselko. Like a bull to a red flag! Though, in fact, such as Veselko posts no danger to a family. Does a normal guy really runs out after her filthy skirts? VESELKO What expression is that? What are you saying? SOTNIKOV What you deserves. Well, when theres already a crack in the family, of course, where else does the poor guy go? In this case, the Veselkos are necessary, always ANNA VESELKO


ready to take in a lonely man with serious intentions. They sometimes even take him in for the position, but usually without money or assets. Because not every man wants to share their assets with Veselko. So, you broads take offence at her in vain. The problems in your family arent her fault but your own. Why are we at fault? ANNA

SOTNIKOV Why do you make your mens life miserable? Appreciate them for what they are and hardly any of them would run to a Veselko. A person of sound and sober mind would hardly go to these people. Isnt that so, Anatolii Petrovich? Are you indeed under the influence today? LAPSHIN Youre mistaken. Im sober as a judge. Hes off his rocker! ANNA

PALYCH Anatolii Petrovich, I beg you, please be more serious. We didnt come here to play games. LAPSHIN Agreed, Gennadii Pavlovich. Time to end the game. So, gentlemen, cards on the table! Angelika Ivanovna, you have the last word. VESELKO Listen, all of you, and remember! I am the legal owner of everything Shiromordov left behind. Yes, yes, according to the will! Anatolii Petrovich, please be kind enough to show the document... (LAPSHIN rummages in his briefcase.) VESELKO (contd) Therefore I suggest all unauthorized persons to leave the premises... And never carry on ambiguous conversations in my presence! Else youll regret it. SOTNIKOV Whats this? Who dares to threaten us? What insect is this? GEORGE Its not even an insect, its a drunk flea! LAPSHIN Once again I ask everyone to be more polite to the heir of the vast estate...


(Shows everyone the document.) Here you are... And by the way, be more polite to my future wife. SOTNIKOV (In amazement.) Wh-at? Well, both Shiromordov and you bastard... What have you done... Now the devil will flog you in hell! GEORGE (Turns to ANNA.) I told you! How many times I warned you that your brother was an unreliable drunk. GALIA (Looks around in confusion.) Gennadii... But how is that? I cant understand a thing. I dont much understand either. PALYCH

SOTNIKOV Doesnt matter, well figure it out somehow.


Act Two
The curtain rises on the setting of an office. BOSS and ATTORNEY sit together. BOSS How could such a thing have happened? Where did you see it? (ATTORNEY mumbles something indistinct.) BOSS (contd) What kind of counsel are you after this? Youre a fossil, not a counsel. Well, you have say it. ATTORNEY

BOSS I call a spade a spade. How would you call it? Youre a fossil. You were duped, big time. ATTORNEY Who could have anticipated it? Such a thing couldnt have entered a persons head. BOSS How did Shiromordov think of it? You want to convince me that the deceased actually had a head on his shoulders? Besides, not an empty one? ATTORNEY I dont know what to say. It turns out to be so. BOSS In my opinion, it turns out that your heads as empty as his. This Shiromordov was a minion! A drunk, a womanizer, and at best, a small-time crook. Exactly why he was of value to us, why we kept him. You at least remember how he puffed up with importance when we bought him a doctorate? Would at least be a little smarter, at least got around to reading it through. And then, they say, he carried on such nonsense at security that he disgraced us. The creep came close to bragging to his mistress that he could easily make her an academic! Again at our expense. Ill secure you a career in science. Got nowhere with that one! In short, it was difficult even to pull this Shiromordov up to a minion. No one would remember him now if he didnt put on such a show. Id like to see at least with my own eyes who put the idiot up to it. ATTORNEY So you want to say that he didnt think up all of this?


BOSS Are you trying to infuriate me? How many times do I have to explain something to you? This Shiromordov was unable to think at all! Who would have moved him up if he had at least an organ for thinking? Times arent the same. Now the smart ones dont get to move up but dragged under instead. ATTORNEY Well, indeed this is an overstatement... Hmm... Dragged under... BOSS What, isnt that so? ATTORNEY Certainly not... Take you here, for example. You alone is worth all of us. BOSS Wh-at? I wont hear this from you anymore. What did I say? ATTORNEY

BOSS You dared to evaluate my mental abilities. ATTORNEY Nothing of the kind! I only allowed myself to express my admiration of your great intellect! BOSS What, dont you understand? If you continue in this vein, youll receive a salary according to the payroll. ATTORNEY Hows this? I really dont understand. BOSS How much do you get on the payroll? (ATTORNEY approaches BOSS and whispers something in his ear.) BOSS There, thats right. In rubles. Paid in rubles in the payroll. So, for bad behavior, this sum will be paid in rubles, not in greenbacks. (Confused.) ATTORNEY


You cant do this to me. Its too cruel. BOSS Really? Yes, Ill die of hunger! ATTORNEY

BOSS Why dont others die? They get several times less than this sum even in rubles... And even not all. ATTORNEY How can you compare that? Think, take a simple person with no needs and minimal demands, or... BOSS Or you? And what demands do you have, our not-so-simple person? What cant you do without? Dry martinis? Or do you prefer brandy? Ah-h, I know! You love French Champagne, from the Madam! But have to be awfully drunk at the same time! So that they hop on the table and make faces at you and you throw caviar at them. Am I right, those are your demands? (Sigh.) Youre denouncing me again. ATTORNEY

BOSS Im not preaching to you here. Im reminding you of your tendency towards the occasional bout of drinking! Among other things, fraught with dangerous consequences for all of us. Youve forgotten how during one such spree you reached such a state that you started seeing pink elephants! Forgotten how you were so frightened then that you ran to a cop paying him to save you? ATTORNEY It was just a misunderstanding. It can happen to anyone. BOSS Shut up! Dont drive me crazy. Listening to you, our alcoholics are so loaded with money that they have to get rid of it from time to time by throwing it at cops... (Looks in the door.) Semen Semenych, Sotnikov is here. Can he come in? Alone? BOSS SECRETARY


SECRETARY No, some people with him. I dont know them... But seem to me, so-so. BOSS Let him in alone. SECRETARY What about those who came with him? Offer tea, coffee? Or something stronger? BOSS Too much honor. Theyll be spoilt. ATTORNEY Exactly, theyll be spoilt, let them do without. Let them just sit and twiddle their thumbs. SECRETARY OK. All the same to me just let them sit. Better for me... (Exits.) (SOTNIKOV enters.) BOSS Well, hows it going? Come and sit down... Tell me. SOTNIKOV Tell you what? Everything... Tell me everything. I already told you everything. Really everything? Everything that I know. BOSS Then lets take it from the top again. SOTNIKOV I have nothing to add. How could I know that Shiromordov managed to make three wills at once? BOSS SOTNIKOV BOSS SOTNIKOV


ATTORNEY Not just three. But three identical wills! Same date, only to different people. SOTNIKOV I wouldnt say identical. They were notarized by different people. BOSS But one and the same date on all of them? SOTNIKOV The same! Same date. BOSS Youre sure? No mistake? Didnt make it up yourself? SOTNIKOV Dont believe me, can ask Alex. Possible its not made up. Thats what I also say. BOSS You say, you say... You say a lot! What a chatterbox we have here... Can even say a talker of local importance... Such a mess. Better sit and hold your tongue as youre asked. SOTNIKOV (Offended.) Well, then. First talk then shut up... No understanding you. ATTORNEY (Laughs.) Watch, now hell cry! Sotnikov, whats with you? Lost control of yourself? SOTNIKOV Sotnikov what? If someone needs something, then at once Sotnikov! If something goes slight wrong, then Sotnikovs guilty right away? Why Sotnikov here? There sits the attorney, ask him. He did the paperwork, let him explain how it could have happened. ATTORNEY BOSS SOTNIKOV


Nothing of the kind! I have to explain nothing. Ive nothing to do with this awkward situation. BOSS Awkward situation, indeed! Imagine to yourself how much this awkward situation will cost us. SOTNIKOV He lies all the time, nail him! He prepared the papers, the devil knows how! And drove Shiromordov to the notary public... BOSS Just dont understand... (Turns to ATTORNEY.) Where did you draw up the documents? ATTORNEY I...I dont really remember... It was so long ago. What? Whats that? BOSS

ATTORNEY I...I...Please excuse me, I thought... I wanted, how better... But whats the difference, really, where? BOSS (Turns to SOTNIKOV.) I remember you said that he staggered with the papers to some public institution? SOTNIKOV Yes, thats the case. Palych described it. True, I wasnt with them then. You know... BOSS I know, I know... By the way, wheres he now? SOTNIKOV Who, Palych? Hes here now, sitting in reception! Call him? Go, call him... (SOTNIKOV exits.) BOSS (contd) BOSS


Must call him right away. ATTORNEY Just be stricter with them, Semen Semenych. What do you mean, stricter? BOSS

ATTORNEY That ones a liar! A shameless liar. Not a word can be trusted. BOSS Yea? And your words can be trusted? Youre our conscientious truth-seeker, perhaps? Better keep quiet... (PALYCH and SOTNIKOV enter.) (Smiles.) Good day, Semen Semenych! How are you feeling? Youre here too? (Puts out a hand, no one responds.) How do you do, Valentin Sergeevich? BOSS Just you look at him. It seems to be a good day for him. Must be so... But then its a very bad day for us. ATTORNEY Pay attention to how he cares for our health. Youd think that its of great importance to him... You almost drove us all to our graves! SOTNIKOV You just wait, he will yet. Can expect that from him and this one is even a comrade. Sotnikov! Sotnikov what? Am I wrong? BOSS Must admit that this time youre right as never before. PALYCH (Wipes off the sweat.) ATTORNEY SOTNIKOV PALYCH


Perhaps I should sit down? Or is it better for me to stand? BOSS Why stand? Sit, sit... No reason to be on your feet. PALYCH (Settles on the edge of a chair.) Thank you, Semen Semenych. SOTNIKOV Just you look, what a cultured comrade! How well-bred. Politeness itself! Someone near him doesnt know, cant imagine how this gentleman showers his subordinates with swearing. PALYCH Thats slander! Yes, it had in fact happened a few times, raised my voice to a shout. Well, so what, it happens to everyone at work, you yourself understand. Sometimes the nerves just cant stand up to the pressure... And it wasnt my fault but negligent employees. SOTNIKOV (Laughs.) Raised his voice to a shout! Bruises dont come from shouts, understand? People run out of your office with black eyes! See it myself. Indeed, intellectual... With a hairy soul. ATTORNEY And with fists... His are also hairy. (Surprised.) This is news to me. What, Sotnikov, does he really get into fights at work? SOTNIKOV Yes, all his minions felt this keenly! Indeed, what doesnt suit him at work. Everything except the work itself. PALYCH Please dont listen to them, Semen Semenych! Its not true! BOSS As you say, Gennadii Pavlovich. Dont listen, so we wont. In fact, enough listening to these mockers. Come, we better listen to you... Come, come, dont be shy. Im all ears. Hear, hear! Let him talk. SOTNIKOV BOSS


ATTORNEY Just watch, doesnt take this one much to lie. PALYCH But what exactly should I say? BOSS Everything, everything, Gennadii Pavlovich, everything to the smallest detail. Everything to do with drawing up the documents for you and Shiromodov. PALYCH Nothing special to tell. Simply they came to us and signed the documents. More, I dont know. Wait, wait. Who are they? BOSS

PALYCH Valentin Sergeevich and this woman. ATTORNEY He lies all the time! I told you: hell lie! Ive never been to his, not with any woman, not even with men. PALYCH How never been when in fact you did? Alex even drove you over then. He can back me up... (Jumps from the chair and runs to reception, yells to the door.) Alex! Alex! Come here, please! Please tell them that Valentin Sergeevich was at my place that time. BODYGUARD (Enters.) You called? BOSS Who? Us? No... But since youre here, do answer a question: did you drive Valentin and the notary public to see Belochkin? BODYGUARD I did... Only they didnt go to Belochkin but straight to Shiromordov. ATTORNEY (Triumphantly.) Heard that? Everyone heard that? (Points at PALYCH.)


Convinced that this character brazenly lies at every step? PALYCH What do you mean lies? What kind of stupidity youre talking about? Shiromordov works in our organization. Worked, that is... Directly under me... Tell me, Alex, did you see the signboard? BODYGUARD (Uncertainly.) Well, yes... Seemed it was written there: director...of some institute. PALYCH (Joyfully.) Thats right, Alex! And this institute is right under our organization. You know, Semen Semenych... SOTNIKOV He calls this an institute! Modest comrade, say no more. Two old drunks sit, wear through their pants, and Shiromordov considered himself their boss. They always invited him as the third when they needed one. Paid himself a salary which could easily feed a dozen other specialists. PALYCH Thats not my problem! There was no agreement concerning specialists... (Turns to BOSS.) You yourself always said: our main task is to organize more legal entities and plant trusted people everywhere. ATTORNEY He trusted Shiromodov well! SOTNIKOV Whats this got to do with Shiromordov? The matter isnt Shiromordov. Hed never have thought of it himself. BOSS You hear, Valentiin? It already dawned on Sotnikov that Shiromordov wasnt behind this. Who then? ATTORNEY

BOSS This we have to try to find out... Alex, tell me, then you brought these two right to the entrance? BODYGUARD


Yes... Then I carried the briefcase for Valentin Sergeevich to Shiromodovs office. BOSS Why? Valentin, Whats this news? ATTORNEY Why? I see nothing wrong with it. After all, Im an attorney, have to keep up the reputation. If I dont... What reputation? BOSS

ATTORNEY What reputation? Yours, of course, Semen Semenych! Youre our imposing one and you should have an imposing attorney too. How otherwise? SOTNIKOV (Derisively.) And whos our imposing attorney? You, perhaps? BODYGUARD (In an undertone.) Hes an attorney like Im a ballerina. PALYCH (Points at ATTORNEY.) There, Semen Semenych, you see! Now you understand what he is? BOSS What must I understand? That hes a dimwit, though with his tongue hanging well? I know this already without you, and we pay him for this. True, I didnt expect him to get so out of hand recently. Should have carried his own briefcase. Who does he think he is? (Turns to ATTORNEY.) You job, among other things, is to carry this briefcase with a significant look and from time to time make profound comments about nothing! So, you watch me. If you dont deal with your official duties, well soon find your replacement. ATTORNEY Who? Who will you find? SOTNIKOV Anyone we want. There, would even take Alex. No need to go further. ATTORNEY Sotnikov, dont joke. Dont forget, I have a diploma, a degree... Service record, after all.


SOTNIKOV Just think, a diploma. A problem, indeed. If we have to, tomorrow well issue a diploma with a watch to Uncle Vania! As if it matters to us. PALYCH Why a diploma with a watch to him? SOTNIKOV Because, why you... and he... (Nods in the direction of ATTORNEY.) and Shiromordov were given the same. For work, thats why. (Sternly.) Sotnikov! Behave yourself. BOSS

SOTNIKOV Pardon me, Semen Semenych, I got carried away. BOSS There you are... However, back to our cows. BODYGUARD (Surprised.) What cow? There was no cow there. (Smiles.) What, there wasnt? Remember? Eh, Alex? SOTNIKOV

BODYGUARD (Also smiles.) Ah-h... No-o, only chicks... And all of only one. (Twists his head around.) What? What chicks? PALYCH

(Sternly.) Dont digress! Alex! So, you and Valentin dropped into Shiromordovs office? Who was there? BODYGUARD Shiromordov... And him... (Nods in the direction of PALYCH.)



BOSS That was all? Nobody else there? BODYGUARD No, nobody else... Well, we went in. Valentin Sergeevich and I, and this... (Smiles.) And this chick with us...the notary public, that is. I just put down the briefcase and left right away. Where did you go? BOSS

BODYGUARD I immediately went to the car and waited for them there. PALYCH I definitely remember nothing about the briefcase. Perhaps it wasnt there at all? ATTORNEY How wasnt? So, I was but my briefcase wasnt? Is that it? SOTNIKOV You listen to him more and hell tell a different story. Im not me and the horses not mine. Listen to him for a while and even hes not there, and Shiromordov was absent. BODYGUARD Shiromordov was definitely there! It seems he was sitting then, quite drunk, eating an apple and drinking water. I asked him for an apple and he gave me the finger, said, Apples also cost money. BOSS Okay, Alex, everythings clear with you. Youre free to go. BODYGUARD Im going then... (Exits.) BOSS So... The four of you remained in Shiromordovs office after Alex left? Thats right, Semen Semenych. PALYCH BOSS


Well? What happened then? You sat and started to draw up the will together? So? PALYCH Not quite. I personally was not present with the drawing up. ATTORNEY Hows this not present? Then who celebrated this event with champagne? PALYCH That was already later! Much later. In fact, I went out during that time, you really dont remember? SOTNIKOV Where did you go? Why? PALYCH Well... In a word, I needed to do something. SOTNIKOV Upset stomach, perhaps? ATTORNEY Whys he lying? I had the upset stomach! BOSS Wait, wait, not all at once... So, Belochkin, you admit that you left Shiromordovs office at the moment of the drawing up of the extremely important document... Thats right? Can you explain to us why? (Wipes out sweat.) I can... You see, I had a very important meeting right at that time. BOSS How so? What could be more important for you at that time? PALYCH You see, a foreign delegation came to us that day. So? What follows? BOSS PALYCH

PALYCH I simply had to meet it... In the line of duty... As the head of the host organization. You have a deputy for this! SOTNIKOV


These werent simple foreigners. What kind? Really gold?


PALYCH No need to be wicked. A very imposing American came to us then. SOTNIKOV What are you saying? Whats this American? Shoved a finger in the ass? Huh? Dragged out some four-pound shit from there? PALYCH (Looks down, embarrassed.)


SOTNIKOV So, didnt shove in anywhere, didnt drag out anything? Why then are we still sitting in this shit? Wonders, pure and simple. PALYCH Not my fault, I swear to you! I simply couldnt do otherwise! Besides, Valentin Sergeevich and the notary public were still there with Shiromordov. ATTORNEY You listen to him! Couldnt do otherwise... Its me who couldnt. BOSS (In amazement.) What couldnt you? ATTORNEY Told you, I had an upset stomach. Whether you want it or not, had to withdraw quickly. Where to? SOTNIKOV

ATTORNEY Where to... Where do people go with an upset stomach? Where even the tsar walk to. BOSS And you dared leave Shiromordov alone with the notary public?


ATTORNEY (In a hurry.) No, no, not me! I didnt! I left before Belochkin. Much earlier. What happened there without me, I cant answer... Wheres the notary public? (Presses the call bell.) (Enters.) Yes? The notary public here yet? Yes, sitting in reception. Send him in. (SECRETARY exits.) BOSS (contd) Hmm... What a strange picture is emerging... (NOTARY PUBLIC enters.) Who are you? BOSS (contd) BOSS BOSS SECRETARY BOSS


NOTARY PUBLIC (In a trembling voice.) Me? Elena Petrovna. PALYCH Thats her! She was the one with Valentin Sergeevich then, Semen Semenych! (Smiles.) How do you do, Elena Petrovna! ATTORNEY

SOTNIKOV (Sits up slightly and looks NOTARY PUBLIC all over in perplexity.) Valentin, whats this? You really couldnt find someone more serious?


ATTORNEY Why? The documents were drawn up faultlessly. SOTNIKOV If they were done faultlessly, why are we all gathered together today? As the speech goes... Not quite. What not quite? PALYCH Not quite that way. The speech goes We are gathered here today... BOSS (In amazement.) What, is he always like this? Or just today? SOTNIKOV Even worse. Here hes at least shy in front of strangers. ATTORNEY Semen Semenych, forget Belochkin, all the same you wont get the truth out of him. Better ask Elena Petrovna what they did there in my absence. Elena Petrovna, please tell us what took place in Shiromordovs office after I withdrew? NOTARY PUBLIC Where did you go, Valentin Sergeevich? Where the tsar walks to. Pardon me? ATTORNEY Elena Petrovna, Im asking you, please be kind enough to tell us in detail what went on in Shiromordovs office during our visit there. Do you remember? NOTARY PUBLIC (In embarrassment.) I...I...I dont know. What dont you know? BOSS SOTNIKOV NOTARY PUBLIC PALYCH BOSS


Nothing... Nothing I could do.


BOSS You could do nothing about what? I hope not the documents? NOTARY PUBLIC No, no, not the documents... My stomach. BOSS What? You too? NOTARY PUBLIC (Almost cries.) Not my fault... Its Valentin Sergeevich... Its him. He proposed dining in an exotic restaurant... I felt sick... Nothing I could do about myself. SOTNIKOV What time did you dine? Valentin? You have such dinners often? ATTORNEY What, do you propose that I go hungry? BOSS No one forces you to go hungry! But visiting an exotic restaurant before the signing of such important documents? Its too much indeed... PALYCH I agree with you completely, Semen Semenych, its indeed too much! And they were even late! Its because of them there was the misunderstanding with the foreign delegation. SOTNIKOV Ah, so thats what it was! So, theyre all to blame? And you took offence and ran to give yourself up to the American? BOSS Sotnikov, enough going after Belochkin... So, Elena Petrovna, nothing you could do with yourself and so you left... (Laughs.) After Valentin Sergeevich... (Raises his voice.) SOTNIKOV



Sotnikov! SOTNIKOV Ill be quiet, Semen Semenych, Ill be quiet. BOSS So, Elena Petrovna... Please dont worry so much! It can happen to anyone. So, I hope you then took the documents with yourself? (Puzzled.) Documents? Why? BOSS (Pensively.) So... That means the documents remained in Shiromordovs office... Where were they, do you remember? On the table? NOTARY PUBLIC (Confused.) I...I dont remember. BOSS Belochkin, where were the documents? PALYCH How would I know? And why should I know? (Hysterically.) I saw these documents for the first time only when I put my signature on them! I was simply kept in reserve in case of emergency... (Lowers his voice.) As with Shiromordov... I still dont know I became the heir of what... Or, perhaps, not of... Only why did you organize this scam? You wanted to hide something or hide for others... SOTNIKOV And you see how he got his hackles up. ATTORNEY Uh-huh. Now hell start to crow. PALYCH Stop! I wont let you mock me! Ill complain! NOTARY PUBLIC May I go? I really dont know anything at all... NOTARY PUBLIC


SOTNIKOV Palych, you intend to complain to what authority? Start with whom? Our district? ATTORNEY No, thats too minor for him. Hell appeal to the Attorney General... Even better right to the Council of Europe. PALYCH Laugh, laugh... Just you dont have to cry later. NOTARY PUBLIC May I go? I have to... You sit! No time for you now. ATTORNEY

SOTNIKOV (Slaps his forehead.) Listen! Why didnt we think of it right away? He and Shiromordov arranged this when the two of them remained in the office! They came to an agreement and scanned all the documents! They had a scanner standing on the side there! We gave them the scanner, as corporate assistance... This basically changes things... BOSS Belochkin, what do you say to that? Was it so? PALYCH I already told you everything. I wasnt there, I left for a meeting. SOTNIKOV Do you want to say that you left Shiromordov alone with the documents, next to the scanner? PALYCH Dont you dare go after me! Ive warned you. SOTNIKOV Enough! Dont know about you, but Im rather tired of it already... (Rolls up his sleeves and approaches PALYCH.) Do as you wish, Semen Semenych, but Ill now teach this gentleman my own way... Our way... PALYCH (Almost squeals.) Dont come near me! Im not afraid of you! Im not afraid of any of you! BOSS


Sotnikov, wait... Dont make a fuss... For once hes so brave... (Takes a few photos out of a drawer.) Interesting, is he also not afraid of these? Now, shove these under his nose. SOTNIKOV (Shows the photos to PALYCH.) Look, traitor! Pay attention... Well, what do you say? Still not afraid? BOSS If he still isnt afraid, we can show him more... More substantial. PALYCH (Takes a good look at the photos.) Oh, my gosh... Please excuse me, Semen Semenych... I beg you, please forgive me... I beg you on my knees! (Gets down on his knees.) I just dont know what has come over me today... Probably something with the nerves... I think Im going to be sick... What if its complications after the flu? Youve known me for a long time, Semen Semenych! I never contradict you in anything! Now I cant recognize myself... Perhaps the secretary poisoned me with something in reception? She could! She could have slipped something into the glass, I drank it and lost control over myself! You interrogate her, shell own up, she has nowhere to go! Please excuse me, Ill still be of use to you... GALIA (Shouts recklessly from the reception.) Who are you to stop me? (The door swings open. GALIA storms into the office. SOTNIKOV gets in her path, tries to stop her.) GALIA Out of the way! Leave me alone, Im telling you! Wheres Gennadii? (Sees PALYCH on his knees.) Gennadii, why are you on your knees? Are you out of your mind? Get up now! (Runs to PALYCH and pushes him.) (PALYCH loses his balance and falls on his side. GALIA falls awkwardly onto PALYCH. SOTNIKOV and ATTORNEY try to help GALIA up.) GALIA (Beats them off and pulls the wig off ATTORNEY.) Dont you dare touch me, pervert! Give me back my wig, bitch! ATTORNEY


(NOTARY PUBLIC tries to sneak quietly out of the office.) GALIA (Gets up with the wig in her hand.) What? Give you back your wig? Whos going to give me back my dream? Dream of a wonderful life! In which Ill be surrounded by beautiful things, not this damn replica! ATTORNEY You dont even deserve replica! Give back the wig, I say! GALIA And who here deserves anything? You, perhaps? You dont even deserve this lousy wig! (Opens the window and flings the wig out as PALYCH lifts himself a little off the floor.) As for you... (Whacks PALYCH in the ear with a fist and he falls like a sack.) ATTORNEY What have you done! Why did you throw away my wig? How am I to see people now? SOTNIKOV (Laughs.) No problem, cover yourself with a hand. BOSS Galina Iakovlevna, please calm yourself. Give us a chance to sort things out without your participation in this knotty matter. Youre only hindering us. GALIA Not for anything in the world! No way Im leaving this fool alone with you, else hell do something again. SOTNIKOV He will, he will... Together with you... By the way, wheres our notary public? (Looks around.) Dont know... Elena Petrovna was beside me all the time. BOSS I said: nobody leaves before we sort things out! What are you looking for? SOTNIKOV ATTORNEY


(Laughs.) His wig! ATTORNEY Please dont worry yourself over Elena Petrovna, Semen Semenych. She wont disappear from us. BOSS I dont doubt that. But what are we supposed to do with the other notary publics? The ones who processed the wills for the other heirs? And what are we going to do with the heirs? Theres so little time left. SOTNIKOV Youre right, Semen Semenych, must act somehow. Well, act! Take action! (Perplexed.) BOSS ATTORNEY But what?

BOSS Think, think... Perhaps youll think of something.


Act Three
The curtain rises on the same scene as Act One. BODYGUARD (Enters, grumbling.) Study, study, study... Had to think up such stupidity? Where will you go? Where will you find such a thieves den? Well, okay. Am I really going to wear myself out? (Switches on a tape recorder, starts dancing to the sound of a tango, singing.) Ta-ta, ta-ta-ta, ta-ta, ta-ta-ta... ATTORNEY (Enters, a new wig of different color and style on his head.) How about that! Heres a picture! No doubt its worth the brush of Titian. Or is it Rembrandt? No, of course, van Gogh! Exactly, van Gogh... Though, perhaps also not van Gogh but this... Well, the one who painted the girl on the ball? Alex, tell me, you know. BODYGUARD (Sings, dancing.) I dont know this girl, I dont know this girl... ATTORNEY Yes, you know! Remember, yesterday at the gallery? Whats his name, remember? Yesterday? BODYGUARD

ATTORNEY Yes, yesterday. Even the girl on the ball there. Ah-h... Picasso. There you are, exactly! Picasso. BODYGUARD (Continues to dance.) Youre right, Valentin Sergeevich... The girl in this Picasso, thats it! Now if you could dance with them... Else, what does it matter? Have to dance by yourself. BODYGUARD ATTORNEY


ATTORNEY Yes, I agree with you, Alex. Cant dance the tango alone. BODYGUARD I know you cant, but what can you do? Nothing you can do when theres no one to dance with... Indeed not with you! Why did you think so, Alex? (Smiles.) Why not with me? Better with me than alone... (Dances with BODYGUARD.) VESELKO (Enters with SOTNIKOV.) Ah, what wonderful music! I havent heard such music for a long time... With what joy Id dance now... Forget everything in the world... All troubles... SOTNIKOV Very true, Angelika Ivanovna. Troubles exist to be forgotten... I beg you... Your hand! VESELKO Sotnikov, you can be so charming... And it seems to me that I can feel like a woman with you. SOTNIKOV And why wouldnt it be, Angelika Ivanovna? (SOTNIKOV dances BODYGUARD.) (Enters.) with BOSS (Sternly.) Whats this? What occasion for a dance? (The dancing stops.) BODYGUARD You yourself ordered to learn to dance the tango. BOSS Why? BODYGUARD Eh... In order to be a companion for the right people just in case. VESELKO and ATTORNEY with ATTORNEY


ATTORNEY Whats this? Thats a very progressive idea, Semen Semenych. By the way, it seems to me that Alex, like no other, is suitable for this. BOSS What? I said, for the wife to be a companion of the right person... I repeat: for the wife. (Exits through the other door.) ATTORNEY (Disappointedly.) Ah, the wife... Then its not very progressive. BODYGUARD (Puzzled.) Whats he talking about? SOTNIKOV The bathhouse, Alex, the bathhouse. The bathhouse is sacred to Valentin Sergeevich. VESELKO Ugh, how inappropriate! Indeed, guys. What bathhouse are you talking about? You dont talk about such things in the presence of women. SOTNIKOV Why, Angelika Ivanovna? Why not bathhouse in the presence of women? VESELKO Because a man should go to a woman only after the bathhouse! Clean, cleanshaven, clothes well pressed... And shoes always polished! BODYGUARD (Amazed.) How? Shoes right after the bathhouse? VESELKO What, you dont hear too good? I said, not only shoes but polished shoes! ATTORNEY (Sighs.) How lucky Im free from such obligations. VESELKO (Sternly.) Quite in vain. What, Valentin Sergeevich, youre really not a man?


Oho! Alright, problem. (Hesitates.)



SOTNIKOV He wants to say that he should thoroughly mulls over the answer to this question. ATTORNEY Not need for that! No need... By the way, Im married. And already more than a dozen years. VESELKO Your wife isnt to be envied. Neither joy nor satisfaction from you. ATTORNEY (Surprised.) You know my wife? Did she tell you that? VESELKO Doesnt even have to. Obvious right away. How? Your absurd wig alone is worth it. ATTORNEY Whats this about my wig? Besides, its not mine. Mine was ruined by a... Unimportant who. VESELKO What do you need a wig anyway? Men dont wear wigs. ATTORNEY Well, you know, dear Angelika Ivanovna... We can go so far beyond this. For example, Im convinced that women dont wear pants. But arent you wearing them? So, if we follow your logic, youre not a woman, but... But not clear what. VESELKO An outrage! How vulgar... A redneck and nothing more! ATTORNEY ATTORNEY VESELKO


Well, what of it, and thank you for that. VESELKO You have no shame! ATTORNEY Thank you, thank you. Thank you for the kind words. VESELKO You get no kindness from me, dont hold your breath! ATTORNEY Im deeply grateful to you for that, Angelika Ivanovna. VESELKO No need for compliments! Wouldnt fall for that! OK, enough of you two. SOTNIKOV

BODYGUARD Doesnt matter, let them go at each other. Its even interesting to listen when people are entertaining. ATTORNEY Im not a clown. If Angelika Ivanovna wants to be a clown, then let her amuse you. VESELKO I wont let anyone insult me! Thats it, Im leaving... (Prepares to leave.) BOSS (Enters.) Dont even dream of it. Youre not going anywhere until weve solved all the problems with you. VESELKO Hows this not leaving? What, youre going to tie me up? BOSS If we have to... SOTNIKOV So? We can, for the good of business. VESELKO


Sotnikov, what a dolt you are! Constantly run into trouble. You think that Anatolii Petrovich doesnt know where I currently am? He knows perfectly well and will search for me here without fail. SOTNIKOV Youre sure about this? VESELKO Hundred percent! As different from you, Anatolii Petrovich is a decent man! Hes a true gentleman! BODYGUARD Who? Lapshin a gentleman? Hes a deputy in the Administration! ATTORNEY Alex, youre straight forward as a babe among us. SOTNIKOV Thats why hes right. From the mouth of babes, as they say... BOSS (Pensively.) Yes... A gentleman in such a position? The two things dont jibe. VESELKO Youll see how horribly mistaken you are! Anatolii Petrovich isnt like what you think. Hes a decent man, devoted to me body and soul. Devoted to me alone and no one else! BOSS Im sorry to say that I thought hes only devoted to one idea. VESELKO Whats that? BOSS Utmost enrichment by means of infinite absence of principles. VESELKO Not true! Hes the most principled deputy, you mark my word! And an angel compare to those around him! You dont believe me? BOSS Why, Angelika Ivanovna? I willingly believe this. True, therere things I not only believe but are very well-informed about. For example, its well-known to me that Anatolii Petrovich regularly sent his daughter on budget funds to Europe and America. The official goal of the world tours of this, I beg your pardon, rather


stupid girl is the demonstration of materials non-existent in nature for further extension of the contracts on the development of such materials. You must agree that the goal is ridiculous compared to the funds regularly invested by the State in this girl. Of course, this fact by itself is unlikely to be worth any special attention if it didnt provoke indignation in the pseudo-scientific circles. And the indignation is justified since just the funds spent on the excursions of the young offspring of this, as you maintain, decent papa, would be enough to repay with interest the financing of an excellent lab, which the papa himself so cares for in words. Look closer at the noble family and you cant avoid the question connected with the existence of the extensive pharmacy chain under the leadership of Anatolii Petrovichs noble wife. By the way, Angelika Ivanovna, your rival, his legal wife. Where did this new financial genius come from? I know for certain that quite recently she was listed as an ordinary physiotherapist in a factory clinic. I agree in advance with anyone who considers such facts minor details of our lives. Trifles, however, have the ability to add up. Therefore, we add up the free apartments your gentleman gets from the State, and not just one, which are privatized under the names of his daughter, his present wife, and even his papa, a war veteran. It would have looked quite okay if certain details were not known. For example, that papa-veteran all through the war toiling on increased ration in the district committee beyond the Urals. Though I perhaps got carried away. Stories of this kind can go on forever, but Im not a fan of this. Im even prepared to forget everything said and agree with you that Anatolii Petrovich is indeed an angel if we compare his activities with what his colleagues and associates are up to. And what are you yourself up to? What are we up to? VESELKO What, you consider yourself angels? Youre the real devils! BOSS Think Im forced to agree with you, Angelika Ivanovna. Ill confess to you frankly, would like to be in paradise but sins arent allowed there. No, dont put us there. SOTNIKOV Doesnt matter, Semen Semenych, they wont let her in either. Shell burn in hell together with us. VESELKO Nothing of the kind! Wont let me in... By the way, I go to church every Sunday. BODYGUARD So? Whats the big deal? I go too, so what? VESELKO SOTNIKOV


VESELKO Go as much as you like! Go everyday. What do I care? BOSS Why not? After all, Alex is your brother in Christ. VESELKO Some brother, indeed... To hell with this brother! BOSS True, Alex, what are you doing here? Already no time to spare and havent seen Shiromodovs sister. Go for her. BODYGUARD As you order. ATTORNEY He cant handle her alone. She can give him one on the head. He definitely needs help. Perhaps Ill go with him? Why you? BODYGUARD

ATTORNEY What, are you against it? Well have a good time. BODYGUARD Unlikely Ill be bored without you. BOSS Sotnikov goes with Alex. Come on, take the car, and fast. Valentin, Ill need you here... LAPSHIN Hello. (Enters.) ATTORNEY Look, our angel flew in! SOTNIKOV Aha... Look at how he flaunt his wings... (Turns to LAPSHIN.) What will you tell us, angel? What news did you bring from the Man Upstairs? (Exits together with BODYGUARD.)


LAPSHIN (Puzzled.) Whats he talking about? (Sees BOSS and breaks into a smile.) Oh-h-h! Semen Semenych... What a pleasant surprise... I didnt dare hope to meet you like this, can say, simply in a home setting... BOSS But were not quite simple here. Dont delude yourself. VESELKO Anatolii Petrovich, dont trust them! Especially this...Semen Semenych! He was just slandering you so... Simply horrible! Even took my breath away. LAPSHIN Semen Semenych, I dare hope that you wouldnt take the words of this...how to express more intelligently...ignorant woman seriously. BOSS I also never take your words seriously. LAPSHIN (Laughs.) Ha-ha-ha-ha! How funny! Im glad, Im glad... ATTORNEY What are you so happy about, our wingless angel? LAPSHIN Youre joking right, Valentin Sergeevich? Also very funny... (Laughs.) Wingless angel... Had to come up with that... But why precisely me? ATTORNEY I didnt think it up. Its Angelika Ivanovna who baptized you. She decided and put you among ephemeral beings, despite your obvious chubbiness. She said, Anatolii Petrovich is an angel, and thats it! And we, well, all as one, are devils. VESELKO Certainly devils! Only missing the tails. And Im mum about the horns. LAPSHIN Angelika Ivanovna, come to your senses! You said such things to Semen Semenych? Whats with you? VESELKO Its you who should come to your senses, Anatolii Petrovich! Youre a man of


position! And what position? Please think: who are you and who is he, this Semen Semenych known to no one? ATTORNEY Please allow me to correct you, Ms Veselko, and bring clarity to our business at the same time. Anatolii Petrovich isnt a man of position but in a position. He was put in this position, understand? He sits in it. And sits well! And will sit until we interfere. And he wont interfere with us, I so simple-mindedly assume. He isnt a man to interfere. Theres no need for him to, so bubbling with life. Moreover, he knows what happens to one who interferes. Please take note, one who interferes will salvage neither his wit, honor, conscience, nor even credits towards the fatherland! But all these have absolutely no significance. Only one thing is important, that this person, put in the position, doesnt interfere. And indeed if this person will begin to understand everything he should with half a word, half a hint, without any written instructions, understand everything expected of him... You see, hell be moved to a different position. Hell be taken so gently by the hand and transferred to a different chair with more expensive upholstery, and better opportunities. If he, God forbid, turns out not to catch on quickly or unmanageable... Or simply, this can happen to anyone, have a weakness for some floozy... Hell be gone from any position in no time! Whether the position is big or the most miserable, its indistinguishable under the microscope... Did I paint the picture correctly, Semen Semenych? BOSS Roughly, yes. Your tongue hangs well, Valentin. Thats what we pay you for. ATTORNEY Great thanks to you... But cant pay more somehow, Semen Semenych? Valentin, dont push it. BOSS

ATTORNEY Just joking, Semen Semenych, just joking. BOSS Yes, I see that youre joking, thats why I forgive you. But regarding Anatolii Petrovich, here I really dont get whether hes joking with us or going seriously all out against us. LAPSHIN What all out, Semen Semenych? Why are you this way with your humble servant? For me, its indeed the greatest joy to behold you in such, one can say, intimate surroundings. So what kind of joke is this? BOSS Did you hear, Valentin? He said hes not making fun of us. Is he simply mocking


us? LAPSHIN (Throws up his hands.) What do you mean? God forbid! VESELKO Anatolii Petrovich, I fail to understand your behavior. BOSS Just imagine, Angelika Ivanovna, we also cant understand Anatolii Petrovichs behavior. How to understand the behavior of a man, as we all know here, in such a high position, already with a wife and a grown daughter, a man who suddenly declares publicly that he has a fiance? And this fiance is just about to become his wife! Excuse me, gentlemen, but we arent yet living in a Muslim country. You understand, it doesnt become an official to have a second wife, its no joke. Especially, I beg your pardon, such... (Nods in the direction of VASELKO.) However, what to say, everythings so clear without words. VESELKO Whats clear? Whats clear to you? How can you be so conceited? Please remember once and for all that he loves me! And love is the feeling that pierces a man quickly and thoroughly, like lightning! After that, therere no family ties, no obligations to society! BOSS Ah, is that so? In that case, I offer you my apologies, Angelika Ivanovna. Im prepared to take my words back and acknowledge that I underestimated you. Without a doubt, love is a feeling that justifies everything without exception. If so, if theres actually love, then Im prepared to kiss your hand gladly. Not only kiss your hand, but get on my knees and lower my head in front of you as soon as I see that youll stay forever with Anatolii Petrovich, deprived of his post and all his regalia in one stroke! And forever feel love like a current running through all your organs... VESELKO Hows this that hes deprived of his post? Who would do that to him? Who can take away his title and awards? Indeed not you? ATTORNEY You think we cant do that to Anatolii Petrovich? You think well be too timid? You dont have the power! VESELKO ATTORNEY


You think so? We can, indeed we can... And will, if he doesnt change his mind... Well, what will you say to that? Will you want him then? VESELKO (In confusion.) I...I dont know... I havent thought about it... (Rouses herself.) No, No! Its just not possible! BOSS Anatolii Petrovich, did you hear? Angelika Ivanovna just cant imagine you without your position, titles, and other insignia. I dare assume that you, in turn, cant imagine Angelika Ivanovna without her so-called inheritance from Shiromordov. Am I right? Eh, Anatolii Petrovich? Just be honest. LAPSHIN (In confusion.) But... You wont blame me for this? After all, not I but she proposed this option to me. Who in my place wouldnt be tempted? It seemed to me then that good fortune has finally floated into my hands... And, Ill admit to you honestly, Semen Semenych, there was never ardent feelings between my wife and me. If fact, Father in his own time sought her out for me, guided by some of his own reasons. But, Semen Semenych, heres my cross! I also had no idea that this Shiromordov was capable of such! What a scoundrel! Repay your kindness this way? Simply inconceivable! I implore you, please help me out of this sticky situation. BOSS I understand your agitation, but I cant allow myself to reassure you in vain, Anatolii Petrovich. Alas, even Semen Semenych isnt omnipotent. He has his own Semen Semenych above him... But theres still something we can do for you, taking into account your whole-hearted repentance and sincere desire to cooperate with us. LAPSHIN Ill do anything! Anything I need to do! You can rely on me. BOSS Thats wonderful. Valentin, explain whats expected of him. ATTORNEY Anatolii Petrovich, heres the deal... (Takes out a notebook.) Actually, nothing... But here youll receive such a sum for this... (Writes on a clean sheet and shows LAPSHIN.) Besides, in cash and immediately. You see, all the wills bear one and the same date. Now, Anatolii Petrovich, all thats expected of you is to specify also the time on your copy. Well say, for certainly, itll be... 9:15. And the money is yours.


Good, good, I agree. I hope you have the will at hand?


(Hastily.) Yes, yes. Of course I have. Angelika Ivanovna isnt knowledgeable about these matters. VESELKO Excuse me, Anatolii Petrovich... Something I dont understand you very well... Have you decided to betray me? LAPSHIN Why betray? On the contrary, save! Both you and me... I wont betray you at all, why would you think so? Im just... Im dropping you. Please dont get excited, it often happens between a man and a woman. VESELKO Just like that? Whenever you want? Im not some candy wrapper! ATTORNEY Please calm down, Angelika Ivanovna. Anatolii Petrovich isnt betraying you but for money. Besides, hell retain his position. VESELKO So, money and position for him. But what about me? BOSS Please dont worry, Angelika Ivanovna, you wont be let down. Theres money for you too. ATTORNEY Angelika Ivanovna, youll get... (Writes on a clean sheet and shows VESELKO.) Such a sum... I hope its agreeable to you? VESELKO No! Add fifty more. (Looks at BOSS.) Twenty. ATTORNEY


VESELKO Twenty-five. BOSS (Interrupts the bargining.) Thirty. Thats it, all agree. As the Germans say abgemaht. Cash only! No banks! VESELKO ATTORNEY (Smiles.) Of course. Nice to do business with people in the know. BOSS Valentin, come on, quickly finish with Angelika Ivanovna and return. ATTORNEY Will do, Semen Semenych... Please come, Angelika Ivanovna, no time to waste. VESELKO Lets go... (Turns to LAPSHIN.) And you, Anatolii Petrovich... You will regret this! Youll never meet such a woman in your life... God will punish you... He will... So that both of your heads would work equally badly! (Twitches with fright.) You dont say... What a terrible curse... (Escorts VESELKO out.) ATTORNEY

BOSS Have a seat, Anatolii Petrovich... What will you drink? LAPSHIN Dont know... To tell the truth, after all the worries, I have no particular desire... All the same, as you see fit. BOSS Dont you worry. After we settle everything, well still have fun together... Well have a good laugh. If not? If we cant settle? LAPSHIN BOSS


Well, then well be laughed at for sure. LAPSHIN Why? BOSS Because, Anatolii Petrovich, no one will cry over us. LAPSHIN Hows this no one? Relatives? Friends, acquaintances? Colleagues, after all? Certainly the ones in this with us. BOSS (With doubt.) Certainly... Of course theyll cry... Perhaps, even howl... (There is a grievous cry and BODYGUARD and SOTNIKOV barge in, carrying ANNA between them.) ANNA Ah-h-h! No, I dont agree! No, Im not going! Not for anything! BODYGUARD Here, Semen Semenych, fulfilled the assignment... Brought you Anna Averianovna... SOTNIKOV Brought her, like some wild bird! ANNA Ill show you a bird! You sly one! Ill make you sit up! (Stamps hard on SOTNIKOVs foot.) SOTNIKOV (Cries out.) Ouch! What are you doing? It hurts! ANNA (Stamps on BODYGUARD s foot.) Ill make you sit up too! (Breaks free from BODYGUARD and SOTNIKOV.) BODYGUARD (Jumps.) Ouch! Why me? I dance like that all day! BOSS


Alex, this lady didnt exactly have dance in mind. BODYGUARD Then why? Why did she tread on my foot? What have I done to her? ANNA What? Broke into my home, thats one! Grabbed and overpowered me, thats two! Dragged me here, thats three! Without my permission, thats four! Besides, the two of you, thats five! SOTNIKOV But what do you have so solidly against me? ANNA Everything! Everything! I dont like you, too smart... Not a person at all but a fox! LAPSHIN Strange... And I always thought that a fox is cunning. ANNA Good Lord, he thought! Get out of here! A turkey also thinks but it ends up in the soup. What can you think about? LAPSHIN (Indignantly.) How dare you! Do you realize whom youre talking to? ANNA And why not? With Tolik, the latest betrothed of the mistress of my late brother, Boris Averianovich Shiromodov! And who is thinking of getting married without being divorced first! LAPSHIN Its a lie! BOSS Dear Anna Averianovna, your indignation is fair and fully justified, but somewhat belatedly. Anatolii Petrovich, to general satisfaction, had changed his mind and returned to eternal, that is to say, universal values. BODYGUARD Value is good, eternal value is even better! BOSS Alex, whats this I hear? It appears that you have a head like Spinozas. BODYGUARD


(Offended.) No, I dont have splinters in my head. BOSS And what if you do? All the same you wouldnt be worse. SOTNIKOV Exactly, wouldnt be worse, but also not necessarily better for us. What do you want from me? ANNA

BOSS In essence, the same as from Anatolii Petrovich. Not too much and in return you can get something, and very significant. Anatolii Petrovich was so pleased with this something that he quickly forgot about everything in the world. Even his ardent love for Ms Vesleko, which flared up so suddenly in him. SOTNIKOV And Ms Veselko herself? She didnt object? BOSS She also couldnt object. You see, she thoughtlessly entrusted the document to Anatolii Petrovich. Therefore, she had no choice but to agree to our very reasonable offer. Naturally, for a modest fee. (ATTORNEY enters.) BOSS And heres Valentin Sergeevich. I hope everything went smoothly? Like silk. ATTORNEY

BOSS Good, time to wrap things up. So, we proceed to the final stage. What do you think, will there be complications with this client? (Nods in ANNAs direction.) ATTORNEY Hard to predict in advance. So far, everythings going according to plan. Can say gotten rid of one of the heirs. Have to get to work on the remaining two... ANNA (Screams.) Ah-h-h! Not so easy to get rid of me! Im not Veselko! Damn murderers! Only try! Ah-h-h! Dont come near me! George will come with the cops now!


Why the cops?


ANNA To save me from you, you sharks! Dont think you can take me with your bare hands! Im not as simple as you think! Ive already insured my life against you! SOTNIKOV For how much, if its not a secret? ANNA How much? I need nothing! If, God forbid, anything should happen to me, you all will go begging under guard! So there, my dears. LAPSHIN Please calm down, Anna Averianovna. No need to shout so loudly. Better look at me...see? Im alive and well, and sincerely wish the same for you. ATTORNEY Precisely. Hes alive and well, our former heir. And how well! Only look at him. Doesnt even have a cough. ANNA Perhaps he doesnt cough, but what about his pussy with ears? Did she have a coughing fit? ATTORNEY Unfortunately, shes no longer among us. She has already left us, and quite voluntarily... ANNA (Screams even louder.) Ah-h-h! Holy Mother of God! Really killed her? Strangled her, you tyrants! Ah-hh-h! BOSS Be quiet, you crazy broad! ANNA I may be a broad, but you cant get the better of me so simply! Ah-h-h! (Starts to run around the room.) Somebody, help! BOSS Sotnikov, close the door quickly! Else someone accidentally pops in, then therell be hell to pay... And you, Alex, watch Lapshin, hes not to be trusted...


ANNA Ill dart out! Have to get out! (Runs to the door, but intercepted there by SOTNIKOV.) ATTORNEY Hold her! Maybe tie her up just in case? BOSS Yes, wouldnt interfere then. Will be quicker and more reliable. SOTNIKOV (Grabs ANNA.) No need to shout... (Covers ANNAs mouth with a hand, and pushes her forward.) We have no intention of harming you... ANNA (Bites SOTNIKOVs fingers.) Ill shout! Youre not covering my mouth with your filthy paw! Aw, she bites! Now Ill show you! SOTNIKOV

ATTORNEY Only no violence! I cant stand violence. (Seats ANNA on a chair.) Uh-huh, without violence... Would have tried... (ANNA butts his stomach with her head.) Aw! Well, now, how can you do it without violence? Tie her to the chair... Help him. BOSS SOTNIKOV

(SOTNIKOV and ATTORNEY tie ANNA to the chair.) ANNA Torturers! Rapists! Assassins of the human race! LAPSHIN Semen Semenych, please note that I in my position dont have the right to participate in acts of violence against a person. You know, in my official duty I have to be in charge of things, including the issue of human rights... BODYGUARD


(Turns to ANNA.) Dont be scared! Nothing will happen to you... Gag her! BOSS

ATTORNEY Would be good... Only with what? (Looks around, takes a serviette from the table and shoves it into ANNAs mouth.) SOTNIKOV Phew! Managed somehow... What a broad... A beast, not a woman... (The phones rings, answer it.) Hello? Yes... Yes... Semen Semenych, its for you. They say its urgent. You take it? (Holds out the phone.) (Takes the phone.) Hello... Yes... Yes... What? It cant be! All the problems have been solved... What? How not? Hard to believe! (Turns to the others.) Quick, turn on the TV! (Speaks into the phone.) Hello! What channel? Eight? What? Ten? Good, Ill call back later... (Puts down the phone and runs with everyone else to the TV.) VOICE FROM TV As is known, available on the Internet there is a site, which brings forth information with reliable documentary evidences on major frauds of real estate and bank accounts. In particular, documents were presented on ownership through figureheads with the mandatory official registration of wills to other figureheads. This way, for a long time the swindlers managed to avoid the levying of progressive taxes. Only an absurd coincidence, or, as some analysts believe, a possible error of the operators after the mysterious death of one of the figureheads, resulting in the presentation of three wills with the same date to different heirs, enables putting an end to their sacrilegious game. The Attorney Generals Office is conducting an investigation. Now onto other news... Turn it off. What will happen now? BOSS (Makes a call on his cell phone.) BOSS ATTORNEY BOSS


Hello? Airport? Whens the next flight? To where? Anywhere! Where? Greece? Any earlier flight? Spain? I see... How do things stand with Cyprus? Find, okay... No, no! An open ticket... Yes... Yes... Reserve for one... Who is this? This is Semen Semenych! (Hastily.) Semen Semenych, please reserve a ticket for me too. BOSS I dont have time, do it yourself. You know what to do in this case. SOTNIKOV Plan Z? (Nods.) Well meet later. Alex, quick, the car and to the airport. Right away, Semen Semenych... (Exits quickly with BOSS.) BODYGUARD BOSS SOTNIKOV

SOTNIKOV Bye, Valentin! Remember me kindly... Gods will, well meet again... (Exits.) (Confused.) And me? Do I go too? Wheres the money promised me? ATTORNEY (Fleeing.) What, are you an idiot? What money? Have to clear out! LAPSHIN How absurd... Only how was this known... Hope Velselko didnt let the cat out of the bag... Still, what are they afraid of? Who would believe her? Just have to shove her somewhere far away... So it would be out of sight, out of mind... (Exits.) (Runs in shouting.) Ah-h-h! My Annie! Youre alive? No one got you mad? (Tries to untie ANNA.) I just got back from the cottage, look around, but you were nowhere to be found. Turned the place upside down, ran to the neighbors. Good that Barbara from the GEORGE LAPSHIN


first entrance saw how they took you away... (Hugs ANNA.) I was so afraid for you, Annie! What would I do without you? (Pulls the serviette out of ANNAs mouth and kisses her.) ANNA (Breaks away, unwillingly.) George, did you water the cucumbers? Must have forgotten again? GEORGE My dear, what cucumbers? Lets get out of here quickly! The devil takes everything...