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Things to be observed on site by HPCL or their designated personnel for smooth functioning of equipments

Clean touch screen, monitor display and all exterior surfaces with clean, dry cloth. Observe and maintain the site environment conditions. Clearing of simple machine jams such as paper jams caused by media and consumables. Replenishment of consumables, including but not limited to, receipt and journal paper, inking kits, laser-jet cartridges, printer ribbon cartridges Provide safe working conditions and appropriate utility services for AOI maintenance personnel. ( e.g. site people shall open tank chamber covers, when engineers has to work on U/G tank probes etc.) Maintain automation Earth Pit properly with daily watering the pit. Ensure DG set body is properly earthed through dedicated earth PIT. Ensure DG set OUTPUT SUPPLY NEUTRAL is properly earthed through dedicated earth PIT. Notify AOI on any change of the Equipment at site ( e.g DU, U/G tanks etc) and/or alteration of the address Log a break down call with AOI on the mentioned toll-free number and always insist on a getting ticket number
Site in-charge should always seek the completely filled-in call report Form from the engineers. Site in-charge must verify the contents of the Call Report before signing the report. One copy of the signed report will be kept at the AOIs office for future reference.

Site in-charge shall be responsible for the maintenance of attachments, devices or any other equipment not supplied or approved by AOI.

Never connect a device not maintained or approved by AOI Never change or allow anyone to change the settings or configuration of equipments set by AOI Do not abuse the equipments Never remove Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) probe from tank without presence of AOI Engineer.

Services offered at an additional Charge Removal, de-installation, reinstallation and transportation of the Equipment, devices and attachments from one location to the other. Damage done to the equipments due to, including but not limited to, the following: o Acts of God, o Fire o Water o Accident o Improper use o Equipment breakdown due to the failure of a connected device not maintained or approved by AOI o Equipment breakdown due to an alteration to Equipment or use of an attachment not provided and/or approved by AOI in writing to be compatible with the Equipments standard interfaces o Transportation of Equipment o Abuse o Breakdown of equipment due to external factors Eg rodents, surges in power supply, etc. o Equipment break down due to nonconformance with site specifications o Use of supplies acquired from third parties that are defective or which do not comply with AOI's specifications o Equipment repaired or interfered with by any person other than a person authorized by AOI o Physical damage to any equipment due to vehicle movements on the forecourt or any other reason. Consumables will be charged extra. List of consumables including but not limited to: ATG float kits, paper rolls, diskettes, cartridges, CDROMs media, keyboard keys, batteries, printer bands, print heads, CRT of PC monitor, gear wheels, keys, bulbs, cables external to the Equipment, print solenoids and print elements