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Click on About at top of screen to see complete version number. ----- June 28 2012, Version 1.1 A.

014 ----------------------Modified program to be more accepting of operating systems outside the USA which use the comma "," for the decimal point ".". ----- June 21 2012, Version 1.1 A.013 ----------------------Fixed bug where Seating Velocity for a computer generated profile could erroneously produce 0 velocity. Fixed bug where Max Open Acceleration was not being done for Flat Tappet cams. ----- June 6, 2012, Version 1.1 A.012 ----------------------Adjusted some portions of the calculation for producing a computer generated cam profile to better produce accurate Seating Velocities. Fixed an error in Suggested Seating Velocity limits. ----- April 28, 2012, Version 1.1 A.011 ----------------------Further refined the Seating Velocity calculation. Added ability to Request Remote Assistance under Help on Main Screen. Added Preferences to better let the calculations match the Spring Master program. Added better help screens for 'Clc' (calculation) utility screens. Fixed bug where main screen was 'cropped off' on the right side in previous release. ----- April 13, 2012, Version 1.1 A.009 ----------------------Seating velocity is now more precisely determined. Prior to this it was reduced in value due to excessive smoothing of the data. Changed label in one location from "Ft/Sec" to correct "in/sec" for seating velocity. Refined the calculation screen for Total Number Coils (calculation utility from holding down Shift key and clicking on Total Number Coils input. Fixed bug where the RPM related output at the bottom of the analysis report would be messed up with successive runs. ----- April 11, 2012, Version 1.1 A.008 ----------------------Made the unlocking code more reliable for unlocking. Fixed minor bug where freshly installed program would not find the example default Spring files. ----- April 6, 2012, Version 1.1 A.007 -----------------------

Fixed bug where program would bomb if you maximized the main screen. Program can now read ".p" file formats used by some Landis cam grinders. ----- Mar 24, 2012, Version 1.1 A.006 ----------------------Added spring wire stress at bind to output and analysis. Added an Example Drag Race Spring as a new example spring file. ----- Mar 19, 2012, Version 1.1 A.005 ----------------------Did several revisions to Spring/Cam Analysis screen to provide more recommendations to user. Added RPM Range info so user can see how required force and seating velocity changes for RPMs both above and below the "Max RPM" entered by the user. ----- Feb 3, 2012, Version 1.1 A.004 ----------------------Fixed bug where if you were using a Cam File, the program did not see the profile correctly. Added BTDC, ATDC, etc labels to Cam Specs screen. Fixed some bugs where some items were not hidden with certain choices as they should have been. Fixed some bugs where the Calc Lobe Lift calculation menu was not working correctly. Fixed bug where the vertical scroll bar on the Cam Profile FFT results box at top of screen was not visible. Program now shows more file types by default. ----- Dec 28, 2011, Version 1.1 A.003 ----------------------Fixed bug where unlocking code was not being saved correctly. Added printer variables to save print setup. Updated Help files. Added Print options for the Cam Harmonics screen. ----- Mar 21, 2011, Version 1.1 A.000 ----------------------First release of preliminary version.