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LESSON PLAN School Subject Grade/Semester Time Allocation : SMP PERMATA 01 Pekalongan : Bahasa Inggris : VIII/ II : 2 X 45 minutes

I. Standard Competency Speaking Express meaning in short simple transactional and interpersonal conversations to interact with environment II. Basic Competency Express meaning in short simple transactional (to get things done) and interpersonal (get sociable) by using the kind of spoken languages accurately, fluently and acceptably to interact with environment involving the acts of offering / accepting / refusing something III.Indicators To identify the meaning nuance of offering / accepting / refusing something To express the offering / accepting / refusing something in spoken language IV. Objectives Identify the meaning nuance of offering / accepting / refusing something Express the offering / accepting / refusing something in spoken language

V. Material The definition of offering / accepting / refusing something: is an expression that is used to offer something to someone whether he interest or not VI. Method Lecturing Repitition Pair Discussion

VII.Learning Activity First Activity Greeting

Main Activity A. Building Knowledge of the Field (BKOF) Questioning and answering things related to the material In your daily life you often offer something to someone. Do you know how to do them very well? Mention the objectives which are going to be achived Learning to comprehend component of explanation text a. Social Function: - To offer something to someone b. Linguistic Features: - Using would you mind + phrase or noun - Using simple present tense - Using imperative sentence - Focus on human participant

B. Modeling of Text (MOT) Nona: Would you like a cup of cofee? Lala: Yes, please.

Dian: Would you like a plate of fried rice? Maya: No, Thanks.

Yoga: Would you like a bowl of noodle? Tia: Yes, thank you. C. Joint Construction of Text (JCOT) Pair work discussion. Students work in two, to make a new text as the example then they have to express it in spoken language in front of the class D. Independent Construction of Text Based on two students work in pairs to express a new offering / accepting / refusing something text, after they express in front of the class teacher takes notes individually Closing Activity The teacher summarizes all of the explanation given to the students The teacher reminds the students to prepare/study the next material Asking and Giving agreement VIII.Media and Source Media: Text, power point, LKS Source: CERAH MUSYAWARAH GURU MATA PELAJARAN (MGMP) KABUPATEN PEKALONGAN BAHASA INGGRIS UNTUK SMP / MTS KELAS VIII SEMESTER II page 5

IX. Evaluation Through exercise. When two students are express anew text in class, teacher take a note individually 30 students, 15 pairs group. Evaluation will be held in 30 minutes. 15 minutes to prepare the dialogue and 15 minutes to perform. Each group has 1 minutes to perform Very good (80-100) = Student express the dialogue well (pronounciation, fluency) Good (60-79) = Student express the dialogue almost well (there are several mistakes) Poor (40-59) = Student express the dialogue terriblely

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