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April 1, 2012


The project is a web based project. The project Online Resume Mart is meant for establishing a communication link between job seekers and job providers through the site using facilities of internet. Through this site users and companies can register themselves, update their data, carry out search, send mail chats with each other and so on. The project is a web based project mainly focussing on resume details. It acts as intermediary interfacing user and companies. Objective of project is to design and develop resume mart which is a place for job seekers and job providers to meet. The database should also collect minute details about job seekers and job providers. Resume mart designed to collect multiple resume from job seekers. Resume Mart aims to provide job provider with enormous amount of data. The software, Online Resume Mart, which is designed for administrating and automating all the major activities that are carried out in an Resume site to increase the eciency of the Agency in order to provide better service to the Job Seekers and Job Providers. The software, online resume mart, which is designed for administrating and automating all major activities that are carried out in an resume site to increase eciency of agency in order to provide better service to job seekers and job providers. Main purpose for preparing this document is to give a general insight into analysis and requirements of existing system or situation and for determining the operating characteristic of system The system was an eort to nd a solution to many of the big inconveniences occurred in the existing system. By computerizing the existing operations, a lot of savings in space, by avoiding registers, books etc ,in time by enhancing speed from man to machine and lot in cost, by reducing sta can be achieved.


Login Module

For complete access to online resume mart, user needs to login to his account. when a user calls online resume manager, login module displays a form with user name and password. If both are correct administrator will give approval for access.


User Company Registration

This is the rst module that companies and users have to rst go through companies after registering themselves can register new jobs. Users on other hand have to give this full qualication information indicating this biodata.


Verify Company Details

The module helps company verication, in this module administrator will give approval to company. The user can see only those companies that administrator gave approval. if company does any bad activities, the administrator will have right to block their approval



It is done by administrator who will have full control of site. For administration, he also has to enter into the site with his user name and password at any time. Administrator performs functions such as approval of members such as user and company.


Search and apply for jobs

This module allows both users to search for jobs provided by dierent companies as well as companies to search for candidate with specic skills. Users can either search by company names or skills or location. In each case they can apply for jobs of their post. They cant apply for same job more than once. Companies on the other hand can search for candidates based on qualication and skill.


Screen Candidate

This module allows the administrator to screen the candidate and forward their resume to companies.


Receive mails from user and store in companies account

This module helps in sending out mails to registered company from user of site. Once company gets approval from administrator they will be mailed by informing about their company job oers.


Check feedback mail

Here company gets mails from customer through administrator. the company wants to know about users biodata and complete information. These information where gets from feedback mails.

Software requirements for proposed system are:-

Programming tool : MS visual studio.net 2010 Programming Technology : ASP.NET Server side script language : C .net Back end : MS SQL server



ASP.NET is a powerfull and exible severside technology for creating dynamic webpages. Its a convergence of two microsofts technologies ASP and .NET framework. ASP.NET is the next version of Microsoft ASP. The most advantage is that your project is compiled in .NET framework environment.



C is a simple, modern, object oriented and type safe programming language. It will immediately be familiar to C and C++ programmers. C combines high productivity of Rapid Application Development(RAD) languages and saw power of C++. A C program consists of one or more source les, known formally as compilation units.


SQL server

A database is a collection of information thats related to a particular subject/purpose. Such as tracking client orders or maintaining a list of project details. Within the le, data is divided into separate storage containers called tables; view, add and update data by using online forms; nd and retrieve just the data wanted for reports. SQL server allows user to view, update or analyze database from internet of an intranet by creating data access pages

Figure 1: Dataow diagram level 0


Figure 2: Dataow diagram level 1

Figure 3: class diagram

Figure 4: usecase diagram



A product software implementation method is a symmetrically structured approach to eectively integrate software based service or component into the workow of an organisational structure or an individual enduser. A product software implementation method is a blueprint to get users and/or organisations running with a specic software product. Here implementation method used is the parallel run. Using parallel run method, developed system runs along with existing one. Then by module by module, system is to be advanced. A module of the system is working with existing one, and if ot is found to be functioning well, the advanced levels are to be implemented


Installation Procedure

The software can be installed in following simple steps Install XP Install SQL server Install ASP.NET



We have implemented the web pages for Login to online resume mart and for company and user registration. For creating the web pages, we used dierent tools in the tool box MS visual studio.net 2010. The tools we used are Label - It is a tool in which we can label an item Text box - It is a tool in which the user can enter an item Button - It is a tool in which the user can select a button and go to further pages. Drop down list - It is a tool which list all entries of the list and user can select any entry. List box - It is a tool which list all entries of list, but there is no option to select any entry


Implementation planning

Next, we are planning to implement the linking between web pages. If we press the button Login we must see the contents. For that coding should be done. We are planning to implement the linking between web pages using codes.


The project can be easily used in the process of decision making. Dierent types of reports can be generated which help the management to take correct decision and reduce the time delay which automatically increases the companys work standards as well as the economical state of the company. This system never decreases the manpower but helps the development of available manpower and optimizes the manpower by which companys standards and capabilities can be scaled to higher dimensions. so we are trying to develop a system which reduces diculties in nding job for a job seeker and it also reduces diculties for a job provider.