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Boo review The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini It may be unfair, but what happens in a few days, sometimes

even a single day, c an change the course of a whole lifetime The Kite Runner, an English novel written by an Afghan-American writer; Khaled Hos seini, is said to be the first novel published by an author of Afghani origin. Set during 1970s, in a country of dried mulberries, sour oranges, rich pomegrana tes and honey-Afghanistan, The Kite Runner is an insightful novel that spans three decades of life and customs of people and a country that have tragically beco me synonymous with terrorism. It is a story of two motherless boys who learn to crawl and wal side by side, d estined to destroy each other. It follows a young boy, Amir, as he faces the cha llenges that confront him on the path to manhood- testing friendships, finding l ove, cheating death, accepting faults and gaining understanding. This is the tal e of Amir and his friendship with Hassan, a friendship which is a complex tapest ry of love, loss, privilege and shame and how the tragic events of one fateful d ay drive these two motherless boys apart. Guilt-ridden Amir is destined from tha t day forth to carry the immense burden of his betrayal, all because he did not have the courage to stop the things he saw happening in a dirty alleyway. The writing is compelling and intense and you will feel li e you are in the vall eys of Afghanistan all the time. At some point you could literally feel the pain of both Amir and Hasan. The Reader travels through all the emotions --- anger, hatred, pity and sadness. An aspect worth mentioning is that it grips us firmly from the beginning primari ly due to the graveness of its plot. The author sets the tone for the entire nov el by beginning with the lines. I became what I am today at the age of twelve, on a frigid overcast day in the w inter of 1975. Before we now anything about the protagonist, including his name we learn that one moment in his past defined his entire life. Strength of this text is the successful employment of flashbac s. These flashbac s also succeed in creating a sentimentally engaging tale of childhood and its p roblems. It allows the author to eep his readers captivated and emotionally inv olved with the characters, sensing their pain, guilt, and desires. An important aspect of the novel is that it appears in the first person point of view. This implies that everything is seen from the perspective of the narrator . It gives the notion of a memoir or a confession. Significantly distinctive about the novel is the utter hatred, detest and disreg ard shown by Hosseini for the brutal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by R ussia. The usage of wordings such as " The Mullahs want to rule our souls... and the Communists tell us we don t have any" and at other point "I piss on the bea rds of all those self-righteous mon eys" succeed in portraying a powerful impact and visualization of the political scenario, the desperation and the author exp eriences in response to it. There are different instances of symbolisms which have been beautifully penned d own by the author. Traditionally, ites symbolize both prophecy and fate. Afghan ites with their glass strings symbolize the dichotomy between beauty and viole nce, simultaneously representing Afghanistan and the half-brothers, Amir and Has san. The two main ite fights in the novel the tournament Amir wins and the one at the end of the boo not only also represent Amir and Hassan but also symboliz e the juxtaposition of roles, for at the end Amir has become the ite runner. Th us, ites also symbolize interrelationship between betrayal and redemption. Hosseini creates a highly unique story that eeps the reader intrigued from begi nning to end. It is complete with several twists and turns, constantly leaving t he reader shoc ed; there is not a single dull moment in this riveting novel. Ami r s actions create a domino effect, ultimately altering the world he once new. The Kite Runner shows readers that redemption is possible for those who see it ou t, as one of the boo s more prominent quotes shows, There is a way to be good aga in The Kite Runner is an outstanding novel about the right and wrong and the nature of evil, certain to be read for years to come. Rich in drama, violence, romance

, and friendship, it touches audience on both an emotional and spiritual level a nd find a permanent place in their hearts...a thousand times over. Saloni Bhatnagar PGDM-RM