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The branch of Physics which deals with the study of properties of matter and energy along with teir mutual interaction PHYSICS 2. He wrote about shining of moon and its phases ALBERUNI 3. He wrote many scientific papers on nature and the propagation of light IBN-ULHAITHEM 4. He was awarded Nobel Prize in 1979 DR. SALAM 5. YAQOOB KUNDI was born in 3RD CENTURY HIJRA 6. IBN-UL-HAITHAM was born in 965 A.D 7. The value of P was calculated by IBN-UL-HAITHEM 8. ALBERUNI was born in 965 A.D 9. After the successful verification of an assumption and with the help of careful experimentation becomes THEORY 10. An organized process which is used to test the truth of the hypothesis is called EXPERIMENT 11. The branch of Physics which deals with the isolated nuclei of the atoms NUCLEAR PHYSICS 12. It is a specific method used for the search of the truth SCIENTIFIC METHOD 13. It is an organize process which is used to test the truth of the hypothesis EXPERIMENT 14. He combined the weak nuclear force and electromagnetic force DR. ABDUS SALAM 15. He learnt mathematics and astronomy ALBERUNI 16. The laws of motion and gravitation were stated by NEWTON 17. The branch of physics which deals with various aspects of sound energy and sound waves is called SOUND 18. The pinhole camera was invented by IBN-UL-HAITHEM 19. On the basis of data collected through observation on experimentation, we can develop HYPOTHESIS 20. He was a big philosopher and scientist YAQUB KUNDI

21. The internal structure of earth is studied under a special branch of Physics which is called GEOPHYSICS 22. The longitude and latitude of the earth was determined by ALBERUNI 21. The machine which solved problems of mathematics and physics with amazing speed COMPUTER. 22. It deals with the Physical aspects of visible light is called LIGHT 23. The study of specific properties of matter in solid form is called SOLID STATE PHYSICS 24. Escape velocity 1.1 104 m/s 25. Meter UNIT OF LENGTH 26. Distance SCALAR QUANTITTY 27. Average Velocity DISPLACEMENT / TIME 28. Motion of swing vibratory motion 29. Walk of a person 6 Km/h 30. Motion of Gas molecules RANDOM MOTION 31. Origin of the graph POINT OF INTERSECTION OF X-AXIS AND Y-AXIS 32. Motion under gravity PISA TOWER 33. 0.9 MM OF Vernier Caliper DISTANCE BETWEEN TWO VERNIER DIVISION 34. Milliliter UNIT OF VOLUME 35. Standard quantity UNIT 36. Negative acceleration MOTION AGAINST THE GRAVITY 37. Physics balance MASSS MEASUREMENT 38. Unit of mass KILOGRAM 39. Type of error 03 40. Rate of change of velocity ACCELERATION 41. Jet Plane 3.0102 m/s 42. Distance between two threads of a screw PITCH

43. Least Count of meter rod 01mm 44. Km/h UNIT OF SPEED 45. Study of motion under the action of force DYNAMICS 46. Shortest directed distance between two point DISPLACEMENT 47. Nano second 10-9 48. Variable velocity UNIFORM CIRCULAR MOTION 49. That characteristic of a body due to which its resists against any change in its state of rest or of uniform motion LAW OF INERTIA 50. The force with which earth attracts a body towards its center WEIGHT 51. Fastest bird swift 160 Km/h 52. Co-efficient of friction NO UNIT 53. When a force acts upon a body an acceleration is produced in the direction of force and the magnitude of acceleration is directly proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass of the body NEWTONS SECOND LAW 54. The force that produces resistance against relative motion between two surfaces is FRICTION 55. Equations of motion UNIFORM ACCELERATION 56. Acceleration Km h-2 57. Newton Kg ms-2 58. Second Law of Motion ma 59. Velocity Km/h 60. Momentum mv 61. Galileo GRAVITATIONAL ACCELERATION 62. Every body continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by an external source impressed upon it NEWTONS FIRST LAW 63. That agent which changes or tends to change the state of rest or of uniform motion of a body FORCE

64. Action and reaction are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction NEWTONS THIRD LAW 65. Kinetic friction k Fn 66. Motion about a fixed point ROTATION OF EARTH 67. Weight mg 68. Average acceleration CHANGE IN VELOCITY 69. The force acting along a string TENSION 70. When two or more bodies collide with one another the total momentum of the system remains the same provided no external force acts upon them LAW OF CONSERVATION OF MOMENTUM 71. The magnitude of acceleration produced when a force acts on it MASS 72. Momentum Kg ms-1 73. Static friction s Fn 74. When one body moves vertically downward and the other upward then the formula of tension in the string will be 2m1m2g/(m1+m2) 75. When one body moves vertically downward and the other moves horizontally then the formula of acceleration will be m1g/(m1+m2) 76. Invention of a wheel ROLLING FRICTION 77. That force which produces an acceleration of one meter pert second per second in a body of one kilogram mass is ONE NEWTON 78. If we increase the force applied on a body it moves faster which means MORE ACCELERATION IS PRODUCED 79. sin 300 0.5 80. Mass SCALAR QUANTITY 81. Perpendicular / Hypotenuse sin 82. Trigonometric ratios RIGHT ANGLE TRIANGLE 83. Acceleration VECTOR QUANTITY 84. Density SCALAR 85. Bold letters VECTORS

86. opposite direction NEGATIVE VECTOR 87. Vector FORCE 88. Cos 90 0 89. Torque VECTOR 90. Tangent Perpendicular / Base 91. Pressure FORCE PER UNIT AREA 92. Cosine Base / Hypotenuse 93. Vector QUANTITY WITH DIRECTION AND MAGNITUDE 94. Head to tail rule VECTOR 95. Trigonometric ratios SCIENTIFIC CALCULATORS 96. Fx X-COMPONENT 97. Sound SCALAR 98. Addition of two equal and opposite vector ZERO MAGNITUDE 99. Egyptian pyramids INCLINED PLANE 100. Rotation of the particle FIXED CIRCLE 101. Rotation of wheel TORQUE 102. Change direction of force MACHINE 103. gh GM (R+h)2 104. Plumb line CENTRE OF GRAVITY 105. Mechanical Advantage LOAD EFFORT 106. Torque Fr 107. Artificial Satellite TELECOMMUNICATION 108. Load L 109. Centre of gravity of cylinder CENTRAL POINT OF AXIS 110. Motion of blades of electric fan CIRCULAR MOTION 111. Mass of earth 61024

112. MA of inclined plane 1 / sin 113. L h OUTPUT 114. Efficiency OUTPUT / INPUT 115. Energy due to motion KINETIC ENERGY 116. Weight mg 117. Volume of earth 4/3 PiR3 118. Geostationary Satellites GLOBAL SATELLITES 119. Opposite direction of forces UNLIKE PARALLEL FORCES 120. Two parts SCREW JACK 121. Nano 10-9 122. State of paratrooper EQUILIBRIUM 123. Universal law of Gravitation NEWTON 124. Wheel type disc PULLEY 125. Force NEWTON 126. Cream Separator CENTRIFUGE 127. Mega 106 129. Crane PULLEY