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Oasis Academy South Bank A New Free School for Waterloo

Oasis Academy South Bank will open in September 2013 a brand new secondary school serving the local Waterloo community. It will open with an initial intake of 120 Year 7 students, which will expand year on year. It will be a worldclass school with an equal focus on securing outstanding academic qualifications and offering exciting opportunities and experiences that will build cultural and social capital in every child. Our aim is that every young person will be successful in securing employment in a career with prospects. Oasis Academy South Bank is proud to be part of the wider Oasis Waterloo Hub which already delivers an extensive range of childrens, youth and family services in the local community. Oasis is a Christian foundation serving all regardless of faith, and is already responsible for Oasis Church Waterloo and Oasis Academy Johanna (formerly Johanna Primary School). Oasis also runs the Oasis College of Higher Education, which offers both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications.

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Carly Mitchell - Principal Designate

I am delighted to have become part of the Waterloo community and to be leading this world class school. Oasis Academy South Bank is a unique Academy; our academic achievements will be amongst the best in the country and our students will be happy, eager and excited to attend. We hope Oasis Academy South Bank will contribute to form good relationships between the multi-national South Bank employers and the local Waterloo community. Our alumni will be desired and sought after future employees of the leading organisations and companies on our doorsteps. Our students skill set, values, and academic outcomes will put them in good stead to secure the top jobs of their choice. Oasis Academy South Bank will be totally inclusive: all students are welcome regardless of starting point, need or complexity. All students at Oasis Academy South Bank will Climb the STAIRS to Greatness

Carly Mitchell

Oasis Academy South Bank will form a bridge between the successful multi-national Southbank employers and the local Waterloo community.

The Vision
Oasis Academy South Bank will be a fully inclusive community, where students are cared for and nurtured to achieve the best that they can. Preparing our children for employment in a career where they are happy and successful will be at the heart of what we do. Through a rigorous approach to academic outcomes and a commitment to developing social and cultural capital, all our students will Climb the STAIRS to Greatness. S T A I R S Scholarship - We focus relentlessly on securing outstanding academic qualifications and a developing love of learning for all our students. Transformation - We believe that everyone can change for the better and everyone has the power to change and influence others for the better. Aspiration - We know if you aim high and believe then you can become anyone or do anything. Inclusion - We believe we are one family: we never make anyone feel isolated or alone. Resilience - We understand that greatness does not come without huge amounts of hard work and effort and we know that we must never give up. Social Responsibility - We care for our community and help others whenever we can.

Social Responsibility Resilience Inclusion Aspiration Transformation Scholarship

The Need for Oasis Academy South Bank

Waterloo is an important centre for the UKs arts and media industry, as well as being an internationally significant location for higher education, global businesses, healthcare and tourism. Its just a stones throw from the seat of UK government and a near neighbour to Londons financial district. Yet, too much of this wealth bypasses the local community altogether. Oasis goal is to create a world class secondary educational environment which harnesses the richness of the surrounding area for the benefit of our local children. We believe that this will help create a much needed, stronger sense of community for young people here in Waterloo. There is a specific need in the Waterloo area for a new, small, co-educational secondary school; a school which local children can travel safely to and from by foot, instead of taking tube or bus rides; a school where each student is known and where the relationships that they have built through their years of primary education can be maintained. We believe that meeting these needs will play a vital role in ensuring that every local young person has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Currently, there is no local secondary school serving our community. As a result, when our children leave primary school, they are scattered across a large number of schools, spanning several boroughs. Lambeth Councils report on School Demand and Primary Expansion (presented to Cabinet on 12th December 2011) is clear, explaining; The overall population projections for Lambeth suggest that, in spite of the difficulty in accurate forecasting, the dramatic increase in primary place demand will continue, with the shortage spreading to secondary places around 2015/2016. We want to plan ahead to ensure children living in Waterloo are not disadvantaged by the demand on secondary school places from the rest of the borough. Local parents should not have to compete for the remaining places which are often a significant distant from their homes. Its time to invest in Waterloo and in the future of our children and young people. Oasis already works in partnership alongside other local agencies such as WaCoCo, Waterloo Quarter BID, the Southbank Employers Group, Coin Street Community Builders, St.Thomas Hospital, The Old Vic Theatre and Morley College. Building on the strength of these existing relationships we will create an excellent secondary school and help to build a strong sense of pride for our whole community.

Oasis Academy South Bank will: Offer a traditional academic curriculum in addition to a rich and varied enrichment curriculum From Year 7 the following subjects will be compulsory and taught in line with the National Curriculum: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, and a Modern Foreign Language Offer six compulsory subjects at Key Stage 4: English, English Literature, Maths, Science, History or Geography, a Modern Foreign Language (and four additional options) Ensure there is a rigorous focus on literacy and numeracy so that all children exceed national expectations Offer the South Bank Six as an entitlement for all students Have four hours of sport per week with leading coaches and teachers (e.g. Rugby, Football, Cricket, Athletics, Netball, Hockey, Gymnastics, Dance) Have a diverse, creative curriculum for all which will include: Music, Art, Photography, Drama and Media.

A mandatory communication and resiliency programme to develop life-long learning and thinking skills Have a compulsory extended day from 8:00am - 5:00pm in order to complete all academic and enrichment curriculum Allocate each child a Learning Mentor who will have a weekly Learning Conversation with all students about progress and how to move forward Where necessary, offer one-to-one tuition for students Build links with the South Bank Business and Cultural organisations and corporations to have sustainable curriculum links on a weekly basis Offer an optional curriculum unit with a choice of: Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Public Speaking, Japanese, Hospitality and Catering, Textile Design, Film Production Manners, politeness, courtesy and communication will be explicitly taught, modelled and reinforced throughout the curriculum

All our young people will 'Find Their Greatness' at Oasis Academy South Bank.

The South Bank Six

All OASB students will: 1. 2. Visit a Russell Group university every year Regularly visit a range of organisations, companies or charities on the South Bank

3. Experience an annual residential trip 4. Regularly visit theatres, museums, art galleries and concerts

5. Be given the opportunity, during curriculum time, to develop and discover talents in: Sport, Music, Art, Dance, Drama, Cooking, Technology and Film Production 6. Be involved in a sustained volunteering programme either with Oasis Academy Johanna or another element of the Waterloo Hub.

Oasis Academy South Bank alumni will be desired and sought after future employees. Their skill set, values and academic outcomes will put our students ahead of the game.

The Governance
The Academy Council will be made up of representatives from parents/carers and staff. Alongside them will be other representatives from the local community and local businesses appointed for their skills, abilities and local knowledge as well as representatives from Oasis Community Learning and one from the Local Authority.

Special Educational Needs

All Oasis academies are caring communities which aim to promote the mutual respect and understanding and an effective education for all their students. Oasis Community Learning believes that all children and young people should be equally valued and therefore will do all we can to promote equality of opportunity and outcomes, and to help develop a learning environment where all children and young people can flourish and feel safe. All young people should have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, with teaching and learning strategies that maximise achievement and prevent failure by removing barriers to learning and providing access to a wide range of learning challenges. At Oasis Academy South Bank, where a child has a Statement of Educational Need or requires additional support to enable them to access the curriculum we will aim to provide this through a constructive dialogue with parents/carers and social work and health professionals to ensure that the childs best interests are served. Where a child shows a www particular talent or gift we will work with them .oas isac to ensure they have every opportunity to ade mys develop this. A copy of our SEN Policy outh ban is available on our website. k.or g

The PAN (Published Admission Number) for 2013-14 is 120 Year 7 pupils. A copy of the admissions policy is available on request or to download from our website. In the event of the school being oversubscribed, the following oversubscription criteria will apply: 1. Looked After Children or Previously Looked After Children as defined in section 22 (1) of the Children Act 1989. 2. Siblings - we will prioritise twins or children from other multiple births under the sibling criteria and would increase our published PAN to accommodate this need. 3. Children with exceptional medical or social needs as defined by a suitably qualified and experienced panel convened to consider such cases. Evidence in the form of a doctor or social workers letter will be required. 4. Distance - as measured by a straight line between the childs home and the permanent site of the school. This measurement will be done by a computerised mapping system, from a point in the childs home as identified by the software to a point at the school as profiled in the software. The childs home address will be considered to be where the child spends the majority of the school week.

Oasis Academ y South Bank will be totally in are welcome re clusive: all stu gardless of sta dents rting point, nee d or complexit y.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or would like further information, please do get in touch with: Carly Mitchell, Principal Designate,The Oasis Centre, 75 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7HS E-mail: carly.mitchell@oasissouthbank.org or telephone: 020 7921 4680 (Principal Designate) E-mail: lucia.glynn@oasisuk.org or telephone: 020 7921 4464 (Programme Manager, Development Unit) Please also look at our website for updates and admission information: www.oasisacademysouthbank.org www.oasiscommunitylearning.org E-mail: admissions@oasisacademysouthbank.org You can follow us on Twitter @OasisSouthBank