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1. You will pay a tryout fee one time. a. We may ask you to come back and be re-evaluated or to come back with other athletes from your teams for a 2nd or 3rd tryout. b. You will only be charged one tryout fee, no matter how many times you participate. We will evaluate all who show up. We will present Offer Letters at the conclusion of each Initial Tryout. We will use the 2nd and 3rd tryouts to allow older and different players to try out, and to allow time for each of our rosters to form with the help of our current athletes. This will also give athletes who have a scheduling conflict the opportunity to attend a tryout.


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What if my athlete does not make the cut? We have three levels of teams to help meet the majority of athletes needs. In the case that an athlete does not make the final cut, we will have Youth Leagues, Skill Training and Developmental Programs available in the spring and summer offered to all athletes who are interested in improving. How quickly will we know if we made a team? You will receive a phone call from a CenTex Attack coach within four days of your initial tryout informing you of next steps and options, and your team status. Do I have to pay this whole amount upfront? You have to pay $250 upfront to confirm your interest. This initial payment will be due after tryouts. The remainder will be billed monthly. Total payment will be divided into 4 Monthly Payments tied to your credit or debit card. Contact Coach Terroba (CoachT@Centexattack.com) directly if you have any questions. When will we practice? Final Practice Schedules for all teams will be established by March 1. We will avoid schedule changes so that you can plan your spring and summer. In the case that we need to make an adjustment, you will be informed immediately. Local Teams Two Nights a Week for 2 Hours each practice Practices Begin Early to Mid April End End of June or Mid July Regional Teams Two Nights a Week for 2 Hours each practice Practices Begin Mid March to Early April Season Ends at the End of July National Teams Two Nights a Week for 2 Hours each practice Same as Regional Teams, with added tournaments and practice all the way into August National Tournaments will be an Add-On option for Regional Teams who feel they are up to the challenge and who are able to afford the financial and time commitments involved with out-of-state tournaments.

Who will be my team's coach? We will wait to establish final teams before assigning our coaches. Team and coach placement is based on the number of athletes who try out, the number of quality coaches we are able to secure for a given year, and the fit and finish of each coach with a certain group of athletes. All team coaches will be led by a master coach who possesses multiple years of coaching experience and who is a proven teacher of the game. Our staff is made up of present and former high school and middle school coaches, former and current select coaches, and former and present college athletes. How much will travel cost if our team takes a trip? $50 per athlete per trip add-on cost for each out of town trip (Regional and National Teams) Pays for coaches meals and hotel room You will have to pay for your own hotel rooms (we would try to secure an affordable hotel and would combine up to 4 athletes per room. We will have fundraising opportunities for each athlete to help defray the costs of travel and team fees. Parents will car pool to transport athletes to all in-state tournaments What Tournaments will we play in? Local, Regional and National tournament schedules will be finalized by March 1. In the case that a specific team wants to add on a tournament to the end of their basic tournament package, the parents, players and coaches can all decide to do so. This will involve additional cost for registering for the tournament and paying for travel, if necessary. For example, we will offer Local teams the chance to attend the AAS National Tournament in San Antonio in July as an add-on. How will you ensure my athlete gets good coaching and instruction? Master coach model, which allows for an experienced coach to steer instruction. Comprehensive Coach Application process and selection process, including criminal background checks. Unified System of play, ensures that the same concepts are being taught across teams and that there is a progression through different age levels. Emphasis on skill development athletes will rotate around to different coaches over the course of the season as part of Skill Development Stations. How will you incorporate Classroom Teaching? We will devote 30 minutes per week to classroom time (before practice). This time could increase depending on needs. Video breakdown, leadership, teamwork and basketball concepts will be presented in depth. CenTex Attack Athletes who want to go more in depth can attend A CenTex Attack Skill Academy at a reduced price during the spring, winter and fall. How will you incorporate SAQ (Strength & Speed, Agility, Quickness) Training? We will devote 30 minutes per week in the weight room (before practice). This could increase over time. We will also devote time daily to foot work, foot speed and agility training. CenTex Attack athletes wanting to devote more time to Speed & Strength development will be able to Add On SAQ training Summer Boot Camp sessions to get more time in the weight room at a discounted price. How will you incorporate Individual Skill Development: We will devote 25% of practice time to skill development. We will teach The 5 Levels of Offense and Defense Individual Model so that athletes can target areas of improvement. We will use this to target skill development and to give athletes specific and measurable targets of achievement. Athletes who want to devote more time and attention to skill development can arrange individual and smallgroup training sessions with one of our CenTex Attack Skill Trainers.

What am I getting for all this money? LOCAL TEAM DUES: $750 60 hours of practice + 25 games (one hour each) = 85 hours $750 / 85 = $8.82 per hour for the season. REGIONAL TEAM DUES: $950 72 hours of practice + 35 games (one hour each) = 107 hours $950 / 107 = $8.87 per hour for the season + Travel Costs NATIONAL TEAM DUES: $1250 80 hours of practice + 40 games (one hour each) = 120 hours $1250/120 = $10 per hour for the season + Travel Costs

1. Exposure To Our Staff a. To allow our youth and middle school athletes a first opportunity to get instructed and evaluated by our entire CenTex Attack staff. Enlighten Athletes & Parents a. To give athletes and parents a sense for how CenTex Attack practices and events will look and feel. Establish Expectations a. Share format of tryout. b. What we are looking for in players and parents. Establish Final Interest a. Parents will confirm or deny interest via Interest Confirmation Form. Evaluate Players a. Identify potential Regional and National players. i. Talk with them in person. ii. Present an Offer Letter to those players. iii. Enlist Regional Team players to help in forming the final roster. iv. Share general practice schedule and tournament schedule. b. To identify potential Local players i. Present an offer letter via email by the Thursday following the tryout. ii. All players will receive a phone call from a CenTex Attack coach. iii. Share general practice schedule and tournament schedule. Enlist Help in Shaping Your Team Experience & Roster a. To enlist the help of all tryout participants to help fill roster gaps that exist after Tryout #1 by recruiting likeminded athletes of similar interest and skill level, who may not have had a chance to attend Tryout #1. Ensure We Are On The Same Page a. Answer parent and athlete questions after tryout. b. Communicate Next Steps. c. Collect Interest Forms with contact info and Level of Interest.

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. To evaluate all Present 9th-12th grade high school male athletes who are not in the playoffs. To evaluate all Friends & Family Recruits in 7th-8th grade for Final Team Placement. To help us fill out all roster needs presented by Tryout #1 for 6th-8th grade teams. To give any 7th-8th grade athletes who did not have a chance to attend Tryout #1 a chance to be evaluated. To give any Elite 7th-8th graders identified in Tryout #1 a chance to tryout for our 9th and JV teams. To give elite 5th and 6th graders a chance to try out for our 7th and 8th grade teams.


1. 2. 3. 4. To invite back all athletes in 9th-12th grade athletes who tried out in Tryout #2 to be evaluated one more time. To allow for high school playoff participants to be evaluated without interfering with their school seasons. To evaluate all Present 9th-12th grade high school male athletes were unable to attend Tryout #2. To evaluate all Friends & Family Recruits in 4th-12th grade and to place them on appropriate teams, if necessary. a. 5. 6. We will communicate to all Past Tryout Participants via email or phone if we need you to return for Tryout #3. You will not be charged again.

To help us fill out the roster needs presented by Tryout #1 and Tryout #2 for all grade levels. We will use Tryout #3 to finalize all teams. a. Final rosters and coaching assignments will be established and communicated before March 9. b. We will notify all of our participants about our intentions by the Thursday following the tryout via email and phone call from your team coach. c. We will collect Initial Payment At the Conclusion of the Tryout to confirm your interest.

1. CONFIRM YOUR PAYMENT AND REGISTRATION ONLINE BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: a. We want to be prepared for the number of athletes who tryout. b. We also want to make check in quick and efficient. c. For those reasons, we are rewarding those who register early and online with a large discount. i. $20 if completed online ii. $35 if completed at the door (Cash and Check Only at the Door) CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: a. We will be fully engaged in coaching, instructing and evaluating the day of the tryouts, so please be sure to ask your questions ahead of time, or to wait until after tryouts are completed during the Parent Q&A. i. Coach Terroba-- Director 1. (512) 784-3399 2. CoachT@CenTexAttack.com ii. Coach SmothersBoys Coordinator 1. (512) 796-9960 2. CoachSmothers@CenTexAttack.com iii. Coach Jodie McGarityGirls Coordinator 1. (512) 537-8775 2. CoachMcGarity@CenTexAttack.com


REGISTER ONLINE at www.CenTexAttack.com