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( )Methodology: 1- Principles of Language Teaching and Learning (D. H. Brown). 2- Teaching Foreign language skills (M.Celce Murcia).

3- Developing Second Language Skills (K. Chastain). 4- Chomskys Universal Grammar (V.J.Cook). 5- Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching (J.C.Richards, T.S. Rodgers). 6- Teaching Foreign language skills (W.M. Rivers). 7- Techniques & Principles in language Teaching (D.L. Freeman) 8- Longman Dictionary of applied Linguistics (J.C.Richards et.al.) ( )Testing: 1- Testing Language skills: (Farhady, Jafarpour, Birjandy). 2- Testing English as a Second language (Harries). 3- Writing English Language Tests (Heaton). 4- Testing for language Teachers (Hughes). 5- Techniques in language testing (Madsen). 6- Language Testing (Birjandi, Mosallahnezad, Bagheridoost) ( )Linguistics: 1- Teach yourself linguistics (Jean Aitchison). 2- Linguistics and Language (J.S. Falk). 3- An Introduction to Language (Fromkin & Rodman). 4- Phonetics and phonology (Peter Roach). 5- The study of language (G. Yule). 6- Semantics: A course Book (J.lyon) 7- Language & Lingnistics (J.lyon)

Suggested sources for MA Entrance Examination Methodology : 1.Brown (2007). Principles of Language Learning & Language Teaching (Blue Book) 2 . R ic ha r d s J. C. ( 20 0 1) . Ap pr o a c he s & Met ho d s i n L a ng u a g e T e ac h ing 3 . C ha st a in, K. ( 19 8 8) . D e ve lo p ing S e cond L a ng u a ge S k i l ls T he o r y & P r act ic e 4 . L ar s e n - Fr e e ma n, D. ( 2 00 0) . T e c hn iq u e s & P r i nc ip le s in L a ng u a g e T e a c hi ng 5 . Br o w n. H. D. ( 2 00 1) . T e a c hi ng b y P r in c ip le s ( R e d Bo o k) 6 . R ic ha r d s , J. C. ( 20 0 3) . D ic t io na r y o f L ang u a g e T e a c hi ng & Ap p l ie d L ing u is t ic s 7.Farhady, H.(2002). MA Entrance Examination in TEFL with Explanatory Answers. (Rahnama Publication)(Science & Technology University) 8.MA Examinat ion Test Compiled by Pooran Pazhuhesh Publicat ion and Pardazesh Publication For Further Study on Methodology: 9 . R ive r s , W . ( 1 96 8) . T e a c hi ng Fo r e ig n L a ng u a g e S k i l l s 10.Celce-Murcia (2001).Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language11.Hossein Farhady & Saber Delshad(2007) An Introduction to Methodology for TEFL/TESL(SAMT) Linguistics : 1. Falk, J.S.( 1973). Linguist ics and Lan guage 2.Yule, G.(1996).T he Study o f Language 3 . Fr o mk in, V. & Ro d ma n, R . ( 19 88 ) . An I nt r o d uct io n t o L a ng u ag e 4 . H u d so n, G. ( 2 00 0) . E s s e nt ia l I nt r o d u ct o r y L i ng u is t ic s 5.Crystal, D.(2003)(Fift h Ed). A dict ionary of Linguist ics & Phonet ics For Further Study on Linguistics: 6.Aitchison, J. (1992). Teach Yourself Linguist ics Testing : 1.Farhady, Jafarpur, Birjandi (2003).Testing Language Skills From Theory to Practice (SAMT) 2 . H e at o n, J. B. ( 1 9 88) . Wr it ing E ng l is h L a ng u a g e T e st s 3. Madsen, Haro ld. S.(1983).T echniques in T est ing 4 . M o u s a v i , S . A . ( 1 9 9 9 ) ( 2 nd Ed).A Dictionary of Language Testing For Further Study on Language Testing: 5. Harris, David. P.( ?).Testing English as a Second Language 6.Davies (1990).Principles of Language Testing7.Hughes (2003). (2 nd Ed).Testing for Language Teachers8.Mc Namara, T. (2000).Language Testing