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Automatic Toll Tax Collector Microcontroller and Infrared sensors Gaurav

Automatic Toll Tax Collector Abstract The demonstration model is developed for showing the automation of toll tax collection counter. Automatic toll tax collector uses the infrared sensors to detect the presence and size of the vehicle and features the card input for the payment. By using such devices the required manpower can be reduced and toll tax can be collected effectively all the time day or night. Liquid crystal display is used for the indication of the count of the vehicles passed. Well organized demonstration model is proposed.

Automatic Toll Tax Collector Automatic Toll Tax Collector Microcontroller and Infrared sensors

Introduction Automatic toll tax collector is a device that automatically detects the presence of the vehicle at the toll counter. It uses the infrared sensors for the detection of the vehicle. There are two infrared trans receivers pairs are used. Which are mounted in such a ways that light vehicle and heavy vehicles can be differentiated.

Automatic Toll Tax Collector

Automatic Toll Tax Collector

Infrared Transmitter (IR LED)

Infrared Receiver (TSOP)

Motor driver (H-bridge)

Microcontroller (8051) Motor

Display unit LCD

Automatic Toll Tax Collector Working 1) When The vehicle blocks the sensor mounted at the lower side the microcontroller detects the presence of vehicle at the counter because the infrared signals are blocked. 2) After detection of the vehicle the microcontroller displays the INSERT CARD on the LCD. 3) After detection of the card the microcontroller verifies the signals on both the sensors and decides the type of vehicle light or heavy. Then microcontroller drives the H-Bridge for opening the gate. 4) After detection of no vehicle the gate is closed.

Application: 1) The Device can be used in various toll tax collectors at remote places. 2) This device can also be used at the parking lots of the malls. 3) Technology can be used for traffic control.

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