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Notes and Quotes on Revelation from George L. Pike Sr.

But then He said to you and I, "It is given unto you to know the mysteries, for God has hid these from the eyes of the wise and the prudent and made it revelation, or revealed it, unto babes such as would learn." So, He told us that we should pray that God would grant unto us the Spirit of revelation. We are the most fortunate people that ever lived on the face of the earth, because we have come to the light of the understanding to the Revelation of Jesus Christ. When you say the Revelation of Jesus Christ, that means the revealing of the Christ, the unveiled Christ. Christ is a quickening Spirit. The last man Adam was made a quickening Spirit. You, as to your first man Adam, a living soul, as a human body. But when you become a child of God, you are now the spiritual inner man, as to your heavenly Father, even the second man Adam, the quickening Spirit, and the body is now dead because of sin, and the spirit is now in heaven, as to having been translated into the Spirit of Christ Jesus, and your spirit and Christ's Spirit are now one Spirit. And so then, it is in heaven and darkness can never get to your light, for you are a child of light, and you've had your spirit delivered from the body of intellectual darkness into the super new body of Christ, as to the inner man, the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, the second man, the quickening Spirit, into the kingdom of light. That means you understand.
So then, He hath rent the veil in two. Jesus has rent the veil in two. The rending of the veil means the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the coming forth of the Christ. He can now be seen through the eyes of understanding, having declared the Father, in that the Father is the Spirit of revelation dwelling in the bosom of Jesus, He hath made Him a declaration, as to a Word, as to revelation, and now He hath been revealed. Christ has come! Christ has come! Christ has come!

So, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. That means the end of the world. When the veil is rent, that means the body is no more. When the body is no more, the world is no more. You are no more in the world, you are no more in the flesh. So Paul said, "Ye are the people upon whom the ends of the world have come." Jesus rent the veil in two, and we are they that dwell in heaven. Do you love the Lord?

Pray that God would give you the Spirit of revelation." Jesus said, "It's not given unto them to know the mysteries, but unto you it is given." So then, God is trying to enter into your heart. Churches that don't have heartfelt salvation; churches that don't preach the entrance of the Holy Spirit into the heart of mankind; those people don't have any salvation. They don't have any hope. They are people that are completely lost and cut off. That kind of religion is just a formality. There is no life without the Holy Spirit living within you. Christ said, "If you don't have My Spirit, you're none of Mine." There is no faith, because if there had been faith, then the heart would have been purified.

Yesterday, a young minister came to me. He's been in the ministry for quite a number of years, and he's not so young in that he's had a lot of experience. He's been with some of the leading ministries and with one of the most outstanding ministers we have in the earth. But, he came to me and he said, "Brother Pike, I know that all of my efforts were in the natural. I know that they were, even though I was with that ministry, and this ministry moved across the earth. I know now that the ingredient that has been missing in my life is the revelation of Jesus Christ as to the mysteries and the unfolding of God's Word." When Jesus hung at Calvary and the veil was rent open, there it came to pass. Then John, just a few short years later, in 96 AD, being exiled on the little isle of Patmos, out in the Mediterranean Sea, began to see the revelation of Calvary. He said, "I looked, and behold, a door was opened in heaven." The curtain rolled back. Four thousand years had rolled by, and never had there been a door opened in heaven. Now, in a few years, shortly after Calvary, John was in the Spirit on the Lord's day and saw that door open, and Jesus, standing between heaven and earth. You say, "Brother Pike, why is it so plain now and it hasn't been in times past?" This is because the child is being born, and it's time to name Him. If you're going to get married, you'll have to take His name, and we are down at the end of the trail, and the Bible says that it shall come to pass, there'll be light in the evening time. So this is the light of the evening time, and it's beginning to shine now, and God requires something of every light or revelation as you get the precious Spirit of the living God. This is God's Word. You wouldn't deny that, would you? If this is God's Word, and the Bible said that Jesus was the Word, then who was the Holy Ghost? He is the Spirit of Jesus. You might ask, "How do you know that?" I know

because the Bible says that He's the Spirit of truth. And what did God call truth? He said, "My words are truth." Who is the Word but God? The physicians of our day are like the false preachers. Men make themselves sterile so that they cannot give seed, so there will be no travail for the woman. They perform operations on the woman, where there are no children to be born, to show the barren church. False preachers perform this operation by the sword of the Spirit and work the church up in a state of ecstasy, but will not give them the seed of God's Word to cause travail until Christ be formed in them, but they just take an offering. When Zion travailed she brought forth sons and daughters. "Preach the Word," Paul said, "be instant, in season, out of season, rebuke and reprove with all longsuffering and doctrine." The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, that is, take the seed and travail. The womb will be closed, hence no more children are born into the world or church; the natural showing the spiritual as they parallel. Remember, revelation is always hidden in the natural allegory. Paul said that all the invisible things of God, from the creation of the world, are clearly understood by the things that do appear. So, to find your revelation you must always take the natural things that you see, and everything in this natural world, whatever it might be, along with all the activities of man as a pattern, a blueprint or an allegory, or a veil that covers the spiritual; but it is taken away in the mind of Christ when spiritually discerned, as Paul said, concerning the veil over the people's face in the reading of the Old Testament.

I teach the shadows, the types, and all of those things, walking through the valley of the shadow, in the time markers, in the time elements and the stars, the moon, and the sun, the trees and all of these things for one reason: within that type and that shadow there is a knowledge, there is an inspiration, and there is a revelation. God, who is a Spirit, has expressed Himself through the creation. The Bible teaches that the heavens express, or make known, God's handiwork. Everything is a type of something in the spiritual world. So then, all of the invisible mind of God, the things of God, the thoughts of God (since everything consists within His mind), all of those invisible things are made known to us by the act of creation. All of the invisible things from the creation of the world, or the beginning of the creation, are clearly understood to our human understanding, or made known to it by the things which do appear. That is, if you can see the thing, discern it, know what it represents,

know what it is the type of, then you'll find the mind of God. But you can never do that. You might illustrate and liken something unto something and think you've got a revelation, but you don't have a revelation. With your mind, you can never tell what anything means. It's impossible. But if the mind of Christ comes into you, and if it becomes interwoven with your mind, it will take everything in creation, everything that is in existence and break it down, piece by piece, and put it together, day after day, as you seek, search, and desire. It will put it together as a puzzle until you see the glorious mind of Almighty God. When you see that mind, it means that you have been completely transformated to where your mind is no more a mind of things, and of do's and don'ts, but your mind has become a mind of the invisible, unveiled, wonderful knowledge of the Almighty God. Therefore, since your mind has become so, it means that your body cannot remain in the conditional state of existence where things are, in the sense of the act of creation. It means that your body must immediately go through a supernatural change, become celestial, and be changed to the same condition of your mind. And when your body does that, it means that all of your surroundings that you once had seen as things of tangible matter can never again be that. It automatically changes as the light comes forth. All of your environment changes to the celestial state of being, or state of affairs that you are to be related to throughout eternity. There is more to do than that. "The parents are to lay up for the children, and not the children for the parents," Paul said. The ministry, as parents, are those who are full of age. To them God says, "Let there be meat in My house, both bread and drink." The meat is for the strong, they who are full of age, who, by reasoning, have exercised their senses to be able to discern good and evil, between the just and the unjust, or between the tare and the wheat, with knowledge, in order to protect the children. Don't stop the children from their play. Don't take away the natural ordinances of the Bible, such as foot washing, the Lord's Supper, etc. Though these are only allegories or types and shadows of the spiritual revelation that Christ intends for us to receive, yet they are the steps or the entrance through which the children come. We are within the revelation, and some day the steps (natural) will be taken away so that others cannot find their way in. This is gradually taking place now, the closing of the door to the Gentiles, when all the children are in the ark, or have come in for rest from the night. Spiritual ignorance or darkness will fall and the door of allegories shall close. These things won't be practiced or explained anymore by the ministry. The voice of the bridegroom shall no more be heard in the city.

Remember, charity is the perfecting bond that ties each stone together, as a mortar that makes part come to part, member to member, making the body perfectly whole, the perfect church. Parts will be swallowed up in wholeness or perfection. We will know everything instead of knowing in part. When that which is perfect is come in its fullness, God, the Spirit of love, you will share your part with me and I will share my part with you. The revelation of each member of the body completes the mind of Christ within us. Love is perfecting as it draws together. We have the Spirit in measure or part as individuals, but we have it in its fullness of power and revelation when we become one in strength and body, all in one mind as at Pentecost, the mind of Christ, all in one accord to do the will of God. Then, the Spirit, as a mighty rushing wind, shall fill all this spiritual house, and our word shall be a devouring tongue of fire. Our deeds shall be mighty, God working with us, confirming the ministry with signs and wonders following us. Faith worketh by love. There is no condemnation to them that love. Faith is perfect. It is unhindered by accusation, because love worketh no ill to its neighbor; leaves no room for guilt; but it is the bond of perfectness. Faith unhindered, perfect and not in part, is no longer human faith, but the faith of Christ, through which the Spirit of God flows freely, unhindered to do its work, translating the body. Perfect knowledge manifests perfect love. Perfect love means perfect faith. Perfect faith means perfect power. Paul said, "All the invisible things of God from the creation of the world are understood by the things which do appear." The natural is the counterpart or the allegory of the spiritual, or the veil of the Spirit. The veil is removed in the mind of Christ, and everything is revelation; the natural for the natural man, which is the body of the beast; the spiritual for the spiritual man, which is the Christian. God having set man in a primitive world when He put him out of the garden to search out his life or means of livelihood with each new invention or discovery, or daily progress through these means, revealing Himself to man until man finds his way back to perfectness and the comforts that God wanted him to have from the beginning. God, in the invisible world, is unveiled as He takes away the covering of the natural, like the egg within the shell. Man has progressed unto perfection. We see something in this. Angelic beings or fallen angels, who live on a higher plane than man, have woven themselves with the spirit of man, and the thoughts of man

have become angelic. These angels require a higher plane of living. They have driven man to perfection in natural things for their own convenience. This means that which is perfect is ready to be revealed, for fallen angels are still pressing for heavenly comforts, thus man is changing into a spiritual being with a satanic nature or a godly nature. Flesh is at an end. It will be spiritual conquest from here out. Jesus led natural Israel, just like Moses to the crossing of Jordan, but that which was spiritual, which was the Holy Ghost, took over where the flesh left off. The natural word has brought us thus far, but the natural be longs to the natural. Now, the spiritual word of revelation must take us on over Jordan to the Canaan land. The brute beasts, or Egyptians, cannot go beyond this point. Jesus said, "Flesh and blood has not revealed this unto thee, but it was the Spirit." Intellectual theology will fail, but revelation will do the job. This is the knowledge that translates, crossing from flesh to Spirit (Egypt, the wilderness, the Canaan land). This is the natural, or first dimension; physically speaking, it is from sight to reasoning, from reasoning to faith. The reasoning is where the serpents are, with thoughts of disillusioning fear and torment. Demon spirits present themselves in the form of thoughts. By spiritual impression of the five senses of the body, they enter the human mind, transforming themselves into human thoughts. They become one with your thinking or spirit, control your body, and sap your temporal life, keeping your inward man in a prison while he starves. They live your life for you like a tick on a dog, a leach, a tare, or a vine that wraps itself about a tree and saps the life from it. We are near the end time. The change is upon us. Two in the field, one being raptured by spiritual revelation into the heavenlies or the mind of Christ, and one left to face tribulation. He shortened the days for the elect's sake, coming at Pentecost in His appearing in the saints, that His coming to the world might be unto judgment, but unto His temple, whose temple you are, unto salvation unto them that look for Him. Jesus said, "I've chosen you out of this world. You are not of this world, even as I am not of this world." Having been translated into the marvelous kingdom of our God, we are in heaven with Him; hid with Christ in God, whom the heavens have received, unto the restoring (restitution) of all things, which is now at hand. The sons of God are being revealed. They are spiritual sons, made manifest in the flesh as their Father was, that people might see and recognize them. Being superior in faith, knowledge and wisdom, superior in power, life, strength and health, they will correct the perversion, changing this perverted system and perverted world into its original form. The whole creation groaneth in a prison of perversion, awaiting the manifestation of these sons

of God, when all the members of the body are caught up into the heavenly revelation, then, the door of the ark, the door to the Gentiles will be closed, turning back to the spiritual Jew in revelation. As a Spirit, He will leave off with the revival of the world. The turning to the natural Jew marks the closing of the door to the Gentiles, as does the turning to the spiritual Jew; to the Jews naturally and to us spiritually. Like a room filled with gasoline, we will all be inside, His Spirit filling all in all; and, just as Joseph showed himself to Benjamin first, Jesus will reveal Himself unto us, the bride. This is the flame that will ignite the gas-filled (Spirit filled) room, causing a change in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. To the natural Jew, or the rest of the brethren, He will then show Himself, while we feast at the marriage supper of the Lamb, having been baptized by one Spirit birth that was released from His wounded side, and baptized into His body as a member. Remember that Satan is finished. Like a fire that has been set in a forest, the spirit of lust hath consumed the dry trees, but we are full of sap, Jesus said. The trees of God have been scarce and so few that a child can count them, but life within us will heal the wound. Strait is the gate and narrow is the way, and, only the elect or the few will find it. Jesus, the Word, is the way of revelation to heaven. When God sees us after our new birth, He sees us as the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh. Pilate said that he found no fault in this just person. So then, Paul added, "It's not I that liveth, but Christ that liveth within me, and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the Son of God. It pleased God to reveal His Son in me." This is the revelation of Jesus Christ. You know, we who are the body of the Lord Jesus Christ are nothing less than the revelation of Jesus Christ made manifest to the world! Hallelujah! We should stand up for God and let the world see what God is doing for our inner man by overcoming the outer man. That's why John called this "The Revelation of Jesus Christ," because the revelation of Jesus is the coming of Jesus. It is the coming forth of the prince of life. That's why it thrills me so when I think about it. John saw it here as God revealed it to him in types and shadows and allegoric means. He saw it! The Revelation of Jesus Christ! He saw what God was about to do. He saw the desire of God, and what God wanted to project to the minds of the people. Every bit of this comes from one thing, and that is where He hung at Calvary. As He hung there at Calvary, the veil was opened. The book was opened.

"The Revelation of Jesus Christ." Now, this is why we refer to it as we do, because we believe that there is a revelation of Jesus Christ, because the Bible says so. Now, if the Bible did not refer to it in those terms, then I would not declare it unto you in that way; but in that the Bible states it in such biblical terms, and it is outlined here as the last part of the New Testament, then I believe the teachings of the Scriptures concerning it. I also believe that there is such a thing as the Spirit of revelation, because I don't just have to read about it, I am personally acquainted with it. It has been made known unto me, showing He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He made it known to Paul; He made it known to John; and He made it known to me. Because of that, it makes my heart happy. My heart was happy even when I served God many years ago, but my heart was not as happy then as it is now, because He has made known to me His will and the revelation of Jesus Christ, and it thrills me on the inside. My cup runs over! It's ever enlarging itself, and like the new wine that's put in the new bottles, it is ever stretching out. I really, from the bottom of my heart, thrill at the thoughts of the revelation of Jesus Christ. Paul spoke to some of them that had been converted to Christ Jesus. He told them how magnificent and wonderful it was to be a Christian, but he said that what they needed to do was pray that God would grant unto them the Spirit of revelation. That's what you need to do, folks. If you don't have the Spirit of revelation, then you need to ask God to give it to you. Then the Spirit of revelation will talk with you and reveal to you the desire of God, the mind of God, and the ways of God. In receiving these things from God, you become greater and stronger and more powerful than ever. The woman, being the church, where is she during this period? She is in heaven. What heaven is she in? She is in the second heaven. You say, "You can't prove that! That's just your idea and theory about it!" It's not my idea, nor is it my theory, it's the revelation of Jesus Christ. Paul said, "Neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ." The woman was in the second heaven, and if you get it today, it is going to be revealed to you. We are not supposed to wait until the end of the ages for the coming of the celestial. We are already bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh, with royal blood, and already the Spirit of life within us is the Spirit of God, which makes my blood royal and my body royal. I'm already in His image. I've already passed from death unto life. I've already come into this, because it is a revelation; a quickening Spirit, the coming of Christ in our life, Jesus Christ within you, the Spirit of revelation, the hope of glory. It is Christ, suddenly coming into His temple, by faith from your heart toward the things of God,

that He might come in and take His place upon the throne of this heart. Here, we see Christ coming in, and the blood, or Satan, being cast out. The blood life, that old lustful passion of burning, is gone, and here on the inside is Christ. Then, when the child is born (he that is born of the Spirit is spirit), he is born of the Spirit of revelation. Paul said to pray that God will give unto you the Spirit of revelation, that it might vaporize you into that angelic realm, transformate your mind and change this body, as a quickening spirit, that you might be received up into heaven in that cloud as Jesus was, or caught away as was the high priest. So then, we see a high calling.

And though we will enjoy it in the greatest kind of way, it is for the Jewish people, because beyond that, the whole three dimensions will be turned into one by a glorification of God, personified within us as a revelation; as a spiritual understanding; a world that you would call a myth, and yet not a myth, but a great spiritual celestial reality to us, where we will enjoy that realm of the real third heaven. By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr. When we rend this veil and go beyond the veil of our intellectual darkness, then we see the beauty of the revelation of Jesus Christ, which is the unveiled, the revealed and the innermost. We must rend this veil that fell over Calvary. When Jesus died, why did the veil fall over Calvary? Why did the darkness come when Jesus died? Because He was the light of the world, and when the reflector was killed, that outer part of Him, then the inner Christ could not penetrate anymore and give them light, so it went out. He resurrected again for our justification to show that we were children of light. He was delivered for my offenses and God smote Him. I esteemed Him smitten of God for my sake, bruised for my iniquities and the chastisement of my peace was laid upon His back. That's why I have this great peace. I'm a son of God. It's not me living but Him. When did it happen? When the veil was rent and the matrix opened at Calvary, I came forth. It's just through the swaddling and the tutoring of the church age messenger over here, to the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which is my wonderful world of the mind of God, so that the scales can drop off of my eyes. They have already dropped off and it's over.

So, you are they that dwell in heaven. You're not waiting to be raptured and translated into heaven. You're not waiting to get into the kingdom. You've just been going through your tutoring to let you know who you are and that you already live in that great mansion, that it was already yours. When he took her into the mother's chamber, it was then that he lifted the veil. It's when God gives us the Spirit of revelation, it's when we enter into the secret places with God, it's when God gets us in the Spirit on the Lord's day like John was, that God lifts this old carnal mind, this old veil of death. To be carnally minded is death! It's then that God rips that thing off, and we see Him face to face, and we don't see through that old glass darkly. As long as there is blood on the mercy seat, it means that blood has right to heavenly places. It means that blood life can stay in the presence of God. The days of grace is heaven. The Old Testament is one heaven, the New Testament is another heaven, and the book of Revelation or the Revelation of Jesus Christ is another heaven. There is a one heaven and a two heaven and a three heaven. All right, you say, "Brother Pike, I'm waiting on the rapture." I tell you what you need to do; read the book of John. It says, "The revelation of Saint John the Divine," and then it says, "The revelation of Jesus Christ that God gave unto Him to show unto His servants." You follow me? I want you to think this over. It's in that revelation, that it said, "He comes with clouds." It's right there when it says, "The revelation of Jesus Christ." What does the revelation of Jesus Christ mean? The unveiling and revealing of the Christ! The coming of the Christ! It said, "He cometh with clouds." Brother, sister, I want you to know one thing today, the revelation of Jesus Christ is the coming of the Lord, and you say we are waiting for the rapture? I want you to know the revelation of Jesus Christ is the translation of the church. It's from glory to glory by the transformation of your mind that you are moving from dimension to dimension, and when God gets that church right in this message, and the last one steps in and everything is set in order, that will be it. That sun shining from within the strength will cause that old outer image to fade away into nothing, and there He'll stand. The Bible says that He shall suddenly appear within His saints. How many of you understand now? He shall suddenly appear within you, Christ within you, the hope of glory, the kingdom of God within you. He shall suddenly appear within His saints to make all the world come and kneel at your feet to let them know that He hath loved you. Let all the world keep silent. You are the temple of God, and He is in His temple. What a beautiful salvation, what a beautiful thing.

There is but one revelation, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, that God gave unto Him to show unto His servants. We have in us a puzzle in many parts of revelation, but we must put it together; The reason we say that this is the pillar of fire in the night or the fire baptism, which is the covering of the blood for the soul, is because we are referring to intellectual darkness from the fall. Paul, turn My people from darkness unto light! Jesus said, "Gross darkness of intellectual reasoning is covering the people in the end time," whereas God commands light to shine out of darkness, saying that there shall be light in the evening time, which means the coming of the Lord or the revelation of Christ, which should spring forth in that season. It is obviously seen within these statements, that through the covenant of the Spirit, which is the Holy Ghost Himself, who by faith doth purify our heart, hath even now at this time endowed us with power for a celestial regime. There is a justification of spirit by faith; there is a sanctification of the soul by God's Word; there is a glorification of our bodies by means of baptism. We therefore have a justification of spirit by translation through believing, and we enjoy the sanctification of our soul by the power of God's Word which transforms us, while we enjoy glorification of our body by transfiguration. Though we wait to wit the redemption of our body, it is only because of the time element involved in the allowance of the spirit of iniquity which worketh as the prince of the powers of the air, being allowed to stimulate life by human passion, until the era is finished; whom the revelational mind destroys with the brightness of His coming. The spiritual covenant therefore is made with the angelic part of humanity, as it was said concerning Peter's angel. The Lord has unveiled many mysteries, and I've made this statement before, that a mystery is a revelation within the veil. That is what a mystery is. A mystery is a concealed truth, a revelation within the veil, and a revelation is a revealed truth or a mystery unveiled. That's what a revelation is. So then, the Bible says the mysteries of God would be finished. That is, that everything would be revelated, everything would come to a certain place to where we could understand it, and through the understanding of the mysteries, we would develop the mind of the Almighty God, and in developing the mind of the Almighty God, the shekinah glory of God that is relative to that mind will automatically break forth within our

hearts and lives and translate us into an eternal existence or security.

That's why, when Paul the apostle received the revelation, Peter couldn't understand. The disciples couldn't understand. Why? Because they were sent to the Jewish people, and God had blinded the Jews in part. Paul said, "I show you a mystery. I'm one that's born out of season, but I've got a mystery, I've got a revelation. I have found the key that could unlock death." He said, "I know what we've got to do." Somebody said, "Well, why did he die?" Because he said, "The things that I've got are unlawful for me to speak." Yet, isn't it a true fact, that just like Jesus, where He was transfigured on the mountain, Paul also went up into the heavens? Isn't that true? Isn't it true that Moses went up into the heavens? Isn't it true that Enoch, the seventh from Adam, found the key, and was translated that he should not see death? Isn't it a fact that the Bible tells us today, that by faith, we are translated into the kingdom of God, and we wait for the redemption of our body? We're waiting to wit the redemption. We're waiting for the knowledge to be unveiled. We're waiting to where we can understand and grasp the fact that we don't have to die. You understand what I'm saying? Let me tell you, we don't have to die! We don't have to die! You say, "How do you get that, Brother Pike?" Because the Bible tells us that we have passed from death unto life. I've already died. I died with the body of Jesus here at Calvary. That was my death! It is appointed unto man once to die, and after that the judgment. I died, and I've passed the judgment, and I've found grace, and through the grace, I received eternal life. I have passed from death over into the world of life! Then if I am eternal, if God has made me a god and I can't die, then why do I have to die as a man dieth? There is only one thing. We've got to come to the knowledge of it, and then we've got to believe it. That's the ministry indoctrinating you, getting you ready for the change. But it is when the Holy Spirit of God takes it from up here to that special twin, that Abel, that Jacob, and moves it down here into the heart, then it turns into Spirit and into faith, and when it turns into Spirit and into faith, then it translates you, because Enoch was translated by faith. So then, up here, it's an intellectual indoctrination of the Word, the veil, and the veil is over your mind, which veil is taken away in Christ; but when it drops down here, it becomes a spiritual revelation, which is faith, the unveiled mystery, and it will change you!

Take heed how you hear, for the things that are to translate you, you might miss it. You might miss it! He sent His Word and did everything, and when the church is raptured, I'll guarantee you, it'll be raptured by the Word. In the beginning was God the Word, in the end, it will be Alpha, it'll be Omega, the Word, in the end! That Word is going to speak the world out of existence, and I believe that you believe this, that if God by His Word spoke the world into existence by creating life in a veil, then today by unveiling, through the means of revelation, He is speaking the world out of existence by taking away the veil, for the veil is the world. When the veil of the carnal mind that was in the garden of Eden is taken away, then this won't be the evil world any more. It'll be the world that God so loved. It will be the millennium. So then, we're speaking it out of existence, for He has set the world in your heart. It's a mind, and we're speaking that mind out. We are eradicating that mind by transforming you. Be ye therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind; changing you from earth to heaven. Changing you from the old world into the new; from death to life; from sorrow to joy. "Turn My people from darkness to light," God said to Paul.

What is John speaking of? The first chapter of the book of Revelation calls it "The Revelation of Jesus Christ." Can we prove these things? Watch now, as the messenger sounds! Revelation eleven, verse fifteen, the Bible says, "The seventh angel sounded." What happened when he sounded? Immediately, the voice from heaven said, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our God and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever." Then, all of a sudden, comes forth the expulsion of Lucifer, for the man child goes up to the throne. Satan is personified in the earth as the beast comes up out of the waters and the tribulation begins. It all happens as John saw in Revelation twelve, the woman with her feet on the moon. Revelation thirteen, in the personification of a human form, Lucifer begins his reign of terror. What was it in Revelation ten that had been concealed when John was about to write, and when the angel refused to allow it? It was the thunders. Seven thunders. Thunders, lightning, turbulence, wind and destruction. Revelation twelve, war in heaven; Michael and his angels fought, Lucifer put out, and the reign of Christ begins, the voice says, "Now is come power" to the church, for the accuser of the brethren is cast out, he that accused them night and day before God.

As we see the three dimensional act of God, we see that there are some great things in it. God the great light, which no man can approach, with Jesus, alone dwelling in that great light, and only through Jesus Christ can we approach the great light. If we brought it down to a more intimate stage, we'd bring it down to the Word, or to a human mind, or to the mind of the Lord Jesus, that God, who is a Spirit, comes to you and I through the mind of Jesus Christ, and we cannot get near that great light except we do it through the mind of Jesus Christ. The Bible speaks of this great light coming down, and we, as beholding ourselves in a glass, are changed from glory to glory, from man's image or the beast image into the glorious image and liberty of the sons and children of God. By seeing the revealed light or the revealed understanding or the revealed revelation, we are changed from glory to glory, until the outer man is completely consumed, and we stand as the full stature of Jesus Christ. This is a great thing, for God is the Spirit of life. He is the Spirit of heavenly intelligence, and this heavenly Word of light that comes through Jesus Christ is actually life; life that changes us from mortal life into eternal life. It's actually a life, an eternal life, that is released, that you can't see or feel or touch, except it come through Jesus Christ. That's the only way. When we examine the things that we're speaking of, we find that this is for the edification of the church, that the church might be changed from glory to glory into the glorious image of God. That's what the revelation of Jesus Christ is for! If a person does not get the revelation of Jesus Christ, they will not go in the rapture! God's kingdom is not something you go into; it is something that goes into you. An inheritance is something you receive. You've got to inherit the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is a revelation. John was in the Spirit, and found himself in the kingdom of God, because he believed in the kingdom of God. It's a translation by faith that comes from a superior knowledge, and that knowledge comes from God. This is the same Word of knowledge that created the world; the same Word of knowledge that made the world what it is. The same, identical Word of knowledge. It is evident that the keys of the kingdom that unlocked the mysteries of Calvary was the revelation of Jesus Christ, which John wrote about, which were to be understood by the church in this last day, being the finishing of the mysteries at the sounding of the thunders, for the last trump that is to awaken the dead is the trump of God Himself, the voice of the resurrection, death being conquered as the mysteries are finished, the church suddenly awakening from

her sleep of carnal reasoning and death, where it had been kept all these years. So then, it was not the spoken word, which was the angel's declaration, but seeing and not understanding, as Brother Branham said, it remained a mystery. Again we say, it was veiled in the spoken word, but was unveiled in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, for the revealing of the mysteries is the trump of God, when death is conquered, and that which is referred to as "The Faith" comes exclusively to the church. In the days of Nebuchadnezzar, it was said, "Let seven times pass over it," that in the spring of the resurrection of life of the tree, she would put forth her buds and we would know that summer is nigh. The resurrection is Israel becoming a nation. We are born at Calvary, through faith in the inner man, manifested at the end of the church ages through the adoption of son-ship (bodily redemption). Although John tells us that we are already sons by new birth in the inner man, yet it doth not appear as to our image in His perfection, but we know that our appearance is in His likeness at His coming; the change at the end of the church ages, caught up to the throne, by riding over the tribulation period, sitting on the throne of David in the millennium. To the spiritual Jew, the revelational mind of Christ is the throne of God, for the capstone is the head where the brain is, while the heart is the mother's chamber of love and devotion. Look at it! Here are the thunders. Seven thunders uttered their voices. John couldn't write them. They weren't in the Bible, as far as being written, because God said, "John, don't write them." If He had said to write them, they would have been in the Bible, but they are comprehended within the mind of God, from which the Bible is composed, which means the entire Revelation of Jesus Christ is within the Bible, but it has to be spiritually understood and spiritually discerned. Those thunders were a message. I brought it out on tape one time, building up to some of the things that we're saying now, of what the thunders were, how that God had given them, what they meant and how they were placed within the bosom of the church. They were written on the tables or tablets of the heart, for John received them in his heart as the church, but nobody else received them. Why? Because if anybody else had received them, they'd have been translated. It was the message of translation that was hidden on the inside. Somebody said, "Brother Pike, you can't prove that." I can prove that, because He said, "John,

don't write anything about the thunders, but in the days of the voice, the mystery will be made known." Somebody said, "But how do you get that out of it?" Because the Bible says that the mysteries will be finished. The thunders are a mystery. Nobody knows anything about them. If the thunders are not made known, then the mysteries are not finished. Brother Branham believed that his preaching was the finishing of it. He believed that he made known the thunders with the teaching he brought forth, but if it was made known and it was out of the veil, why wasn't the church raptured? Only a type of the church was raptured, which was his people. We predicted his death, and it happened that way. This door is the mind of Christ. To get into the spiritual world by translation is the door, which is the mind of Christ, the revelation of Jesus Christ. Faith! The thunders are clashing, and as they clash, the revelation is coming forth; the mystery, the revelation of Jesus Christ. The thunders are rolling. When the season comes, everything's all right. Now, somebody might say, "Brother Pike, that means that everybody that hears this revelation will make it." No, it doesn't! Let him that hath an ear hear what the Spirit saith unto the church. How many of you know that Pharaoh followed Moses? He finally got the revelation, but when he got down to the Red Sea, it swallowed him up. Everybody hears? No sir! That's not it at all. That is the twins, but to everyone that believes it; Enoch was translated by faith. You can't believe it until you hear it. That's why the church hasn't been translated, because they never have heard the mysteries, and they couldn't believe it. Jesus said, "It is not given to the world to know the mysteries, but to you, My disciples, it is given." That is going to be the deciding factor right there. But brother, I'm speaking of the Revelation of Jesus Christ that comes right from the book of Genesis all the way down to the book of Revelation, and goes from Russia over to China, over to the United States, into your life, your marriage, and everything; that reveals the order, not only of the nations, but of the family, and the order of everything in the earth, showing the perverted side and bringing out the other side of it. A person does not need a covering of dispensational grace; they've got the grace of God, and salvation is on the inside, and when God lifts it, after the child is born, the woman with her feet on the moon, Revelation says that just as quick as it is born, it is

caught up into the revelation. It goes up to the throne, right here. That's why America is going out. The days of the Gentiles are over. The blood's coming off the mercy seat and the government is changing over to the eastern world. they look inside of that rent veil and see the revelation, which is the ark of His testament. It's because you are to treasure up to yourself, with that impenitent heart you've got, the wrath of God, because it is coming. You wouldn't let the Word penetrate your heart, but the sword of His mouth is the Word of revelation that was to destroy all nations, and the brightness of His coming is the light that will destroy the beast's image and take away the shadows of night, bringing in the world of light and the very image itself, bringing it from the dark room, being the light in which all the nations shall walk, because it'll become a government. All nations will walk in this knowledge, this understanding, this mind. In the days of the ten kings, the little stone came out of the mountain and tore down everything in the entire world. What are the mysteries of the seven thunders? They are the battle in the heavenlies; Daniel's vision being fulfilled; Michael standing for his people; the rent veil; the revelation; and the ark of the testament being revealed. What comes after that? Remember, after the trumpet sounded, then came the vials. There are your earthquakes! Father of heaven, as we come to the close of another service, we thank You for the kind patience of these people, that have listened, Lord, and may they understand. Many things we'd like to have said about the thunders this morning, and about the other things, Father, but at the end, it seemed like that the people were growing weary, but God, I pray that Thou, who art able to make them to understand all things, will quicken, ripen, open, and astound them with their own revelation of Christ as it breaks forth in their hearts, as they knit those things together and read concerning the two prophets and what is to come. May it be so, in the lovely name of Jesus Christ. Amen! In essence, of the many things we have spoken, the summary of it is that the atomic warfare, the bursting of the bombs, along with the mighty earthquakes that are to befall the nations, greatly have to do with "The Thunders." By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr. He blinded the Jews so that the outer encasement of your inner man might be blinded, so that the body might not receive the knowledge into it and be changed or redeemed until He had time to finish His work with the Gentiles and build His kingdom as big as He

wanted it by a new birth; but now that we are at the end of the way, we recognize what was done at Calvary. We recognize that the book of Revelation was written about Calvary, and that the human encasement is the Jew, coming in as the outer man, accepting the fact that the days of caskets are over. With the coming in of the Jews it is the redemption of the body, which means that we shall not all sleep. So then, this seven years belongs with the four hundred and eighty-three at Calvary, and here it is in the middle of the week, and we see, as it was, Jesus, and time is no more. Here is the body of Jesus at Calvary, in this bodily perspective, and then over here in Revelation 10:7, it is a spiritual angelic being to show Christ on this side. So then, the breach is in between here, which we don't have time to elaborate on, but it shows us that God is finished, and when He is finished, the blood comes off of the seat of atonement. He is now through with the Gentile people. He will not use a religious reflector anymore; therefore, there will be no more grace. At the end of the millennium, as to the day of God's rest, when everything has been fully restored, as to all of the lost species, then the celestial will come in and the world will change into the celestial forever, as to the new earth, and down will come that beautiful city which is you, the lively stones, descending out of heaven from where you are at, having ridden over the millennium, coming down upon that new earth, as that jasper light of the revelation of understanding on the inside of this great temple, the body of Christ. The kingdom of God within you, radiating through there, going out as a governmental constraint to all the world; because there are two constraints and there are two governments. One is an intellectual government of the tree of knowledge, and one is the Word of life, from the tree of life, that is the people of God's government. The inner translating power of the new birth, which is as a natural birth (water, blood, and spirit or life), gradually breaks forth into the outer crust, swallowing the outer man up in a glorification by means of redemption, as a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. The clay pitcher is broken, and the glorious Son of God is made manifest in our life. The image of the earthy disappears, and the image of salvation is seen, as the ultimate in God's plan is comprehended from truth to truth through means of revelation, as the spiritual Word translates us into the full measure of the God mind, as the fullness of the stature of Christ. One little seed word, named Jesus, as a grain of mustard seed brings about a finished product.

The entrance into the kingdom of God is given in the second chapter of Acts. Peter has the keys to open it, because he received the revelation that Jesus was the Christ. Peter recognized that Christ has all power in heaven and earth, that no man could get to God, the Spirit, except through Christ Jesus the name. The light is springing forth in the evening time, as it was promised. The ever confusing teaching of three gods, which God allowed to the veil the truth, is being taken off. The veil of Catholicism is being rent and destroyed with the brightness of the appearing of the revelation of God, so that the church, which is in the wilderness in our day, might perceive through a glass darkly to the fullness of the stature; but now it is being lifted. Let us pray, friend, that we may be accounted worthy to suffer shame for His name. Only the called and the chosen will respond to this message by the present day truth for the hour in which we live. Those who are called by His name are His people. All have come to this hour as a religious order, preparing as a bride for her husband, but the great seal of marriage is when the bride receives the bridegroom's name. The beggarly elements of this life are only allegories, types, and shadows, the husk in which the true grains of revelation grow. We have reached the hour of that harvest. Jesus said it was the end of the world. His angelic ministry has come forth to reap the grain. Are you a part of it? When I discovered these great truths, after many years of waiting on God and listening to His voice, I said, "At long last, God, I have discovered the fullness of the stature," and when I went to sleep, He showed me in a vision or dream by night that I had discovered it. It is the fullness of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. I have the burning desire to see this made manifest in the church or body of Christ, for I know, this having been revealed, that the end of the world is here, and nothing can be left except the rapture. May God bless you and give you understanding in all things. By George Leon Pike Sr.