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Submitted To Dr. Md.

Abdur Rahman
Professor Department of Accounting & Information Systems University of Chittagong Chittagong.

Submitted By
Md. Al Faisal
Program: BBA Class Roll:4834 ID: 07301127 Session: 2006-2007 Dept. of AIS University of Chittagong.

Submission date

: September 12, 2012

LETTER OF SUBMISSION Date: 12 September, 2012.

Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman

Professor, Department of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Chittagong. Subject: Solicitation for acceptance of the Industrial Tour Report. Dear Sir, I have pleasure in forwarding my Industrial Tour report on T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd. (T. K Paper Products LTD.) that have been assigned me to prepare as the analytical requirement of my BBA (4th Year) course under the Department of Accounting & Information Systems, C.U. During preparing my report, I have learnt many interesting things about the total management system of industry. I have tried my level best to be conclusive & terse while preparing the report. My intention was never directed to undermine anyone concerned. I sincerely hope that you would be kind enough to accept my tour report for evaluation and thus oblige. Sincerely yours; Md. Al Faisal ID: 07301127, Class Roll: 4834. Session: 2006-2007. Department of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Chittagong.

PREFACE The Industrial Tour is a program that is essential for gathering practical knowledge, because practical knowledge has no alternative. A perfect coordination between book knowledge and practice is of paramount importance in the context of the modern business world. The department of Accounting and Information Systems of University of Chittagong arranges Industrial Tour Program .This program is very important to complete his/ her B.B.A. course. As a student of the department of AIS I got the chance of industrial tour. I think that this helped me to know about the factory environment, production process, product quality etc directly.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have the immense pleasure and satisfaction in presenting report, which is termination of my project works at T. K. Chemical Complex Ltd. (T.K. Paper Products Ltd.) The success of this report depends on the contribution of many people, especially those who spare time to share their mindfully art of judging of merits and faults and have given valuable suggestions. From the very outset I would especially like to extend thank to my departmental guide honorable teacher Professor Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman, Department of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Chittagong, whose inspiration and consideration during the entire program made it possible to prepare this report.


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The Term Industrial Tour refers to a report on some industry visiting them physically, observing their process of production/ operation, and gathering relevant data from the management personnel, analyzing & evaluating the findings & drawing comments on the performance of the sample enterprises. As a part of 4th year BBA Program, I have visited T.K Chemical complex Ltd.(T.K.Paper Products Ltd) & reported on the performance of the company. Performance means accomplishment of an expected course of action. Management makes efforts to steer the organization towards destination. Evaluation is the process of identifying the financial strengths and weakness of the company. We have emphasized the promotional and marketing activities of this company.

METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY This report is prepared on the basis of the practical experience gained during the period of industrial tour. The information has been collected from primary sources as well as secondary sources. I prepared a questionnaire submitted to the management of the company, which helped a lot to get much quantitative and qualitative data. Primary Sources: Group discussion with companys management officials ranks from low to top level. Questionnaire submitted to the management of the company. Primary information related to distribution has been colleted from the sales department of the company. Practical experience gained by visiting the factory and the related departments.

Secondary Sources: Secondary information has been collected from the literature; articles, journals, paper and different textbooks are also used when textbook related data is required to quote. Handbill provided by the company while making industrial tour.

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The main objective of the study is to evaluate the management, production, marketing, accounting, financial principles as well as overall performance of the T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd. More specifically, the study covers the following objectives. To know about the company profile; To have an idea about their purchase policy; To attain information about their marketing policies and practices; To gain knowledge about their quality policy and assess their conformance; To gather information about their financial performance; To measure their productivity; To evaluate the role of T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd in the creation of employment To examine the shortcomings and suggest possible guidelines necessary to overcome them.


I have just tried my best to collect the maximum information from T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd. But this report is not free from limitation. While preparing the report, I faced some problems or limitations, which are given below:

1. The industrial tour was only for one day that is not enough to make a study successful. 2. Lack of adequate time also caused some constraints to the study. 3. Some data could not be collected for the confidentiality and official secrecy of the company. 4. It is very difficult to discuss marketing practices of the company separately.
5. Our personal limitation, because we are immature in

business life. 6. I, therefore, hope that the study will be evaluated subject to the recognition of the above-mentioned shortcomings.


T. K. CHEMICAL COMPLEX LTD. 83, Khatunganj, Chittagong, Bangladesh. (88-031) 636 245, 618 095-6, 617 837, 620 984, 621 483 (88-031) 636 381, 631 583,,
Management Mr. M. A. Tayab, Chairman Mr. M.A. Kalam, Managing Director Group Captain S.M. Kalim Ullah, psc (Retd.) General Manger (CCIFB Member)

Company Status Private Limited Company Number of Employee Nature of Business 5000 Commodity Trading, Manufacturing and Marketing of Consumer & industrial products like Edible Oils & Fats, Steel Galvanizing, Steel cold rolling, LP Gas Cylinder, Steel Drums & Plastic Containers, Paper, Cement Bags, Particle Board, Finished Leather, Tea Plantation & Shipping Services. T.K. Group began its journey in 1972 in commodity trading. The entrepreneur sprit of The founder's helped the business grow and new ventures were launched in manufacturing & marketing of consumer & industrial products. Over the years the group has emerged as one of the leading industrial group in Bangladesh with core strengths in edible oils & fats and also having successfully diversified into other business categories like Steel Galvanizing, Steel Cold Rolling, Paper, Cement Bags, Particle Board, Finished Leather, Tea Plantation, etc.



Section A General Information of Paper unit

1. Year of Establishment 1993. 2. Commencement of Production date 1996. 3. Management structure & the organization are the following. 4. Products of the Unit: Various kinds of papers including Computers grade, Printing grade, Writing grade & Packaging grade etc. They dont produce any news print papers and also tissue papers they will produce it in future.


5. Management Structure of the Organization

General Manager Advisor

Director Operation Director Marketing GM Finance GM Accounts













Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager



Senior Officer

Senior Officer

Senior Officer

Senior Officer

Officer Officer




6.Capital: Initial Capital 50 crores (App). Present fund of capital 400 crores (App). 7.Annual sales: Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
8. Annual Profit of the company: Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Annual profit (Taka) 4 Chores 61 Lakhs (app) 4 Chores 95 Lakhs (app) 5 Chores 97 Lakhs (app) 6 Chores 93 Lakhs (app) 7 Crores 23 Lakhs (app) 7Crores 50 Lakhs (app)

Annual Sales (Taka) 122 Crores (App) 146 Crores (App) 173 Crores (App) 198 Crores (App) 233 Crores(App) 253 Crores(App)


Section B
1. Books of Account: Usually every books are kept such as trial

balance, subsidiary ledger, Bank reconciliation etc. For modernization they use computers software such as tally, sis care etc.
2. Flow of transaction: Flow of transaction is of two types.

a. Collection. b. Payment. Collection process: Sales Finance Accounts

Payment Process:




3. Accounts Statements: They use various accounting statements such as, a. Cash flow statement. b. Balance sheet. c. Income statement. d. Retained earnings statement. e. Ledger. F. Bank reconciliation. g. MIS. 4. Who prepares the Accounting statement: Data posting ----------------------- Senior officer. Check the data posting-------------Assistant Manager. Prepare all information------------ Manager & deputy manager. 5. Destination: To advisor one copy. Director of operation one copy. Managing director one copy. Chairman one copy.


6.Uses of the statement: There are many uses accounting statement Tax & VAT purpose. Internal Audit. Making group financial position. MIS for group. Bank & others financial organization.

Organization objective of paper Unit The company has a lot of minor and major objectives out of which few are mentioned below: 1. To provide standard paper. 2. To capture a good market. 3. To export the product in future. 4. To earn a handsome profit. 5. To market the rod at an affordable cost. 6. To do different social activities. 7. Overall to provide the best service.


Part C
Budgetary system of the organization.

Types of Budget:
Flexible Budget: A flexible budget is a budget which is designed to change in accordance with the level of activity actually attained. Functional Budget: Functional budget relate to the various functions of a firm. The following are the functional budgets commonly found:a)Cash Budget: It is a forecast of cash position for a period.Its object is to indicate the flow of funds and their requirements. It takes into account the amount received from sales cash sales and payments made by credit customers and the expenditure to be incurred in cash - both capital and revenue. b) Sales Budget:The sales budget is a forecast of total sales which may be expressed in monetary and quantitative terms. c) Purchase Budget: The purchase budget represents the purchases to be made during the budget period d) Production Budget: Production budget is drawn up after taking into account the expected opening stock, the estimated sales and the desired closing stock of each article. e) Capital Expenditure Budget: Capital expenditure budget is closely connected with the production budget which will show how much machine capacity is needed and when.


HRM Practice:
Recruiting Policy: Internal Recruiting policy is followed by the Mgt. They never advertise any vacancy either on newspaper or internet or any other types of media. This practice is done To avoid extra burden of mgt task To reduce cost relating to recruitment Recruiting Nature: Generally Co. recruits Skilled Semi Skilled Unskilled Manpower Working Hour Practice: HRM follows three working Shift in a day consisting 8 hours a shift. Salary Structure: HRM follows labor laws & BEPZA rules for salary structure. Overtime : Overtime is paid twice over the normal wage rate

Fringe benefit: HRM offers fringe benefits covering Yearly two Eid bonus Medical Allowance Transportation Allowance.

Working Environment: Working environment of the factory is nice. Production layout & office layout is scientific.


Productivity measure: It has two types of processing system
Manual system Automated System Manual System: It has lower productivity & high idle time in system failure but offer large employment opportunity. Automated system: It has high productivity & high maintenance cost and offer lower employment opportunity.

HRM practice: HR policy is lucrative & fruitful for the worker. We see
nice relationship between worker & superior. Line of staff & job responsibility is congenial to the operation Process.

Safety Measure: As far our observation safety measure is not adequate.

We see some worker works without wearing musk, gloves. We did not see any fire extinguisher inside the factory for instant protect against fire. Transportation Transportation is must for product distribution. As transportation barrier is an important matter in product distribution , so transportation should be well managed. And we saw that the factory has well transportation system. The company has an own transport department. The air transportation use only for urgency met the customer demand. Sometimes, this air transportation is used for emergency treatment of any top-level executive or their family members.

Advertisement This company does not follow any advertisement strategy for creating market demand. T. K. Chemical Complex Ltd. always tries to maintain the product quality. This is their only promotional activity for attracting for native buyers.


Sales Target The company has sales target only for national market. But T. K. Chemical complex Ltd. does not follow the research and development program for developing their sales volume or product quality. Duties and Taxes The company is a regular contributor to the national exchequer. No tax is due by any one of the units as per computation certified under rules 64 A.

Hurdles Facing in Marketing The company is facing some common problems in its marketing activities. Transportation in rural areas is a major problem to expand its market. Another problem is its marketing force. T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd. also faces a competitive marketing environment that makes it be aware of its pricing, product quality, advertising techniques etc.


Management Practice:
The key points of management practices of T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd. Are discussed below: Mission: The main mission or purpose of T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd. is to create or increase profit as a production oriented company. Goals and Objectives: T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd. considers the increase of production as a factor of setting organizational goals and objectives.

Policies and Procedures: T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd. has the established rules, procedures, policies or strategies. But they could not provide that for their business secrecy. Planning Process: T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd. also has a strong planning process in which the authority has to formulate these plans. Most of the time top-level management makes decisions. Specialization and Departmentalization: This company follows work specialization for every employee. Work specialization refers to every employees should specialized in the particular field. T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd. does not follow generalization. And the company generally follows the product departmentalization


Decision Making: Decision-making may be either centralized or decentralized. The decision making process of that company is centralized by the authority. The lower level managers cannot participate in the decision-making.


Financial analysis involves analysis about different entries of balance sheet and income statement by which the financial strength and weakness of a firm can trace out. One of the widely used financial analyses is ratio analysis. Capital and Capital Structure: The main source of capital is the directors investment and the local bank in the company. The capital structure normally follow paid up capital. Since the company always takes the order from native buyer so that the source of capital must be the native investment. Market Share: T.K. Chemical Complex Ltd. does not enter share market. Therefore the company has no market share. It is a private limited business entity.

Short term and long term Financing: Most of the firm use short term financing to meet temporarily short falls, while permanent capital (long term dept and equity) is used to meet longterm capital requirement. There are four basic source of short term financing. Account payable Bank loan Commercial paper Accruals


T.K. CHEMICAL COMPLEX LTD. provides short-term finance from companys own sources. Long term finance provide by directors and banks. The company has no problems of internal financing. Financial Risk: Since the companys main source of capital is the native investment, so there is no financial risk in case of financial investment. There are 10 persons in the organization who are engaged in financial management under the direct supervision of financial manager.



CBA is a tool that allows the analyst to mimic the welfare optimizing behavior of the market. Although complexities arise when costs and benefits are being measured and corrected, CBA is a simple tool with numerous uses and applications, especially in the environmental assessment sphere. Its use increases accountability and consistency in decision-making.

Applications Of Cost Benefit Analysis:

The projects may be public or private, and the analysis is typically used to inform public decision makers. This type of CBA is the form typically used in EIAs. It can be used to: 1. Evaluate or rank the feasibility of projects. Decision makers to determine whether a single activity or project should be undertaken, or to rank competing projects or policies use CBA. 2. Analyze the effect of regulation. A typical purpose of new public regulations is to reduce or eliminate specified risks to environmental quality. 3. Justify equipment and technology investment. CBA can be used to determine whether a new investment in equipment or technology for government is an efficient use of the taxpayers money. 4. Determine the most effective way to cut costs, especially in capital planning: CBA provides a simple method to implement cost-effective capital planning. 5. Determine the relative benefits of outsourcing and leasing. A traditional function of the state is the provision of public goods.


However, many of the goods and services provided by the state have a private goods component. Where this is the case, outsourcing part of a project may reduce costs and improve quality. CBA can be used to identify such opportunities.


The break-even analysis is the most widely known in organization. For this reason, many use the two terms interchangeably. Break-even analysis is specific way of presenting and studying the inter-relationship between costs, volume and profits. It provides information to management in most lucid and precise manner. It is an effective and efficient financial reporting system. The break-even analysis establishes a relationship between revenues and costs with respect to volume it indicates the level of sales at which cost and revenues are in equilibrium. The equilibrium point is commonly known as the break-even point. The break-even point is that point of sales volume at which total revenue is equal to total costs. It is a no-profit, noloss point.


On the basis of findings of the study, I would like to recommend the followings:

is supposed to arrange

some training program to improve the efficiency of the helpers & operators. 2. Company is capable of arrange half yearly get together to improve the relationship between the Management & workers. 3. Customer service can be improved. For this purpose management can arrange yearly get together with the consumers (Buyers). 4. The Company must have to appoint at least medium educated & Skill person. 5. The Company can develop the advertising promotion. 6. The salary system should be well structured regarding the job responsibilities. During the recruitment, the board should consider the academic discipline of the candidates for the proposed positions.



Management is a continuous process and whenever the continuity interrupts, mismanagement is must to occur. And in most of the cases management skill deficiency stand behind it. So the process requires a continuous reviewing for developing skills of the managers. But in our country no study has been made on this regard. The educational institutes should be more research oriented. So they should involve with the related organizations so that they can provide more practical knowledge. And also the organizations should take initiatives to make a lesson with the faculties so that they may up-to-date their knowledge. From the previous discussion it is apparent that the overall personal right of the workers and employees in the T. K. Chemical Complex Ltd. is suitable. This is mostly possible due to the foreign buyers compliances. However, this program has helped me to learn a lot of practical knowledge. Finally, I would like to render gratitude to my respected teacher and supervisor Professor Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman Department of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Chittagong, for arranging this program.


Profile of T. K. Chemical Complex Ltd. Standard questioners

Annual report of T. K. Chemical Complex Ltd.

Human Resource Key Factor: