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Volume XX, Number 273 7

Waxing of Pyatho 1374 ME Friday, 18 January, 2013
New Light of Myanmar
Vice-President, Intl
technical advisory board,
discuss preparations for
2014 census
Nay Pyi Taw, 17
Jan Vice-President of the
Republic of the Union of
Myanmar Dr Sai Mauk Kham
received an international
technical advisory board led
by Mr Mohamed Abdel Ahad,
the resident representative of
UNFPA, at the Credentials
Hall of the Presidential
Palace here today.
During the meeting, they
exchanged views on sharing
international experiences
on taking census and on
cooperation in taking the
national census in 2014
with the assistance of the
government to be able to take
the census accurately.
Also present at the
meeting were Union Minister
U Khin Yi, Deputy Ministers
Chief of Myanmar Police
Force Brig-Gen Kyaw Kyaw
Tun, U Thant Kyaw, Dr Myo
Myint and Dr Daw Thein
Thein Htay and departmental
heads. MNA
Nay Pyi Taw, 17 Jan Pyithu Hluttaw made a request to Union Peace-
making Central Committee and KIO/KIA at the second day sixth regular session
of the First Pyithu Hluttaw on 11 January, 2013.
The following is the translation of the request made by Pyithu Hluttaw.
Request made by Pyithu Hluttaw to Union
Peace-making Central Committee and KIO/KIA
1. Every second touches us with sadness for local people of Kachin state
who have to suffer the byproducts of war daily and loss of both sides
due to ongoing armed conficts there.
2. Myanmar has been moving towards a goal of democracy that places
the aspiration of the people at fore. Today is not the time to claim
at gunpoint and neither to reject with the power of gun. Without a
negotiation process, armed conficts in Kachin State will never come
to an end. It is learnt that there have been diffculties to hold talks
between the members of peace-making group of the government and
representatives of KIO/KIA national race armed group as military
action intensifes in the region at present. So peace and stability is
more and more out of reach and local people have to live amidst great
fear and suffer untold miseries being stuck in the military preparations
of the two forces.
3. So Pyithu Hluttaw would like to urge Union Peace-making Central
Committee and KIO/KIA to publicize the electronic online negotiation,
making their discussions transparent, while responsible persons of both
sides fnd it diffcult to enter to the negotiation table during the period
of tension in Kachin State and to build trust through the negotiation
paying heed to the voices of the people to be able to ease the military
tensions and to pave the way for the lasting peace.

Sd/ Thura Shwe Mann
Pyithu Hluttaw
Pyithu Hluttaw makes request
to Union Peace-making Central
Committee, KIO/KIA
Nay Pyi Taw, 17 Jan
De Rui Feng Investment Co.
Ltd of the Peoples Republic
of China and Geological
Sur vey and Mi ner al
Exploration Department of
the Ministry of Mines signed
an agreement on conducting
survey feasibility study on
amount of tin and tungsten
deposit in the sea bed of
yaNgoN, 17 Jan
Yangon Regi on Chi ef
Minister U Myint Swe visited
the excavation site of British
Spitfre fghters buried in
the World War II, near
Mingaladon International
Ai r por t s f i r e st at i on
yesterday to oversee if the
excavation works affect the
normal functioning of the
According to experts,
the works would not have
impact on landing and taking
Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration
Department, De Rui Feng sign deals
Dawei River to dredge sit
along its course to ensure
smooth river transportation
i n Dawei Townshi p,
Taninthayi Region at Amara
Hotel here yesterday, with
an address by Union Mines
Minister Dr Myint Aung.
The director-general
of Geol ogi cal Survey
and Mineral Exploration
Depar t ment and t he
chairperson of De Rui Feng
Investment Co. Ltd signed
the agreements.
The Union minister
handed the permits of
Myanmar I nves t ment
Commission and his ministry
to the chairperson of De Rui
Feng Co Ltd.
Spitfre excavation goes on
off of the planes at the airport.
The excavation started on 8
January. It is estimated to dig
out 36 Spitfre fghters near
the airport.
The r egi on chi ef
minister held talks with
Bussan Mayor Mr Hur Nam
Sik of the Republic of Korea
and party at Yangon City Hall
on 15 January on matters of
mutual interests between
Yangon and Bussan.
Yangon Mayor U
Hla Myint and the Bussan
mayor signed an MoU on
designation of two cities as
sister cities in the presence
of Yangon Region Chief
Bussan has become
the ffth city to establish
sister city relationship with
Myanmars commercial hub
Yangon after Hangzhou,
Kunming, and Nanning of
the Peoples Republic of
China and Ho Chi Minh City
of Vietnam.
Vice-President Dr Sai
Mauk Kham receives
Resident Representative
Mr Mohamed Abdel
De Rui
Co. Ltd and
Survey and
Friday, 18 January, 2013
LocaL news
New Light of Myanmar
Seizur es of illegal teak,
har dwood in r egions, states
Nay Pyi Taw, 17 Jan
A combined force including
staff of Gwa Township Forest
Department in Rakhine
State seized 13.54 tons of
ownerless hardwood while
conducting a search and
seizure of illegal timber
extraction at Gwa creek
protected forest area on 27
December 2012.
Forest Staff in Hlegu
and Htantabin Townships
launched an operation
to crack down and arrest
illegal timber production
during the period from 3
to 6 January. They seized
4.2825 tons of hardwood
and arrested three suspects
while making a search of a
vehicle on Yangon-Pathein
road in Htantabin Township
and also seized 7.012 tons
of hardwood and arrested
three suspects on the same
road. They arrested two
suspects together with a
trailer carrying 3.2076 tons
of hardwood on Taikkyi-
Phaunggyi motorway in
Hlegu Township. They also
seized 42.66 tons of charcoal
and arrested two suspects at
Inndaing checkpoint.
On 3 January, a team
led by the Assistant Director
of Toungoo District Forest
Department seized 5.448
tons of hardwood and one
suspect at a reserve forest in
Kyaukdaga Township.
From 1 to 4 January,
a t eam compri si ng 15
me mb e r s o f f o r e s t
departments in Tatkon,
Pyi nmana and Lewe
Township seized 21.484
ton of ownerless teak at
the six places in Minpyin
reserve forest in Lewe
From 2 to 6 January,
forest staff of Wuntho,
Mi nki n and But al i n
Townships seized 38.474
tons of teak in the forest in
Wuntho Township, 9.8 tons
of hardwood near Zayat
creek in Minkin Township
and 5.896 tons of hardwood
in Chindwin river in Butalin
Township. Investigation into
the seizures of ownerless teak
and hardwood are ongoing.
AGM of Myanmar Nur se and
Midwife Association on 25-26
Januar y
yaNgoN, 17 Jan An
annual general meeting
of Myanmar Nurse and
Midwife Association will
be held at the University of
Nursing on Bogyoke Aung
San Street in Lanmadaw
Township, here, on 25 and 26
January. Former President
of the association Winner
of Princess Srinagarindra
Award presented by Royal
Highness Princess Maha
Chakri Siridon Daw E
Barbaro will be honoured at
the meeting.
Chai r per s ons and
represent at i ves t o t he
meeting from region/state/
district MNMAs are invited
to attend the meeting without
fail and they are to register
at the offce on 24 and 25
January. MNA
Nay Pyi Taw, 17 Jan
Jointly conducted by Forest
Depart ment under t he
Ministry of Environmental
Conservation and Forestry
a n d Th a i l a n d - b a s e d
Asi a-Paci fi c Regi onal
Communi t y For es t r y
Tr a i n i n g Ce n t e r
RECOFTC, the opening
of 2
Wor ks hop on
par t i ci pat or y t r ai ni ng
design and techniques for
community forestry took
place at Forestry Research
Department in Yezin here
t hi s morni ng, wi t h an
address by Deputy Minister
Wor kshop on Par ticipator y Tr aining
Design and Techniques for Community
For estr y
for Environmental Conser-
vation and Forestry U Aye
Myint Maung.
At t he wor kshop,
the deputy minister said
that 47 percent of the
country was covered with
forests thanks to systematic
management, Myanmar got
experiences and provisions
by participating in ASEAN
Social Forestry Network-
ASFN to carry out reforms
with added momentum in
forestry sector for economic
development. He continued
to say that the department
had adopted future plans
for better socioeconomic
devel opment t hr ough
forestry sector. Ecology,
s o c i a l , c u l t u r e a n d
economic conditions of
each region determined
the better outcomes of the
establishment of regional
c ommuni t y f or e s t r y,
he added. Next, Senior
Programme Manager Mr
Ronnakorn Tri raganon
of Asia-Pacifc Regional
Communi t y For e s t r y
Training Center extended
The workshop will last
till 18 January.MNA
Actions under way to pr ovide r ur al folk
with suffcient working capital
Nay Pyi Taw, 17 Jan
Union Minister for Coo-
peratives U Kyaw Hsan and
Vice-Minister of Commerce
of the Peoples Republic of
China Mr Chen Jian discussed
measures for disbursing of
loans at low interest rate as
part of provision of suffcient
working capital to rural
people, at the ministry here
this morning. The Union
Minister also explained
progress in formation of
microfinance bank and
establishment of at least a
microcredit union in every
village to provide enough
working capital to rural folks
for their socio-economic
Gener ator s installed for
electr icity supply in Mandalay
Distr ict
MaNdalay, 17 Jan
Aimed at ensuring adequate
supply of electricity in
Mandalay District when
the demand of electricity
exceeds the electricity
supply from the national
power grid, installation of
two 1000 KVA generators
i n Mandal ay enj oyed
electricity regularly but
about one-hour blackouts
were frequent in some
wards at night. As electricity
consumption in summer
of 2013 may be 2060
megawatts, this volume
will exceed 1551 megawatts
was bei ng carri ed out
at Mandal ay Regi on
Electrical Engineers Offce
in Haymarzala ward in
Chanayethazan Township,
on 1 January. Likewise,
one 1000 KVA generator
was installed near Taiktaw
sub-power station on 66

street in Aungmyaythazan
Township and a test running
was made. Up to the early
January in 2013, wards
of electricity supply. So
arrangements are being
made to reduce supply of
electricity in industrial
zones, to cut off electricity
suppl y t o st at e-owned
industries and river water
pumping projects from 5
to 11 pm and small towns
in daytime and to supply
electricity to major towns
through generators.
Short circuit sparks a house fre in Mandalay
MaNdalay, 17 Jan A
short circuit sparked a fre at
a house in Mawragiwah ward
of Chanayethazan Township
in Mandalay at about 3.30 am
on 14 January.
The fre started from a
shower of sparks produced
from the wire shock of a
water pump at home. The
fre swept through the whole
house and the house was
reduced to ashes. Firefghters
and local people managed to
bring the fre under control
at about 3.45 am.
While the house was
on fire, 35 fire engines
accompanied by more than
200 fre crews rushed there
and struggled to control the
fre under the supervision of
Mandalay Mayor U Aung
Moung, Director-General
U Aung Kyaw Myint of
Fire Service Department
(Upper Myanmar) and Head
of Mandalay Region FSD U
Kyi Toe.
No (8) Police Station
filed a lawsuit against
the house owner for fire
Nay Pyi Taw, 17 Jan
An opening of new school
building for Basic Education
High School (Branch) was
held Natyaykan Village
in Thanatpin Township of
Bago Region on 15 January.
The 130-foot and 30-foot
RC type one-storey new
school building was donated
by U Htet Nyi (Myanmar
Bestin Co., Ltd) and Daw
Yin Yin Myint and family
of Yangon under the aegis
of Dhammaduta Dr Ashin
Saykeinna. Bago Region
Chief Minister U Nyan
Win and wife attended the
New school building for
Natyaykan village BEHS
(Br anch) in Thanatpin Township
Firstly, Region Minister
for Social Affairs Dr Kyaw
Oo and offcials formally
opened the new school
building. Next, the Region
Chief Minister delivered
an address at the handing-
over of the new school
Then wellwisher U Htet
Nyi handed over documents
related to the new school
building to the Thanatbin
Towns hi p e duc a t i on
offcer. The region social
affairs minister presented a
certifcate of honour to the
Friday, 18 January, 2013
New Light of Myanmar
Obama fres opening shot in
US gun control battle
US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe
Biden attend an event on gun violence reduction
proposals at the White House in Washington DC,
capital of the United States, on 16 Jan, 2013.
Washington, 17 Jan
President Barack Obama
on Wednesday opened
a new front in the battle
against gun violence in the
United States with the an-
nouncement of a package
of reforms and legislative
recommendations targeted
at reducing shootings and
the availability of the types
of semiautomatic weapons
often used in mass killings.
The package included
measures some Obama
can take unilaterally with
executive actions and some
that require action from the
US Congress to strength-
en background checks nec-
essary for purchasing weap-
ons, work with schools on
emergency planning and
research the causes of what
Obama termed an epide-
mic of violence.
The announcement
came in the wake of the
December Sandy Hook
Elementary School mass
shooting in Newtown, Con-
necticut.Kyodo News
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos gives a
speech during a promotion ceremony at a police school
in Bogota on 7 Dec, 2012. REUTERS
Colombian president says
peace talks wont yield new
Bogota, 17 JanCo-
lombian President Juan
Manuel Santos on Wednes-
day denied that the ongoing
peace talks with the Revo-
lutionary Armed Forces of
Colombia (FARC) could end
with a constitution-drafting
Its very possible that
we could fnd a formula to
popularly endorse any agree-
ment... But I want to make it
very clear that we are not go-
ing to conclude these accords
with a constituent assembly,
as several people requested
yesterday, Santos said in
the city of Ocala in Norte de
Santander state.
He noted that in any
case, a constituent assem-
bly is not the equivalent of
a popular referendum. He
also asked the FARC to re-
frain from publicly discuss-
ing the details of the peace
talks, saying when the two
sides make progress, it will
be made known to the public.
This dialogue has to be
a serious dialogue, a discreet
dialogue, the president said,
stressing that the negotia-
tions have to be confdential
and cannot take place in the
media spotlight, which he
blamed to be one of the caus-
es of earlier failures.
Also on Wednesday,
the Colombian government
announced that according
to a recent census, the fve-
decade confict between
the FARC and government
forces had victimized over
5 million people, including
those who have been killed,
wounded or disappeared.
Ecuadors acting president
swears in new offcials
Quito, 17 JanEcua-
dorian Vice President Lenin
Moreno, who serves as act-
ing president on the absence
of President Rafael Correa
for his reelection campaigns,
Wednesday presided over
the swearing-in of six new
offcials. The governments
work does not stop, Moreno
said during the swearing-in
ceremonies at the presiden-
tial headquarters.
We are allocating re-
sponsibilities and now fulfll-
ing the appointments of new
offcials, Moreno said of
his frst public act as acting
Moreno took over the
nations top job on Tuesday
after Correa was given a 30-
day leave of absence by the
National Assembly to hit the
campaign trail for the elec-
tions on 17 February.
Maria Moncayo was
sworn in as coordinating
minister of National Herit-
age, Javier Ponce as presi-
dent of the National Devel-
opment Bank and Arturo
Mejia as head of the public
sector real estate manage-
ment secretariat. Katia Tor-
res was appointed president
of the Public Law Manage-
ment and Execution Unit and
Paola Carvajal as executive
director of the National Tran-
sit Committee.
Diego Martines took
the oath of offce as presi-
dent of the Central Bank to
replace Pedro Delgado, who
resigned in December after
admitting he had obtained a
fake university degree to se-
cure a post at Costa Ricas
Central American Business
Institute. Delgado, cousin of
Correa, is currently in Miami
and wanted for questioning
by Ecuadorian authorities.
BiH president vows to fght
corruption, organized crime
sarajevo, 17 Jan
President Nebojsa Rad-
manovic of Bosnia and
Herzegovina (BiH) said on
Wedensday all segments of
the society must fght against
terrorism and crime.
Radmanovic made the
remarks during his visit to
the State Investigation and
Protection Agency (SIPA)
of BiH and holding talk with
SIPA Director Goran Zubac.
All segments of so-
ciety must take part in fght
against terrorism and crime,
not only one Segment, said
This should be an ap-
peal to BiH institutions
Presidency and Council of
Ministers that have special
jurisdictions, institutions that
deal with investigations to
judicial organs for complete
coordination in the fght be-
cause if one segment is not
working, big actions fall
through, said Radmanovic.
Radmanovic noted he
will support all institutions in
BiH in fght against corrup-
tion and organized crime at
all levels, adding that future
plans will focus on strength-
ening of institutions like
Zubac confrmed that
SIPA and Intelligence Secu-
rity Agency (OSA) were in-
volved in the investigation of
the explosion at the site of a
monument in Mostar.
A monument for mem-
bers of the Army of Bosina
and Herzegovina was dam-
aged by an explosion in Mo-
star on Monday, no one was
President Nebojsa
Radmanovic of Bosnia
and Herzegovina.
France launches ground campaign against
Mali rebels
Bamako/Paris, 17 Jan
French troops launched
their frst ground assault
against Islamist rebels in
Mali on Wednesday in a
broadening of their opera-
tion against battle-hardened
al-Qaeda-linked fghters
who have resisted six days
of air strikes.
France has called
for international support
against the Islamist insur-
gents it says pose a threat
to Africa and the West,
acknowledging it faces a
long fght against the well-
equipped fghters who
seized Malis vast desert
north last year.
After Islamist pledg-
es to exact revenge for
Frances intervention, mili-
tants claimed responsibility
for a raid on a gas feld in
Malis neighbour Algeria.
Mauritanian media said
an al-Qaeda-linked group
claimed to have seized as
many as 41 hostages, in-
cluding seven Americans,
in the attack, carried out in
retaliation for Algeria al-
lowing France to use its air
space. Three people, among
them one British and one
French citizen, were report-
ed killed.
French army chief
Edouard Guillaud said his
ground forces were stepping
up their operation to en-
gage directly within hours
with the alliance of Islamist
fghters in Mali that groups
al-Qaedas North African
wing AQIM with the coun-
trys home-grown Ansar
Dine and MUJWA militant
A French Rafale fghter jet
lands in Ndjamena, Chad,
before being deployed in
Mali, in this picture provid-
ed by the French Military
Communications Audio-
visual offce (ECPAD) and
taken on 13 Jan, 2013.
Senior UN offcials condemn deadly attack on
Syrian university
united nations, 17
JanSenior UN offcials
on Wednesday voiced con-
demnation and shock over
the deadly on Tuesday attack
on the University of Aleppo
in Syrias largest city, which
left more than 80 people
dead, most of them students.
The Secretary-General
strongly condemns the ap-
palling attack, the deputy
UN spokesman, Eduardo del
Buey, said in a statement.
It is truly shocking and
distressing to see so many
young people dedicated to
pursuing their education in
the midst of strife lose their
life to senseless violence,
Irina Bokova, the director-
general of the UN Educa-
tional, Scientifc and Cultural
Organization (UNESCO),
said in a news release.
Two explosions ripped
through the university,
Syrias oldest institution of
science and technology, on
Tuesday, reportedly kill-
ing at least 82 people and
wounding more than 160
others. According to reports,
the bombs went off as stu-
dents were taking exams, and
it remains unclear who was
responsible for the attacks.
Deliberate targeting of
civilians and civilian targets
constitutes a war crime. Such
heinous attacks are unaccep-
table and must stop imme-
diately, del Buey said. All
combating parties in Syria
must abide by their obliga-
tions under international hu-
manitarian law.
Both Bokova and Ban
expressed their condolenc-
es over the attack, with the
UNESCO chief calling on
all those involved in the
fghting to respect the right
to education and the secre-
tary-general believing that
this latest atrocity should
be promptly and fully in-
He also calls for a re-
fection by all Syrians about
the degradation of a confict
that is tearing their nation
apart, and stresses the urgent
need for a peaceful political
solution that ends the vio-
lence and meets the demo-
cratic aspirations of the Syr-
ian people, del Buey said.
More than 60,000
people, mostly civilians,
have been reportedly killed
in Syria and hundreds of
thousands more have been
displaced since the Syrian
crisis began in March 2011.
Recent months have wit-
nessed an escalation in the
confict, which is now in its
23rd month.
Also on Wednesday,
the UN Relief and Works
Agency for Palestine Refu-
gees in the Near East (UN-
WRA) called on all sides
in the confict in Syria to
refrain from taking up po-
sitions in or conducting the
confict in civilian areas.
Friday, 18 January, 2013
New Light of Myanmar
Russia plans to send pr obe to moon in 2015
Moscow, 17 Jan
Russia will resume a long-
dormant quest to explore
the moon by sending an
unmanned probe there in
2015, the head of the space
agency was quoted as say-
ing on Tuesday.
The craft, called Luna-
Glob, or Moon-Globe, will
be carried by the frst rocket
to blast off from a new fa-
cility that Russia is build-
ing in its far eastern Amur
region, Roskosmos director
Vladimir Popovkin said,
according to the Interfax
The Luna-Glob in an undated illustration.ReuteRs
news agency.
We will begin our ex-
ploration of the moon from
there, he said of the new
space centre that will de-
crease Russias reliance of
the Baikonur Cosmodrome
in the ex-Soviet nation Ka-
zakhstan, which it leases.
Russian space offcials
have said Luna-Glob would
consist of an orbital module
and a probe that would land
on the moon and beam back
information about samples
it takes from the surface.
The Soviet Union got
a jump on the United States
in the Cold War space race,
sending a probe to the
moon in 1959 and putting
the frst person into space in
1961. But the United States
frst put a man on the moon
in 1969 and Russia has not
done so.
The last successful So-
viet launch of a unmanned
probe to the moon was in
the 1970s, and Russia has
suffered setbacks in its
space programme in recent
years, including bungled
satellite launches and the
failure of a Mars probe in
A successful rocket
launch on Tuesday put
three military satellites in
orbit, the Defence Ministry
Prime Minister Dmitry
Medvedev approved a plan
last month to spend 2.1 tril-
lion roubles ($70 billion)
on space industry devel-
opment in 2013-2020, to
pursue projects to explore
the moon and Mars, among
other things.Reuters
LG to launch its full-HD smar tphone
in Q1 2013
New Delhi, 17 Jan
The Korean smartphone
maker LG seems to be the
latest to join the full-HD
bandwagon. Smartphone
makers HTC, Huawei,
Sony and ZTE have already
announced their full-HD
smartphones. LG was ex-
pected to announce its new
fagship full-HD smart-
phone Optimus G2 at the
recently concluded CES
2013 but that did not hap-
However, the latest re-
port by AndroidHeadline.
com suggests that LG is
planning to launch a full-
HD smartphone in the frst
quarter of 2013. This smart-
phone carries the codename
GK and will have a 5.5-
inch screen and will run on
a quad-core processor.
Furthermore, reports
by ET News suggests that
LG will be launching a
full-HD, 5.5-inch handset
at Mobile World Congress
(MWC 2013) in Barcelona,
which will be held in the
last week of February, and
the smartphone will start
retailing just days after the
event. This report also men-
tions that the 1080p screen
is being made by Pantech.
As per South Korean
news agency, Yonhap,
LGs main objective be-
hind launching the full-HD
smartphone in frst quarter
is to be able to garner great-
er market share than its ri-
vals. The company feels
that having its product in
the market before Samsung
Galaxy S IV or the next
generation iPhone will give
it a slight edge in terms of
The agency further
claims that HTC too might
follow a similar strategy
with its forthcoming fag-
ship HTC M7 and we might
see this smartphone too
retailing by frst quarter of
2013. AndroidHeadlines.
com also contemplates that
LG will have to actually an-
nounce its next fagship be-
fore MWC 2013 to be able
to stick to its target of ship-
ping this smartphone in the
frst quarter of 2013.PTI
LG logo
Facebook r olls out fr iends-based sear ch pr oduct
MeNlo Park, 17 Jan
Facebook Inc took the
wraps off a new search tool
on Tuesday that lets peo-
ple trawl their network of
friends to fnd everything
from restaurants to movie
recommendations, an im-
provement thats likely to
increase competition with re-
view websites like Yelp and
potentially even Google Inc.
The so-called graph search
marks the companys biggest
foray into online search to
date, though it displays only
information within the walls
of the social network rather
than links to sites available
across the Internet.
Mark Zuckerberg, Face-
books 28-year-old founder
and chief executive, intro-
duced the new product at
the companys frst major
product launch since a
rocky initial public offering
in May.
Graph search is de-
signed to take a precise
query and return to you the
answer, not links to other
places where you might get
the answer, Zuckerberg told
reporters at its Menlo Park,
California, headquarters.
What youve seen today
is a really different product
from anything else thats out
Facebook shares, which
have climbed 15 percent
since the start of the year, slid
3 percent on Tuesday to just
above $30. The product news
fell short of some of the most
optimistic predictions, which
included speculation that the
social network would intro-
duce its own smartphone or
an Internet search engine.
Dubbed graph search
because Facebook refers to
its growing content, data
and membership as the so-
cial graph, the function
will be available at frst only
as a beta, or trial, for just
hundreds of thousands of its
billion-plus users.
It will let users browse
mainly photographs, people,
places and members inter-
ests. Zuckerberg stressed that
people can sort through only
content that has been shared
with them, addressing poten-
tial privacy concerns.
Shares in Yelp dived
more than 6 percent on fears
that Facebooks new friends-
based search concept will
begin to draw users away
from the popular reviews
site, which also lets people
maintain a circle of trusted
friends. Google stock held
steady. Some analysts said
Facebook may be taking a
tiny step toward eventually
challenging Google on its
home turf, but said that was
a much more challenging
undertaking and a long-term
possibility at best.
Zuckerberg stressed that
the new graph search did not
encompass Internet searches,
Googles specialty. Sterne
Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia
said the product was inevi-
table. We think this will en-
able them to expand beyond
display ads and ultimately
compete with Google, he
Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg introduces
a new feature called Graph Search during a media
event at the companys headquarters in Menlo Park,
California on 15 Jan, 2013.ReuteRs
10-inch Sony Xper ia Tablet Z
specs leaked with full-HD
display, quad-cor e CPU
Tokyo, 17 JanSony
introduced the Xperia Z
smartphone as the com-
panys latest fagship device
at CES earlier this month.
Now, it seems that the com-
pany is also investing its ef-
forts to concentrate on the
tablet domain.
A fresh set of leaks have
emerged on the Xperia Tab-
let Z detailing specifcations
of the Android-powered tab-
let. The tablet not just looks
similar to its younger Xperia
Z sibling but has more or less
the same specifcations as
well. The specs that came via
two separate tweets from @
Xperia_info indicate that it
will be just 6.9mm thin and
also be waterproof and dust-
proof adhering to the IP55.
IP57 standard just like the
Xperia Z smartphone.
The tablet is expected to
feature a 10.1-inch full-HD
(1920x1080) display running
on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.
It is likely to come with
an 8.1-megapixel rear and
2.2-megapixel front cameras.
Underneath its shell,
the Xperia Tablet Z is likely
to be powered by a 1.5 GHz
quad-core APQ8064 Qual-
comm Snapdragon S4 Pro
processor with 2GB RAM
and 32GB of internal stor-
age. The device is rumoured
to come with a 6,000mAh
battery and support Wi-Fi
a/b/g/n/, Bluetooth 4.0, NF
and LTE as well.
Though Sony has yet to
make any offcial announce-
ment about the Xperia Tablet
Z, but if these specs eventu-
ally do feature on the Xperia
Tablet Z, then consumers
are looking at a powerful
machine. We hope to get a
glimpse of the device at next
months MWC.
The Xperia Tablet Z
features a worthy upgrade
in comparison to its prede-
cessor, the Xperia Tablet S,
which had a previous-gen
NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core
processor, 1280800 resolu-
tion and was launched run-
ning Android 4.0 Ice Cream
Sandwich at the time.PTI
Toys and video games hook up on new Disney game platfor m
saN FraNcisco, 17
JanChildren will be able
to move plastic toys that look
like pirate Captain Jack Spar-
row and other movie charac-
ters into a virtual world on a
computer or TV screen in a
game platform Walt Disney
Co unveiled on Wednesday
in hopes of boosting revenue
at a loss-making division.
Disneys new Infn-
ity concept, to be released
in June, comes with games
inspired by Monsters Uni-
versity, Pirates of the Car-
ibbean and The Incredi-
bles franchises. The toys
will come to life onscreen
after being placed on a small
electronic portal, similar to
Activision Blizzards Sky-
landers, one of 2012s top-
selling games.
In Disneys Infnity,
users will transport Disney
and Pixar characters into on-
screen adventures by placing
their toys on a fat hexagonal
board. A starter pack with
software, the board and three
plastic fgurines is priced at
Other Disney and Pixar
characters will also be incor-
porated into the platform as
the platform evolves, John
Lasseter, Chief Creative Of-
fcer of Walt Disney and Pix-
ar Animation Studios said at
a launch event in Hollywood,
The companys Disney
Interactive division, which
makes video games and in-
teractive content, has been
reporting losses over the
last year, and analysts say it
badly needs a hit. Weve put
a big bet on this, said John
Blackburn, vice president
and general manager of Dis-
neys Avalanche Software
studio that developed the
Friday, 18 January, 2013 5
New Light of Myanmar
Singapor e, Hong Kong look to cool not kill pr oper ty mar kets
Singapore, 17 Jan
Singapore and Hong Kong
now have identical 15 per-
cent levies to slow the for-
eign money that has added
fuel to their overheated
property markets meas-
ures that will help frst-time
buyers but throw the spot-
light on investors next tar-
The curbs on residen-
tial real estate purchases
could shift demand to re-
tail and industrial spaces,
diverting billions of dol-
lars to those sectors as well
as to housing markets in
the United States, Canada,
Australia and Malaysia.
Even if the pace of
buying slows, analysts said,
the appetite for homes in
Hong Kong and Singapore
is so strong that prices are
expected to stay frm or
ease only marginally.
Singapore is like the
London of Asia. Many peo-
ple are not here to fip their
properties or sell out in two
to three years, said Knight
Franks head of consul-
tancy and research Png Poh
Soon. There are lots of
non-monetary reasons for
A man looks at a model of a new public housing estate
to be launched at the Housing Development Board
(HDB) gallery in Singapore on 15 Jan, 2013.
Bank of Amer ica capital
mar kets co-head to lead
commer cial banking
new York, 17 Jan
Bank of America Corp has
named capital markets co-
head Alastair Borthwick
as its head of commercial
banking, in a shuffing of
veteran executives.
Borthwick, a former
Goldman Sachs Group
Inc executive who joined
the bank in 2005, replaces
Laura Whitley, who will
take a position in consum-
er banking, according to a
memo sent to employees.
Commercial banking has
been a bright spot for Bank
of America, whose profts
have been dragged down
by mortgage-related losses
since the fnancial crisis.
Borthwick will report
People walk at a Bank of Americas Tower in New York
on 24 Oct, 2012.ReuteRs
buying Singapore and also
Hong Kong property.
The two Asian cities
are ferce rivals as fnan-
cial and wealth centres but
share the issues of strong
demand, limited space and
low mortgage rates that
have driven housing prices
beyond the reach of many
Shallow capital mar-
kets, a cultural tendency to-
wards property as an invest-
ment and concerns among
mainland Chinese buyers
about their home market
have also played their parts.
After targeting specu-
lators with previous steps,
Singapore moved last week
to discourage investors
by slapping a stamp duty
on locals buying a second
home, an attempt to keep
prices affordable for most
frst-time buyers.
In Singapore and Hong
Kong, which brought in
similar measures in Octo-
ber, both governments want
to cool but not collapse the
market and avoid driving
investment elsewhere.
Hong Kongs embat-
tled leader Leung Chun-
ying announced in his
maiden policy address on
Wednesday a series of
measures to increase land
supply, as expected, though
analysts said the moves
would have little immediate
price impact.
In power for less than
a year, the former property
surveyor is under mount-
ing pressure to step down
over an illegal construction
scandal and is grappling to
salvage his reputation and
shore up his political future.
Leung shied away from
further tightening while he
gauges the impact of previ-
ous steps to rein in prices in
one of the worlds costliest
property markets. Those
moves, including a 15 per-
cent tax on foreign buyers,
had a big impact on sales in
November and December,
when some agents reported
a drop of more than 40 per-
cent in transactions.
As Hong Kong felt the
squeeze, private home sales
in Singapore jumped nearly
30 percent in December
from November.Reuters
Japans gr owth hur t by r ow with China: Wor ld Bank
waShington, 17 Jan
Japans economy con-
tracted in the second half
of 2012 and is on track for
lackluster growth of 0.8
percent this year, hurt in
part by a territorial row with
China, the World Bank said
in a report on Tuesday.
Relations between
A man fshes near a container area at a port in Tokyo
on 19 Dec, 2012.ReuteRs
China and Japan, the
worlds biggest economies
after the United States,
have deteriorated sharply
since September, when the
Japanese government pur-
chased islands that China
claims in the East China
The value of Japanese
exports to China fell by 17
percent between June and
November of last year, con-
tributing to a 3.5 percent
annualized drop in Japans
growth in the third quarter.
The World Bank said
the end of government
tax incentives to purchase
fuel-effcient automobiles
also hurt the economy, as
well as the fading boost to
growth from reconstruction
spending in the aftermath
of the 2011 earthquake and
nuclear disaster.
In Japan, the econo-
my appears to be contract-
ing in part because of
political tension with China
over the sovereignty of is-
lands in the region, it said
in its twice-yearly Global
Economic Prospects report.
Revised GDP fgures re-
leased by Japan in Decem-
ber showed the Japanese
economy contracted in both
the second and third quar-
ters, and analysts expect it
shrank further in the fnal
three months of the year, as
does the World Bank.
The Washington-based
global development lender
said its forecast for 2013
assumed an improvement
in Tokyos relations with
China. Assuming that, Ja-
pan would be on track to
achieve growth rates of
1.2 percent in 2014 and 1.5
percent in 2015.
While it warned that
weakness in Japan could
pinch global trade, given
that Japan is the worlds
fourth-largest importer, it
said a resolution of Sino-
Japanese tensions could
help speed a return to
growth in Japan and boost
the global recovery.
Tata Motor s falls on
muted December sales
new Delhi, 17 Jan
Shares in Tata Motors Ltd
(TAMO.NS) fall 2 percent
after posting lower-than-
expected global vehicle
sales in December, dealers
Tata Motors on Tues-
day said global vehicle
sales in December fell 13.9
percent to 98,968 vehicles,
Men walk inside a Tata Motors showroom on the
outskirts of Agartala, on 7 Nov, 2012.ReuteRs
although sales at its key
Jaguar Land Rover unit rose
4.2 percent to 32,282 vehi-
cles. Tata Motors global
sales last month were mut-
ed after being dragged by
a poor performance in
the domestic market, said
IndiaNivesh Securities in a
report on Wednesday.
to Tom Montag, the co-
chief operating offcer who
runs global banking and
markets operations. Lisa
Carnoy remains the head of
global capital markets.
Whitley, who has been
with the bank more than 25
years, will become head of
consumer services, opera-
tions and unsecured credit,
reporting to David Darnell,
the banks co-chief operat-
ing offcer who focuses on
consumer and wealth man-
agement businesses. She
will preside over call cent-
ers, consumer product op-
erations, unsecured credit
and collections, according
to the memo.
Caffeine linked to leaky
bladder in men
new York, 17 Jan
The amount of caffeine
thats typically found in
two cups of coffee may
contribute to a mans in-
continence, according to a
new study.
Its something to
consider... People who are
having problems with uri-
nary incontinence should
modify their caffeine
intake and I think thats
part of clinical practice,
said Dr Alayne Markland,
the studys senior author,
from the University of
Alabama at Birmingham.
Though the report
doesnt prove that caf-
feine causes bladder leak-
age, the men in the study
who consumed the most
caffeine were more likely
to have the problem than
those who took in the
Plenty of research has
linked caffeine to incon-
tinence among women.
But little is known about
whether there is a similar
connection for men.
We wanted to see if
caffeine had an impact on
them as well, said Mark-
land. Its estimated that
85 percent of Americans
consume caffeine regu-
larly, both in beverages
like coffee, tea and soft
drinks, and in foods like
candy, pastries and ice
cream containing choco-
Estimates of urinary
incontinence among US
adult men range from 5
percent to 21 percent.
For the new study,
published in The Journal
of Urology, Marklands
team used responses
from about 4,000 men to
a national health survey
between 2005 and 2008.
The researchers looked
at how many had urinary
incontinence and how
much caffeine they ate
or drank, as well as how
much water they took in
from both foods and bev-
Overall, the men
consumed an average of
169 milligrams of caf-
feine every day. Thats a
little more than the typi-
cal 125 milligrams found
in a cup of coffee.
Friday, 18 January, 2013
New Light of Myanmar
Russia to use European experience in fghting
match fxing
MOSCOW, 17 Jan
Russian Football Union
(RFS) will use the experi-
ence of English and Ital-
ian football associations
in combating game fxing,
the head of Russian Audit
Chamber Sergei Stepashin
said on Tuesday.
For that, the RFS plans
to incorporate police repre-
sentatives into its investiga-
tive committee, Stepashin
In December, the RFS
chief Nikolai Tolstykh
vowed to uproot corruption
in the Russian soccer. As a
frst step, he dissolved the
existing committee headed
by Anzor Kavazashvili.
Tolstykh is creating
a special group to replace
Kavazashvilis committee
Japanese women in kimonos walk on a snow covered
feld to attend a ceremony celebrating Coming of Age
Day in heavy snowfall at Toshimaen amusement park
in Tokyo on 14 Jan, 2013. Youths across Japan are
honoured with special coming-of-age ceremonies
when they reach the age of 20. Tokyo saw its frst
snowfall this season on Monday.XINHUA
that will include high-rank-
ing offcials and law-en-
forcement representatives,
as is done in Italy, Turkey
and England at the mo-
ment, Stepashin told re-
Tolstykh, who was
elected for his post last
September, complained
the anti-match-fxing com-
mittee has few powers and
failed to identify any fxed
results since it was founded
in October 2011.
Head of RFS disband-
ed the committee following
allegations of result fxing
in a November game be-
tween Anzhi Makhachkala
and Amkar Perm where
over 13 million US dollars
were reportedly at stake.
The suspicions arose
after reports that an Am-
kars former player has
placed unusually high bets
on Anzhi.
Earlier this month,
Russian lawmakers decided
to toughen criminal pun-
ishment for match-fxing
with amendments to the
law submitted by President
Vladimir Putin.
The amendments en-
visage up to seven-year
imprisonment for match-
fxing. Police will be given
a right to tap the phone calls
while investigating such
cases. The athletes, coaches,
sports offcials found guilty
by court of result fxing or
concealing such cases will
be disqualifed, while teams
and sports associations will
be dissolved.Xinhua
Senate committee to hold 7 February hearing
for Br ennan as CIA nominee
The Senate Intelligence
Committee will hold a
confrmation hearing on 7
February for John Brennan,
who has been nominated by
President Barack Obama to
be the next CIA Director.
Brennan, currently
the US diplomatic mission
in Benghazi, Libya.
Brennan is a 25-year
CIA veteran who withdrew
his name from considera-
tion for the top CIA post in
2008 after criticism from
liberals that he had not
done enough to condemn
harsh interrogation tech-
niques like waterboarding
used during the Bush ad-
This time, questions
over the drone programme
may provide additional
fodder for critics, although
barring new revelations,
Brennan appears likely to
be confrmed, even though
some liberal groups have
begun to plan protests
against him.
US President
Barack Obama
(L) stands next to
John Brennan,
(R), during the
for his nomina-
tions for a new
Secretary of
Defence and new
CIA Director at
the White House
in Washington
on 7 Jan, 2013.
Obamas counterterrorism
adviser, is expected to face
some tough questions at the
hearing over the expanded
use of armed drone aircraft
to kill terrorism suspects
overseas. He will also have
to answer questions on the
deadly attacks last year on
France pledges high vigilance on terror threats
PARIS, 17 JanFrench
Interior Minister Manuel
Valls on Tuesday pledged
to strengthen security meas-
ures and to be vigilant to
secure French citizens from
potential terrorists menaces
trigged by Paris interven-
tion in Mali.
Caution should be
exercised. But what I can
assure to the French is that
the utmost vigilance will be
used to prevent acts on our
soil, the minister told news
channel BFMTV.
Our intelligence ser-
vices both inside and outside
the country, are particularly
vigilant... and we also moni-
tor individuals who want to
go to Syria, Afghanistan,
and of course the Sahel, he
said. French President Fran-
cois Hollande on Saturday
evoked Vigipirate, Frances
national security alert sys-
tem, following the coun-
trys military commitment
to help Malian authorities
stop the offensive by the
rebels. The Vigipirate plan
has four alert levels: yel-
low, orange, red and scarlet,
from the lowest to the high-
French president urges mobilization of global capital
for green energy
French President Fran-
cois Hollande on Tuesday
warned here in his inaugu-
ration speech of the World
Future Energy Summit
(WFES) 2013 that the con-
ventional energy resources
are unsupportable for
many countries, urging all
states to work together to
make the energy change
Hollande said at the
summit which was held
in Abu Dhabi that the cur-
rent price developments for
fossil energy resources
like oil, gas and coal were
unsupportable for many
countries in the world, urg-
ing individual countries to
mobilize their own fnancial
resources to reach the UNs
goal of Sustainable energy
for all until 2030.
He introduced that his
country has launched a pro-
gramme to transform com-
mon buildings into low en-
ergy consuming buildings
in line with the LEEDS, a
global standard which de-
fnes how a house can be
operated effciently in rela-
tion to energy usage.
Meanwhile, he said a
plan of the European Union
(EU) worth of 300 billion
euros to enhance renewable
energy sources, like solar
energy, wind power, geo-
thermal and water energy
had to slow down due to the
fnancial crisis.
Earlier, the French
president said while visit-
ing French troops stationed
in the United Arab Emirates
(UAE) that multi-African
forces would join French
troops within a week in
Mali to fght Islamist rebels
Thai Prime Minister
Yingluck Shinawatra
(4th R) and Bangkok
Governor Candidate
Pol Gen Pongsapat
Pongcharoen (3rd R)
hold hands at the Pheu
Thai party headquarters
in Bangkok, Thailand,
on 15 Jan, 2013.
The Pheu Thai Party
unveiled Bangkok
Governor Candidate on
Photo taken on 15 Jan,
2013 shows sunset scen-
ery in Dadaocheng in
Taipei, southeast China.
Dadaocheng, an area in
the Datong District of
Taipei, was an impor-
tant trading port in the
19th century and is still
a major historical tourist
attraction and shopping
China calls for political, economic and
diplomatic means to counter terrorism
JanChinese Vice For-
eign Minister Cui Tiankai
on Tuesday called for the
international community
to adopt a comprehensive
approach with political,
economic and diplomatic
means involved in combat-
ing terrorism, which is a
threat to global peace and
Addressing a Secu-
rity Council open debate on
comprehensive approach to
counter-terrorism, Cui said
terrorism is the result of a
complex array of political,
economic and social factors
which cannot be resolved
by military means alone
We need to adopt a
comprehensive approach
to address the root cause
as well as the symptoms
of this scourge, he said,
terrorism Counter-terrorism
efforts must be combined
with economic growth and
proper settlement of region-
al confict. There should
also be more dialogues and
exchanges between differ-
ent civilizations, religions
and ethnic groups so as
to promote mutual under-
standing, tolerance and har-
monious coexistence.
We need to leverage
the role of the UN and its
Security Council as the
main channel of coopera-
tion, Cui said, China sup-
ports the important role
of the UN and its Security
Council in coordinating na-
tional efforts and shaping a
global response. It is impor-
tant for countries to strictly
abide by the relevant Secu-
rity Council resolutions and
fully implement the UN
Global CounterTerror-
ism Strategy.Xinhua
Dagong maintains sovereign
credit ratings for Italy, ROK
Dagong Global Credit
Rating Co, Ltd, a Chinese
credit rating agency, on
Tuesday announced that it
will maintain its local and
foreign currency sovereign
credit ratings for Italy at
BBB and those for the Re-
public of Korea (ROK) at
Facing fscal tighten-
ing and an adverse exter-
nal environment, economic
recession will continue in
Italy, which is likely to see
its economy contract by 2.6
percent in 2012 and 1.6 per-
cent in 2013, said Dagong.
Dagong said it has
maintained a negative out-
look for Italys local and
foreign currency sovereign
credit ratings in the next
one to two years based on
its ongoing economic reces-
sion, fragile market condi-
tion and large government
Dagong said it sees
a downward trend in the
ROKs economic develop-
ment in the short-term due
to sluggish external de-
mand, although the coun-
try still enjoys suffcient
growth potential in the me-
dium- and long-term for its
strong competitiveness in
the global market.Xinhua
Friday, 18 January, 2013 7
New Light of Myanmar
GANGAW, 17 JanThe
baby show and contest was
held at the hall of Township
General Administration
Department in Gangaw on
4 January.
Babies awar ded in Gangaw
Chairperson of Gangaw
Di st ri ct Mat ernal and
Child Welfare Supervisory
Committee Daw San San
Oo, Acting Chairperson of
the Township Maternal and
Child Welfare Association
Daw Nan Cherry Win
and responsible persons
pre-sented prizes to the
respective winning babies.
Myanma Alinn
DAWEI , 17 J an
Wi t h t he sponsorshi p
of Dawei Development
Public Company (CCPC)
of Taninthayi Region,
Dawei Township Writers
Association and Township
Information and Public
Relations Department jointly
Liter ar y talks given in Dawei Township
organized the literary talks
to mark the Sarsodaw Day
at the city hall in Dawei on
13 January, at Dawei Basic
Education High School No.
1 and Dawei Education
College on 14 January,
Dawei BEHS No. 3 on 15
January and Pyinnya Alin
c e r e mony t o l a unc h
installation of lamp-posts
on eight streets in Pyinmana
Township of Nay Pyi Taw
Council Area was held at
the junction of Yangon-
Mandalay Highway and
Komin Kochin Street in
Pyinmana on 12 January.
Members of Nay Pyi Taw
Eight streets in Pyinmana illuminated with
Development Committee U
Aung Kyaw Nyein and U
Kyaw Myint and Pyinmana
Township Administrator
Assistant Director U Kyaw
Tint formally opened the
Nay Pyi Taw Develop-
ment Committee member
U Ti n Cho unvei l ed
the signboard to mark
completion of lighting
At present, a total
of 120 sodium lamps,
65 fluorescence and 30
bulbs were installed along
Bogyoke, Bo Tauk Htein,
Bo Tayar, Maung Khin,
Sibinyon, Tabaung Pagoda,
Yangon-Mandalay Highway
and Bo Letya streets in
downtown Pyinmana with K
23.3 million contributions by
Nay Pyi Taw Development
A plan is underway to
install more lamp-posts at the
needy places in Pyinmana.
An offcial of Pyinmana
T o wn s h i p Ge n e r a l
Administration Department
said that the installation of
lamp-post lights was carried
out by the Ministry of Electric
Power and Nay Pyi Taw
Development Committee as
of frst week of December.
Myanma Alinn
YANGON, 17 JanThe
programme of friendly
matches of Brazilian football
gi ant s was cancel l ed,
said Myanmar Football
Federation recently.
Due to diffculties to
pick up the Brazilian giants,
not only the friendly match
with Myanmar but also their
Fr iendly match of Br azilian
giants cancelled
Asian tour was cancelled. The
giants planed to play friendly
matches with Myanmar,
Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia
and Indonesia.
The Brazilian giants
had planned to play against
Myanmar on 23 January in
the recent plan.
Myanma Alinn
YANGON, 17 JanUnion
Minister for Agriculture
and Irrigation U Myint
Hlaing visited 2000-acre
Nyaung-bintha mechanized
farmland at mile post No.
102 on Yangon-Nay Pyi
Mechanized far ming gaining momentum in
Yangon, Bago
Taw Expressway in Pyu
Township, Bago Region, on
15 January.
He called for breeding
cows at the farm, listing
their interrelated benefit.
He then visited 10000-acre
model mechanized farmland
in Dagon Myothit, Yangon
Region and viewed farming
equipment, silos, paddy
dryers, and storage of seeds.
The government is
encouraging and assisting in
transformation to mechanized
farming and establishment of
seed production farms across
the nation like the two model
farms in Yangon and Bago
regions, the Union Minister
Myanmar cane ball player s to demonstr ate
abr oad for SEA Games
YANGON, 17 Jan
S e l e c t e d My a n ma r
traditional cane ball players
will demonstrate cane ball
playing and explain the
rules of the game in Brunei,
Singapore and Malaysia from
16 to 23 January. Myanmar
has been trying to introduce
cane ball sports in coming
XXVII SEA Games with
participation of seven foreign
A 12-member cane ball
demonstration team led by
Deputy Director of Sports
and Physical Education
Department U Kyaw Zin Moe
and Secretary of Myanmar
Cane Ball Federation U Ye
Aung left here this afternoon.
Myanmar also demonstrated
cane ball playing in Thailand,
Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam
to mobilize them participate
in cane ball sports events.
The mobilization was a
success and it has planned to
open international traditional
cane ball umpire course,
said Myanmar Cane Ball
Pr ofessionals, amateur golfer s
invited to Myanmar Golf
Tour -2013 on 29 Jan
YANGON, 17 Jan
Organized by Myanmar Golf
Federation and Myanmar
Professional Golfers As-
socaition, the Myanmar
Golf Tour-2013 IBTC Open
Golf Championship, mainly
sponsored by IBTC Group of
Companies, will be held at
Royal Mingalardon Golf &
Country Club in Mingaladon
of Yangon Region from 29

January to 1 February.
Pr of essi onal s and
handicap 0-12 level golfers
will be allowed to take part
in the Championship under
the St. Andrew Golf rules and
regional regulations.
Those wishing to take
part in the championship
are to contact the Myanmar
Golf Training Range of the
federation at the corner of
Okkala Road and Airport
Road, Mayangon Township,
Ph: 09-49102009, 09-
73130474 and 09-420017835
with an entrance fee of K
20,000, not later than 2 pm
on 26 January.
Pr of essi onal s and
those from amateur levels
up to 20th positions will
have the opportunities to
participate in the Myanmar
Golf Tour-20
Elite Tech
Golf Championship to be
held from 4 to 7

Ten professionals from
the second championship
will have the opportunities
to take part in the Zaykabar
Myanmar Open 2013
which is an international
invitational competition to be
sponsored by Alpine at Royal
Mingaladon Golf Course
from 21 to 24 February.
Library in Sawwa Village
of Shin Mokhti Village on
16 January. Ledwinthar
Saw Chit (U Tin Hlaing),
Chairman of Myanmar
Writers Association, and
Myinmu Maung Naing Moe
gave lectures on literary
affairs.Myanma Alinn
YANGON, 17 JanAt
1.30 pm on 18 December
2012, an ice tanker hit the
post of 66 KV Sinmalaik
MRTV- 3 p y l o n o n
Bayintnaung Road in Ward
4 of Kamayut Township.
In the incident, concrete of
the post were crushed down
and iron rods in the post bent.
The Kamayut Town-
ship Electrical Engineer
and workers of Yangon
City Electricity Supply
Board repaired the post and
built the concrete footing.
The repairing work was
completed on 28 December
In the incident, the
supply of electricity did not
cut out.
Myanma Alinn
Pylon of
r epair ed in
louder than
Friday, 18 January, 2013
New Light of Myanmar
Fr iday, 18 Januar y, 2013
Mobile and GDP gr owth
The capabilit y of t he mobile phone t o act
as a t ool t o educat e and gain knowledge as
well as spr eading opinion and communicat e
wit h t he r est of t he wor ld, suppor t but do of
cour se not dir ect ly solve all t he issues. Healt h
init iat ives, agr icult ur al solut ions, banking
net wor ks, and educat ion ar e being conduct ed
over mobile net wor ks ever y day. The r each
of t he mobile phone by far out number s any
ot her communicat ion devices. Even in places
t hat lack elect r icit y, t hey ar e oft en plent iful.
The key benefts of owning mobiles are:
communicat ion wit h family member s and
r elatives at affor dable pr ices. The cost of tr avel,
especially the time taken to r each these places, has
lar gely r educed due to this easy communication.
Coor dinat ion wit h family member s when
somebody is out on wor k becomes easier .
Smooth r unning of business oper ations in ter ms
of or der ing supplies, taking or der s or bookings
fr om clients, etc, have gr eatly r educed time for
oper ational aspects, especially for logistics.
Over the last few decades, the Indian economy
has witnessed a signifcant transformation. From
being pr imar ily an agr icultur al economy, the
ser vices sector has over taken and has become
the leading contr ibutor to gr owth. Within the
ser vices sector , the communication sector has
gr own. While other sector s slowed down, the
communication sector continued its for war d
mar ch.
Accor ding to the r esear ches, ther e is a
r elationship between higher mobile teledensity
and higher economic growth. In India, fndings
r eveal t hat ever y 10% incr ease in mobile
penetr ation r ate leads to a 1.2% incr ease in
GDP. The assessment showed t hat mobile
telephony contr ibutes to pr omoting economic
gr owth. Myanmar should have higher mobile
penetr ation.
Many lack discipline
as enfor cement
It seems we should
instill discipline in
toddler s.












Bend it like
Cartoon Bahan Aye Min
Yangon, 17 Jan
Graduation parade of junior
naval offcer management
course (Intake-73) and
engineer officer course
(Intake-47), was held at the
Naval Training Depot in
Thanlyin this morning, with
an address by Commander-
i n-Chi ef (Navy) Rear-
Admiral Thura Thet Swe.
It was attended by
Lt-Gen Yar Pyae of the
Offce of Commander-in-
Chief (Army), Yangon
Command Commander
Maj-Gen Hsan Oo, senior
military officers, their
parents and relatives.
The Commander-in-
Chief (Navy) took the salute
of the offcers companies
and presented awards to
Gr aduation par ade
of junior naval offcer
cour ses held
the outstanding officers.
After that, on behalf of
the Commander-in-Chief
of Defence Services, he
delivered an address.
After the ceremony,
he posed for documentary
photo with senior military
offcers and the graduate
naY PYi Taw, 17
Jan An Indian railway
delegation held talks with
Union Minister for Rail
Transportation U Zeyar
Aung ove r bi l a t e r a l
c o o p e r a t i o n i n r a i l
transportation, proposals
f or l ocomot i ves and
coaches loans from India
and running a bus-line
between Inphal, India, and
Mandalay yesterday.
The delegation led by
Mr. Niraj Kumar from the
Myanmar , India discuss
r unning bus-line between
Inphal, Mandalay
India Railways is currently
here to attend the first
meeting of the work group
for cooperation in rail
transportation between
India and Myanmar today
and tomorrow at the head
offce of Myanma Railways
under the India-Myanmar
friendship programme.
Indian Ambassador
to Myanmar Dr Villur
Sundararaj an Seshadri
was also present at the
naY PYi Taw, 17 Jan
Deputy Minister for Home
Affairs Chief of Myanmar
Police Force Brig-Gen Kyaw
Kyaw Tun held talks with
representatives of UNHCR
Dr Laura McGrew and Mr
Stephen Gray and Mr Jason
Eligh from UNODC over
activities of the Myanmar
Police Force yesterday
During the meeting at
the MPF here, they discussed
requirements for MPF to
meet the international
Home Affair s Dy Minister ,
UN offcials hold talks
naY PYi Taw, 17 Jan
Ayeyawady Region Chief
Minister U Thein Aung
delivered an opening speech
at coordination meeting of the
region government and region
level departments, industries
and local authorities at Ayeya
Ayeyawady Region
Gover nment coor d meeting
MohnYin, 17 Jan
Skating gains in popularity
among youths in Mohnyin
of Kachin State. There is
at least one skate ground
in every ward and two in
Skating becomes popular in
Ywathitgon where Degree
College is situated. More
skate grounds are being
built there as skate ground
owners get benefts. Some
businessmen rent theatres
on one-year contract so as
to use them as skate grounds.
Skating fee per hour is
one thousand kyat. Due to
the security of the region,
authority concerned allows
opening of skate grounds till
8 pm, according to a skate
ground owner.NLM-001
Shwewah Hall in Pathein on
15 January.
Region level depart-
mental offcials discussed
plans to realize targets of
respective projects and future
Yangon, 17 JanVice
Minister for Commerce Mr
Chen Jiang of the Peoples
Republic of China met
Myanmar media, at the
residence of the Chinese
Ambassador to Myanmar
on Pyay Road, here, this
At the press meet,
he explained the matters
related to microfinance
programme for Myanmar
farmers, export of Myanma
agriculture produce to
China, construction of
infrastructures including
hospi t al s i n Yangon,
preparation for the 27
Games and comprehensive
cooperation in economic
sectors between the two
Vice Chinese
Commer ce
minister meets
naY PYi Taw, 17 JanThe President of the
Republic of the Union of Myanmar has appointed Deputy
Director-General U Than Htay of Myanmar Correctional
Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs as
Director-General of the same department on probation
from the date he assumes charge of his duties.
naY PYi Taw, 17 Jan
Union Minister for National
Planning and Economic
Development Dr Kan Zaw
received a delegation led by
Vice Minister for Commerce
Mr Chen Jian of the Peoples
Republic of China, at the
ministry, here, on 15 January.
They exchanged views
on investment and economic
cooperation between two
Myanmar , China to make
technical cooper ation
countries, development
and assistance and ongoing
technical cooperation and
Also present at the
call were Deputy Minister
Dr Daw Khin San Yi, the
Directors-General of Central
Statistical Organization
and Foreign Economic Re-
lations Department.
(Navy) Rear-Admiral
Thura Thet Swe
awards best trainee Sd-
Lt Chan Myae Aung of
Naval Junior Engineer
Offcer Course No 47.
Friday, 18 January, 2013
Nati oNal
New Light of Myanmar
Vice-Senior Gener al Min Aung Hlaing holds talks with
Singapor ean PM, Chief of Malaysian Ar med For ces,
Malaysian Defence Minister , visits Sapur a Secur ed
Technologies Company in Malaysia
Tr anspor tation industr y
(from page 16)
The Hluttaw decided
that the fifth five-year
national plan should be
redrafted by taking account
of the remarks of the report
of the Joint Bill Committee
and recommendations of the
MPs and put the original draft
on record.
It is leant that mining
industry has developed
by 11. 6 per cent and
transportation industry by
15.2 per cent annually in the
fourth fve-year plan.
U Samai Mongkwan (a)
U Samai Tang of Sumprabun
Constituency stressed that
the government needs to
manage properly to ensure
local businessmen can run
mineral mining.
The Hluttaw recorded
the bill r evoking the law
which pr event s t hr eat
against systematic tr ansfer
of power in pea ceful
and stable manner and
successful implementation
of National Conventions
funct ions and t he bill
amending Tr adit ional
Medicine Council.MNA
Nay Pyi Taw, 17 Jan
Commander-in-Chief of
Defence Services Vice-
Senior General Min Aung
Hlaing called on Prime
Minister of the Republic of
Singapore Mr. Lee Hsien
Loong at Istana of the
Republic of Singapore on
15 January evening.
Al so present were
Lt -Gen Kyaw Swe of
Comma nde r - i n- Chi e f
(Army) Offce, Myanmar
Ambassador to Singapore
U Tin Oo Lwin, the chief
of Defence Force of the
Singapore Armed Forces
and offcials.
Vice-Senior General
Min Aung Hlaing expressed
thanks for the support of
Singapore to Myanmars bid
for ASEAN Chairmanship.
He said that he believed
Myanmar would be able
to make a success in 2013
SEA Games and ASEAN
Military Shooting Contest
t hanks t o experi ences
shared by ASEAN countries
including Singapore.
The Singaporean Prime
Minister vowed to provide
necessary assistance in
Myanmars 2014 ASEAN
Chairmanship and 2013
SEA Games and ASEAN
Military Shooting Contest.
The PM expressed his belief
that Myanmar would be
able to tackle problems in
northern and western part
of the country, saying that it
was required to take enough
time to realize the reform
process as the world was
full of challenges.
The Commander-in-
Chief of Defence Services
expressed his belief that the
government would be able
translate its great strides
in political, administrative
and economic reforms into
a success.
The Singaporean PM
replied that security was a
vital component in a certain
country and he understood
that the Commander-in-
Chief of Defence Services
had a lot of duties and
responsibilities. Singapore
wanted to have a cordial
r el at i ons hi p wi t h al l
countries, he added.
Myanmar Tatmadaw
del egat i on l ed by t he
Commander-in-Chief of
Defence Services left for
Singapore on 16 January
morning and arrived at
Kuala Lumpur Airport of
Malaysia at 11. 10 am.
In the afternoon,
the Commander-in-Chief
of Defence Services held
talks on further cooperation
between the two armed
forces, training matters and
sending of representatives
from Tatmadaw (Navy/ Air)
to Langkawi International
Maritime & Aerospace
Exhibition with Chief of
Malaysian Armed Forces
General Tan Sri Sato Sri
Zulkifeli Bin Mohd Zin at
the Ministry of Defence of
Next, the Commander-
i n- Chi ef of Def ence
Services met the Defence
Minister of Malaysia at the
latters offce. They held
discussions on boosting
bi l at er al cooper at i on
between the two armed
forces and training on
medicine and attendance
of Myanmar Tatmadaw at
Langkawi International
Maritime & Aerospace
In the evening, the
Mya nma r de l e ga t i on
together with the Chief of
Malaysian Armed Forces
visited Sapura Secured
Technologies Company
wher e t hey obser ved,
communications devices
produced by the company
Network Operation Centre
Room and Network Centric
Operation Room.
Next, the Commander-
i n- Chi ef of Def ence
Services heard presentation
of offcials of DEFTECH
and IMAXUS company
branches at the briefng hall
and viewed round military
and civilian vehicles.
Then he held talks with
the Chief of Malaysian
Armed Forces and offcials
at t he hal l of Sapura
Vice-Senior General Min Aung Hlaing calls
on Singaporean Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien
Loong at Istana of Singapore.mna
Vice-Senior General Min Aung Hlaing shakes
hands with Malaysian Defence Minister.mna
Vice-Senior General Min Aung Hlaing visits Sapura Secured Technologies
Company in Malaysia.mna
Vice-Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and party pose for documentary photo
with Chief of Malaysian Armed Forces General Tan Sri Sato
Sri Zulkifeli Bin Mohd Zin and party.mna
Friday, 18 January, 2013 10
New Light of Myanmar
UN chief welcomes Madagascar pr esidents
decision to quit r unning for pr esidency
United nations, 17 Jan
UN Secretary-General
Ban Ki-moon on Wednes-
day welcomed Madagascar
President Andry Rajoeli-
nas decision not to run in
the upcoming presidential
The secretary-general
welcomes the decision by
Mr. Andry Rajoelina, presi-
dent of the Transition in
Madagascar, not to run in
the forthcoming presiden-
tial elections planned for
May 2013, said a state-
ment issued here by Bans
President Rajoelinas
decision, as well as the ear-
lier pledge by former Presi-
dent Marc Ravalomanana,
should help facilitate the
conduct of free and credible
elections to bring an end
to the transition, said the
In the statement, the
UN chief stressed the im-
portance of upholding the
electoral calendar adopted
by the countrys Nation-
al Independent Electoral
Commission of the Transi-
tion (CENIT).
It is also critical that
the 2011 roadmap to end
the crisis, particularly pro-
visions related to conf-
dence-building measures,
is fully implemented, said
the statement.
In addition, Ban reiter-
ated that the United Nations
stands ready to continue
supporting the government
and the Malagasy people.
The presidential elec-
tions of Madagascar will be
held on 8 May, 2013, with
the legislative elections
scheduled for 3 July.
President Rajoelina
said on Tuesday night that
he wont be a candidate for
the upcoming presidential
elections. Rajoelina said in
a televised address that he
will help prepare the elec-
tions and be ready to trans-
fer power to the winner of
the elections.
He also said he prefers
to make concessions rather
than bring the country to the
brink of collapse.Xinhua
Rescue teams work at a
building collapse site in
Alexandria, Egypt, on 16
Jan, 2013. The death toll
of the building collapse
on early Wednesday in
Egypts northern seaside
city of Alexandria rose to
16, and 10 injured people
have been rescued under
the rubble, Health Minis-
trys spokesman, Ahmed
Omar, told Xinhua.
Venezuelas Chavez thanks Ar med For ces
for loyalty
CaraCas, 17 Jan
Venezuelas President
Hugo Chavez, who is re-
covering in Havana due to
cancer surgery, thanked the
countrys National Armed
Forces for their loyalty,
Vice President Nicolas Ma-
duro said on Wednesday.
During an event with
the military, Maduro said
that last Monday Chavez
told Jorge Arreaza, Min-
ister of Science and Tech-
nology and his son-in-law,
that he was very glad and
thankful for the militarys
loyalty, as well as for
the performance of all his
cabinet, congressmen and
elected governors.
Maduro said Chavez
feels a great happiness
and told us to pass on to
the armed forces, from the
bottom of his heart, all his
gratitude for so much loy-
alty from you toward him, a
humble soldier of the coun-
Chavez, who was ree-
lected in last October, was
unable to attend his inaugu-
ration on 10 January.
The postponement
of Chavezs inauguration
was upheld last week by
the Supreme Court of Jus-
tice (TSJ) and now has the
blessing of the military,
Defence Minister Diego
Molero said.Xinhua
Striking bus drivers
and supporters gather
in front of a bus stop in
New York, the United
States, on 16 Jan, 2013.
More than 8,000 school
bus drivers on
Wednesday began
their strike to demand
job protection, leaving
some 152,000 students
trying to fnd other
ways to get to school.
Azer baijan, Slovenia pledge closer
cooper ation
BakU, 17 JanAzer-
baijan and Slovenia signed
here a series of documents
on Wednesday at a business
forum to expand bilateral
cooperation in economic
and other felds. Azerbai-
jan attaches great impor-
tance to cooperation with
European countries, includ-
ing Slovenia, Azerbaijani
Minister of Economic De-
velopment Shahin Musta-
fayev said at the opening
of an Azerbaijan-Slovenia
business forum.
Currently the politi-
cal relationship between the
two countries is at a high
level and based on the prin-
ciples of friendship and mu-
tual interests, Mustafayev
added. Slovenian Prime
Minister Janez Jansa told
the forum that bilateral co-
operation in the economic
and trade areas has great
potential. Effective use of
existing facilities and ex-
pansion of ties between en-
trepreneurs of the two coun-
tries will play an important
role in development of trade
and economic relations be-
tween Azerbaijan and Slo-
venia, Jansa said.Xinhua
China media train fre on US food giants over
chicken scar e
shanghai, 17 Jan
Just weeks after Chinese
authorities cleared Yum
Brands Inc and McDon-
alds Corp of charges they
had served chicken laced
with excessive chemicals,
local media are again at-
tacking the iconic Ameri-
can frms, while barely re-
porting on the chances of
Chinese restaurants selling
similar meat.
The offcial Shanghai
Daily, citing a report from
the central governments
news portal china.com.cn,
said on Thursday one of
Chinas largest suppliers
to McDonalds and Yums
KFC and had bought sick
chicken from farms and
sold them to the food out-
lets a claim a local
government in the central
province of Henan said was
untrue after a preliminary
Chinese newspapers
and websites have also
criticized some domestic
frms, but industry experts
A woman walks past electric bikes sitting outside a
McDonalds fast-food outlet in central Beijing
on 20 March, 2012.
Windmills are seen after snowfall in Kinderdijk,
west of the Netherlands, on 16 Jan, 2013. The
small town of Kinderdijk is known for its 19 well-
preserved windmills which were built around 1740.
Every year about 500,000 tourists visit Kinderdijk,
a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997.
Mexican gener als linked to
dr ug gangs lose appeal
MexiCo City, 17 Jan
A Mexican court said on
Wednesday that two army
generals, one retired and
one still serving, should re-
main in jail and face trial in
one of the highest-profle
cases linking the military to
organized crime.
Retired General Tomas
Angeles and General Rob-
erto Dawe were arrested in
May of last year and turned
over to the countrys organ-
ized crime unit for investi-
gation. The court rejected
an appeal by the generals,
pr esident
calls for
ear thquake
pr epar edness
santo doMingo, 17
JanThe Haitians should
be prepared for possible
earthquakes and follow the
safety measures proposed
by the government, Presi-
dent Michel Martelly said
at an exhibition on seismic
risks in Port-au-Prince on
After the massive earth-
quake in 2010, there is in-
creasing awareness in Haiti
that the traditional way to
build structures should be
improved so as to make the
Caribbean country strong-
er in the face of possible
quakes, said Martelly.
The wind of change
is blowing all over the
country now. Through this
exhibition, the wind blows
stronger to spread more ad-
vice and information about
how to stay safe, added
The exhibition, titled
Long-lasting Commitment
in the Path to Seismic Secu-
rity, opened on Wednes-
day at the largest public
square in the capital, where
some 60,000 people were
affected by the 2010 earth-
Its true that reduc-
ing seismic risks cant be
achieved overnight, so
that is why I invite all the
institutions, including the
local authorities and inter-
national partners, to make
efforts, said Martelly.
say multinationals are hot-
ter targets given the high
profle of their brands.
KFC and McDonalds
get media attention because
theyre the biggest fast-food
chains in China. Everyone
knows them and everyone
talks about them, said Tan
Xiaoxue, a reporter at Sohu.
com Incs news portal.
There are some lo-
cal chains such as Country
Style Cooking, but they
cannot be compared with
international brands, which
have much bigger brand
recognition and consumer
impact. In the latest chick-
en scare case, china.com.
cn quoted an unidentifed
offcial at Doyoo Group
which sells chicken to KFC
and McDonalds plus
employees at Doyoos sup-
pliers as saying chicken that
fell ill were slaughtered and
shipped to fast food res-
taurants including the two
American giants.Reuters
who were senior fgures in
the governments crack-
down against drug cartels
under former Mexican
President Felipe Calderon,
whose term in offce ended
at the start of December.
Angeles was No 2 in the
armed forces when Calde-
ron, a conservative, sent in
the army against the cartels
shortly after taking offce in
late 2006. Angeles retired in
2008. Dawe, still an active
general, led an elite army
unit in the western state of
Friday, 18 January, 2013
New Light of Myanmar
Japan, Vietnam agr ee to solve disputes
by law
Hanoi, 17 JanJapanese Prime Min-
ister Shinzo Abe has told his Vietnamese
counterpart that he opposes any use of
force to change the status quo in maritime
Abe is in Vietnam on his frst tour
abroad since taking offce last month. He
and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung
discussed territorial disputes in the region.
The two countries have separate disputes
with China.
Abe said the peace and stability of the
South China Sea is of global concern. He
added that rule of law is essential. Dung
said he understands and supports Japans
The leaders also discussed North Ko-
rea. Abe said the Norths rocket launch
last month violated UN Security Council
resolutions. He said the international com-
munity should take frm action.
He also explained Japans efforts to
solve the abduction of Japanese nationals
by North Korea in the 1970s and 80s.
Abe pledged about 500 million dollars
of new yen loans to Vietnam. The money
will be used to develop infrastructure such
as roads and thermal power generation
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, left,
and his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen
Tan Dung pose for photographers at the
Government Offce in Hanoi, Vietnam,
on 16 Jan, 2013.NHK
Pr obe into Boeing 787 focused on batter y
Tokyo, 17 JanJa-
pans transport authorities
are probing the emergency
landing of a Boeing 787
Dreamliner jet, with a fo-
cus on a battery system in
the plane.
The All Nippon Air-
ways airplane made an
emergency landing en route
from Yamaguchi Ube Air-
port to Tokyo on Wednes-
day. It evacuated passen-
gers at Takamatsu Airport.
The pilots decision came
after displays in the cockpit
indicated various irregulari-
ties including smoke and
battery problems.
Five inspectors from
the governments Transport
Safety Board checked the
plane at Takamatsu Airport
on Thursday morning. They
are examining the battery in
an electrical room below
the cockpit.
An earlier check on
Wednesday found bulges in
the battery container, with
dark traces of liquid that
Japanese aviation experts examine a Boeing 787 Dream-
liner jet operated by All Nippon Airways Co at Takamatsu
Airport in western Japan on 17 Jan, 2013, following its
emergency landing after the appearance of smoke inside
the aircraft the previous day.Kyodo News
had leaked onto the foor.
The inspectors suspect
overheating caused electro-
lyte to leak from the battery.
They plan to examine
the battery more closely in
the afternoon in the pres-
ence of staff from its Japa-
nese manufacturer.
The Transport Min-
istry has ordered the air-
craft to be grounded until
their safety is confrmed.
US aviation authorities on
Wednesday ordered the
suspension of all 787s oper-
ated in the country.
All Nippon Airways
and Japan Airlines ground-
ed their 787s on Wednes-
day. The suspensions are
causing fight cancelations
and other service disrup-
Akutagawa, Naoki liter ar y awar ds won by oldest,
youngest novelists
Tokyo, 17 JanNat-
suko Kuroda won the
Akutagawa literary award
on Wednesday for her work
ab Sango, becoming the
oldest winner at age 75 in
the almost 80-year history
of the award, while the Na-
oki prize for popular litera-
ture went to Ryo Asai and
Ryutaro Abe, the selection
committees for the prestig-
ious awards for Japanese
literature said.
Asai became the
youngest winner of the
Naoki award in postwar
history for his work Nani-
mono, while Abe won the
award for Tohaku.
Kuroda, a native of To-
kyo, graduated from Wase-
da University and worked
as a teacher and proofreader
before winning the Waseda
Bungaku rookie award last
year for the same work.
(From L) Ryutaro Abe, Ryo Asai and Natsuko
Kuroda hold their works in Tokyo on 16 Jan, 2013,
after Kuroda was awarded the Akutagawa award
for up-and-coming authors of serious fction and
Abe and Asai received the Naoki award for popular
literature.Kyodo News
Without using individ-
ual names or pronouns, ab
Sango depicts the memories
of a child whose life with a
parent gradually crumbles.
The work is written horizon-
tally instead of vertically as
Japanese is conventionally
Thank you for dis-
covering me while I am still
alive, Kuroda said follow-
ing the award announcement.
Toshiyuki Horie, a re-
nowned novelist and a mem-
ber of the selection commit-
tee for the Akutagawa award,
said Kurodas work is very
sophisticated in technique...
and, as a whole, beautifully
fnished. Asai, a native of
Gifu, debuted in 2009 as a
Waseda University student
and was nominated for the
Naoki award in 2012.His
latest work is about univer-
sity students struggles dur-
ing job hunting. The story
advances with the students
posts on Twitter as they
go about seeking jobs and
depicts their frustrations
in being unable to become
Nanimono (somebody).
Abe, 57, a native of
Fukuoka Prefecture, was
nominated for the award in
1994 and is known for his
historic novels. Tohaku
explores the life of Japanese
painter Hasegawa Tohaku
(1539-1610), who founded
the Hasegawa school of Jap-
anese painting in the 16th
century.Kyodo News
Kobe mar ks 18th anniver sar y
of Gr eat Hanshin Ear thquake
kobe, 17 JanOn
Thursday, the western Japa-
nese city of Kobe marked
the 18th anniversary of the
1995 Great Hanshin Earth-
quake with a series of memo-
rial ceremonies that attracted
more than 5,000 people who
prayed for the 6,434 victims
killed by the disaster.
The annual ceremo-
nies have started in the city
and its neighboring areas in
Hyogo Prefecture following
a moment of silence at 5:46
am local time, the exact time
when the massive earthquake
struck the city.
In Higashiyuenchi Park,
where thousands of lit bam-
boo lanterns were arranged
to form the date, 1.17,
Keiko Fujimoto, who lost her
10-year-old daughter in the
earthquake, made a speech
on behalf of the bereaved
families. She stressed that 18
years after the tragedy, she
believes she is encouraged to
go on with her life by her lost
daughters friends and teach-
ers, many of whom have vis-
ited her annually at this time
of the year.
The basic feeling
shared by the victims fami-
lies is always the same, Fu-
jimoto said. We absolutely
cannot let memories of the
earthquake fade away with
Also in the park was
Kobe Mayor Tatsuo Yada,
who told the attendees that
Kobes diffcult experience
and the lessons learned from
the Great Hanshin Earth-
quake must somehow be
A man and his children
light candles at a park in
Kobe, western Japan, in the
early morning on 17 Jan,
2013, on the 18th anniver-
sary of the Great Hanshin
Earthquake that claimed
the lives of more than 6,400
people.Kyodo News
passed on to future genera-
tions to persuade the worlds
people to respect human life,
be considerate of others and
adopt a spirit of cooperation
as our common duty.
Kobe is ready to make
full use of its lessons from
the earthquake by offering
our recovery know-how to
any disaster-affected place in
the world, the mayor added.
After the speeches in the ear-
ly morning sessions, Akihiro
Mishima, an 18-year-old uni-
versity student who has lived
in Kobe his whole life, told
Xinhua in the park that he de-
cided to come to the annual
memorial event for the frst
time after performing some
volunteer work in the area
devastated by the 2011 Great
East Japan Earthquake.
Floods par alyze Indonesian capital, heavy r ains continue
JakarTa, 17 Jan
Heavy monsoonal rains
triggered severe fooding
in large swathes of the In-
donesian capital Jakarta on
Thursday, with many gov-
ernment offces and busi-
nesses forced to closed be-
cause staff could not get to
Weather offcials
warned the rains could get
worse over the next few
days and media reports said
that thousands of people
in Jakarta and its satellite
cities had been forced to
leave their homes because
of the torrential downpours
this week.
For the next two or
three days it is estimated
that there may be increasing
activity of the Asian Mon-
soon which could increase
weather activity in south-
ern Sumatra and Java, said
Soepriyo, an offcial at the
Meteorological, Climato-
logical and Geophysical
An estimated more
than 100 mm (12 inches)
of rain had fallen overnight
in the capital. This years
rainy season has brought
some of the heaviest down-
pours for fve years.
In the centre of Jakarta,
whose streets overfow with
vehicles at the best of times,
traffc was brought to a near
standstill by waist high
food waters.
The citys main airport
remained open but many
roads leading there were
reportedly blocked. Most
commuter train services
and the bus system were
The Jakarta Stock Ex-
change did open but trading
was light.Reuters
A woman
sits on a
raft as she
crosses a
road in
on 16 Jan,
Friday, 18 January, 2013
New Light of Myanmar
Consignees of cargo carried on MV ESM CRE-
MONA VOY NO (065) are hereby notifed that the
vessel will be arriving on 18.1.2013 and cargo will be
discharged into the premises of M.I.P where it will
lie at the consignees risk and expenses and subject
to the byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon.
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claims Day now
declared as the third day after fnal discharge of cargo
from the Vessel.
No claims against this vessel will be admitted after
the Claims Day.
Phone No: 256908/378316/376797
Consignees of cargo carried on MV MERKUR
BRIDGE VOY NO (027) are hereby notifed that the
vessel will be arriving on 18.1.2013 and cargo will be
discharged into the premises of M.I.P where it will
lie at the consignees risk and expenses and subject
to the byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon.
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claims Day now
declared as the third day after fnal discharge of cargo
from the Vessel.
No claims against this vessel will be admitted after
the Claims Day.
Phone No: 256908/378316/376797
Consignees of cargo carried on MV ER TURKU VOY
NO (009N) are hereby notifed that the vessel will be
arriving on 18.1.2013 and cargo will be discharged
into the premises of H.P.T where it will lie at the con-
signees risk and expenses and subject to the byelaws
and conditions of the Port of Yangon.
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claims Day now
declared as the third day after fnal discharge of cargo
from the Vessel.
No claims against this vessel will be admitted after
the Claims Day.
Phone No: 256908/378316/376797
Cor r igendum
Please read TENDER No. (10)
instead of TENDER NO (9) in
DER of Agricultural Mechani-
zation Department appeared in
this newspaper on 16-1-2013.
Consignees of cargo carried on MV APISARA
NAREE VOY NO ( ) are hereby notifed that the
vessel will be arriving on 17.1.2013 and cargo will be
discharged into the premises of M.I.T.T. where it will
lie at the consignees risk and expenses and subject
to the byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon.
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claims Day now
declared as the third day after fnal discharge of cargo
from the Vessel.
No claims against this vessel will be admitted after
the Claims Day.
Phone No: 256916/256919/256921
Ministr y of Infor mation
Myanma Radio and
Invitation for Open Tender
1. Open Tenders are ivited to purchase motor
vehicle for 2012-13 fscal year at Myanma Radio
and Televison of Ministry of Information.
2. The application forms for the open tender are
available at the Myanma Radio and Television,
Nay Pyi Taw (Tatkon) in offce hours (9.30 to
16.30) daily from 17-1-2013 to 18-1-2013.
3. The forms are to be submitted in the presence
of the tender board at the Myanma Radio and
Television Nay Pyi Taw (Tatkon) between 9.30
and 16.30 on 19-1-2013. The overdue tenders will
not be accepted.
4. The open tender forms and detailed information
are available at the following adress:-
Motor Vehicle Pur chasing Committee
Myanma Radio and Televison
Nay Pyi Taw (Tatkon)
Ph: 067-79079, 79135
station briefy
after tr ain
catches fre
London, 17 JanLon-
dons Victoria Station was
briefy evacuated during the
Thursday rush hour after a
fre under a train that was
pulling up to a platform,
British transport police
There were no casu-
alties, a spokesman said,
adding that the station
was evacuated because of
smoke from the fre but was
being re-opened. A London
fre brigade spokeswoman
said power to the platform
had been switched off.
The train was a Gat-
wick Express service arriv-
ing from the international
airport at Gatwick, south of
the capital.Reuters
Former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama
lowers his head at a Nanjing Massacre memorial
hall in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, on 17 Jan,
2013. At left is his wife Miyuki.Kyodo News
At least
seven killed,
25 wounded
in twin car
bombs in Iraq
TikriT, 17 JnaAt
least seven people were
killed and more than 25
wounded in two car bomb
explosions in a town in
Salahudin Province north
of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
on Thursday, a provincial
police source told Xinhua.
The frst attack oc-
curred in the morning when
a car bomb detonated in the
center of al-Dujail town,
some 60 km north of Bagh-
dad. Minutes later, another
car bombing followed tar-
geting security forces and
civilians who gathered at
the site of the frst blast, the
source said on condition of
The attackers apparent-
ly followed old tactic which
depends on creating an
initial explosion to attract
security forces and people,
and then setting off another
blast to get heavier casual-
ties, the source said. The
toll could rise as many of
the victims were evacuated
by ambulances and civilian
cars to several hospitals and
medical centers in the city,
the source added.
Salahudin province is a
Sunni-dominated province.
Its capital city of Tikrit,
some 170 km north of
Baghdad, is the hometown
of former president Saddam
The attack came a day
after a series of massive
bombings and shootings
in northern and central the
country which killed a total
of 31 people and wounded
more than 250.Xinhua
Donate Blood
Friday, 18 January, 2013
New Light of Myanmar
The superstar will be acting in a short flm directed by
the Gangs of Wasseypur director.PTI
Dont mess with Meryl,
Lindsay Lohan tells
Jennifer Lawrence
New Delhi, 17
Jan The frst thing
Golden Globe winner
Jennifer Lawrence said
in her thank you speech
was What does it say?
I beat Meryl. Jennifer,
who won Best Actress
Comedy/Musical for
Silver Linings Playbook,
was joking, of course, or
referring to Goldie Hawn
movie The First Wives
Club in which a charac-
ter says exactly the same
line after looking at an Os-
car statuette.
The audience in the
Beverly Hills Hotel duly
laughed. Not so actress
Lindsay Lohan, watching
the show at home. Lindsay,
who may or may not have
seen The First Wives Club,
tweeted indignantly: Words
cannot express how much I
LOVE Kristen Wiig. And
no1 should ever mess with
a legend, such as Meryl
Jennifer was the only
star who peeved Lindsay
off, it seems. She had only
the nicest things to say
about: Actress Kate Hud-
son Kate Hudson looks
The hosts: I am grate-
ful to of had the opportuni-
ty to work with 2 amazing
women who are people i
admire, such as Amy Po-
ehler & Tina Fey. Xo
Girls star Lena Dun-
hamI am grateful to of
had the opportunity to work
with 2 amazing women who
are people i admire, such as
Amy Poehler & Tina Fey.
Poet Sharon Olds wins TS Eliot award
loNDoN, 17 Jan
American poet Sharon Olds
won the TS Eliot Prize
for Poetry on Monday for
Stags Leap, a critically
acclaimed collection that
traces the end of her mar-
riage 15 years ago.
The annual award, cel-
ebrating its 20th anniver-
sary, goes to what a panel
of poets decides is the best
collection of verse pub-
lished in the United King-
dom and Ireland each year,
and is considered to be one
of the worlds top poetry
Stags Leap, published
in Britain by Jonathan
Cape, was chosen from a
record 131 submissions and
a shortlist of 10.
From over 130 collec-
tions, we were particularly
impressed by the strong
presence of women on the
list and were unanimous
in awarding the 2012 TS
Eliot Prize to Sharon Olds
American poet Sharon Olds
Justin Timberlake
brings sexy back
with new song
los ANgeles, 17 Jan
Pop star Justin Timberlake
has brought his trademark
sexy crooner voice back
with his frst new song in
fve years, receiving a warm
welcome from fans and crit-
ics on Monday on his long-
awaited return to music.
The singer released
Suit & Tie featuring Jay-
Z on Sunday night, and
within hours, the song had
topped the US iTunes chart.
The new single also came
with the announcement of a
new album, The 20/20 Ex-
perience, to be released lat-
er this year. The new song,
produced by Timberlakes
long-time collaborator Tim-
baland, features the singers
falsetto voice over a laid-
back, hip-hop beat, fusing
R&B and pop sounds.
Critics drew on Tim-
berlakes newly married
statusthe singer wed ac-
tress Jessica Biel last Octo-
beras a possible inspira-
tion for the track.
Rolling Stone Maga-
zine reviewer Jody Rosen
called the single a gift to
the worlds
w e d -
Why Russell Crowes looking forward to Les Miserables
India release
New Delhi, 17
JanRussell Crowe
hopes Les Miserables
will be released in In-
diabecause he wants to
visit the country.
The actor has
always wanted
to take a trip
to the Asian
country and if
the acclaimed
m u s i c a l
movie gets
a release there it will pro-
vide him with the perfect
Russell Crowe, 48,
wrote on Twitter: Will
#LesMis be released in In-
ding DJs ... an
ode to dressing to the nines
and going dancing.
Pitchfork music web-
site reviewer Stephen Deus-
ner said the track was one
hell of a wedding reception
jam, as bubbly as cham-
pagne, while Billboards
Jason Lipschultz called the
song a sleek, wholly as-
sured dance number. Tim-
berlake, 31, who teased fans
with cryptic Twitter mes-
sages last week, quickly
became a trending topic on
social media, along with the
song. MTV Buzzworthys
editor, Tamar Anitai, said
the avid online response
was no surprise, given Tim-
berlakes vast fan base
and the long wait for
new music.
Stags Leap, said Carol
Ann Duffy, chair of the
Duffy, also Britains
poet laureate since 2009,
called the work a tremen-
dous book of grace and gal-
lantry which crowns the ca-
reer of a world-class poet.
Olds wins a cheque for
15,000 pounds ($24,000)
for the prize, which is ad-
ministered by the Poetry
Book Society and support-
ed by the estate of leading
20th century poet TS Eliot
whose works include The
Waste Land.
When her marriage
ended, Olds, now 70, prom-
ised her children she would
not write about the divorce
for 10 years. In fact, it took
her 15 years to get around
to publishing a collection
which some critics said was
her best yet.
Olds, who has always
had a gift for describing
intimacy, has, in a sense,
had these poems thrown
at her by life and allowed
them to take root: they are
stunningthe best of a
formidable career, wrote
Kate Kellaway in The Ob-
The critic added that
the collection was surpris-
ingly kind considering its
subject matter.
In Unspeakable, from
Stags Leap, Olds writes:
He shows no anger,/I
show no anger but in fash-
es of humor/all is courtesy
and horror. And after/the
frst minute, when I say, Is
this about/her, and he says,
No, its about/you, we do
not speak of her.
dia? On what date? ... Nev-
er been to India. Despite the
odd Press I get there, fc-
tional e-mail interviews
etc, it is a place that holds
a great fascination for me.
Russell, who appears
as vindictive policeman
Javert in the musical, took
to the social networking site
to show his excitement for
future international appear-
ances. He added: Random
thought ... I am looking for-
ward to #Les Mis opening
in Italy and France. Two
countries with a deep love
of cinema. (sic) Les Mis-
erables has already enjoyed
Amitabh Bachchan excited about working
with Anurag Kashyap
MuMbAi, 17 Jan
Megastar Amitabh Bach-
chan, who says he is look-
ing forward to working with
flmmaker Anurag Kashyap,
regrets that hes not young
enough to be a part of this
most interesting period in
the life of our flm world,
which is riding high on the
drive and confdence
of the young generation. I
work with Anurag Kashyap
tomorrow for a short flm
that he makes, as part of a
compilation of short stories
being put together as an ex-
periment, the 70-year-old
posted on his blog srbach-
chan.tumblr.com. However,
he didnt reveal the title of
the project. And later in the
huge success, picking up
several awards at the Gold-
en Globes ceremony and
the Gladiator star showed
support for his fellow cast
members. He wrote: So
Cool Golden Globe love
for #LesMis Congrats @
RealHughJackman and the
amazing Anne Hathaway,
22.25km bike ride,now
taking the kids for a pizza.
The flm won Best Mo-
tion Picture, whilst Anne
Hathaway and Hugh Jack-
man saw individual success
in the Best Supporting Ac-
tress and Best Actor catego-
ries respectively.PTI
year to start a complete flm,
which he has narrated to me,
and which sounds innova-
tive and exciting. The young
generation that has found its
place in the industry is most
I just love their enthusi-
asm and drive, their thought
process, the confdence that
they exude and their ab-
solute faith in the medium
which they are associated
with, he posted.PTI
Russell Crowe
Friday, 18 January, 2013
New Light of Myanmar
Manchester Uniteds Javier Hernandez jumps over West Ham Uniteds Jussi
Jaaskelainen during their FA Cup third round replay soccer match at Old Traf-
ford in Manchester, northern England on 16 Jan, 2013. Man. United won 1-0.
Manchester United and Arsenal are both through to the fourth round of the FA
Cup following victories against West Ham and Swansea.Xinhua
Rays Pr ice sees scr amble for AL East title
New York, 17 Jan
American League Cy
Young winner David Price
expects the AL East race to
be a mad scramble in 2013
with all fve teams posing a
legitimate chance at captur-
ing the division title.
Its going to be very
exciting. Every AL East
game is going to be like po-
tentially a postseason game
for us. Price told Reuters
in a recent interview while
shooting a commercial
for MLB 2K13
after supplanting
Justin Verlander
as both Cy Young winner
and cover boy for the video
game. The AL East is kind
of shaken up right now,
with everybody making
additions and some people
losing guys. Its kind of up
David Price
Devils sign centr e Zajac to
long-ter m deal
ToroNTo, 17 Jan
The New Jersey Devils re-
signed centre Travis Zajac
to a long-term deal after
he helped the team reach
the Stanley Cup Finals last
season, the National Hock-
ey League team said on
Terms of the deal were
not disclosed by the Devils
but media reported it was
an eight-year, $46 million
Zajac missed all but 15
games of the 2011-12 regu-
lar season but returned in
time to play a key role in the
Devils playoff run, scoring
14 points in the teams 24
postseason games. Dur-
ing his time in New Jersey,
Travis Zajac has become a
solid, all-situation player
and one of the core leaders
of our hockey club, Devils
General Manager Lou Lam-
oriello said in a statement.
Zajac, who was se-
lected by the Devils in the
frst round of the 2004 NHL
Draft, missed most of last
season with an Achilles in-
jury but was in stellar form
for the postseason.
Azar enka continues dominant dance
in Melbour ne
MelbourNe, 17 Jan
Victoria Azarenka again
highlighted the gap be-
tween the top tier of wom-
ens tennis and the rest of
the feld by demolishing
Eleni Daniilidou of Greece
in the second round of the
Australian Open on Thurs-
A day after Maria
Sharapova dished out a
second successive double
bagel to an overmatched
opponent at Melbourne
Park, Azarenka was just as
Victoria Azarenka
of Belarus
Mexican Olympic medalist dies of
hear t attack
Mexico ciTY, 17 Jan
Mexican Olympic race
walker Noe Hernandez
died of a heart attack on
Wednesday after being shot
in the head.
The 34-year-old, 2000
Sydney Olympics runner-
49er s QB Kaeper nick poses a r unning
pr oblem for Falcons
MiaMi, 17 JanAt-
lanta Falcons head coach
Mike Smith says his teams
experience against running
quarterbacks this season
will prepare them for the
threat posed by San Fran-
cisco 49ers Colin Kaeper-
nick in Sundays NFC
Championship game.
But Atlantas perfor-
mance this season in games
against fast, mobile, quar-
terbacks indicates their de-
fense could be in for a test-
ing time in Sundays battle
for a Super Bowl berth.
Kaepernick set a record for
the most rushing yards by
a quarterback in any game
with 181 yards on 16 car-
ries with two touchdowns
in Saturdays 45-31 win
over the Green Bay Pack-
ers. He also threw for 263
yards and two touchdowns.
It was a performance
which amply justifed
49ers head coach Jim Har-
baughs decision to stick
with Kaepernick even after
incumbent and former top
draft pick Alex Smith was
cleared to return from a
concussion last Novem-
ber. It was also a display
which will have been pains-
takingly examined by the
Falcons defensive coaching
staff this week.
He is very impressive,
he is long and he can take
up a lot of ground when he
is in the open, running. It is
going to be important to be
disciplined in our defensive
assignments when you are
facing that type of offense,
said Smith.
Atlanta Falcons head
coach Mike Smith
Indian women
to play
games against
Nether lands
MuMbai, 17 Jan In-
dian womens football team
will take on an assorted out-
ft from the Netherlands in
two international exhibition
matches at Kolhapur and
Navi Mumbai. The match
in Kolhapur is to be held on
Thursday at the Chhatrapati
Shahu Stadium and the game
at the Father Agnels Sports
Complex at Vashi, Navi
Mumbai will be held on 20
January, a release from the
Western India Football As-
sociation (WIFA) said on
Jack Wilshere of Arsenal shoots to score against
Swansea City during the England FA Cup Third
Round Replay match between Arsenal and Swansea
City at the Emirates Stadium on on 16 Jan, 2013.
Arsenal won 1-0 and advanced to the next round.
in the air.
27, was
named the
leagues top pitcher after
going 20-5 last year with a
league-leading 2.56 earned
run average for the Tampa
Bay Rays, who fnished
third behind the division-
winning New York Yankees
and wildcard Baltimore Ori-
oles. He would now like to
again follow in the footsteps
of Detroit Tigers starter Ver-
lander by getting into the
World Series in 2013 but the
tall left-hander knows the
competition could be ferce.
Everybodys got their
special strength.
Ours is def-
n i t e l y
pitching and
defence and its still
going to be that way
even after losing James
Shields and Wade Da-
vis, said Price, who
said he feels good
heading into spring training.
Tampa Bay, challenged to
stay competitive despite a
modest budget, traded two-
ffths of their starting rota-
tion to the Kansas City Roy-
als for top outfeld prospect
Wil Myers and some young
minor league pitchers.
ruthless in dispatching Da-
niilidou 6-1, 6-0 in 55 min-
utes on Rod Laver Arena.
Azarenka, last years
champion, was only
pushed in one game against
the world number 94 when
Daniilidou held three break
points in the fourth game of
the second set.
The Belarusian will
now meet either Jamie
Hampton of the United
States or Thailands Luk-
sika Kumkhum in the third
The All India Football
Federation has organised the
two matches with its affli-
ate WIFA, Kolhapur Sports
Association and the Fr Ag-
nel Group of Institutions. A
week-long camp was held
from 9 January in Kolhapur
to prepare the home coun-
trys women team for these
games. We are very excited
and happy to host both these
games in our state of Maha-
rashtra for the frst time ever.
Kolhapur and Navi Mumbai
(Thane) are sports mad dis-
tricts and we are expecting a
good crowd for the game,
said WIFA Secretary Souter
up, died on his way to the
hospital following two heart
attacks in his home.
He was shot and lost
an eye in a shooting at a bar
called Queen of Kings on
30 December .
R/489 Pr inted and published by the New Light of Myanmar pr ess in Nay Pyi Taw, the News and Per iodicals Enter pr ise, Ministr y of Infor mation.
Friday, 18 January, 2013
New Light of Myanmar
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The True Love
Pound expects no apologies fr om Ar mstr ong
ToronTo, 17 Jan
Lance Armstrong may be
ready to admit to doping
and say sorry for his actions
but his old nemesis, former-
World Anti-doping Agency
(WADA) chief Dick
Pound, does not expect any
apologies coming his way. I
doubt it very much, Pound
told Reuters. But if he did
I guess if I thought he meant
it, I might (accept it), I mean
whats done is done.
Armstrong has already
begun issuing some
Seven-time Tour de France winner Team Radioshack
rider Lance Armstrong waits at the starting line in
Visalia, California of stage fve of the Amgen Tour of
California in a 20 May, 2010 fle photo.ReuteRs
apologies, stopping by the
offces of Livestrong, the
cancer charity he founded,
to tell staff he was sorry of
the damage he has done to
the foundation. Armstrong
is expected to offer a
more public apology on
Thursday when he appears
in a television interview
with Oprah Winfrey, who
has already revealed he
admitted using performance-
enhancing drugs during a
cycling career that saw him
win seven consecutive Tour
de France titles.
For Pound, Armstrongs
admission would be the
ultimate vindication for the
long feud he had with a man
he never actually met face-
Their battles became
legendary, the confron-
tational Canadian tax
lawyer and the prickly rider
both refusing to concede an
inch of ground. Armstrong
even campaigned to have
him removed as the head of
WADA and tossed out of
the International Olympic
Committee (IOC).
While Pound challenged
the cancer survivor to
disprove the mounting
evidence of widespread
drug use in sport, a defant
Armstrong demanded the
WADA chief produce proof
he doped something the
former-Olympic swimmer
was unable to do in the
absence of a positive test.
His efforts to get me kicked
out of the IOC and get
kicked out of WADA were
spectacularly unsuccessful,
said Pound.
new York, 17 Jan
Tom Brady has been
sharpening up for another
test against the Baltimore
Ravens, knowing that
fnding the right answers
to their defensive schemes
on Sunday will be key
to the New England
Patriots reaching another
Super Bowl. I think its
important to put stress on
their whole defence, the
New England quarterback
told a Foxborough news
conference on Wednesday.
I think whatever theyre
not covering, thats what
we have to be able to focus
our play calling on and
certainly our execution.
If theyre covering us
deep, well throw it short.
If they cover us short, well
throw it deep. If theyre
playing the pass, well run
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady celebrates
after the Patriots scored a touchdown in the third quarter
of their NFL AFC Divisional playoff football game against
the Houston Texans in Foxborough, Massachusetts
on 13 Jan, 2013.ReuteRs
it. I think thats part of
the chess game. Brady,
who last week against the
Houston Texans passed
his boyhood idol Joe
Montana into the top spot
for NFL playoff wins by a
quarterback at 17, runs the
leagues top-ranked offense
for both yards gained and
points scored.
But Brady, who has
played in fve of the last
11 Super Bowls and won
three rings, fgures it will
not come easily against the
Ravens, who have reached
the playoffs the last fve
Last year the Patriots
were fortunate to claim a
23-20 AFC title victory
over the visiting Ravens,
who squandered a chance
to win or tie the game in
the fnal seconds. In Week
Three of the regular season,
Baltimore hung on for a
31-30 victory over the
Patriots in Foxborough,
where the teams
will clash once
again for the
conf er ence
and a berth in the
Super Bowl on 3 February
in New Orleans. Brady
said the Ravens defensive
statistics this season did
not refect the talent on the
team, which was hit by a
rash of injuries to important
players but has gotten
healthy in the post season.
They have a lot of
playmakers at each level
of the defence, said
Brady about a defence
that features safety Ed
Reed and Ray Lewis, the
inspirational leader of the
Ravens who has announced
he will end his 17-year
career after these playoffs.
Its always a tough read
because schematically they
do quite a few things.
Its never easy.
Theyre great in the red
area, theyre great on third
down, they really
make you earn it.
Thats what we
have to have as
our mindset and
thats what were
going to need to
be able to do.
Ar gentina to upgr ade r ailway system with domestic
Buenos Aires, 17 Jan
Argentina on Wednesday
unveiled a nationwide
programme to upgrade
its railway network using
locally manufactured
components for the rolling
stock and signage system.
The Railway Network
Industrial Development
Plan will renovate the
metropolitan rail system
and the national long-
distance and cargo railroads
by modernizing some 6,900
km of tracks.
The frst phase of the
program will target the
Sarmiento and Mitre tracks
that link the capital Buenos
Aires with the western and
northern suburbs.
At the unveiling
ceremony, Argentine
Industry Minister Debora
Giorgi said the government
aimed to make the railway
industry a competitive
industry that will replace
imports with the latest
technology and provide
safety for Argentineans.
The minister said the
authorities would frst
examine the needs of the
network, then crosscheck
the information against
a database of national
industrial suppliers and set
up meetings with industry
chambers and potential
suppliers. Argentina also
plans to produce cargo and
passenger cars and signage
systems, and is studying
the possibility of producing
rails and laminated wheels,
Giorgi said. Argentinas
railway system was among
the most advanced in South
America in the frst half of
the 20th century, but went
into decline later.
On 22 Feb, 2012, it
saw its worst accident in
decades when a commuter
train crashed into the
terminal in Buenos Airess
Once Station, resulting in
51 deaths.Xinhua
Kayin New Year Day celebr ated in Myawady
MYAwAdY, 16 Jan
Kayin New Year Day was
celebrated in Myawady,
Myawady District, Kayin
State, on 12 January.
Myawady District
Administrator U Than
Swe read out the message
for the new year day sent
from the Kayin State Chief
Minister, and Chairman
of the ceremony U Phone
Kywe delivered an opening
address in Poe and Sakaw
Kayin languages.
On the new year
day, sports competitions
including soccers, boxing,
sepak tatkaraw took place,
and Kayin traditional
dancing competitions and
Kayin pageant contests
were held at night.
Myanma Alinn
(18-1-13 09:30 am ~
19-1-13 09:30 am) MST
(18-1-2013, Fr iday)
7:00 am
1. Paritta By Hilly Region
Missionary Sayadaw
7:25 am
2. To Be Healthy Exercise
7:30 am
3. Morning News
7:40 am
4. Dhamma Puja Song
7:50 am
5. Nice & Sweet Song
8:00 am
6. Health Programme
8:15 am
7. The Mirrror Images of
The Musical Oldies
8:30 am
8. Towards (27
) Sea
Games (Billiard &
8:45 am
9. Musical Programme
4:00 pm
10. Martial Song
4:15 pm
11. Dance of National
4:25 pm
12. Songs Of Yeater Years
4:35 pm
13. 2013 University
Entrace Examination
5:05 pm
14. Songs For Upholding
National Spirit
5:10 pm
15. Myanmar Language
5:30 pm
16. India Drama Series
6:00 pm
17. Evening News
6:00 pm
18. Weather Report
6:20 pm
19. Amazing World
6:45 pm
20. TV Drama Series
7:00 pm
21. News
7:15 pm
22. TV Drama Series
8:00 pm
23. News
24. Musical Programme
10:00 pm
25. News
26. Teleplay
Br ady pr epping for match of wits
with Ravens
Waxing of

Pyatho 1374 ME Fr iday, 18 Januar y, 2013
New Light of Myanmar
Tr anspor tation industr y develops by 15.2 per cent in four th
fve-year national plan
Nay Pyi Taw, 17 Jan
Dr Soe Yin of Kamayut
Constituency submitted
an urgent proposal urging
the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw
to investigate into the
identity of a person who
commented online about
t he vot e on t he l aws
amending the Attorney-
General of the Union Law
and Constitutional Tribunal
of the Union Law at the
Pyidaungsu Hluttaw on 14
January, using the name
of Dr Seik Phwar. His
comment, said Dr Soe
Yin, was a slap to the
face of parliamentarians
and the functions of the
Par l i ament , ur gi ng t o
form a commission for
investigation into identity
of Dr Seik Phwar who
commented Is parliament
above the law about the
vote on above-mentioned
laws. His proposal was put
to the vote and the Hluttaw
approved it as the majority
voted in favour.
Hluttaw representatives
discussed ffth short-term
five-year national plan
(draft). U Samai Mongkwan
(a) U Samai Tang of
Sumprabun Constituency
regarding foreign direct
investment urged the Union
government to pave way to
enable foreign companies
and citizens and national
companies and businessmen
run joint ventures.
U Ohn Kyaing of Maha-
aungmyay Constituency
u r g e d t h e U n i o n
government to provide
inputs like quality strains
and fertilizers suffciently
in time ahead of cultivation
season, effectively protect
the threat of insects after
cultivation and purchase
the output at worlds market
price after harvest like
Vi et nam and Thai l and
to help improve socio-
economic status of farmers.
Japan and South Korea
had once practiced such
approach, he added.
U Soe Tha of Twantay
Constituency said that plans
of respective ministries whose
scheduled implementation
period is set at two years
and above should not be put
under the title of annual work
plan budget of a particular
fscal year and they should
be drawn as projects.
Union Minister Dr Kan
Zaw responded to remarks
and discussions of the Joint
Bill Committee and MPs on
ffth fve-year national plan
(draft). He said while 20-year
National Comprehensive
Development Plan (NCDP)
from 2011 to 2031 is being
formulated in cooperation
with experts from ERIA
and advisors form UNDP,
ESCAP, ADB and World
Bank who run their full-
time offce at the Ministry
of National Planning and
Economic Development ,
Myanmar Comprehensive
Devel opment Vi s i on
(MCDV) was being also
outlined by international
a c a d e mi c i a n s f r o m
Economic Research Institute
for ASEAN and East Asia
(ERIA) with the fund of
over 3 million USD from
JAIF. MCDV is planned to
put forward to Pyidaungsu
Hluttaw in September and
October, 2013.
He concluded that it
will need time to assess the
discussions of MPs in detail
and inter-coordinate among
focal ministries, and region/
state governments on sector-
focused and local projects,
asking the Hluttaw to grant a
considerable amount of time.
(See page 9)
Nationalities from Kayin State arrive at the Hluttaw to observe meeting of the 6th regular session of
Pyidaungsu Hluttaw.MNA
Far mer s income incr ease fr om sugar cane har vest
Sugarcane farmers in
Nay Pyi Taw Council Area
have earned high income
as sugarcane price has
gone up this harvest which
starts in January.
As t he pr i ce of
sugarcane was set to push
up to over K30,000 per ton
during the planting season
last year, sugarcane farmers
has earned high income this
Sugarcane farmers
have benefited from the
high price pushed up by
the mills and from the loan
reaching K120,000 per acre
and two bags of fertilizer
per acre by sugar mills in the
planting season last year.
The price for sugarcane
was only K13,000 per ton
previous years.
Hi g h p r i c e o f
sugarcane has attracted
farmers to grow the crop
and the sugarcane fever
has spread to other areas
this harvest.
We are worried that
sugar mills can not buy
our crops in time in the
upcoming harvest season
due to the increase in
number of sugarcane
acres. In the upcoming
years harvest season, the
sugar mills should frst
buy the old crops which
regrow from the old plants
remained in the soil after
harvest and should buy
the new crop later. If the
harvest is late, the weight
of the crops decreases,
said a sugarcane farmer
from the village of Waegyi
in Pobbathiri Township.
Farmers can al so
benef i t f r om peanut
farming as its price reaches
around K8000 per basket,
and besides, they should
also grow green grams
because growing crops
alternatively can prevent
soil degradation, said a
farmer from the village.
(By Aye Min Soe)
BCIM Rally in Febr uar y
Nay Pyi Taw, 17 Jan
Myanmar (BCIM) Rally
will be held to honour the
BCIM Forum to be
held in Dhaka, Bangladesh
on 23 February with a
view to fostering friendship
and improving economic
Deputy Minister for
Construction U Soe Tint
called for departments
concer ned t o ens ur e
meaningfulness, and security
of the rally in Myanmar at
coordination meeting for
successful holding of BCIM
Rally, at the ministry here
In line with the theme
of the rally Building Bonds,
Fostering Friendship, it
means more than an ordinary
rally but the one aiming
to deepen amity, increase
i nt eract i ons, exchange
different cultures, and boost
border trade added the deputy
The total length of the
rally route through the four
countries is about 2820
kilometers and the length
in Myanmar is around 964
kilometers, nearly one third
of the total length. Myanmar
artistes are reported to take
part in the rally.
Nay Pyi Taw, 17 Jan
Joint secretary, executives
and organizers of Kayin
State Union Solidarity and
Development Party visited
Pinlaung 0C
Loilem 1C
Heho 1C
Putao 4C
Namhsam 4C
Haka 4C
Signifcant night temperatures
Kayin State USDP offcials visit
Hluttaw session
sixth regular session of frst
Pyidaungsu Hluttaw and
Hluttaw buildings, here, this
Farmers grow sugarcane in their farm in Pobbathiri Township.

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