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The apocalyptic fire

The apocalyptic fire « The angel took the censer and filled it with the fire of

«The angel took the censer and filled it with the fire of the altar, and threw it upon

and filled it with the fire of the altar, and threw it upon the earth, causing

the earth, causing thunder, voices, lightning and an earthquake». (Apocalypse: 8/5)


«Then, I saw the horses in the vision, and those who sat on them, having breastplates

of fiery red, hyacinth blue, and sulfur yellow; and they had the heads of lions. Fire, smoke, and sulfur come out of their mouths. By these three plagues, one third of mankind was killed: by the fire, the smoke, and the sulfur which came out of their mouths. Indeed, the power of the horses is in their mouths and in their tails, for their tails are like snakes, and these have heads with which they cause harm. The rest of mankind, those who were not killed with these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands. They did not cease worshiping 1 demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, idols which can neither see, nor hear, nor walk. They did not repent from their murders, or sorceries 2 , or from their sexual immorality, or from their thefts.» (Apocalypse: 9/17-21)


«Another angel, a third one, followed them, saying with a great voice, “Anyone who worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on the forehead or the hand, will also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is prepared unmixed in the cup of his anger.

in the presence of the holy angels, and in the

They will be tormented with fire and sulfur

presence of the Lamb.» (Apocalypse: 14/9-10)


«Therefore, in one day, her plagues will come: death, mourning, and famine;

and she
and she

will be utterly burned with fire

; for the Lord God who has judged her is mighty». (Apoc.


The apocalyptic fire

Selection of texts of God’s Word 3 on the subject 4

…Four little angels are turned loose. They were bound for a while. Here it rises, little children, from the west it rises a cloud, a great darkness, and the hailstorm will come, but it will not be hail. Do you understand? Alas, alas, the table is set! Behold, the little angel is crying at the table. Blessed is he who overcomes, the one, will prevail as in the heaven. Oh, well, my children, for whom is coming this one that has been prepared? For Jerusalem who is in bondage. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, free yourself, as you have fallen under the sword! Brothers I do not pre- pare you for a foreign yoke, as the light has not fellowship with darkness. Oh, I gave you gold and you said that I gave you brass. If my gold is not brass, then my children, why do you not forgive? Oh, how many times you say, „Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive our debtors?

Children, be strong, as the stones are against you too, there are only demons around you, only Antichrists everywhere, that it is harder for you than it was of the saints who had lived here ahead of you. There are only demons which deceived you. Be strong and wide awake

1 Or “cage”

2 Or “the sky”

3 God’s Word in Romania

4 Translated by I.A.


The apocalyptic fire

as the Father is waiting for you. He does not let the little angel to pour out the bowl; My Father is still waiting.

Oh, well my children! You know that among you are wolves dressed in sheepskins? (Informers for the communist dictatorship „Security” r.n.) Here is how they throw the pears which they have received; they show no pity. Here is how they throw them and mock at them. Do not grieve! Not all, not everyone will enter my kingdom in a hurry. How was with the Flood, so it is now when the fire comes, and you will not burn, you who put your trust in the Father. Fight to fulfill and keep what I gave you. I cover you and others will come to you to escape, but in vain will come, as they will say, „Christians, save us!” but you cannot be of any help to them, with anything, but will cry bitterly instead. Do not abandon the prayer in the middle of the night, as it will escape you the wrath that is to come. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 15-05-1957 ***

…My children there shall be war and the birds (The Christians, r.n.) will rise up in the sky as the earth will be filled with gases and fish will hide in the deepest sand. This is upon all the earth. There will not be left any untroubled water and any land but red. There will not be left any unburned forest. Only such will escape: those who are written in my book. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 07-06-1964 ***

Weave the crown brother with brother and do not submit yourself to death, do not give yourself to this time, as there will come something that you have not seen since you were born; there will come the creation of earth and heaven and the New Jerusalem; that is, they are made but they are not on earth yet. Come to your senses, as there is none in the world to stop the thing


you are not devoid of happiness. (See the selection topic: About the Book of the Lamb - The Book of Life 5 ”, r.n.) Heaven and earth will pass away, but my word shall not pass, that at the appearing of a new work I will fire up the earth and all that is sinful will burn. And, as a house is made of stone and wood, the wood will burn and the stone will remain. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 23-04-1966 ***

which comes from me,

but the Lord is coming on other side and print another book

… My little flowers, the angels are coming from heaven to pick you up, for

this earth

will be burned with fire

and it will be washed with water and then there will be the possession

of the Holy Spirit and there will be one flock and one Shepherd, and you will say: “When did this thing happen? because I am not worthy to set my foot on it.Excerpt from the Word of God, from 08-11-1967. ***

. That you will see in

the morning as fire burns your house and how all cattle will scream and run in terror with fire

… Open your heart,

for the fire of Sodom and Gomorrah comes


The apocalyptic fire

on them. Take a good look, that those you see naked and talking with guys, you will see no more, that those brought an end to the earth. Children, do not let these things enter you houses. Do not let the fire to enter your house. Let God see the sign at your window so that you may escape. And if you let to enter your house, your naked daughters and your sons as of Sodom

and Gomorrah, of the world, then you will not escape, and your house and you cow and


your things will burn.

Excerpt from the Word of God, from 14-09-1973 ***

… Oh, young and old Christian, take a good look at your life so that you may not fall

into the fire which is opening on the earth. How far and wide the earth is, all will be a fire, a sea of fire. Everything will burn, in air and water as well. It will light from you who keep your

cigarette in your mouth. You Daniel climb up high and look down to all that have the cigarette in your mouth. Who will sweep this basket?

My little children what have you done of your mouth and throat and chest, a mouth of smoke? You Christian, do not burn your mouth as all will be forgiven, but this shall not be forgiven, no one will escape you. Pride came on all to smoke, men and women. Take a good look that for what is today in the world, is the destruction on this world, for what the man

commits, no one has done since age. What is today? What is today?

It speedily brings fire and


Excerpt from the Word of God, from 27-11-1973 ***

… Oh, Christian, you Christian son. I feel sometimes to put fire on earth, to smash it, to

shatter it, but my Mother will not let me. „My son,” this is how my mother says, „there are many who love me but the alcohol takes them and after they fail say, „Forgive me Mother of the Lord!” My Son what you can do everything for sinners! From the alcohol that they make, the alcohol spoils, degrades and destroys this earth. Oh, my Son, turn back with pity to this world!”

and there will be a new earth and do not

be afraid that I will burn you too, but do not drink alcohol. Do you believe? Even if you have fasted a month and once you drank alcohol will be devoured by fire. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 13-01-1974 ***

The fire will come and devour everything

… It is written in the book how many times God has washed away your sins, but you

have to know that it had not happened as it happened with this earth. Sons, there have been committed many sins which Lord Jesus cannot clean off but with fire. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 13-03-1974 ***

Israel, God does not force you if you do not want. It is not the time for God to press on

The earth

to you, as He will take His property. God will take everything to the lowest clay.

will crack and burn

, as God had become disgust and sick to man.

Excerpt from the Word of God, from 04-08-1974 ***


The apocalyptic fire

… My little children, My flowers, the time is coming the angels to gather you, as it is

written in the Scripture that for a while the earth will be without nature. (See the selection topic:

The rapture (the abduction) of the Church 6 , r.n.) Where shall it be then? My little children

keep your life as

who stuffed his body with tobacco and drink. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 08-09-1974 ***

and it will come only into the hands of the man

the fire is coming on earth

… Not even the sky will be left. The space will change and the sky will melt away. It is only you who remains, the one who are with God, and you will not know where you will be going, for it is a mystery. You will hear only: “Come up here!”

… Do you believe that there will be war between heaven and earth? But not so, the

sinful man with a believer. There will be war but none will be able to get up. God with his flock and the Devil with his flock. There will be such a war that it has never been since ages and only God with his people will remain, that the heaven will be here on earth. This is written in the Holy Book. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 30-01-1975 ***

The fire will not be lighted from the sky, but from you Christian, from the world. Israel, all heaven is present when you sin. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 19-04-1975 ***

… We will have our abode on earth. This earth will be the garden of My people and

I will make the paradise adorned with trees and with music of angels and birds. This earth

will be heaven, but

do not burn with the trash as all sinners will perish. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 17-07-1975 ***

, the way it is written in the book. Be ready for the end,

God will clean it

… Behave yourselves, as the destruction comes. Learn to have your heart a clean abode.

God comes to you together with all heaven to dwell in your heart and to free you from the fire that you will stand in the middle of the fire and not burn; you will stay in the middle of the war and will not disappear. We speak for some of you. You will be in a dark place and will give light, and will give light to all flesh, as God from your heart will give light. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 23-02-1976 ***

Oh, Daniel son, I am very angry! I am sorry that I came from heaven on earth. I am sorry for what I did. I am deeply sorry because man who is created by the Lord, in everything is made by the Lord. I am sorry that I gave him my secret. I am sorry that I gave him my image. I am sorry that I made him and I blew him Spirit out of my Spirit to be holy on earth, and today the unclean spirits are playing with the man whom God sanctified in everything. I made him with a holy image, with a holy body, with a holy word. He is not like animals on four legs and with voice like that of animals, but I made him special. And behold, sons, that man departed


The apocalyptic fire

from the Lord, he blasphemes and hates and slanders Him. But you need to know Daniel son


what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah and what happened with the world at the

time of the Flood, the same it will happen with this world too.

(See the selection topic: As

in the days of Noah 7 ”, r.n.) Excerpt from the Word of God, from 19-12-1976 ***

God is no longer struggling to cleanse a sinner’s sins, as whenever He has cleansed him, no one is ever found as man, as man is worse than a dog; that the dog is ten times wiser than the man, for when the man calls for it, it knows and comes in haste to him, but man does not know the Lord. He changes no more, as in the days of Noah. Jesus tells everywhere, in His

, but who

Spirit, that

would listen? That although they have ears, nobody hears, as in the days of Sodom and Go- morrah; they commit insatiable adultery. They starve but this does not let itself. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 07-01-1977 ***

the fire will come upon you, that death will come upon the world

Do not be like the world, not even a as a grain of mustard. If you saw something at you and the world has it too, throw it. Son, let it not be seen that that tiny thing stops you on the way to heaven. You will look to your left and to your right and there will be no one to take your side, for that tiny thing is a considerable sin, for you do not know when the trumpet sounds and It will be told through His trumpet and you will not see anything and the little

His trumpet and you will not see anything and the little angel will come and tell

angel will come and tell you: „Come up here, for the earth will be only fire.” Be faithful, for

I speak only what it is in the book, but you do not know where I speak from, for you do not read. I do not speak from the middle of it or from the beginning, but I speak from the last leaf in the book. And get yourself clean, Christian, so that you may be also lifted up. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 19-12-1977 (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)


Why do you eat fire? It is heard from heaven that Christians sit at the table with heathens who consume fire. It is heard from heaven when the man says: “Friend, give me a fire,” and his friend gives him gladly a fire. He has made piles of fire on the ground. This is what man earns on earth: fire which will soon burn everything. Israel, if I were in your place I would drown from what lies ahead of you, I would burn myself from what is in your hand. Israel, because of your iniquity, which reached its high peaks, will perish. Run today! Israel run away from fire, run! Seek, that your spirit is not dead yet; it is still somewhere in life. Go and seek it and be reconciled to it. Ask it to receive and forgive you, and the angel to stand at your right hand, that the angel proclaims the wilderness which torments you. Israel, My people, eat the manna from God to heal your spirit, to heal your spirit and body. Eat manna, for today only on bread and meat and fire lives the man who is alienated from God. Oh, holy image, why have you defiled and painted and made you abhorred to God. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 07-01-1978 ***


The apocalyptic fire

. Keep in mind that only two minutes had

passed since the big boss left the factory in Pitesti. (It is about Ceausescu after a visit at the refinery, r.n.) The devil promoted him but you know he will not escape, and you will hear that a difficult trap will catch him since he led the country to ruin; it was not like this since age. He mixed up sheep with goats, he blended the monkeys. Oh, sons, what has he done? Image by image will not be known anymore. If he were a pleasant man to God, He would not allow the creatures to behave rudely. He brought all the breath in fire as it began to burn from place to


God decided to set fire to everything

You Christian will see how the whole earth will burn


Excerpt from the Word of God, from 17-11-1978 ***

. There

will remain no tree or house not to be demolished; nothing without being brought to pieces, not even as a finger; nothing without being reddened by fire, but only this home will remain. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 19-12-1978. ***

When the earth will be put on fire, My faithful ones will not be burned

… My beloved ones, I am taking you in My boat and I am passing you to the dear bank

and if you are well prepared, the boat does not shake; it floats smoothly, smoothly.

and the Lord will gather you somewhere and

you will only look with your little eyes, where no harm will touch you, and you will be the testimony for all. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 17-12-1984. ***

Keep in mind that the earth will burn

… All mankind on earth is like in a spider web of destruction. This spider of greed will fill all the hell with God’s building.

The earth is stuffed to the brink with weapons of fire. When they burst out
The earth is stuffed to the brink with weapons of fire. When they burst out

The earth is stuffed to the brink with weapons of fire. When they burst out they

The earth is stuffed to the brink with weapons of fire. When they burst out they
will turn the earth upside down.

will turn the earth upside down.

Excerpt from the Word of God, from 22-08-1987 ***

My people will be closely united in one heart and one mind. The obedience that I ask you is a bridge to pass. This flock that I prepare will inherit the earth and after the washing up it will be the Eden’s garden. Nails in hands and legs waited for me, but the crown and all heaven waits for you at my wedding with you.

No lovers of fire (smokers, r.n.) may believe that it will not be paid with fire. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 02-09-1990 ***

My holy Romania was ruled by holy and brave rulers, who loved God. Now it has been governed by rulers, who have defiled it. It is like a garment of a petroleum worker, befouled

with black oil.

I will pass it through fire to be cleansed


I want, and I have to accomplish it to bring the ruler that God wants and to establish him as ruler over My little church after My will. The world does not know what I speak, but you


The apocalyptic fire

should know that it will hear, and My word will come out to be known. Then many people will answer: “We did not know, Lord, that it was You that worked”. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 10-10-1990 ***

Oh, My beloved Romania, go out from Babylon, flee from fornication and sanctify with

Me, so that you may not taste from the punishment of Babylon,

, will rise, the city clothed with mink and gold and the prophets

and apostles will be glad as the Lord comes with his justice to redeem their blood, that the angel of the churches will blow and spread God’s Word, and the times will be set to their places, (See the selection topic: The change of feasts - the denial (apostasy) of faith 8 ”, r.n.) and the church of the living God will be glorified; and to those who sit on the thrones it will be given the power to do justice and to redeem the blood of those who were cut because of the witness of God, who were not defiled with the wine of Babylon, and tear and death will pass away and the heaven and earth will be made new as all that is old will pass away with a crash. Excerpt from the Word of God: prophecy for Romania and its placing in glory, from 25- 10-1990 (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***

that the smoke of fire, in

which the Babylon will burn

Peace over this day of heavenly sanctification! Peace and power of Holy Spirit, making of living life; peace over all those who are faithful who have brought back to their places the Lord’s feasts as they were set in the very beginning! Many crowds will come to this pool, My beloved ones, as in the time of John the whole Jerusalem and Judea were coming; and there were coming those from the precincts of Jordan as well to be cleansed from their sins by the baptism that came through John. And this moment is going to come, as it was at that time. There will come the scribes and the Pharisees of nowadays, for they will see the Lord’s power which is here, and they will flee to it to escape from the wrath that is going to come; they will come, for they will understand then that the Lord will have raised those downcast and fulfilled the Scriptures that says that God has the power to complete Abraham’s people and those who have been neglected; they will come and see the miracles of the Holy Spirit and they will be baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire, because the threshold will be cleansed and there will be the separation between the wheat and the chaff, and behold, there will be a great day of baptism with Holy Spirit and fire, and many of the unfaithful ones will be saved then, according to the word that says: «They will be saved as by fire». (1 Cor. 3/15) Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Baptism, from 19-01-l992. ***

My loved one, here is how I was speaking with this people. And here is how I speak with those that are left now and with those who increased My body and My greatness and the number of My disciples. Here is how I speak: sons, sons, amen, amen, I say to you; the time has come to speak the word for the death to become life and the weeds to become wheat, and the one, who will not receive this word, will be cleansed as by fire, and this will be done also by the word. However, I need disciples and I need to wake up My workers well and to get


The apocalyptic fire

them used to the work of the blessed harvest, and we will make a blessed ingathering, but we will work again as we also worked then. For I sent the twelve and the seventy apostles, and the twelve were accompanied by the seventy and they went everywhere two by two, and they were meeting from time to time and this is how My church has been working from generation to generation; My true church, My loved ones. However, My living church has not got any place on the earth, and she has lived her life after My life and no one has loved her and she has been hiding behind My life. And behold, I have reached to come visibly into her midst and to come with My arm full of white little garments and crowns, for the little garment of those who will stand before Me and before My glory and the glory of My Romania will be white. The little garment of the body will be white and the little garment of life and spirit will be three times white, and I will speak of those which stand written to be spoken for this time: “Come, you, the blessed of My Father, who overcame among those from heaven for the setting of the wedding of the Holy Bridegroom and of the bride with the name of New Jerusalem!” Amen. (See the selection topic: The Wedding of the Lamb 9 ”, r.n.) Excerpt from the Word of God to Gheorghe Zamfir, from 04-03-1992 ***

When My Father gave Me the commandment, I brought the word at the manger of My word, which has been settled in Romanian, and I said that you would be a bishop. And because I said this word, I had to fulfill it then, for the Lord is faithful with His promises. I have sent the word over the one who is ruling today on the seat of the church and I told him: “Get up and anoint the one who is from Me for this time.” (Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.) And why did I do so? I did in this way so that the law cannot say that I did not submit to the law; nevertheless, that one, willing or not, believing or not, went and anointed you as bishop, but God’s Word anointed you and not that one, the word that was from Me upon that man, for the Lord works by the word and His work is called God’s Word. And where is His work any longer into the midst of the church, which calls itself My church? Do you want to believe that the church is a Sodom and Gomorrah? Do you want to believe God when He tells you that there is no church, no dwelling of church or altar of church; there is no longer that place which is known as holy, without being touched by hands and body that have not been washed from sodomy and masturbation, from the sins of Sodomy and Gomorrah, whose cities were burned with the fire that came down from heaven according to the word of God which came to punish the uncleanness? Do you want to believe that there will be burned with fire the whole uncleanness from the earth? And what will really be then with those who have defiled the places that were dedicated to Me, to My Spirit and to the glory of My name?

Oh, My beloved one, anointed by God during this time; by God and not by unclean hands! Oh, My little and beloved one, you keep saying that you want to see My glory but I am telling you that you have already seen it. As many times you have wanted, as many times as you have asked it, you have seen and received it. And behold why I have added these words:

there comes a hard and foggy test as there has never been since the ages and there will never be

, but it comes

after that.

and begins with the house which calls itself God’s house, for this is written: «I will begin with My holy Temple», (See Ezekiel: 9/6) because they say that they serve Me, but do you

The fire of God comes over the works of Sodom and Gomorrah


The apocalyptic fire

believe when I tell you that there are many priests and monks and bishops that do not believe that God is? Do you believe that from the people of that time, from those who crucified Me, there have arisen strings of priests from then and up to this day? Do you believe that the churches are full of servants who serve the crucifixion of the Holy Spirit? Oh, the Holy Spirit is severely crucified, well son, and the Holy Spirit cries and struggles to come out of the nails to avenge His cleanness and holiness that have been despised by the servants of the churches, as they are those whom the Lord will call to account, those who have sit at the head of My flock from all around all over the earth. (See the selection topic: The true church 10 ”, r.n.)

Oh, there comes My glory, My beloved one, but behold how is it going to come! It will come and if it comes in this way and not otherwise, then here it is the truth of the Scriptures that says: «Woe to those who wait to see the Lord’s Day, for that day is a day of fire and terror as there has never been since ages and will never be after that». (See also Matt: 24/21) (See the selection topic: The end of the world and the Day of the Lord”, r.n.) And what is going to be with that church which says that is with Me? Oh, the Lord will find it in the world and not within God. What is going to be with the one who will have traded filthily with the spirit, with name and with the garment that was ordained by God? For they brought in the Caesar and sold on money the gift on the altar, and much money have been gathered since then and up to this day, piles of silver on which the Son of God was betrayed and bought; and many Herods, many Judas, Annas and Caiaphas have arisen and filled the places which were taken from the fathers and robbed the holy things and defiled My vessels and My churches, and took into slavery the people broken by ignorance sucking its blood and life, as I am the life of My people, My beloved one; I, and if I was no longer able to stay in broken vessels, in unwashed vessels, in dwelling places, defiled and unwashed by the holiness of those who have laid hold of them, and behold why My creature has no longer had God, and if it has no longer had Him, then it died, because

there is no life without life. And what is now to be done?

Do you want to believe in those that I am telling you? Because it cannot be calling

to godly service; this cannot be with money and violence and this calling to serve is not true, for the Holy Spirit is not given by human measure, but He is given by a heavenly calling, by heavenly revelation, working by the spirit of heavenly revelation, and behold what a string of priests has arisen, under the word that they were My following apostles. Excerpt from the Word of God to His chosen Irineu, from 16-07-1992. ***

Oh, the filthiness can be cleaned

only by fire.

Peace from the great and holy one of God, Elijah the prophet, about whom is written that it would be to come before the great day of the Lord. And what is written about this heav- enly saint that he will do? It is written that he will turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and the fathers’ to their children, to their offspring. And how does this work come about? This work is done by God with you, and the near fathers and the old ones see it, the fathers that have been waiting to see the days of this heavenly work, and behold, they see them and leap with joy and they see the coming to its end of their endurance, because the fathers who were called fathers in God are alive; they stay with God and work with God over the sons to turn back every son to the Father. However, the sons of this time do no longer have their fathers, for they have


The apocalyptic fire

as father the spirit of the darkness of this age and they do no longer have fathers. And what is it going to be done? There will be nothing to do but only what is written for the time before the glory of God’s day. It is written that this father, who is celebrated today, will work during this time, and that his work is: to turn the hearts of the sons to their fathers, to their heavenly root. And if the sons of this time are no longer used to the first light, which kept them close to their fathers, and if they do no longer know their purpose and their destiny, then what else is to be done, but their fathers to come into their way, to see them and they to know where they have come, from whom they have come and whom they have to obey? (See the selection topic: Resurrection of the dead 11 ”, r.n.) The saint prophet Elijah has to do this work and he has with him at work all the saints and fathers and he has the heavenly powers at work with him too; however, he received commandment from God to protect Romanian all around and

to work upon it specially;

he has to work upon it in such a way so that he may cleanse it

from lawlessness in order to wake it up and to put it then above the river of fire which is

going to overflow over the earth.


Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the saint prophet Elijah, from 02-08-1992. ***

I am the King of Israel. I am the One born of the Virgin into the cave of the dumb, and these will speak and testify the miracle that I came down with, as I promised when I went to My Father and your Father. I am the fruit of life; I and My garden from here; I and My

warm manger, which is on you with Me.

, and I will speak inside of the dead hearts, and they will catch fire and will be

a pleasant sacrifice for Me, for My kingdom is written into the prophets to be in this time. Truly, truly I speak to you: I am this work, and it is true into your midst. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Nativity, from 07-01-1993. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***

I will make a new birth of the Holy Spirit and

fire come down

God proclaimed a work of a heavenly word upon the manger of His word, which came down into Romania. The Word of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit comes down and spreads a heavenly table. The Lord, Jesus Christ, has this heavenly table in the midst of His people that have been fed for almost forty years in the land of Romania.

He who receives My word, receives Me, for behold, I have worked in the days of your days and I still make a work which if someone hears it does not know to believe in it; he does not know how to believe in it, but you know that I am this work and that I work by the Holy Spirit, as I let a word when I went to My Father, as this is what I told My disciples at that time:

«Do not be angry. It is necessary to go to My Father. And because I go, I will send the Com- forter, the Holy Spirit, Who will speak to you from what is Mine; Who will take from what is


The apocalyptic fire

Mine and bring to you, and He will let you know about the things to come». And if I went to My Father I declared a word upon those that I have from the world, given by My Father; I sent them and told them: «Go into all the world and preach that the kingdom of the heaven has come near. Go and baptize and work into My name upon those that believe in Me through you». Amen.

Oh, I have been working for two thousand years and cry out to My creature to come to My table. I came two thousand years ago and I gave Myself to be the life, the food and the eternity over My creature, which wants to believe in Me; and I have also been waiting for this long time the birth of this work that is with you. This is the work of the Holy Spirit of the Holy Trinity, Who came to make the threefold work of the godly Trinity 12 complete. All who are workers of the holy heaven, who came for those that are from the holy heaven, all the heavenly hosts have been waited for the birth of this work, which is called the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13)

I have come, Israel, to bring you those that you have to work for and fulfill; to tell you to engage in those that you must be found when My wrath will come over those that are without God. The time has come to put on you the shirt of holiness, which will not burn on you, and you will not burn in it when My wrath will pass over the earth to cleanse it from the world and from the spirit of the world and of lawlessness. (See the selection topic: The great tribulation 13 , r.n.) Do not be deceived to go to someone to save you and to feed you on another false hope, for behold, the bishops and the priest did not open to Me to see Who knocks, and they said that it was not I, and they said that I was a demon. They said now as they said then, for they have nothing else to say, since they do not love My ways and the law of holiness, which a servant of the holy heaven has to stay in.

I sent a heavenly word upon My people and I told to the Christian to come back to the food from Eden so that he may stay alive and to sanctify himself. This is how I have been working with you, people gathered from the world, and I have been speaking to you, one by one, little by little, so that it may not seem hard to you. And when the way was wider, I called out and told you that the time is coming for the door to be narrowed, when it may come for you to enter the room of God’s glory that will come before you to welcome you in the great tribulation. I know like Me and not like you. I know, son, why I also ask this step from you. I do not want to let it be hard for you when no one will give you anything, and I want you to be well prepared and ahead of time, so that God may know you and send you then heavenly food, as he gave it to Israel in the wilderness, as then I expressly wanted to clean the one that were blessed, but he lusted after the earthly things and fell down from heaven and did not enjoy the manna that was coming from heaven. It is likewise now; the Christian does not enjoy to learn how to come back home, and wants it as on earth, but I will make heaven on earth and it will be as in heaven so on earth. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Assumption, from 28-08-1993. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)

12 Work threefold: From Adam to the first coming of the Son - the Father's. Since first coming to the second - the work of the Son, for the salvation of those who believe in Jesus Christ. Since the second coming - the Word of God (Rev: 19/13.) - The Holy Spirit, the sanctifying work of the creature, r.n.


The apocalyptic fire


Peace to you, new and little and tiny Jerusalem! However, you will be great, son, for I will fire up everything with a spark. I have come to cast fire on the earth, and how much I would like the fire of the Holy Spirit to be lighted now, which gives light to the My inner being! It is about this fire that I speak to you, children of the Holy Spirit. Behold what an adoption, well children, children of the Holy Spirit of the Holy Trinity, Who is in the Father and in the Son, children from the end of the godly work. I have come to speak among you so that the word may be fulfilled; to cast the fire of the Holy Spirit on the earth and to be lighted now; to prepare the path of My glory beautifully, with the fire of the Holy Spirit, and that I may come and stand in the middle of the Romanian people and to shepherd it with an iron of peace and justice, sons. This is how Verginica is praying; she is praying to Me to let the Holy Spirit come down over Romania and for Romania to see it and to come out to welcome Him. But first I have made the spark come down, so that I may not come unexpect- edly, without speaking it first.

The garden from you and the Holy Spirit in it, this is the spark, and the whole land of Romania will catch fire from your fire. Blessed are those who put on the shirt of holiness, for their shirt will not be taken away and neither will it be burned. Blessed are you when the moun- tains and roofs will come bowing day by day asking for the river of life and to learn the laws of holiness, for there will no longer be as it is now, because the Lord will work otherwise now. He will work visibly; He will work with those from heaven, which have never been seen by now. For if the heaven will come down on earth to be established as new heaven and new earth, according to the promise from the Scriptures, it will otherwise than in the time of Moses; it will be otherwise now, in the end of the fullness of God’s work, because the man will not have to ask one another how it is or how God says, because the Lord, Himself, will be, for I will come visibly towards the creatures, for if the fire of the Holy Spirit comes down over the creatures, then the eyes of the creature will come to be opened and they will see what is beyond the things that have been unseen by now, and then the kingdom will be in the Lord, the One Who made the heaven and the earth.

The word has tried so many times to become work! So many prophets who have been

speaking from God! However, they have also needed a people to fulfill the living word. And behold, I set Myself to work and we are speaking, and the word becomes work and it is worked the life from Eden, and the Holy Spirit blows into this spark until fire spreads all over and everywhere, and death will be swallowed by victory and it will no longer be. And as for you, strengthen yourselves and work, for My word and I work. It does not matter if satan works day and night because God works ten thousands more, and there will no longer be night because

only God’s day will be, that with no sunset, and the Lord will give light to the new earth. Excerpt from the Word of God to Marian and Victoria Zidaru, from 29-08-1993 ***

… Those with the life of the today’s world will not be able to go through the narrow

and little door.

The life of the today’s world is like that of Sodom and Gomorrah, and

because of that God will have nothing else to clean the earth with but with fire and brim-

stone from heaven.

The same cleaning will be for the today’s earth and for the filthiness on it,


Excerpt from the Word of God, from 09-02-1994. ***


The apocalyptic fire

Every fleshly body that does not have the preparation, which God requires, will

Every fleshly body that does not have the preparation, which God requires, will

. God speaks truly and God speaks here out of great pain

remain a pray to the consuming fire

remain a pray to the consuming fire

and he who believes, let him believe that it will be fulfilled, and those who do not believe and those who slander will be given over to the consuming fire because this earth is like that of

Sodom and Gomorrah, full of the satanic filthiness, and

it cannot be cleansed but only by

consuming fire in such a way that everything on it may burn and the earth to remain clean

like a new pot.


Excerpt from the Word of God, from 27-02-1994. ***

I came to cast the fire of the Holy Spirit on the earth, as this is God’s fire. The fire that consumes the creature is the work of the wrath, but the fire of the Holy Spirit is the work of cleanness. I did not come to lose the world, but rather I came to save it, and I was born of man, and I let Myself die in the flesh and I was raised and went to My Father; and I sent the fire of the Holy Spirit for cleanness before My coming in the clouds, and I will grow high this fire upon sons and daughter, and I will give them power to become sons of God, sons born of heaven, of the Holy Spirit, that is coming from heaven, to a new birth and to a new world. That is why I had to go to My Father. I did not go to leave the world, but rather I went to come to it with the Holy Spirit, that proceeded from My Father, of Whom I also was begotten, without age and without time.

Israel, My loved people, My today’s people taken from the Romanian people, do you know son, how the Holy Spirit descended in His day of glory? It is a great thing if you know, but it is still a great thing how to know to understand and to have this day and its work into your mind. There were people gathered together in Jerusalem from all sides of the world, and the Holy Spirit descended upon them all. How comes upon them all? I tell you that it was so. Not only upon the apostles did the Holy Spirit descend. The being of the Holy Spirit appeared upon the apostles, so that it might show their work from Jesus Christ; the image of the Holy Spirit was shown upon them, so that the others might believe in Jesus Christ, the One that was preached by the apostles; the One, Who was raised from the dead and taken up into the heavens. And those that said that the apostles were filled with wine, they received the Holy Spirit too, as each man from then on understood what the apostles were speaking; each one understood in his own language, as on that moment the tongues of the people were made clear, and it was only one language, the language of the Holy Spirit, which was understood by every man on that day; and the work of that day was the clear face of My kingdom upon the faithful people and upon those that were to believe through the faithful ones.

Behold, the day is coming when all the breath on the earth, all that will be in and out of the body, may have only one language, the language of the Holy Spirit. He, who is speaking today in the language of the Holy Spirit to the ignorant, has to interpret the signifi- cance of the Holy Spirit’s words, but in My day of glory it will be nothing to be asked, nothing to be interpreted, as the Holy Spirit will be the One, Who will be shared, and that Scripture about the new birth of the world will be fulfilled. But until then, I work with you upon the world, My people, and the people of the Holy Spirit, which flows upon you into the language of God’s invisible wisdom. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of Pentecost, from 19-06-1994. (On Cala- meo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***


The apocalyptic fire

Well Christians, be My sons, for the servant does not know what his master does, but the son knows all the things of his father. Be My sons, because if you are not worthy to hear the words of the Holy Spirit upon you and if you do not stand up and mend your ways, then you should know that you will have part of the darkness that comes and sets upon the world, and it is beginning now; you have to know that you are going to suffer if you do not obey, because I have prophesied from heaven to you that I will command the beasts to come out of

their dens as I will give them the people as their food.

I have prophesied that I will open up

the gates of heaven and bring down fire as in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, over the

fornicators of the earth, and the fornicators will burn like dry wood

and it this shame

would come upon you, My Christians, to catch fire and to burn with immoral people, with the unfaithful and with those who have deceived Me. It would come such a great shame on you that you will go with the lawless ones and call the dead out from the tombs so that you may go down in them. It is a shame for you, to go with the unfaithful ones to call out to the mountains to cover you and hide you from My wrath, because I prophesied you that on those days, the darkness, the beasts that will tear to pieces, the fire that will burn, the dead who will come out of the tombs and the mountains that will be called, all will prophesied your shame. For I have told you that all the nature will stand witness before My coming and will pronounce your judg- ment, because you had Me a prophet among you and you were evil and disobedient; because if you do not listen to Me with holiness and cleanness, you will be taken away by wild beasts and will be torn to pieces together with the disobedient world, as it is written: «One will be taken and one will be left». (See Matt: 24/40, 41) Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Birth of the Saint John the Baptizer, from 07-07-1994


When I took Israel out of Egypt, I could not take it out with the word of peace, and I could not take it out by the word, for the opposing man would not release Israel, and it was following it and tormenting it even worse than by that time. And if it happened that way, I released My strength, for Israel was calling out to Me in tears, sons, and I made ten plagues and released them over those who were against My plan, and the tenth plague was call the angel of death, and I took Israel to life. Israel was trembling with fear, but I comforted it by My angel, by Moses. What could I have done if I could not take it out by the word? What should I have done if the wicked man had no longer been afraid of the word? I released My strength for the one who was crying under pressure, and be careful, that I am going to do the same now either, but you do not need to be afraid, well sons, for I have let it know by the word and there has been hardness of heart and unbelief, and behold, now the time is coming to show My glory over My work, and then to work mightily over the rulers of the world, who do not leave My work in order to give light to the path of My coming back, which do not leave My sons to give light over the crowds and the crowds to believe in My work of sal-

vation and resurrection.

I will release the angel of death, as I did at that time for the stiff-

necked Pharaoh.

However, I tell you that I have already released him and you will see

that I am true by the word.

In the time of Verginica I said this: “The end is coming, but first of all there will be an end with the blasphemers, fornicators, drunkards, smokers, adulterers and antichrists, who want to darken the path of My glory incessantly.” And be careful, loved people, for I do not want you to suffer, son, and that is why, behold, I urge you today. We celebrate today the day of the exodus, today is the day of the rising, the day when I came out with the people, and we celebrate near the sign of the memorial of this exodus, and I exhort you to pray for you, My beloved people, for I also pray for you. I pray to the Father for you. Pray, Israel, too, pray


The apocalyptic fire

in a spirit of repentance and humility; pray with power so that I may have you at praying, and ask the Lord, your God, no to look to see what it happens to the world, so that you may not be scared, My child. Take a look into your garden, where I am with you, for behold, I have come into My house, and I say: peace to this house, for you, My people, are My house. Take care to be clean in My house and do not go to bed in the evening without cleaning the house. Let there be nothing spoiled in your house, let there be no carcass smell in this house, for the wolves are drawn to the carcass. Let there be no stench, and let it be only day of resurrection in this house, so that I may always come in and say: peace to this house! Let this house be the house of prayer, the house of the holy oil, for the prayer is oil, loved people, the old that the angels take and bring it to heaven and anoint My wounds with it, and the wounds of the servants of the heaven, sons. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Ascension of the Holy Cross, from 27-


Here I am with open heavens above the manger of My word, above the pool of the new Siloam, above the river of life, Jerusalem as the Jordan of life flows from heaven. The river of life flows from heaven upon the mouth of the spring of My word, and I, the Lord, proclaim a word of heavenly Epiphany: the water of the river of life and the water of the springs from the garden of the river of life are blessed and sanctified by the Holy Spirit into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

This is what I told John by the Jordan two thousand years ago: «Allow it now, for this is the fitting way for us to fulfill all righteousness». And now I baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire, as it was the prophecy from John, the Baptizer. And how comes with the Holy Spirit and fire? You should know to answer, Jerusalem, child fed on the Holy Spirit. What does it mean with the Holy Spirit and with fire? Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of Epiphany, from 19-01-1995 (06-01-1995 Old style / after the Julian calendar 14 ) (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)


Son, if you are born of the heaven, you should remain, and if you remain, you should eat fire as Elijah, My prophet, did. Eat fire, Israel, and burn like Me, and stay before Me, like a burning lamp, as I put the earth and the sky on fire with this lamp and I fulfill for Me those things for the appearance of those that are not seen. That is why I told you to stir yourself up, to burn with the glow of the holy fire and to be in Me, to be into My heart, and to

14 Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Style_and_New_Style_dates) are sometimes used with dates to indicate either whether the start of the Julian year has been adjusted to start on 1 January (N.S.) even though documents written at the time use a different start of year (O.S.), or whether a date conforms to the Julian calendar (O.S.), formerly in use in many countries, rather than the Gregorian (N.S.) The Church Calendar (in Romania) up to 1924 was the same as that of Nicaea, based on severe apostolic canons, but in 1924, the Scripture of the prophet Daniel was fulfilled: «the people made bold to even change the times», when the primate metropolitan - of that time, Miron Cristea, (Primate metropolitan = (in the past) a title given to the first metropolitan of a country; today it would be equal to that of a patriarch) introduced the Gregorian Calendar (Catholic) as result of a pan-Orthodox” congress that took place in 1923, in Constantinople. At that congress, the patriarch of that time, Meletie, proposed the acceptance of the revised” Julian Calendar, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revised_Julian_calendar) which was in accord with the Catholic one for a period up to the year 2800 and it was allowing that all the feasts to be celebrated at the same time with those of other confessions”. «… and he shall wear out the saints of the Most High and he shall think to change the times and the law…» (Daniel 7/25), r.n.


The apocalyptic fire

have no other longing and love. Love Me with all the fire of your heart, as the love of God is good, and the man will learn; he will learn from you that only God is the truth, and the man’s wisdom is a lie, and the man will look at his lie and will see that he was not supposed to work that way. The man was supposes to work only what God told him to do from the beginning when He gave the heaven to him. The man was supposed to work what God have him to work and not something else, as I want to get you out little by little Israel, so that you may not stay surrounded by the work of the lie, and I will give you as an example of a new man and of obedience and heavenly work. I take you out little by little, and I work through you to get you out of the work of the lie, which was worked out by man, and then you will work what I told the first man to do.

Israel, what did I tell the man to work? Behold, I gave him the heaven made from Me, and I told the man to keep it and to work it as I worked it, as I showed him, as I also show you, My man of today, as you, Israel, are My man of today, not the man of today. The man of today is the man of the lying, and you are My man of today, My people, who lives and feeds on Me, on My word. Do you see Son, how the teaching is? Did you learn something like this from the man, who bound you up to his school, when you went to get education? Education is not learned the way you did. That school was a lie, and be careful, as school is school, and lie is lie, son. The school is something eternal, and the lie turns into emptiness. Only that what is eternal is called school, and that what comes apart is emptiness and chasing after the gold, that is after the wind. Did you see what gold did with the man? Did you see Israel what gold did? It did more evil than what Lucifer did. Gold became wealth for man and cheated him by his brightness and turned him into a slave, and the man gave forth to lie for gold; he has strug- gled to give forth to lie and to give it a body and to present it this way before the man and to buy gold for lie. Behold how comes this work: you receive gold for lying, and you buy lie and the fruit of the lie for gold. And I will take the gold and buy the kingdom of heavens with it and I will show it to the man, so that the man may see what he has to do with the gold if he wanted to deal with gold. The man did not have God’s kingdom when he found gold, as he lost it from the beginning. But he had to struggle to give gold in return of the lost kingdom.

I want to turn gold into bread from God, so that the man may understand what is well to be done. Israel, Israel, the man’s age is the age of the gold; it is the age of the greed, sons. If the man would not have the spirit of greed upon him, he would no longer work that much to earn vanity for himself, and a great name upon the vanity that he worked for. The man knows nothing in spite of his learning and his digging up. Man is not helped by his learning and I want to write an end over the man’s science, and I want to work with you and by My science in you, the one given by Me, not taken by you, Romanian Israel, My people by that I announce My kingdom. I will destroy everything the man has done, and only what God did will remain. I will have the Holy Spirit come down, and by this fire I will turn into ashes all the man’s science and the entire creation that comes from man’s science. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Saints Kings Constantine and Hellene, from 03-06-1995. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***

The times come when the wheat will have value, because money will be burn, for only fire is bought and sold with them and on them, only and only fire. That is why I have asked you with so much love, with so much gentleness, My people, to love the poverty and the little from everything, as this is what I like. You do not know how the room where I grew up was. You do not know son, and I have taught you to know and I have told you to love the poverty and the little of everything as only in this way miracles can be done with the faithful


The apocalyptic fire

one. How is able to see My miracles the one who from all sides is seized by his miracles, by his treasures, by his business? A man who is seized from all sides by the miracles of his hands, that one belongs to the sons of men, that one does not call with his tongue the name of the true God,

for the true God is not as they understand God.

Only when man will catch fire from money,

only then he will see that money cannot be God.


Excerpt from the Word of God on the fourth Sunday of the Lent, of the Saint of the Ladder, from 24-03-1996.


I am passing from book to book, I am passing with the saints and with a feast of the saints too, and the saints are sitting with you at the table of My word that is set within you. I am with John, My godfather, who baptized with the baptism of repentance and with water, who preached that after him there would come the One Who was to baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Oh, blessed are those who are baptized by Me with the Holy Spirit, for they will not be baptized with the baptism of fire. Those who are baptized in the Holy Spirit are My saints, they are My sons, protected and happy, and those who are baptized with fire are those who will suffer pains and fire for their salvation, they are those who do not know what the way of salvation is, they are those who do not know what the truth is to follow it, and they will be saved as through the fire, by pains and sufferance, for he who has suffered in the flesh has stopped committing sin, (See 1 Pet. 4:1), and comes to salvation. However, most difficult will be for those who know the way and do not walk in it, for they know and willingly commit sin against their salvation, whose way they know but do not walk in. Excerpt from the Word of God at the synod of the Saint John, the Baptizer, from 20-01-


Oh, Virginia, (Saint Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet - see selection topic: The apocalyptic trumpets 15 ”, r.n.) I have been teaching Israel; I have been teaching it to listen and how it should listen; I have been teaching it, for the one who is not taught loses his mind, well Virginia. You should also teach it and advise it to life, for life means obedience, and disobedi- ence means death. Teach it to believe this fresh Scriptures, Virginia: obedience means life and disobedience means death.

Oh my people, the Lord has always told me to give you instruction. Because of his disobedience man died. Man did not listen neither in heaven, nor on earth, and neither in par- adise or out of it. The man of the world does not like to speak with God; he does not like to listen to God, for disobedience brings forth disobedience in man. Flee from disobedience, flee from murmuring, and flee from self-aggrandizement, which makes man not to receive teaching

self-aggrandizement, which makes man not to receive teaching for heavenly building in him. Eat the word

for heavenly building in him. Eat the word of God and be nourished with it; day and night feed

each other on this food, for he who does not work does not eat and does not grow up. He who does not work does not grow, sons. That one remains a stunt like the tree without rain and sun, like the tree without fruit, sons.


The apocalyptic fire

I would like this word that is coming to you to catch fire, because the Lord said this: «I came to throw fire on the earth. I wish it were already kindled!» (Luke: 12/49) Oh, the whole heaven wants to grow hot from this fire. Oh, sons, sons, the fire does not burn until it is kindled. The Lord throws the fire and wants to kindle it among you to grow hot with you and then many to get warmed up from it, because many will come out from this fire, sons. Release those who are many to come and to have something to come to. Make this fire, for the fire is seen from far away and many come to see what burns in it.

You, Lord, I worship You and pray to You: give love to Israel and kindle Your fire into its midst and let fire from fire burn in Israel, Lord, for You are a consuming fire, Who burn the bad things and kindle the good ones that will remain. Amen.

Oh, Virginia, I have come with food and fed Israel; I fed him and I keep on feeding him always for My heart burns like fire for the Israel of today, for My people of today. Amen.

Oh, Israel, My heart burns for you. Israel, be like that daughter whom I celebrate into your midst today. She kindled My fire in her citadel, and her citadel took fire from My fire, and I got into that citadel and got warmed up together with those in the citadel.

Be like the Samaritan woman, son of today. Be like the Samaritans. Today I am cele- brating in you a feast for the Samaritan woman and for the citadel of Samaria. Let fire from fire be kindled on earth, for I have come to cast out fire on earth and I wish it were already kindled; however, I have you as a lighter into My hand, My people of today.

When a house catches fire on earth, the fire is seen and it brings many people together. Oh, Israel, My house of today, Romanian Israel, My youngest child, Israel, My youngest one, I want to be My fire cast out on earth from My hand, and let all those who are cold and naked come to My warmth and yours; let all those without light come and receive warmth and home.

Sons of Israel, My little stars with which I give light in the night on the earth! I want to make heaven on earth, but you are to shine like the stars of the heaven on earth, sons.

Oh, Virginia, I have come with food and fire in order to feed and to warm Israel up, for My heart burns within Me like fire for My people of today, for you, Israel, My people of today, My Samaritan from today, My beloved people with whom I am well pleased and in whom I glorify Myself, My people, My comfort in My pain, My medicine for My pain. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the fifth day after Passover, of the Samaritan woman, from 25-05-1997


It is bad without God’s word. It is bad without a prophet among the people. The prophet of God is the word of God, which brings the evil into view, for there where the evil hides, the wrath of God comes visibly; the heavenly justice, fire and brimstone over the evil worked out by the people. My word is the word of justice, and those with a false life fight against My word; they fight against Me, and My word is fire and brimstone for those who do not love the Lord fulfilling the right law of the holiness on the earth.


The apocalyptic fire

Oh, saints from heaven and little angels, work out over My garden; work on it a work of new heaven and new earth, and prepare its visible glory. Work from all sides and renew the power of the little manger-garden of My word. Enclose it from all sides with the heavenly fire of the Holy Spirit and with the light, which does not grow dim, as I, its Lord and its Bishop, am its light and I become light over the earth from it; I become Light from Light. Amen. I came as word from heaven on the earth, and the people do not know what this work means. I have come, and no one waited for Me to come, and it will also be the same when I will come visibly on the clouds of the glory, as that time has come and I am ready to let My body be seen, as it is written into the Scriptures, (See the selection topic: The coming in a visible way 16 ”, r.n.) but it will not be as it is now, for then I will be kept with My glory by My way that I work with My word today, and I glorify Myself over the little garden of My word, and I will pour out of My mouth a word of mourning, fire and brimstone, over the crows which sleep watching for the sleep of not watching.

I proclaim the word from the middle of the Romanian people. The Lord, Jesus Christ, goes with a new word over all the nations over the earth. I, the Lord, the One born of the Father before the ages, and of the Virgin, two thousand years ago, and now out of Romania as word, in the end of the Scriptures for My coming, I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, cry over the earth to all the margins: get up, you, nations of the earth from all the human kind and come to the river of life, which flows from heaven into the middle of the Romanian people! Come and receive life, the word of holy and everlasting life! I am the Word before the coming of My body on earth the second time with the people. Rise above your bodies and escape from the fire of the wrath, which comes from heaven over all the bodies, which do not have the heaven in them. The heaven means holiness and Paradise in the man’s house, in the man’s body. The Lord calls you to a sweet life, to milk and honey, to a new heaven and to a new earth over the earth. Come and receive the teaching, which gives you eternal life! Come, for the dead rise and will rise and the living will be changed into immortality! The voice of the seventh angel sounds to bring under My glory, those chosen by faith, by holiness and by choice food; food from heaven for a new heaven and a new earth over the earth. Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at six years after the consecration of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem, from 12-12-1997. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)


My people, you have to be well settled for My coming and keep on preparing, because when I, the Lord, come, I want to see you properly prepared for My coming, according to the feast of the great day, when «the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements will be dissolved with fervent heat», (2 Pet: 3/10), as it is written in the Scriptures and in the prophets.

However, you, My children from My coming, you shall not say, «Where is the promise of His coming», (2 Pet: 3/4), as many say who willingly hide the fact that the heavens were from of old and the earth was formed out of water, by the word of God, as by which means the



The apocalyptic fire

world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished, the same will happen to the un- faithful of today; they will perish by the fire of the day of God’s judgment, as it is written

into the Scriptures. However, you are to rejoice and I say again,

rejoice looking for and ear-

nestly desiring the coming of My day, when the heavens will pass away with a great noisy and all the elements will be dissolved by burning, for the earth and the things on it will be

totally consumed

to appear new heavens and a new earth when My righteousness will be with

them and with you, who will be with Me at My coming. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Annunciation, from 07-04-1998 ***

Oh, you who sing the song of My resurrection, why do you not look into the Scriptures to see what I told the faithful man to do? So that you may see what I said about the heaven and the earth, about My second coming on earth and about the payment that I will give each one according to one’s own deed? Why do you not live the truth for which many saints died in their bodies so that they may not lose My life from them? Why do you not believe in the Scriptures? You should have been on the side of the Lord of heavens, but you fall from heaven as the leaves fall from the tree, upon which all passers-by tread. Your woe is prepared by you, for you sit in the name of the truth over the multitudes. You do not sit as the lying man sits, for the lying man has wrapped into My coat so that your fruit of unbelief and of your hypocrisy may not be seen. Wake up! Amen. And if you do not wake up your sleep will work out and bring My wrath upon all unbelievers, and I will ask their life from your hand, as you had the Lord as the truth but covered him, and the lie took a body upon the earth and you prepared the Lord’s massacre instead of preparing the Lord’s supper with a heavenly and eternal Passover upon the earth. You have come to serve reluctantly, for money, in order to blot you out from My book, but I will fulfill the Scripture of My coming for the faithful and for the saints, even if they are few, for I had never had many when I was doing My works between heaven and earth. And you will suddenly fall down as Israel did, for look, Israel does not even today believe that I do not receive its sacrifices of its services, and does not believe that God no longer has. Wake up! The humankind is sleeping under the cover of lying and emptiness and there is no more man on earth to take on the side of the truth. I will burn the earth by fire and all science on it together with its actions, for all are only emptiness and rush after death. I, the risen Lord from among the dead, am coming soon from beside My Father; I am coming with the reward for the deeds; I am coming as I ascended and all man will see the futility of his science. What is man’s science? It is the work of the antichrist, which separates God from people. And I will make the conceited bow down to the feet of My people who is nourished with the word of My coming. Amen.

You, Jerusalem from the Romanians, small and little Jerusalem, strengthen yourself with My love and truth, as your power is with Me, and I am with you so that you may not perish, and so that you may not get frightened of the reward of the evil on the earth. You, My people, watch, for you will be great among the nations, and your gates will be wide opened, in order for you to embrace those that will come to you from the great tribulation, which will be released over the earth, as My angels will bring to you those that are faithful that cried after Me and for Me, the aggrieved One. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection, from 19-04-1998. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, cry out to you: wake up! Amen. Wake up your spirits, turn the Spirit of God back into you and live in a heavenly way for My coming. I establish My people


The apocalyptic fire

of today to keep the fasting of the Lord’s coming and live before Me as the first man in Paradise, that I come to give an eternal life to those who came before Me with fasting and watching for My coming. Pull aside from My anger, for I am coming with fire and brimstone for those who denigrate My name among the nations. Get under My mantle so that I may forgive your estrangement from Me. Come towards the joy which will remain on earth with those pleased to Me, for I come to roll the heaven up and to renew the earth and to give it as an eternal inheritance to those who live My righteousness on earth. Open your Scriptures and read them about My coming which is about to fulfill soon, soon. The antichrist and his angels are ready to deceive all the nations on Christ’s coming, a coming invented by the lie of the antichrist. The time rolled itself up and there is no more time for unbelief, for the scythe of the antichrist is coming to gather together for the fire all those who did not love God by their living. Excerpt from the God’s Trumpeting and of the Holy Verginica over the town of Puci- oasa and over those in her house. Healing Spring Feast, from 24-04-1998. ***

Oh, sons of the people, open the gates so that God may enter into your hearts, into your minds, into your souls and into your bodies, to believe into My new word and to escape from the wrath, which is coming over the earth because of those who are unfaithful. Oh, sons of the people look for God’s sons and learn the faith in God’s word from them. Oh, sons of the people, in the time of Noah, when I was calling out from heaven over the earth, and I was telling them that I came to lose those who were unfaithful, the people did not believe what I was telling them, for they indulged in their own pleasures and with them they were enticing the faithful sons and were spoiling the faith of those who were faithful. The sons of God in the time of Noah were attracted by the daughters of the people, and God’s daughters were attracted by the sons of the people, and the seed of those who were faithful was spoiled and this is what the flood brought about over the earth. (See description in detail about those days in The Household of God http://www.jakoblorberbooks.com/e-books/The-Household-of-God/, r.n.) In this time, I come again as word over the earth; I come again for this is what I promised to My disciples: «I am going to the right side of My Father and then I will come to you, to take you with Me, so that where I am you may also be».

Oh, sons of the people, let yourselves be drawn by God’s sons and become God’s peo- ple, for God’s people will be saved and will escape in the day when I, the Lord, will come, and because of My coming «the heavens will be set on fire and will be destroyed, and the burning elements will come open and the earth and the things on it will burn completely», as it is written into the Scriptures. Oh, sons of the people, I have let My promise over those who are faithful that I will give those new heavens and a new earth, and the righteous will dwell on a

new earth. I became a spring of new heaven and new earth over

Oh, sons of the people, let yourselves be

drawn by God’s sons so that you may be born of God, of the word that comes down from heaven on earth to call the sons of the people to the works of the faith, for in the time of Noah, God’s sons allowed themselves to be drawn by the sons of the people, and I saw this from heaven and I got angry with them, for with the exception of Noah, there had no longer been a man not to forget Me.

all who would believe in the

fulfilling God’s will within their body and spirit.

Oh, sons of the people, those who shepherd you do not take care of your faith, the faith in God means life in God, and those who shepherd you do not take any care of it at all, oh, sons of the people. I come to shepherd the one who does not want to perish. I come to wake up the world from the sleep of unbelief, and let the one who hears come after Me. I am with those who are faithful. Amen. Let the one who hears My voice come and believe and learn what faith in


The apocalyptic fire

God is, for soon, soon, the heavens will pass away with a great noise and

the earth and the

things on it will be burned completely because of the day of My coming

, as it is written in

the Scriptures about My coming. Excerpt from the Word of God on the third Sunday after Whitsuntide, from 28-06-1998. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, this is My name, for These Three, are one. Amen.

There arose false people and put on the garment of My servants in order to misinterpret the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. But through you I rise above them and blow with the breath of My mouth through you and I will smash them out of My sight, for they are liars by their life and by their word. This is what I tell those into My name placed upon you: the servants of the antichrist. (See the selection topic: The antichrist and the apoca- lyptic beast 17 ”, r.n.) They want to overthrow the truth of My second coming from near the Father and to make their Scripture true. Look at them how fearful they are, how fugitive they are, how they hide from corner to corner from the truth of My Scriptures. They have been striking for more than seventy years into the stature of Romania and into its faith from the saints, for they have god up and all the time have told that John, My loved disciple, was not the one who wrote the book about My coming, that one for the false prophet’s judg- ment, the antichrist. All the servants of the antichrist, dressed like My servants among the people, have struck by My word through you. They have been striking for seven years and laughing at My New Jerusalem, which is My name for you, My endless work from the end, for My work with you is the Scripture of the New Jerusalem, which is coming from heaven, from God, fulfilled for you, who are faithful to Me, and for all who will believe in Me through you; the same as many believed in My apostles at My first coming and became Christians, the first Christians. And you are the last Christians and are united to the first ones, with those from heaven, who are called the Jerusalem from above. Amen.

Until now, the servants of the antichrist were set against the Scripture about the New Jerusalem shown by Me to John in his book, the book of Revelation, and they were saying that it is not that this book should be fulfilled, as they were liars and were afraid of my truth from this book. And now the antichrist is playing the saint, but he is not a saint, for he is a liar both with his life and with his work, as he is not with Me, and is with the lying man who lies, saying that he is My servant. My servants are saints and are from heaven on earth; they do not get married and do no indulge in eating and drinking and are not hypocrites, for they are holy.

Oh, little sons, the last sons, holy sons, I chose you to be My army on earth for all the heaven of saints and angels is with you and I am in the front, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And now I am raising someone from the middle of those who say that they fulfill the Scriptures of the New Jerusalem. I raise a fire from their midst and burn the lie, for their lying


The apocalyptic fire

is iniquity against Me; it is not a work of a New Jerusalem. I am the work of the New Jeru- salem and I am with you, not with them, for they are sinful and it is written: «God does not listen to the sinful men.» I am raising an ephah between heaven and earth, and I am writing a word against it putting it at its place, and it is in it the iniquity of all the earth, iniquity that is coming into sight. Amen, amen, amen. This is what I give you to work, you anointed sons, and you will work, for I raise a fire from their midst and blow into it and it goes off and I destroy the iniquity and the reality of its lie.

Behold how much fear for the antichrist, who until now, was hiding from my coming, for he is a coward. Now he is seeing Me with you and with the accomplishing of the New Jerusalem for the saints and has taken courage to believe and has got down, he says, to fulfill the living church, the one of the new Jerusalem on earth. But the living church is made out of saints, not out of the people of this age, who use the name of the church by eating and drinking, marrying and being given into marriage and committing adultery in all manners of ways, as their tongue and thoughts are against Me, and they look down on My sight and My glory, which is with you. Their appearance testify against them, as they make a display of their sins as Sodom instead of hiding them, and woe to them for they hurt themselves as the Scriptures of My proph- ets say: «I, the Lord, come into a flame of fire and My chariots are like a whirlwind to unleash My heating wrath and My rebuke with flames of fire. And I will judge with fire and sword every man to make the many hypocrites fall down because of My beating. And their deeds and their thoughts will be futile, for I, and not they, I will be the One Who gather together the peoples and languages, so that My glory may be seen and I will give a sign to these.» You sons are a sign on earth and I will bring your brothers, those who serve Me, to My work with you and I will take from them and place them next to you for Me. I will make a new heaven and a new earth and they will remain before Me and the same way it will remain your nation and your name. And from new moon to new moon, and from day of rest to day of rest, everybody will come and bow down before Me, and on their exit they will see the bodies of those who rebelled lying down, and their worm without death, and their unquenched fire, and all will be terrified for them, as My kingdom is with you, the right ones, for I was and am with you, and I give you from what is Mine to take after Me. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God. The Word of God to Daniela Cătană, from 14-10-1998. ***

And you, Romania country, are the manger of My word. I am being born word in you and I let you know of your new birth; I let you know of your renewal, for I put seed in your fallow ground to germinate, in order for Me to grow a new vine in you, a choice vine, the Son,

the Word of the Father, Who gave Himself over for the life of the world.

When the earth came

out of the waters at My word, you were the first who came out of the waters, My country

from the end. You are the country of the beginning and of the ending of My work.

I am

the Alpha and the Omega. And you are the same as this is how you are built, and you are My mystery that I worked out the ages through, and behold, by which I make out My endless age in the end. Do not cry. I am Your Creator and I can do everything I want. Do no longer cry.

Your land has a voice, and it asks for resurrection from Me, as

I took dust out of you by My

hand and I made a man, and thus you are the mystery of the beginning of the man on the


The beginning of the man sighs;

the first man created of your dust by My hand sighs.

The man sighs everywhere, and behold your land sighs and the first created man also sighs. Oh, do no longer cry! I have put a choice seed into your fallow land, a seed from heaven, to renew you and to be My seed sown on the ground, so that the renewal of the world may come out of you. My word gives you new birth; it makes you grow and it nourishes you so that you may be


The apocalyptic fire

and not die. Do not cry under oppression. Soon, soon, you will be clean and beautiful, for you are the one who are, as I have sons in you, heavenly sons, who love and fallow you and sow and water and warm you up with the glory of My word, which comes with Me from heaven over you, My country of glory. I will take every dead body out of you, every dry grain, and I will grow, and sons born from above will come out of Me and will be yours, and you will be Mine, for you are Mine. Those who are hypocrites in you will be put to shame and will turn pale in the time of your brightness, and you will be a holy country, a country with living sons, and you will last before Me, and I will call you a new land, and I will come to be forever with you, and I will be everywhere in you and I will write on you a new heaven and a new earth, God’s throne over the earth and on the man. Do not cry. I am your Creator and I can do every- thing I want and everything I speak. You are the body of My word from beginning to end, and the saints in heaven wait for you to rise as a new heaven and a new earth, and to raise My righteousness on them, the righteousness for the saints. The sinful ones are foreign to Me and to you, and they press heavily on you, and you sigh, but My glory is with you, and you will come out over every height, as you came out in the beginning from the waters, and you will be the first, and you will be the country of My saints and yours, the New Jerusalem, the flag of the


All the nations have stolen your wealth, your mysteries and your gifts, but the

thief will give you back twice, and he will be bowed under the breath of My mouth.

I make

a fire in you, to throw into it everything that is not clean. Then the heavens will perish with a great noise; the burning elements will be opened up, and the earth and everything that is on it will entirely burn. Get up and wait and make haste for the coming of My day, and become a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness dwells. Amen, amen, amen.

I give you My peace! I have in you a people chosen for you, the first fruits of the Holy

Spirit over you, a choice seed, a royal and heavenly priesthood, a holy nation, a people earned

by God, to preach into the world the goodness of the One Who calls out from the darkness into His wonderful light all those that will be. All of your opponents will glorify Me for you in

, and you will

shine under My glory, and you will be. Get up to be! Amen. Sing the song of your birth for you are the first, the first one born in the end as in the beginning. Amen.

the day of their visitation, for

the earth and everything in it will burn up

I am the One who is. I made the heaven and the earth. I am the One who chose Romania

to be the first, and it is, for I am the Alpha and the Omega, and I am in it, and I know it by My

sign that is on it: Alpha and Omega.

I am the Word of God and I am the sign of My coming, as I worked everything by the

word. And you, Romania, you are the first one, and you are also the first one in the end, and you will be the country of My saints and yours, New Jerusalem, My flag of victory over the nations, the first fruits of My Holy Spirit over the earth, the throne that God, the Word, sits on. Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God for the art exhibition „Azimile“, (Unleavened bread), from 22-12-1998.


I am the true Teacher, for I came down from heaven, and I showed the man how to work

like Me on the earth. I came down from heaven on the earth and I ascended from the earth into the sky, so that the man may see Me and do the same. I was served by angels and I showed the man to work the same that is, served by angels, as I did. The man needs to be born of the heaven, like Me, and he needs to live on the earth as I lived, and he needs to come up into heaven as I did, and to come to Me in heaven as I come down on the earth to him, served by angels, but the


The apocalyptic fire

man has not taken Me as his Teacher. Here is why I come down from heaven to the man. I come down to get him accustomed to know Me as his Teacher from heaven; I come down to make him know that there is a heaven, and that there is God in heaven; I come down to let him know that there is not only earth, but that there is also heaven, and that the man lives on the earth and God is in heaven, the One Who made the heaven and the earth. Amen. I teach the little ones like a Teacher, and I start teaching the man to become small so that he may learn, for the great ones do not take God as their learning, and rather they took their wealth and went with it into the hell, into the world without God on the earth, and the hell opened itself and swallowed the man; further, the world became grave for the godless man on the earth, and the man became antichrist, and this means a man without God, a man without the Teacher from heaven.

The antichrist does not work against Me, for he cannot, because I am God in heaven and on earth. He works against him, and he dig his own abyss, for he is on the earth and he is feeble

for himself and for every man, for he is in the darkness, as his light is falsehood, not light.


soon, the light made by him will be put out by his own hand. When he will get up to come down from heaven, as he says that he will do, then My angel will take fire from the fire of My glory and will throw it down on the earth, and the light made by the hand of the

antichrist man will catch fire.

Then everything of the man’s work will come to an end, and

the wisdom gathered by the man will be put out, and the man will say that he does not see it any longer and that he does no longer know it, as it was fabricated and it was not wisdom; a fabrication wiser than the man, more industrious than the man, for the haughty man made it. I worked out wisdom out of the word, not out of iron, not out of black oil, not out of gold and silver, and not out of lying. When I made the heaven and the earth, I made them both of the word, but when I made the man, I made him with the word, and then My hand accomplished the godly word, and then My Spirit breathed over the clay and the clay became a man with a living soul. But the man, made iron with a living soul, to the death of his soul, for it is written:

«It was given breath to the image to speak; it was given to breathe spirit to the image of the beast to speak, as it said to those on the earth to make an image to the beast”. The man does no longer need an angel. Why should he be in need of an angel? His angel is television; it is the computer; it is the flying disk, which is called UFO, (Unidentified Flying Objects, r.n.) not angel. Behold, everything will come to a stop at My last trumpet, which is My angel, the seventh angel who sounds.

I speak to you, sons from the garden; to you and to My little people. I put My seal on your forehead. I bow down to you and I kiss your forehead with My mouth, with My word, so that the seal may remain on your foreheads, and to bring with it the death of the lying man, which lies against God. I mark your little houses with My seal, of the living God, and I will put a sign on your foreheads, for My angel, will sound, soon, soon, so that the living may die, and for the dead to come to life; those that are alive, who have no God, to die, and the dead, who have God, to come to life. In the beginning when you came to Me, I put My seal on your forehead and I kissed your forehead so that I may seal the seal of My angel on you, and so that satan may be afraid of you, and the antichrist, who worships the image of the beast, may also be afraid.

My angel has been breaking satan down from beginning to this day. My angel is My light from before the light. He was the one who covered Me when I was the forerunner of the people of Israel, in a pillar of fire and in an image of a cloud covering My people. My angel wrote My commandments with his fire on the Mount Sinai when My word was speaking on Moses. My angel became the fire, which overcame the man’s fire and took out those from the burning fiery furnace unharmed. My angel carried Habakkuk to Daniel when he went hungry


The apocalyptic fire

into the dens of lions. My angel stood before Balaam to stop him to curse My people. My angel took Peter, My apostle, out of the chains and out of the prison, the angel of the Lord, the last trumpet.

I speak again and again to you about this mystery, which is called the angel of the Lord. The angel of this work, which was and which is with you, is My angel, the angel of the Lord. The angel of Verginica was and is My angel, the angel of the Lord. The angel of this garden, and yours, is the angel of the Lord, the voivode and the archangel Michael. Amen, amen, amen. He is My angel, who worked for Israel, drowning the Egyptians and overcoming the Canaanites, strengthening Moses and Aaron, Joshua and David, and Me, the Lord, as well; the Lord served by angels. He is My angel, which worked for you, taking you out of the world and overcoming the world from you and strengthening you for Me, for the Lord.

Sons, I tell you another mystery:

My angel will cover you when the judgment will be

sounded for the world, and for the dead, the resurrection. You will look and you will not be able to see the world, and neither will the world be able to see you, the world that will

run after you.

(See the selection topic: The rapture (the abduction) of the Church 18 , r.n.)

But I will cover you with My angel, as he covers Me, the Lord. When I started My work through Verginica, I said this: „When the earth will be set on fire, My faithful ones will not burn. When everything will be broken down, they will stand, for they have My seals and My kiss on their foreheads, for the faithful ones are My share and they do not forsake My way with them, for they have My angel with them”. Amen.

Sons, be worthy of the guard of My angel. When the great ones upon Romania wanted to lose you because you were Mine, (December 16, 1989, at the „revolution”, r.n.), My angel was among them and you and he destroyed them instead and saved you; how- ever, that bloodshed is not called a revolution nor a takeover, but the work of My angel for your protection. Be worthy of My angel’s protection, sons, for the work of My word has My angel, the archangel Michael, the voivode of heavenly hosts, who delivered My word over the nature of the angels who rose against Me, saying to the heavenly hosts: «Let us stay well, with fear and attention!» Amen.

Sons take a good heed to the mysteries that I bring you. I was served by an angel and showed the man to do the same, attended by angels. My angel will take fire from the fire of My glory and will throw it on the ground and the light made by the hand of the man without God will catch fire and then all the work of man’s fakes will come to an end and the wisdom coming of the man will go out and the man will see it no longer, because it was the man’s fake and not wisdom. All will be stopped at the last trumpet which is My angel, the seventh angel to sound. I seal with the seal of My angel upon you. My word confirms the angel of the Lord upon you. Work an angelic word and serve Me with it, for I gave you work for Me. And to the man of lying, the antichrist, I speak this: I will throw him on earth, for he will come up to heaven so that he may come into My place and to call himself the kingand the christ”. I will throw him down on earth and he will be crushed; he and his angels, he and his servants. And I come soon accompanied by My angel as I went up to the Father. I come to make justice to the saints who keep saying: «Until when, Lord?» Oh, only a little while, a very little time and I come. I am coming soon, soon, for I am ready and come, and My angel will go before Me, for I am coming. Amen, amen, amen.


The apocalyptic fire

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s welcoming (Candlemas), from 15-02-1999. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***

I have come with a new word upon the earth to make sons for Me, sons born by the word to the obedience of faith. The men who have become teachers upon people for God, they

hide the lamp under a bushel,

, but the great who have set themselves over My house, blow into the light of

My house, they blow against My saints, who are My church on the earth. The wise man does not want to have holy wisdom, for the wise man loves sin, he wallows in it and gets dirty in it, like the child who relieves himself and then his mother washes him; his mother washes him of his dirt. The same is with man who gets dirty in sins and then he comes back to Me to wash away his dirt and to keep on cleaning him. Oh, the earth has been filled with the dirt of man’s sins, and it has to be burned with fire; it has to be, to make it clean and to make it new as a newborn baby. And I am going to work by word and fire, as I have come to cast fire on the earth. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the forty martyrs from Sebaste, from 22-

for the light is holiness, which shines in man, because the holy

man is My house


Amen, amen, I declare from heaven over the garden of My word that I made from the very beginning of the heaven and the earth, to be there and now, and to mean the Alpha and the Omega, God in the beginning and in the end, for as I started the earth in the beginning, the same is in the end; I start from here with the new earth, which is coming out of the sea and standing new before Me. Little by little and with the new earth which comes out of the sea of

the world,

over the surface of the deep, for it is written into the Scriptures: «The earth was formless and empty and darkness was on the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters».

as the sea is the world which took possession of the earth,

as the darkness was all

Open to My word, sons bearing God between heaven and earth for the angels in heaven do not work without the man on the earth, without a body of a man as God’s dwelling made through the angels, as it is written: «He makes His angels into ministering spirits, and His servants into a flame of fire». I make you into a flame of fire on the earth. You are the fire with which I, the Lord, scorch the earth everywhere, for your work with Me is fire, and I go with it from one margin of the heavens to the other and work with My word a new heaven and a new earth. Even if the man does not fulfill the law of My word, My word is, and is called judge over the man for whom I declared and declare the word from everlasting to everlasting, for the world was and is judgment from beginning to end by My word from beginning to end. Amen, amen, amen.

Everything is refined by fire, for «The Lord makes spirits of His angels and a flame of fire of His servants». I make you a flame of fire over the earth, sons of the garden of My word. Amen. I leave the teaching for you so that everyone who gave himself over to Me to be in My work afterwards. Teach them always; teach them not to lust, for the lust is a deed, which puts the man to shame. Teach them not to earn for themselves without Me and without you. Teach them not to have anything else more than what I and you give them, and not to take alone from Me and from you, so that it may not be a punishment for the deed, but rather to be a blessing for obedience, for the rod is for the foolish one. Teach those who come to give themselves over to Me. Teach them what the commitment of the man is, who gives himself over to God. I want


The apocalyptic fire

to look at them with heavenly pleasure. I want them not to oppress you; I want them not to upset you and I also want them not to make your work with Me heavier, but rather to sustain you with a brotherly love, with a true commitment, for the work for My coming is very hard, as I have no help on the earth, and you are on the earth sons. I told you a heavenly parable about the saint who, in his time on the earth, had disciples and who took good care of his disciples, searching out their thoughts, their works, their love, and their self-denial. I want you to bring forth living fruit of those added to your worries, for I need living sons, children bearing living souls. Excerpt from the Word of God on the fifth Sunday of the Lent, of the devout Mary, the Egyptian, from 28-03-1999. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***

Sons, the dead come to life at the voice of My word. Only those that are haughty do not want to come to life, but they will stand before Me whether they like it or not, and they will melt like wax, as I am the First and the Last, and I come with much power and with much greatness, as it is written into the Scriptures of My second coming from heaven on the earth, for the earth is My footstool. Amen. The man says in vain that he took My earth from under My feet. Soon, soon, every man will see that he is weak and will receive Me whether he wants it or not, because I come and I am clothed in the garment of justice. Amen. But you, sons of My greatness, I have always taught you to keep away from My judgment, doing My will before Me. Do many merciful deeds, as much as you could, as mercy is a candle with oil, a burning candle 19 . Give Me over as a gift to every man who reaches out his hand for heav- enly food. Also give Me to the one who is ashamed with Me and who does not reach out his hand but only stealthily. Give God as mercy to all who do not want the heavenly food, as I, the Lord, give them the bitter bread of anxiety to those who are careless of the soul. I make

them all anxious to the hearing of My word, and

, but My country with My manger in it will be the

throne of My word, out of which a word of consuming and cleansing fire will flow over the man and over the earth.

a fire will be kindled all around and it will

threaten the earth with fire and judgment

Give God as mercy, messenger sons of My coming. I am the Word of God for the com- ing of Christ, the Son of the Father, and I share Myself through you as My coming upon every man. I call out the trumpet. The word is the trumpet, and Michael, My angel, is the angel of My gift upon you. Let My word come to you from one margin of the heaven to another and let the iniquity on the earth burn, as I make a new haven and a new earth, and a new and just man between heaven and earth, and the haughtiness will fall into the abyss. Amen.

I come with the good and eternal time for you; I come with a glorious time upon you, sons, and emperors and kings will follow you, as My great power and high glory will be with you and on you, and those, who did not love you because of Me, will lament, and the rich people, who did not do merciful deeds for God, will lament, as My coming had called out to them, but they had hidden themselves under their richness and left the right way. Behold, it is written: «They will build houses and will not dwell in them; they will buy fallow lands and will not have them; they will plant vineyards and will not eat of their fruit». Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Annunciation, from 07-04-1999. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***

19 About candle and oil significance see The Word of God at the Feast of the Church Entrance of the Lord’s Mother, on 04-12-1995 (On Slideshare; on Calameo; on Issuu; on Google Drive)


The apocalyptic fire

My word is received by many, but the man does not get warm with one or another and does not do the work of repentance, so that the man may pass on to the works of faith and love of God afterwards. The man hears but does not do, and he becomes a hearer and is getting cold, from one of My coming down to another. But I come more frequently with My word to you, children bearing God, and I get warm over you, from one coming down to another, and I have always come down and get warm over you like fire, from calling to calling. Let the man re- ceive and understand the good work for God, but if he remains cold and as he is, I will call him into account for every word that he heard from My mouth. He will say that will turn a deaf ear so that he may no longer hear Me, so that he may not know what comes from Me upon the man, for a river of word comes from Me on the earth, but the man who turns back from Me and withdraws within himself, will be cursed by his own works, as written: «The works from the last will become seven times worse than the first works of the man without God». I will mul- tiply the word more and more over the man. I will get warm more and more in the word and I will grow hotter like fire, and if the man will not go on to the work of the faith so that My coming may find him in the works of faith, I will grow hotter and hotter until I boil and then run over as in the time of flood, and I will catch every unbelieving man into his works done without God, under the fire or My wrath.

Here is how I come on the earth, and the man stays in his wills when I come, as in the time of Noah, but I come, and I will frustrate all man’s science, all his labor. I come and I glorify

Myself over Romania with the word, for

It is My way from heaven on the earth on the second time. I have sons in it through whom I do the works of the holy faith between heaven and earth, for their faith is holy, and I work My coming through it. Behold, this is how I come on the earth and I find every man in his wills, serving one another, and not Me, for the earth is full of Christians only in their names, and they do not know Me so that I may also know them when I come to know those who are Mine and to have them as heirs of the new heaven and the new earth. I go from one margin to another and I throw out the word of My coming like seed, and you, should fill your little fists of My seed, for My word is seed, and out of fire it comes out fire. Fill your little fists with fire and throw it out on the earth, sons who share on My behalf. Fire and brimstone is My word for those who do not want to be with God; however, for you it is honey and milk; it is the fulfillment of My promises over you, New Jerusalem in heaven and on earth, the union between heaven and earth in a feast of New Jerusalem before Me. Amen.

the earth will be set on fire at My word in Romania.

I will get warmer and warmer in the word and I will grow hotter like fire and I will

overcome everywhere the will of man still prevails over My will, everywhere the man is king, and I will say: Man, it is I! I and My garden on the earth from where I blow fire over you; the word of fire to refine you by fire, for the gold is refined by fire. Amen.

I grow warm in word over you, oh, people on the earth. Soon, soon, I come and I come

with the saints, and with the life of the age to be. I come with those who died in Christ, as it is

written into the Scriptures that I come. Behold, I come and I find you in your wills and in your works, and those, who love Me, I find in My wills and in the works of the holy faith. I made for Myself a garden of welcome, where I may meet My disciples from heaven and earth through the word, where the heaven meets the earth, where the man meets God, and where God meets the man, and to comfort the faithful and true one, and to wake up the one who is careless and hypocrite, who stays carelessly within his spirit, doing what is good only to his neighbor. I speak from the middle of My disciples of that time and of nowadays, and I give Myself over to the man, as a spring of teaching, bread and clothing for the soul and for the body, the seed of


The apocalyptic fire

My word in heaven over the earth. I am consumed with the longing of My coming; I am con- sumed and also My saints are consumed with longing. I am consumed as a consuming fire and

this is how I come, for the man does not wait for Me to come.

, and rather I come as it is written that I will come. Who is the one who

knows what and how My coming is? Who is he? Let him come and tell Me, if he knows, for behold, I come and I tell him how I come. Soon, soon, I come and I come with the saints; I come with those who died in Christ, for the reward of their coming is My coming with them and with the life of the age to come. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God on the third Sunday after Passover, of the myrrh-bearing women, from 25-04-1999. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***

I do not come as the man

expects Me to come

I strengthen Myself in the word at the manger of My word. I am. Open to come in as word in My book within these days. Open, you, watching sons on My way between heaven and earth! I am the Lord. Amen. I multiply My word over the earth, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. My spirit is fire, a fire, which will consume everybody who stands up with deception and hatred against you, for the work that I do over you, it is I, not you, and they do not know what “I” means. I am the One Who I am, the One Who made the man out of dust to have a house, a walking, mouth, eyes and ears in man, in the man who entirely gives himself over to Me, and not in the man who is conceited, for the self of man is a devil, and I am God, not a devil, as the man speaks, the who lost his mind and temper by his haughtiness, raging with fury. Be good and do not sway from My foundation, for I set you with My strong arm on a steadfast rock, on My word spoken over to you as a foundation of your building, for you are My building on the earth. Amen.

The haughty man lost his mind like Lucifer, and I bring him into the light as the oil that comes out on the water. It comes out alone, and it is pointed by a finger by all who have wisdom within their minds and heart. I do not speak like the man whose words go to his head. I speak in such a way for the man that is humble in his heart to understand, and for the haughty one in his spirit to wonder and perish by his own wickedness, as each man comes to life or perishes by his works and by his words. But I increase My word over you, sons from the garden, for that is why I made you the beginning of My creatures, as it is written into the Scriptures about those who are newborn from above, at My word, which gives life and makes the old man into a new man, a spiritual man from a fleshly man, a man in the image and after God’s likeness.

The man who poses as master over the earth and over the man lost his mind and is consumed by his own fire and blows like a spark that gets out of fire; however, the spark, which goes up also goes down afterwards, and nothing is left of it. But I will not go down forever, and rather I will become a fire, which consumes all those who blow over Me to put Me down. The man’s breath goes down, but My breath is alive forever and ever, and it blows, and it becomes word over the earth; and it becomes the fire, which makes the kings and servants ashamed, and all who have become rulers over the earth and over the man. My spirit is fire and I release the plague, which the man urges Me to; the man that fights to stop the course of the river of life, My word that I pour out over you like rain over the crop, which springs up after I sown it.

This is what I told the man, who poses as being wiser than I am, to open the Scriptures; to open them and to look into them, if he opens them, and see if I spoke on the earth in all the

time of My work given to Me by My Father over the man.

This is how I spoke, I spoke the

same way as I speak today over you, children who impart God.

I have got work to do with

man, not with Myself, and not for Myself, and I will not stay in heaven, as the man wants; the


The apocalyptic fire

man who dwells haughtily on the earth. I will dwell on earth as word, which is consumed like fire, and I will consume the opposition of those who want Me in heaven and not on earth. The haughty man wants Me in heaven, for if I am on the earth, I thwart his work, but I only do the work that My Father gave Me to do, and I do it because it is written into the Scripture to do it. I have to fulfill the entire Scripture, both the one until My coming down in the flesh on the earth, and the one until My coming again with the saints and in the new and eternal age, that I have from the Father, to give to those who want to be with Me forever, in the life of the age that is to come. Amen.

Sons, it is a feast of the saints in heaven and on the good earth: Gheorghe, the martyr, My saint full of zeal, who consumed in the fire of his love of God, the earthly king and all his opponents, who were fighting to put Me down from My saint. But he grew hotter and was consumed with fire, for I became a consuming fire within him, who subdued the hearts of the haughty ones that could not do what My martyr could by his love of God, a holy love, a heav- enly love on the earth.

I will bring to an appalling shame all those who fight against the light, for they are the sons of the darkness of this age, as Annas and Caiaphas were, and Herod and Pilate and all the haughty ones, who were one with them against Me and against My disciples, who stood up by faith and remained on My side. My spirit is fire, and I bring wrath over the sons of this age; I bring it through the haughty ones, who put their hopes in the work of their hands, human works, all of which perish with use.

Sons, whenever the haughty man will stand up against My word from you and against you, I, the Lord, will little by little release My wrath, which goes before My coming, to clean My path of those that are unfaithful. Sons, look at the signs which bring pains and which I release once with the hand of the unfaithful man, who wields his weapons against you. My spirit is fire and I cast it out on the earth, to rebuke by it those that are haughty, who do not bow humbly before My calling which calls every man to repentance and humility. Do not be afraid. I am with you, and Lucifer will be kept for the fire of My wrath, as the one in the beginning who arose haughtily over Me, and I keep him in chains for the day of My wrath. I prepare chains of fire for those who do not humble to know Me as God, for I am word, and this is My name: the Word. Amen, amen, amen. Be good and let the dogs bark. The dog in the chain barks for I, the Lord, bound the dogs to protect you, sons, and to stand before Me to work out My coming and the word of My coming. Little, little, and you will be sought after like the most valuable gold, but you will not be found by those who loved the gold, but you will be found by those who believed waiting for My coming. In a little while many will find Me with you and will bow down before My word, which became a scroll and a book to you, because I

spoke and you brought the book into being,

, as it

is written into the Scriptures. Rejoice because you see all these coming true. Rejoice, for those who are not true in their heart and in their deeds, are afraid and hide from you and flee as they flee from satan, as though they were Mine and you belonged to satan. But with what works would they welcome Me to have Me with them? They run away from you for fear of the light, sons, for the light brings them all into view, and they are filthy of everything and everywhere:

both in the face and in the heart, on the garment, and on their hands, and in their spirit, and they make the heaven and the earth dirty and I am ashamed with them before the angels and the saints, and before My Father, for Father knows that I died for the life of the faithful and humble man, but the man did not love Me, for he loved himself, and I am with empty hands before My Father. But I have you as the beginning of My creatures, and you will be sought after and

and the heaven became a scroll of book


The apocalyptic fire

will give birth and fill the heaven and the earth, and you will be the kingdom of the heav- ens on the earth. In a little while, the heaven will appear on the earth and satan will see that I am with you and that I was with you and you were with Me, and he did not know you, nor Me with you. Be good, and let the dogs bark, for they willy-nilly announce My coming and My place from you, and they announce it to be heard.

Stand up against Me praying in the Spirit of Truth, a true worship, so that I may fulfill your words by which you remind Me of My promises that I made in the Scriptures and in the prophets for these days.

Sons, everything has come to end. I am a new beginning with you. Be cautious, and be alive and awake. Be My pleasure. Be eyes and ears, for My spirit is fire and I pour it out over the earth as word, and I fulfill My whole word, for I came as word for the time of the fulfillments, which I come with. I come and I will not stay in heaven and I will not be silent, because I come. Amen, amen, amen. The word of God at the feast of the great martyr, Gheorghe (Saint George), from 06-05- 1999. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***

Even from the beginning man has not listened to Me; he started to oppose Me from the very beginning and pulled himself out from Me. Since then I have been working every way possible to give repentance to man, to make him look for Me, to wait for Me and to want Me to come upon him again by his obedience to God, but man has no longer started to listen to Me. Nevertheless, I had kept on calling him out until I Myself came to meet him, but man did not know that it was I; he took and brought Me on the hill of Golgotha and nailed Me to the cross as a liar who pretended to be God. Oh, it would have been better to nail himself on the cross, but he was and is blind and sees nothing as he is locked in ignorance and does not know. How- ever, I had told him by the prophets so that he could know from them; I had told him that I would come from the Father to redeem him from his self and to put him within Me. Still, he did not know that and when I came, he took Me and nailed Me on the cross and then I paid the price for man’s life by My death, and I wanted to call him to life by My resurrection. Still, man did not want this. He has not come back to Me. Man has not set himself to live the eternal life. Now, I have set on earth the throne of judgment, (See the selection topic: The fearful judg- ment 20 ”, r.n.) and I am flowing out of it with the word that cleanses, and I am showing the work

of justice to man.

, which cleanses man with its love, with its

warmth, with its flame that washes the man to his bones, to his utmost inner things. Excerpt from the Word of God on the second Sunday after Passover, of the saint apostle Thomas, from 07-05-2000

My word is a river of fire


I have been looking from above, working sons. I have gathered those in this little village near you and I have thrown them manna from heaven, to bow and to eat from heaven, and then I have looked to you, how you have opened their little mouths to give them and to get a taste


The apocalyptic fire

for those that are with you from heaven. I have set My mercy for the man in you and I have filled you with love and word, and I have stayed in you and worked you to refresh the man for the love in heaven, because those on earth separate the man from Me and the man goes away from Me. I have so much compassion on the man, dear sons. There have come hearts from far away to the spring and drink of the living water, and those who are close to the spring feel comforted with their own condition and are not cleansed by this spring, which flows to you from heaven. I love this little village, because it is the village of My word, and I want to wake all up and to make them listen to Me, and to shake, sweep, wash, smooth those that are evil in them and to give them of My life and to exhort them to those that are eternal. And you should also want it, sons from My garden, for My word, which I come to you with, sweeps, shakes, washes and make it smooth, for I want to wash the earth with this word and to renew it by the word, by the fire of the word of the Holy Spirit, if the man wants it too, and if the man does not want it this way, I will cleanse the earth as I did with Sodom and Gomorrah, and then I give it to those who love Me and want Me to come.

and I am saying: man, oh man,

get up from your rest and lay down in My rest, for you have made Me bitterly tired, and I am shaking the fatigue off, I am getting up and asking you about My rest. Oh, what have you done, man? Oh, until when, man? Answer Me! Until when? The time has come for you to give Me this answer, for the angels bitterly cry because of your departure from God, and the earth mourns under your heaviness, and you are heavier than the earth and the earth mourns too and asks Me to shake it, to sweep it out, to wash it and to smooth it for the great time, for the great day of its salvation and for the salvation of God’s sons, for the earth has waited for God’s sons, as it was written into the Scriptures to be, and behold, the Scripture of God’s sons on earth among people has come true. And I, with the voice of a thunder go from margins to margins and call the man on earth far and wide and I bring to him the news of the fulfillment of the Scriptures of the revelation of God’s sons. Amen.

And now, in the end, I am calling the man with fire

I am the One Who chose of the people and made them into My sons and I prepared them by the word and made them holy in their life and faith, in their work and love and I have called them God’s sons in the middle of the people and I gave them the book of the judgment of the creature into their arms, for I write it on earth with them, and I lay it down before the people for their judgment, for I came into this world two thousand years to make see those that do not see and to show their darkness to those that say that they see. And today I have worked the same and the same way I have come to those who see, to put to shame those that do not see but boast saying that they see. But he, who sees, also sees Me, and he sees My coming for I come to him and make Me a house and I dine with him and appear to him, as I promised by My Scriptures two thousand years. And behold, I come with the word and with the fire, to cleanse with them, and you, man, you are to choose. I want to do good to you with the word through your faith into My coming as word on earth, for your preparation for My coming, for

your little coat from Me, man, and

if you want that I may not do good to you with My

word, which comes to you from Me, then you will love the fire in which you stay and it

will be lighted on you and it will crush you

, for it is the time of the judgment of the crea-

ture. Amen.

Oh, man, remove the scales from your eyes to see My coming and remove the scales from your ears and hear My calling, with which I come before you with the sons of My Father, with the sons of My word, with God’s sons, wandering man. I come after you with them to receive Me from them, for I give Myself to them for you, and you should receive Me from

them, for

I come with the word and with the fire and you will have to choose what you will


The apocalyptic fire

Receive the word and get ready through the teaching of My word. Do not take the Do not take the

fire, for the fire will be for all those that commit sin and that not give up sinning, which is meant for fire. Man, receive from heaven, for I come with the paradise on earth and I have

already come and set the law of the paradise with God’s sons on earth. And if you hear Me, then be careful, for there is no sin in paradise. In paradise it is eaten a heavenly food, as I taught the first created man in paradise. When I put the man in paradise, I did not say anything to him but what to eat and what not to eat for him to live and not die. Man, you should know that everything from heaven are or fall from man through eating, for the man’s body is a temple either for God or for the devil. You should also know man, that life dies in man through eating and life is the holiness, which lives forever. You should know man that the sin is stirred up in man through eating, for the man is flesh and not spirit. Oh, if the man had wanted to eat what I told him to eat at the beginning, he would have not sinned and he would have not died through eating and disobedience to the law of the paradise, but now

I have brought the law of the paradise on earth, and I have always come with it to make it

perfect and I want that the man may no longer be flesh and blood, for these do not inherit incorruptibility and do not inherit the paradise and the holiness of the paradise. (See the selection topic The mystery of humankind salvation - the mystery of incorruptibility 21 ”, r.n.). When Adam became flesh and blood by lust, then he lost his incorruptibility, for I said to him:

«If you eat from what is not to be eaten, you will surely die, you will lose the corruptibility of your body and you will lose your body». Behold, dear man, why your body perishes and goes into the ground. The body which eats something else than what I told the first created to man to eat, perishes and will no longer be, but the soul of the body cries to Me; the man’s blood cries to Me from the ground and the man is not terrified that I ask for his blood from his hand;

I ask for his life, I call him into account for his life and the man cannot flee from this answer and will come into sufferance. Even the bodies in the ground, which have been waiting for their resurrection, will come to life, some to eternal life, because they loved it and worked it by waiting, and some to eternal condemnation, because they worked it in the life of their body.

I tell you, dear man, do no longer commit sin; do no longer be weak before the sin. Receive from My spirit; take from My power, take from the Sons of God, as I put them between Me and you. Take and come back into the life without heaven, as there will remain nothing on the earth, nothing except the heaven, man. I tell you as I told Adam: eat from heaven, but do not eat from the earth, and eat with obedience from the earth. Eat what I told you, and start

with the death of the sin within you.

you to drink, as what you drink I do not make to spring out of the ground. I gave Israel

Oh, do no longer drink anything but only what I told

water to drink.

Oh, do no longer smoke, as this is the hell and the torments of the hell on

the earth with the people. Oh, do no longer commit adultery

, but cleanse yourself of the

lust of the flesh, which becomes hell and fire of hell in a man’s body.

Oh, do no longer eat




The apocalyptic fire

meat, man!

Oh, do no longer eat! Enough man! You became the grave of so many crea-

tures with the living soul in them. Enough! Enough man! You will no longer be in My country of wedding if you do not listen to this commandment, as there shall no longer be killing in Romania, because I said: «Man you shall not kill» and I said: «Man do not be lustful» and I also said: «You shall love your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and with all your love, man». And if not even today you do not hear what I told you, and if you receive from man and not from Me for your life, you will soon see Me and you will hear Me when I tell the evil ones: «Go, you who are cursed, into the unquenchable fire from you, at the reward according to the deeds, where is the weeping and the gnashing of teeth, as you did not hear God, and you did not want life, and you lived as dead towards Me».

Behold the time of the judgment, and I call the man from death to life, from hell to heaven, to the eternal wedding life, with My bride of Romanians, as I am well pleased with her. Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Assumption. The feast of the Romanian Christianity, on the third day, from 28-08-2000. ***

Oh, sons, who welcome Me with My coming after two thousand years! Oh, intelligent children, who know what it means for man to be with God! He who wants to come to Me and to you and does not leave off his sins, that one does not come to repentance, and he is an off- spring of viper instead, and the sin that he does not leave is a sign on his forehead and he has no fruit of repentance. Let man no longer say that he loves the kingdom of the heavens or that

he comes to it or that will escape from the fire.

Me. Man is with the pipe in his mouth and

. Children and young people live with the fire in their mouths

and call for it, just as the people, who were flooded unexpectedly in the time of Noah, had a bottle of water in their hands and kept drinking from it, calling upon them the water of the flood,

as the smokers of nowadays call the fire upon the earth.

, and they do not know what they bring

upon the earth, for the man of today does not have any mind, and he has got something else instead. He has a desire, he feeds his mind with it, and then he achieves his desire and no longer has fear because he has become dark.


Man calls the fire on earth

; he does not call

with his mouth he calls fire upon him. It is not

The longing after fire burns in

I but man who calls fire on earth

them and they take it in their mouths with longing

The mystery of repentance is hard to be perceived by the man who wants to come to Me. Oh, how hard you have become man, but without repentance from your dead works you cannot perceive the mystery of My coming with the kingdom of the heavens to you to hide you

in it from the wrath that is going to come over the whole world, man.

, for it does the works of the devil, the works of the

darkness. Man hides from man when he commits sin, but he does not think that My angels and I see him. Then he hides from Me since he does not come to repentance, and when I come with plagues on earth because of the man’s sins, he tries to come to My salvation, but he comes like the offspring of viper, with the venom in him, he does not come to repentance; he does not come to humility for repentance. Humility is the little door, which opens the way to repentance to come to man and to clean in man and to make room for the kingdom of the heavens, for this is what John said to people: «Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand; is at the door! Therefore, every tree that does not bring forth good fruit is cut down, and cast into the fire». (Matt: 4/2, 10) Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptizer, from 11-09-2000

The world has drawn

upon it great wrath, fire and brimstone


The apocalyptic fire


Oh, the people will not be able to bear with My coming, for it will be with a great glory, and the man is not prepared by Me for it. (See the selection topic: The glory of God 22 ”, r.n.) Behold, the man does not let himself be prepared for My coming, and it will be in glory and it will burn like a furnace, for it is written: «Behold, the day, which will burn like a furnace, is coming». Then I will change My face, for the man will see Me in glory and he will be terrified, for it is written: «The nations of the earth will cry and will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the heaven with great power and much glory, to get together His chosen ones from the four corners of the winds of the earth». Amen.

Oh, how shall I do before My coming, which will burn like a furnace in heaven and on earth? What really shall I do to prepare the man for the glory of that day? It is coming soon, soon. How shall I make the man learn to hear from Me as you do, as you listen to those that you hear from Me? Shall I change the man in his face and heart before Me? How shall I do this? Shall I make the man no longer receive from himself or from the man and rather receive from Me? How shall I really do it? The man shall live from Me and from My word and from My work with the man; oh, how could I leave this change over the man so that I may look at his face and he at My face as I and My disciples looked at each other in the day when I revealed My glory in their eyes in the mountain and when they saw those in heaven at My right and left?


Behold, that day, which will burn like a furnace and will consume everything, is


, and the man does not want to hear from Me so that I may prepare him for that day.

The man has to be like Me on that day, so that he may not be melted in it.

It is at this work

of the new man that I work with you, children of the Lord’s glory. I glorify with you over the earth with days of heavenly glory, sons, with heavenly and sweet feasts on the earth, to make the man used to My glory little by little, and then to ask him more, if he wants to be able to do manage, and little by little to prepare those that are My chosen from the four corners of the winds of the earth, for that day, which will burn like a furnace, is coming. I want to teach those of Mine to be able to bear it, for its glory is burning. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration, from 19-08- 2001. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on My.edocr; on Google Drive) ***

Oh, I let great comfort come down into My gardens and I exhort you towards them, man! Come and hear My voice, which walks through the garden to comfort you, the one who comes to the spring. Come! And you should know how to come. Look at the sons of My word and learn how to come, and you should love to come this way, and hardly to be able to stay under waiting after I call to gather you together and then to give you, for I want you to have, man. What you may truly have is only what I give you. I can give you life, man. I can give you life without death. I have proved that I can. If you do not believe, put Me to test and I


The apocalyptic fire

will show you that I can. If Elijah, My prophet, did not want to die, he did not die. If Enoch did not want to die, he did not die. If I did not want John to die, he did not die. (See the selection topic: Enoch and Elijah 23 ”, r.n.) Oh, only if you knew how many did not die! And do not forget about the Scriptures, which writes that a people will be in its body when I will come visibly and when I will lift it up in the clouds of My coming, and I will stay in the air with it and then I will clean the earth for Me, for I made the earth to be My footstool for Me and for the man. The heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool, only for the man to understand and see this truth. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Romanian Christianity, the second day, from 26-08-2001. (On Calameo; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on My.edocr; on Google Drive)


Oh, beloved children, oh sons, oh, dear children, the love between you and Me, between Me and you, that is what makes My coming on earth to finish My work and seal it, and then to give you eternal joy. The angels and the saints, who wait for My coming on earth, look at you and wait for you. The whole heavenly army looks at you and after you to say

the last word: “Lord, come!” a word that catches fire between earth and heaven.

; this is what the heavenly army expects, children who are

waited to be, to speak and to declare My coming, My most praised days among the days of My coming to you, the day which the whole heaven and earth will see, as it is written about it. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit wait for you, and the saints wait, too, to say the last “Come Lord!” The dead wait for you to utter the last calling, sons of today, children from My coming.

And those on earth wait for you too, and

but with joy and not oppression, as this is how I want it, and this is how you should want it, too. Become holy joy of My relationship with you, of your relationship with Me, and fulfill the time of My coming, the time of joy without end, which waits of the door to come upon you, those who call on the Lord to come. Stir up the signs of the New Jerusalem on earth, and let miracles

come out of them to call out the people to Me and then at My coming to you.

, for it is written: «God is a consuming fire!» (Deut. 4/24;

Hebrew 12/29) Amen.

Let the fire

of My coming come out of you

I will seek to kindle you within prayer and word


Give fire to your

love and throw this fire on earth

Oh, sons, be like the fire at which My coming may warm up. Be the love, which will bring on earth the Lord, Who is coming to you. Be the longing in which My last steps to you are to be consumed for the day of eternity, and bring prayers to the Lord for the day of His coming perfectly with eternity on earth, for the prophecy of the eternal life that I promised with such longing and which I gave to man to be fulfilled, only for the man to believe in My word spoken at that time and now.

Oh, come My people, come more and more to My coming! Come at any price, and do not let Me without your calling for Me to come. Oh, My people, do not stay without work, son.



The apocalyptic fire

Now I am telling you again, and again you are to listen from My mouth: do not stay without work, My people. Stir up this fire; for work is joy, and there is nothing else joy. Organize your work well, for here it is what I am telling you: My Father is still working and so I am working, and you too, and let it be so, for work is the joy of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and yours too, your joy from God, that which is with God, My people. Teach yourself day by day and keep on working. Get used to your prayer to be living food and to be satisfied with it. Let it be the food for your soul, let it be your life in Me, for what else can man have live in Me with if not with his complete fellowship by prayer and longing with Me and by his love with


I am only fire to make you fire of fire and to cast it out on earth to renew it by fire.

To burn the world and to give birth to it from fire

and to make you the people who give

birth of new man, of new world, and to give to the new world a new heaven and a new earth, and then to have you as the beginning, as I am. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of the holy fathers in Nicaea, from 28-


And as for you, child, My mother and the child of My Father and yours, teach from Me the sons of this age to hear what the kingdom of this age is and what the God’s kingdom on earth is. Amen, amen, amen.

It is a day of the growth of the heavenly faith over Your people of New Jerusalem, Son of the Father and my child. The man built by Your hand out of dust in the beginning was not a child and that is why he did not know to obey, for this is how the child is, and You said to the people that if they would not be like infants, they will not enter the age of the resurrection where all are like angels, Son Lord. You are the One Who made the first built man and You did not make him a child but a mature man. And if he saw that he was a mature man and not a child he set himself greater than You and did not listen to You, because he did not see You.

My celebration of today teaches you to be children as much as God wants, for the one who does not do so, that one falls into the chaos of this age and is united with its world. Be children and this is how you are to grow and you should stay longingly after the heaven, for when my Son confessed Himself on earth before laying His life down for the man, He said: «I have come to throw fire on the earth, and I wish it were already kindled». (Luke 12:49) Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, mother of My love for the man humbled in his spirit, I have come to put longing in man and then to kindle it, for I have come to make the man My bride, child mother, and the mystery of the bride is the longing after her Bridegroom and the spirit of patience by which the man does not fall from life, mother. I have come to throw the longing on the earth and to kindle it in man, for the man to be able to say: «Come, Lord!» And I am the Bridegroom Who comes, and let the one who hears My voce say: «Come, Lord!» as the spirit and the bride say: «Come!»

I have come as a feast of word upon you, My people bride. The bride has got longing, and she has got fire and is the fire, which waits for her bride. For the one who does not un- derstand the Scripture that I spoke about: «I have come to throw fire on the earth and I wish it were already kindled», for that one this mystery is revealed, and it is sin for the man not to love God and to love the world after he has heard the word that says: «Do not love the world or those that are from the world, for if someone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him, because everything that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes


The apocalyptic fire

and the pride of life are nowhere else but from the world», (See also 1 John 2:16), and it is a sin for the man not to love God and to love only the world and those in it.

Oh, remain in a spirit of the heavenly feast, children of Jerusalem, and kindle in you the longing after Me, for Me to come sons, for I have come to put longing in you, and the longing grows only when it is kindled, as nothing is consumed without catching fire. Do not forget to be children, for I said that the kingdom of the heavens belongs to the children. Remain in the spirit of the prophecy, to be able to say from it: “Come, Lord!” Only the Spirit and the bride say: “Come!” but the flesh does not speak this way to God. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Church Entrance of the Lord’s Mother, from 04-12-2003. (On Calameo; on edocr; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) ***

Oh, gentle and painful son, I comfort your painful spirit secretly, and those who despise you will not be forgotten by My righteousness, for I love you with great love, and I protect you with many angels and saints, and I exalt you in heaven, and I also exalt you on earth in all the hearts who love the spring of My word from here and in all those who look at you, sucking your being full of grace and loving spirit of people by My justice, painful son, (Irineu, r.n.) as God is for man. Behold, I am giving you the gift of the saints’ patience, and I will make all know

that I loved and love you and that I will always love you

because I had you as My witness in

the secret time of the settlement of the new kingdom on earth

, and which I will glorify and

give to those with a humble spirit and a holy face, worked by the humility of the heart, son burning with longing. My Spirit mysteriously comprises your spirit and I urge you to call out to Me, as tearful as you are, so that I may save you from the unfaithful people, from the people of the empty glory, who have nothing in Me, since they took and take from man ranks and glory, for I do not know those who are proud and disobedient. With great longing I want you to be great with your grace and My truth on the earth and I put My angels to clean your threshing floor so that you may gather the wheat into the barn and to cast the chaff out

into an unquenchable fire, as I, and not you, are going to do this;

I through you and not

you alone.


Excerpt from the Word of God, twelve years from the consecration of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem, from 13-12-2003.


Woe to you, those who teach the people who listen to you not to listen to Me, and who teach them not to believe into My word of today, which is the river of life for the nations of the earth to drink of it for their healing, as it is written in the Scriptures to be! And behold, My word, which has become the river of life in the midst of Romania, will judge you, those who do not exhort the people to drink of it and to leave off their iniquities and to love the Scripture of new heavens and of new earth in which the righteousness and its children dwell. Woe to you, those who are bishops and priests and leaders and who do not drink in order to believe in this mercy and to eat manna from heaven and to have wisdom from heaven and not from the earth, and to have obedience from God and faith by it, and then the love for God and its wisdom and its first beauty, God’s beauty in man! But also woe to the people who are afraid of you, who listen to you against My word of yesterday and today, against Me and against themselves, and then all these will turn against you, and the people will flee to you to for you cover and save them from those things that are to come over the world and then you cannot do anything, and you will be put to shame and will be judged by this word, which has been teaching and calling you, and you have not wanted to be Mine, and with you it has been fulfilled the Scripture, which says: «Their eyes have gone blind and their


The apocalyptic fire

heart has become callous, so that they might not see with their eyes and perceive with their heart and that they should turn and that I would heal them». (See also Matt. 13:14, 15) Be-

hold, you are not given to believe, for the faith does not belong to everyone, but

and that is why I, the Lord, will punish

by this word, which blames those who do not believe, and soon, soon, I will pour out the bowl over those who are not faithful and over the entire futility of their labor on earth, for they have

it belongs only

to those who listen to the word of God by fulfilling it,

gathered on earth and not in heaven, and

I will cause the earth under them to be consumed

with everything that is on it, for this is written in the Scriptures

. And those who believe,

they wait with patience for new heavens and new earth and for the justice which will last in these, for it is written that «God will not deprive of the good things those who walk in right- eousness». Amen. However, the man who forgets his sins in order that he may repeat them again and again, that one pretends to be a wise man into My name and he thinks that is a wise man in vain, because his wisdom will be brought into the light, for the gold is seen in the furnace if it really is. Amen.

And you, Jerusalem of My word, hope in the Lord, your God, the true Lord, Who proved that He was resurrected by crucifixion, the Lord, Who is your salvation and your help, for it is written: «Put your hope in Him, all the assembly of the people; open your hearts before Him». Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feat of the Lord’s Entrance in Jerusalem. The Palm Sunday, from 04-04-2004. (On Calameo; on edocr; on archive.org; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)


I have prophesied by the work of this word that because of their unbelief and pride and unrepentance, and because they have not been sharing My word coming out of My mouth and

which I give to the church from the world and to its servants, that

because they have been cold and have

minded only their own business and have disregarded the fulfillment of My word. Oh, they

build in vain in order to gather the people in their dwellings, for

, and whoever among the Jews believed in

My name, were put out of the synagogues. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection, from 11-04-2004. (On Calameo; on My.edocr; on archive.org; on Google Drive) ***

these will burn together

with their dwellings into the fire, sent from heaven,

are not My flock, as also Israel did not want to be

those who are their crowd

My glory is upon you, Jerusalem of My coming. I have built you for My glory, for it is written that «The Lord has built up Zion and He has appeared in His glory and has responded to the prayer of the destitute, and He has not despised their prayer». (Ps: 102/16-17) Amen, amen, amen.

I am a great God and I sit on the cherubim. Clouds and haze are around Me. Righteous- ness and justice are the strong foundations of the throne of My glory. A fire goes before Me and burns up My adversaries on every side, and My lightning lights up crosses and lights up the world and the earth sees and trembles before the face of the Master of the earth. Amen. My glory is like fire, and I let Myself be seen with it by the faithful disciple of My prophet Elijah. I became a chariot of fire and with My glory I covered his teacher and I took him up into those that are not seen; I took him within the chariot of fire of My glory, for a fire comes out of Me and goes before Me and it cleanses My going from all My enemies in the sky and on earth and


The apocalyptic fire

from the deep then when the lightning of My glory crosses the sky and lights the world, and the earth trembles before My face, for I am the Master of everything on it. Amen.

The fire of My glory is not the fire which burns like the fire on earth, and which is consumed while burning. My glory is a fire which illuminates and gives wisdom and brings the world and its kings into submission, for «God is a consuming fire», as it is writ- ten. For two thousand years, the fire of My glory has become the grace of Holy Spirit over the faithful man who has been following Me, who has been living in Me and I am happy with the man I live in and from whom I shine with My glory and with the word of the glory of My word, for the Word became flesh and dwelt in those who saw My greatness as that of the One born of the Father, full of grace and truth. Amen. Oh, for two thousand years I have become grace and truth in the one who I have been dwelling in and glorifying Myself among the people to make My saints on earth by the work of My glory upon the man. The fire of My glory is not con- sumed, but rather it is glorified before the man by the work of the grace, as in the days of Moses the burning bush, which I was hiding with My voice in, was not consuming because of the fire in it when I was speaking to Moses, and the word of My mouth was written by fire on the stone, to remain on earth as the commandment of life and full of grace. Amen.

My glory is like fire. My word upon you is fire, sons. Eat it more than bread, and you will feel My burning in you, My mourning, and My pain will suffer in you and you will multiply

My grace in you, the life, which suffers in man, and you will seek after My healing. Amen.

(Luke: 12/49) I have

made you My anointed ones in these days that I may have work from heaven on earth. Ask with passion, with hearts full of passion and ask for My comfort in man. Work with the spirit and with the power of Elijah, the prophet, and may your faith be blessed, and may it be in you from Me, that I may fulfill through it everything I have to accomplish for the kingdom of the heaven on earth. You should work everything I have told you to do and do not let it unaccomplished, and also you should not work what I have told you not to do, for on earth it is as on earth, and in heaven it is as on heaven, and you should not do the man’s will on earth, but you should rather do My will. Amen. If you look on the earth to a big house when it is questioned whether it has worked according to the law on earth, then if the owners of the house do not have any good answers for its entire accomplishment, then they give gifts to those who inquire them about the law requirements, and they grant them a delay for this is how it is on earth. Behold, on earth it is as on earth, and in heaven it is as in heaven, where righteousness and justice are the strong foundations of My throne, and out of My mouth comes fire, which burns everything up on My way before Me, to be in heaven as on earth. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the saint prophet Elijah, from 02-08-2004. (On Calameo; on edocr; on archive.org; on Google Drive) ***


have come to throw fire on earth and I wish it were already kindled.

Oh, My people, I come down again with a feast for My Mother, the Virgin, in your midst, and I ask you not to forget the word of life, the teaching, which We have put upon you in the day of the celebration of My mother full of mercy for My word, for My labor of today, by which I have been fighting, being helped by the whole heaven of saints and of angels, to have a faithful people, and that those which come on earth may not crush him for the sins that are on him, and that the people may have My gift as a cover, for the wages of sin is death, and God’s gift is eternal life in Me, the Lord of life, as it is written in the Scriptures.

Oh, My people, I cannot guide you too much today, for those, by whom I come to you so that you may not die without My food, are feeble, but I remind you not to forget My teaching,


The apocalyptic fire

the love and its benefits, which have become Holy Spirit in man, for it is written: «The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, cleanness and everything the Holy Spirits exhorts the man to do, an against such things there is no law», (Gal: 5/22-23), but there God is with His image and with His likeness in man and near the man. Amen.

Oh, My people, everything that is fruit of the Spirit points to the man if he is in God’s image and after His likeness. The one who believes in this work of word, that one is con- firmed in his faith or unfaith or his unfaithfulness by the fruit of the Spirit, which puts the man to test, My people.

When I was with a sweet feast laid down in the garden of the meeting for the birthday

celebration of My mother, the Virgin, I said that it comes quickly,

it comes quickly the mo-

ment for every man on earth to remain in what he will have been found,

and I want to

remind you, My people, to let yourself be tested by the fruit of the Spirit so that you may be established well in them, and I want to remind you of the flame of the furnace in which the three young men, clean in their heart by their repentance for their entire nations, were saved from the fire, for I sent My angels, who appeared in glory, and thus shining with My image and likeness, and he blew coolness into the flame to protect from fire those who were punished by the unfaithful king of their time. This is how I want to protect those who let themselves into My hand, those who let Me to live in them with the fruit of the Spirit and to gather them

together for their salvation,

and to raise them for protection when the earth will receive

the baptism with fire on it in order to cleanse it from the man’s sin

, as I cleansed the temple

from merchants, when I grabbed the whip and took them out from the place consecrated to God, so that the place, known to be God’s among all those on earth, may not be mocked by the devils. And I told them, for their strong protection, that which is from Me, and I told My disciples:

«Take heed and beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees, which is hypocrisy», (Matt: 16/6), for it is their work, their yeast. And I told them this to get them used, day by day, to a large place in them for the fruit of the Spirit and to protect those who were Mine, My witnesses and prophets of the Holy Spirit. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Protection 24 of the Lord's Mother, from 14-10-2004. (On Calameo; on edocr; on archive.org; on Google Drive) ***

I bless with My comforting Spirit those who love you because you are Mine. Exhort them with your sweet heart, working children and sharers of God, exhort those who love you and protect you for your work with Me, not being hindered by any kind of hardships on it, to have a pure sacrifice, to have a pure heart before Me and in them, for those with a pure heart will see God with them, how He will pull them out of fire, how He will remember them in times of hardships of those faithful on earth, and like the young men in the fiery furnace, He will protect them by My angel of fire, and who cools down all the fire on earth there where I

24 The feast day celebrates the appearance of the Mother of God at Blachernae (Vlaherna) in the tenth century. At the end of St. Andrei (Andrew of Constantinople) Yurodivyi's life, he, with his disciple St. Epiphanius, and a group of people, saw the Mother of God, St. John the Baptist, and several other saints and angels during a vigil in the Church of Blachernae, nearby the city gates. The Blachernae Palace church was where several of her relics were kept. The relics were her robe, veil, and part of her belt that had been transferred from Palestine during the fifth century. The Theotokos approached the center of the church, knelt down and remained in prayer for a long time. Her face was drowned in tears. Then she took her veil (cerement) off and spread it over the people as a sign of protection. During the time, the people in the city were threatened by a barbarian invasion. After the appearance of the Mother of God, the danger was averted and the city was spared from bloodshed and suffering, r.n.


The apocalyptic fire

have My protectors, for those who receive Me through you, they will receive the wages of a prophet, the reward as for those who are faithful to God. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Saint Martyr Demetrius 25 , the myrrh- streamer, from 08-11-2004. (On Calameo; on edocr; on archive.org; on Google Drive) ***

My mother is comforting Me here, on the earth of My return in My spirit and word among people, and she is speaking to Me and I am speaking to her as well before the nations on earth. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, Son child of the Father and mine and of those who know You and grow You with longing and love in them! I stand with My outstretched hands above the Romanian land to protect it for You and for those who have become Yours in its midst. Its mystery is as long as seven thousand years. Its mystery is covered, for this is the work of Your mysteries, and this is how it works to its revelation. However, man has established himself too great on earth and does not expect You to come and tell him that he is not a master on earth and You are, for if he had not been a man and that is all, he would have not made bold to become master over Your things and a thief before You, Lord.

… Son Lord, look at those who call themselves Your church on earth, and look at the

one who was highly appointed how he shakes from its place the lie clothed in lamb skin, for You, as two thousand years ago, are kept under a bushel, and Your name is used by the people

of lie, who call themselves a church, to make their glory out of it. However, the Christian people


are otherwise, and it is not like the worldly one that is going to break down everywhere, soon, soon, with all its towers on which fire from heaven is going to fall, in such a way that all things will be clarified and tested by fire, and not otherwise, to the sight of those that are and will

remain, and of those that are not and that will be consumed by fire.


Oh, before the clearing of all your hidden things and not God’s, as you may very well try to deceive people who do no longer see the way of the life and its truth, step aside from your high places, from your adorned seats! Put off the dress of the empty glory, cast out your pride and willingly put on sackcloth on you to your repentance and forgiveness of sins, to your rec-

onciliation to God,

as a day of terror is going to come upon you, a day that will burn like a

furnace and which punishes in it the entire empty glory, all those that worship it, and that which

serves them.

Come to repentance! Bow to the spring of the word that becomes a breeze of Holy

Spirit over those who are faithful to Him, and fire and brimstone over the unfaithful to my Son!

… And now, Son Lord, give birth again to the world as You promised two thousand

years ago, and with the Spirit of Truth make room into the minds and hearts of those who know nothing else but they as masters on earth! And in order for them to know You, touch them, and set Yourself as Master over everything, as You are over those who are faithful and unfaithful, so that the world may know that You have come from the Father and that He sent and sends You with the Scriptures that wait from You, by Your word in them, their fulfillment, Son. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, I was born on the earth, mother, a little baby from you, and a great God over the earth, and happy is the servant whom I will find watching before Me now, at My coming, and those who do not believe in My coming, will believe in it, mother. Amen.


The apocalyptic fire

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the first martyr and archdeacon, Stephen, from 09-01-2005. (On Calameo; on edocr; on archive.org; on Google Drive) ***

Oh, even if it is hard and too hard to believe that I, the Lord, separated the ages with you, the earthly one from the spiritual one, and that I gave you My kingdom into your do- minion as some of My sanctified ones and saints through Me, the holy One, I believe in those that I prophesied by the word of My work of fifty years ago, and I ask you this: be holy, sons, just as your Lord is holy, for God, carries by your little hand through the Holy Spirit in order that He may protect you afterwards from those which will soon come over the earth, and that He may remain with you by His victory, whose kingdom He gives to His saints, as it is written into the Scriptures. Amen.

Oh, wipe out My tear which cries, you merciful child, child gentle and merciful in your little heart! Put away your weaknesses, which does not come from Me in you, for I said that the world is My enemy and yours, and that the world has come to an end for those who are My loved and My sealed ones, and I have also said that I had worked for fifty years to set My people aside for Me that will remain to Me, to separate it from the world and to have it, and to be able to keep it from those that are to come over the world. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the forty holy martyrs of Sevasta (Sebaste), from 22-03-2005. (On Calameo; on edocr; on archive.org; on Google Drive) ***

Watching children in My way, open for Me when I come to My people, which longs after Me and which suffers for the mercy of God, and let My working people give Me further to man everywhere, because soon there will no longer be any comfort upon man but only from the peace and life of this comforting word and of life giving, with which I have been

coming down for fifty years on

the Romanian land, the first one born of the waters at the

making of the heaven and the earth

and on which I have set down now, in the end of the ages,

the throne of My justice to put every man to shame for his justice. Excerpt from the Word of God on the fifth Sunday of the Lent, of the devout Mary the Egyptian, from 17-04-2005.