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IRR 1.0 GENERAL GUIDELINES IRR 1.1 IRR 1.2 The 2013-2014 Regional Executive Officership is open for application to all bona fide members of the NFJPIA FY 2012-2013. Applicants will compose the official Regional Standing Committee of the Federation during the course of application thus must abide and follow all the rules and regulations of the Federation. The applicant must recognize his/her duty to respect the Federation as a student leader of the region and the country and must bear in mind that he/she will carry the name of the Federation during the time of his/her application thus will do nothing discreditable to the goodwill of the Federation. Applicants will be subjected to training and must be prepared to deliver the assigned tasks effectively and efficiently. They will be evaluated objectively and impartially during the training for the crucial final deliberation during the Annual Regional Convention. Trainings will be given randomly by the Regional Executive Officers during the course of application. Tasks may be given on a surprise basis, depending upon the prerogatives of the Federation, to test the ability of applicants to respond quickly to the demands of their status quo. The applicant must be present on the day of the Provincial Eliminations for SRAW on February 5, 2013, on the Annual Regional Convention, and on other upcoming events of the Federation to be part of the Standing Committee. This will serve as the initial training of the candidates. Applicants are all required to attend the Meeting de Avance and final deliberation during the Annual Regional Convention.


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QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS No member shall be allowed to run for any regional office unless he/she possesses the following qualifications: A. He must be a bona fide member of any JPIA Local Chapter duly recognized and accredited by the Federation at least one (1) year. B. He must be an accounting major student with good moral character. C. He must not hold any major position in any organization after elected. D. He must submit the following requirements: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. Duly accomplished certificate of candidacy/application form given by the COMELEC; Endorsement of the incumbent JPIA President, JPIA Adviser and the Dean; Certificate of good moral character from the Office of the Registrar and/or Office of the Prefect of Discipline; Certificate of grades or temporary transcript of record (No Failing Grades/Dropped/INC; Two (2) wallet size pictures (colored); and He/she must have attended at least one (1) major activity of the Regional Council and/or the Federation.

IRR 2.2

The duly accomplished certificate of candidacy/application form will be sent to nfjpiar1car.comelec@yahoo.com on or before January 19, 2013, with the following format as the e-mail's subject: COMELEC_<SURNAME>_<LOCAL CHAPTER>. Other requirements will be submitted on a hard copy during the Annual Regional Convention.

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The applicant must notify the Federation after forwarding his/her application form to the COMELEC by sending a text message at 09185522709/09151822676 or by sending a notification mail at r1car.comm.jabesamis@gmail.com Additional requirements may be required during the course of application. The COMELEC shall NOT accept applications after the expiration of the date of submission unless amended and ratified. GENERAL ELECTORAL AND SELECTION PROCESS The Commission on Elections shall be composed of the incumbent Regional Executive Officers. They shall supervise and conduct the electoral process of the officers for the Executive Office. The Council shall have the following duties and powers: 1. It shall organize a Meeting de Avance during the Annual Regional Convention; 2. It shall be the duty of the Council to conduct the selection process and appointment in an efficient and effective manner; 3. Such selection process shall be based on established procedures duly promulgated by the Council and for which the same shall be circulated by the Council at least one (1) month prior to the date of the Annual Regional Convention; 4. Be the sole judge of all selection protests that shall include objections to the qualification of the candidates and/or violation of rules and regulations, and others of the same nature; 5. Any delegate shall have the right to question a Candidate and the Council shall resolve and decide the case; and 6. Report the result of the election to the NFJPIANs.

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Applicants for the 2013-2014 Regional Executive Officership will be announced and posted on the pages and website of the Federation for publicity and evaluation purposes. Applicants first public appearance (called Applicants Reaping) will be conducted at the opening of the Convention. All applicants will be called one by one to introduce themselves and to give their best shot to impress the delegates and the Federation. A list of applicants will be posted during the Convention. A Meeting de Avance shall be conducted on the first night of the Annual Regional Convention, wherein they will be interviewed. Questions may come from both the COMELEC and the delegates present. Questions to be asked by the COMELEC shall be uniform for each candidate. Applicants must be in corporate/business casual attire during the Meeting de Avance and other events as announced by the Federation. The Meeting de Avance will serve as the final appearance of the applicants before the deliberation and selection. Delegates during the Annual Regional Convention will be required to participate during the Meeting de Avance. They will serve as evaluators during the Annual Regional Convention. After the Meeting de Avance, the Regional Executive Officers will conduct the final deliberation. One vote per head will be the count regardless of the position this will be done on via ballot voting. An applicant may be appointed to a different regional office, not his/her desired position, if accorded necessary by the Regional Executive Officers. In case of a tie, the Regional Executive Officers, together with the Regional Adviser, will have to decide on the matter unanimously, that is to choose between the two aspirants.

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In case of any concern, clarification, or protest which is not governed by the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the said provision, the Regional Executive Officers shall have the absolute power to decide, upon consultation to the Regional Adviser, on such matters; and the decision of the Council is final and irrevocable.