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Creative Team: T.S. Luikart, Chris Pramas, Jeff Tidball, Robert F. Schwalb, and Marijan von Staufer ‘Writing Lead: Marijan von Staufer Game Design Leads: Chris Pramas and Jeff Tidball Adventure Writing & Design: TS. Luikert Fiction: Robert Earl Additional Material: David Chart, Kare Flack, Rick Preistley, Robert J. Schuwalb Development: Chris Pramas and Robert J. Schwalb Editing: Kara Hamilton and W.D. Robinson Graphic Design and Art Direction: Hal Mangold Cover Art: Ralph Horsley WERP Logo: Darius Hinks Interior Art: Toren “Macbin” Atkinson, Caleb Cleveland, Miguel Coimbra, Chris Dien, John Gravato, David Griffith, Paul “Prof” Herbert, Ralph Horsley, Jeremy Jarvis, Scott Johnson, Michael Kalua, ‘Jonathan Kirtz, Karl Kopinski, Eric Lof gren, Pat Loboyko, Britt Martin, Jon Page, Eric Polak, Scott Purdy, Rick Sardinha, Adrian Smith, Chris Trevas, Franz Vohwinkel, Tyler Walpole, John Wigley, and Sam Wood WERP Development Manager: Kate Flack Project Manager: Ewan Lamont Head of Black Industries: Simon Butler A Black Industries Publication Jogo, and all associated races and race insignia, marks, names, First published in 2005 by Black Industries, characterisation, and images fom the Warhammer an imprint of BL Publishing universe are either ®, TM, and/or © Games Workshop a Ld 2000-2005, variably registered in the UK and other BL Publishing ‘countries around the world. All rights reserved. Games Workshop. Ltd Green Ronin and the Green Ronin logo are Willow Road Trademarks of Green Ronin Publishing and are Nottingham used with permission, NG72WS UK Product Code: 60040283011 No part of this publication may be reproduced, TSBIN 10" 1-84416-268-0. stored ina recrieval system, or transmitted in ISBN 13: 978-1-84416-268-0 any form by any means, electonic, mechanical photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the publishers. Black Industries World Wide Web site: © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2005. All Rights Games Workshop World Wide Web site: Reserved, Games Workshop, the Games Workshop logo, eestor tore \Washammer, Washammer Fantasy Roleplay, the Warhammer Green Ronin World Wide Web site: Fantasy Roleplay logo, Black Industries, the Black Industries : ‘THe Onicwns aNp History oF Macc. The Chaos Realm . ‘Old Ones, Acthyr, & the Rise of the Gods The Work of the Old Ones ‘The Coming of Magic Ulthuan and the Elves Aenarion and Caledor: The Great Vortex... ‘The Empire and the Suppression of Magi The Dwarfen Influence... The Lure of Darkness. Magnus the Pious & the War Against The Gift of Spelleraft Teelis’ Purge... The Gift of Knowledge... Saviours of the Empire... Founding the Colleges of Magic Perceptions of Magic & Spelteraft Rural Peasantry, Tounsfolk.. Citizens of the City-States ‘The Gift of Magic “Successful” Magic Users.. Hedge Wizards Witches .. Other eae Users in Studying Magic and Spellcraft ‘Magisters’ Off spring.. Hedge Wizards’ & Witches’ Offspring Spontaneous Manifestations of Power. Cuaprer IV: ‘Tue Imperiat CoLLeces OF Macic Situating the Colleges... The Development of the Colleges . The Colleges Today The Articles of Imperial Exiles & Wandering Religious Devotion .. Bestowing Legitimacy Foreign Magic Users. Collegiate Apprenticeships