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CASICALLAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Third Grading Period in English V SY 2012 2013 Name: _______________________________________________________ Score: ____________

Test I. Multiple Choice Directions: Read each group of sentences. Choose the key sentence which gives the main idea of the group of sentences ________1.a. Some ostriches nearly 8 feet (2.8 meters) tall. b. Ostriches may weigh from 200 to 300 pounds (90 135 kg.) c. The ostrich is the largest bird in the existence. ________2.a. Although they cannot fly, ostriches can run quickly. b. Their long legs and sturdy feet help them run. c. Ostriches can run as fast as 40 miles (64 km) per hour. ________3.a. An ostrich can usually outrun its enemies with ease. b. The ostrichs strong legs help to protest it from its enemies. c. When an ostrich can run no farther, it will kick an enemy with its powerful legs. ________4.a. Caribbean flamingos have coral-red feathers. b. In South America, flamingos are pinkish-white; in North America, they are bright red with black edge wings c. A flamingos color ranges from bright red to pale pink. ________5.a. Flamingos strains need to get their food. b. In their bills, flamingos scoop up mad from the bottoms of lakes c. They strain out small plants and animals and eat them. Test II. A. Directions: Choose the correct form of the verbs in the past. Write your answers before The number. ____________1. ____________2. ____________3. ____________4. My mother and I (thinked, thought) of having a vegetable garden. We gladly (telled, told) mother and father about it. Both mother and father (smile, smiled) at us. 5. They couldnt believe that we truly (meaned, meant) what we (sayed, said).

B. Write the past form of the following Verbs. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. reach believe stand guard sweep ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ 6. meet 7. read 8. swing 9. take 10. swear ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________

Test III. A. Rewrite the following in the future tense. 1. Each group prepares a number. __________________________________________________________ 2. Group I presents a choral presentation. __________________________________________________________ 3. Rommel, who is from group 3 delivers his swimming piece in the oratorical contest. __________________________________________________________ 4. All parents are invited. __________________________________________________________

5. Snacks are served to all the guest. _____________________________________ B. In each sentence, encircle the word or group of word that gives a clue to the meaning of the underlined word. 1. The police officer ran fast after the robber and easily seized or captured him in a street dead end. 2. From a distance, I was amazed at the tsunami that towered the ocean. It quickly rolled high toward the shore where the his was. 3. The ugly duckling and the other ducks frequently visited and played at the marsh, a piece of soft, wet grassland. 4. RabbiEliezer and Rabbi Joshua, two great priests, went up to the temple in Jerusalem and offered up their sacrifices. 5. Marcos lived with his parents and in a small thatched hut which had a roof made of a thick mat of palm leaves and straw. C. Read the paragraph below. Copy the sentences that are supporting details to the given main idea. Icebergs can be dangerous to ships. They are huge blocks of ice detached from a glacier or ice sheet and carried out to sea. Icebergs are often hard to see. Parts of an iceberg that can damage ships are often hidden under the water. In dense fog, a ship can collide with an iceberg. Main idea: Icebergs can be dangerous to ships. 1. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________________________________ In 1912, the ship Titanic collided with an iceberg. Though it was supposed to be the safest ship of its day, the Titanic sank. Now people are doing things to protect ships from icebergs. Ships of sixteen nation partial the water of the North Atlantic. Iceberg are measured and counted and their courses tracked. Ships are warned through radars if there is an iceberg nearby Iceberg Alarm. Main idea: Now, people doing things to protect ships from icebergs. 4. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 5. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 6. _______________________________________________________________________________________ D. Read each sentence, identify if the underlined part is a cause or an effect. ___________1. ___________2. ___________3. ___________4. ___________5. Eric grew so tall in such a short time that was of his clothes fit him. Audrey get a bad sunburn whenever she stays under the sun too long. Jed brought his typewriter to be repaired because it was broken. You can eat fresh vegetables daily, if you have a garden. The pond is muddy, so we cannot swim in it.

E. Read each paragraph. Finish the last sentence by choosing the best answer from the choices. 1. Tod rides his bike everyday after school. One day, when he was out riding, he noticed that one of the tires was almost flat. Tod knew that there was a gas station down the road. He got off the bike and ___________________. a. Walked to his destination and left his bike. b. Walked to the gas station, where he put more air into the tires. c. Walked to the gas station and called his mom. 2. Jenny has red, blue and yellow paint. She knows that she can make an orange paint by mixing red and yellow together. She can make purple by mixing red and blue. Jenny drew a basket filled with orange. To paint orange, Jenny will _____________. a. Mix blue and yellow paint together. b. Mix red and blue paint together c. Red and yellow paint together. 3. Carlos and his family went camping. They bought along a tent to sleep in and some hot dogs to eat. When Carlos and his family felt hungry, they made a campfire. Then, they ____________. a. Went to cook hot dog over the campfire. b. Went to sleep inside the tent. c. Went home and looked for food. 4. One Thursday, Darrns teacher told the class that there would be a math test on Friday. Whenever Darren has a test, he studies hard the night before. On Thursday night, Darren ___________. a. Went to a party b. Slept early c. Studies hard 5. Mr. Jones owns a fish stall. Before he opens it, he goes to the fishing boats and gets the fish that he will sell that day. Early Monday morning Mr. Jones __________. a. Goes to the market to by fish c. Goes to the sea to catch fish b. Goes to the fishing boats to get fish

God bless!!!

CASICALLAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Third Periodic Test Grade VI SY 2012 201 Name: _______________________________________________________ Score: ____________

Test I. Multiple Choice Directions: Choose the letter of the word which may express the characters feeling in the following statements. Write your answer before the number. _____1. School? Whats there to write about school? a. Depression b. Amazement _____2. Where did you get this money? a. Anxiety b. Excitement _____3. If only I arrived earlier I would have caught that trip. a. Surprised b. Happiness _____4. Two more nights, and we will be on board the plane. a. Excitement b. Dismay _____5. I can beat all of them at the same time! a. Delight b. Arrogance

c. Compassion c. Dismay c. Regret c. Pride c. Disgust

Test II. A. Choose the correct form of the verb that would agree with the indefinite pronoun used in each sentence. Write your answer before the number. ___________1. Others(forget, forgets) to greet Sheena during her birthday party. ___________2. Nobody (was, were) there when NanayMinda entered the kitchen and looked for a saucer. ___________3. Everybody (has, have) to stand up as the National Anthem is sung. ___________4. Several personnel (comes, come) to inspect the room and the other part of the house. ___________5. No one (is, are) expecting that the president on UN will arrived this early. ___________6. Most of the contestant (wear, wears) gown designed by Nino Sotto. ___________7. Few of attendees (agree, agrees) with the proposed project so it has not been carried on. ___________8. Each of the students (arrive, arrives) in his A1 uniform. ___________9. Both parties (decide, decides) on the date and place of the wedding. ___________10.Somebody (keep, keeps) the evidence at the hotel basement. B. Directions: Give the present perfect tense of the verb in the parenthesis. Write the answer before the number. ___________1. Girl scouts of the Philippines (initiate) the tree-planting activity in the rural areas. ___________2. The Cate (bit) the leg of the running baby that make her cried so hard. ___________3. Few of the Firemen (volunteer) to go ahead and check the site for initial response. ___________4. Mang Thomas and his son Mike (cut) the grasses just in time for the party-tonight. ___________5. I (study) all night. ___________6. I (live) here for eight years. ___________7. They (be) in the conference room for almost an hour. ___________8. Mother (learn) to cook Spanish dishes since she attend the cooking demo. ___________9. The Journalist (publish) a lot of write ups about politicians in our country. ___________10.We (give) our best shot during the game. C. Directions: Write AV before the number if the is in active voice and PV if it is in passive voice. _____1. _____2. _____3. _____4. _____5. _____6. _____7. Dried leaves were gathered by Kiko and have then burned. Mr. President activated his employees code number based on the length of service. I was moved by the woman and her success story. My Father rebuilt our fence after the flood subsided. Minnie checked the blood pressure of the patient and wrote the result. A certain old lady was robbed by the arrogant man in black shades. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

_____8. The scientist invented a gadget for keeping vegetables and fruits for days. _____9. The delicious cake was bake by my Mother. _____10.The pupils answered the questions immediately. Test III. Directions: Read the following sentences and complete them by filling in the blanks with either HOPE/HOPES or WISH/WISHES. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I ___________ I can be like Lea Salonga and act out an Miss Saigon abroad. Chynna ______________ she graduate Summa Cum Laude when she finished college. Remo ________________ he could perform two roles at the same time. We ______________ we had all the means to reach the devastated place. Timothy wishes. He _____________ to be the king of the forest so he could protect the trees.

God bless!!!

CASICALLAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Third Periodic Test in ENGLISH IV SY 2012 2013 Name: _______________________________________________________ Score: ____________

Test I. Multiple Choice:Choose the letter of the correct answer to make the sentence complete. Write your answer in your paper. ____1. The teacher called Mira. She told _____ to go to the library. a. her b. him c. us d. me ____2. Andrea has a pet bird. He feeds ______ rice and corn. a. his b. her c. it d. me ____3. I met my friend Gay Aillie at the market. She invited ____ to go with her. a. me b. us c. her d. you ____4. The pupils went on a field trip. The teacher went on a field trip. The teacher told _____ to be careful in crossing the street. a. them b. us c. is d. her ____5. My sister is excited. My aunt is inviting _____ to see a movie. a. me b. her c. us d. you ____6. Raul and Tony are playing guitar. Mother called _____. a. them b. us c. him d. his ____7. She is my mother. My teacher wrote ____ a letter. a. him b. her c. his d. them ____8. My pet dog can bark. My cousin gave _____ to me. a. it b. her c. his d. in ____9. He is my cousin. He lives in Davao. My uncle visits ____ often. a. him b. her c. his d. it ____10. Father gave Joey a new cellphone. Joey thanked ____ father for the new cellphone. Test II. Directions: Underline the correct form of the verb inside the parenthesis to make the sentence correct. 1. The people in Benguet (is, are) vegetable growers. 2. The farmers (go, goes) to the farm everyday. 3. Ednas Grandfather (sell, sells) in the market Saturday. 4. Her Grandmother (cook, cooks) vegetables everyday. 5. Edna (help, helps) her Grandmother at home. 6. Rina (enjoy, enjoys) her stay with her Grandparents. 7. My friend (write, writes) a letter for her mom in Canada. 8. Sister (bake, bakes) cake. 9. The dog (bark, barks) loudly at night. 10. The boy (ride, rides) in a bicycle. Test III. Directions: Write what kind of sentences are the following. Write A for Declarative, B for Interrogative, C for Exclamatory and D for Imperative. ____1. What a beautiful picture. ____2. The attractive flowers add beauty to the picture. ____3. Cut out the picture and paste it on a cardboard. ____4. Where will we hang the picture. ____5. May I see the picture frame. ____6. I bought this picture frame in the bookstore. ____7. There is a bookstore near the town plaza. ____8. A witch change a prince into a frog. ____9. Kindly carry this bag for me. ____10. Its impossible.

Test IV. A. Directions: Read the following story and answer the questions that follow. Write your answer before the number. The Rat and the Cat The rat was sleeping under the tree. A big cat came. The cat saw the rat and step on its body. She was about to eat the rat when the rat said, Forgive me my friend. Please do not eat me. I am just a small rat. Someday I might be able to help you. The cat laughed at the rat. How could you help me when you are so small? You are just as big as my paws, said the cat, all right, I am going to set you free. Next time I see you, Ill not see you free. A week later group of men came. They saw a big sat sitting on the branch of a tree. The men hang a net on a branches. They put food inside the net. The cat jumped into the net. The men tied the net into a tree and left to look for other cats. The rat came and saw the cat inside the net. He knew it was his cat friend. The rat gnawed the net and the cat was able to get out. The rat said, Now my friend, do you believe that a small rat like me can be help of a big animals like you? The cat thanked the rat and ran away. ____1. The cat stopped on the rat and said, You are just as big as my paws, what does the word paws mean? a. Mouth of the cat b. Feet on the cat c. Tail of the cat d. Fur of the cat ____2. The rat gnawed the net and the cat came out on the net. a. Bit the bread on the net b. Ate the net c. Cut the net d. Pulled the net ____3. Which of the events happened first in the story? a. The men came and saw the cat. c. The man came and saw the cat on a tree. b. The cat stopped on the rat. d. The cat went out of the net and ran away. ____4. Which of these events happened next? a. A cat came and saw the rat. c. The men came and saw the rat on a tree. b. The cat kept on jumping inside the net d. The men left to look for some other cats. ____5. Which of these events happened last in the story. a. The rat thank the cat and ran away c. The man tied the net to a tree and look for other. b. The rat asked the cat to set her free d. The gnawed the net and set the cat free. B. Which of the following groups of words would be a good heading. ____6. a. How the rat saved the cat. c. Where the rat was. b. What the rat saw. d. What happened to the cat. ____7. a. What the cat was doing. c. How the cat and the rat became friends. b. Why the rat was set free. d. The hunters and the cat. ____8. The cat did not eat the rat? why? a. The rat can be of help to the cat someday. c. The man caught the rat. b. The rat look funny. d. The cat ran away. ____9. The rat gnawed the net. What was the result? a. The man tied the cat. c. The rat went inside the net. b. A hole was made on the net. d. The cat ran after the rat. Barangay Mabolo is preparing for their barangay fiesta. The men are decorating the streets with colorful paper buntings. The women and children are cleaning their homes and surroundings. Every home is busy preparing for the coming fiesta. They make plans on what they will do to make the people happy. On the day of the fiesta. A band goes around to the community playing lively music. A parade goes around the town plaza. The church bells and many people go to church. Many houses are filled with visitors. Native delicacies were served to the visitors. Test V. Directions: Choose the subheadings for the following headings. _____10. Preparation before the fiesta. a. Food is served to the visitors c. Streets are decorated with paper buntings b. A bands begin to play lively music d. There is a parade going on

_____11. Activities on the day of the fiesta. a. The church bell ring early in the morning b. The people make plans for the coming events

c. The people clean their home d. The men decorates the street

A clown was invited to perform during the fiesta. He smiled at his audience. He showed many tricks to the people. He changed his handkerchief to a bird. He folded his handkerchief and when she opened it there were plenty of money. The people clapped their hands. The children enjoyed watching him. _____12. a. b. _____13. a. b. _____14. a. b. _____15. a. b. What was the reason why the clown was invited during the fiesta? To make magic c. To make money To entertain the people d. To watch the children The children enjoyed watching the clown. Why? The clown can do many tricks c. The people clapped their hands The clown has plenty of money d. They wanted to be a clown also Andy cant stand alone. He walks on his crutches. What do you think is the cause? He bumped his head c. He met a car accident He cut his finger d. He ate too much Noel did not water the plants for one week. What would be the result? The plants will grow big c. The plants will die The plants will grow tall d. The weeds will grow thick

Test VI. Directions: Arrange the events in the correct order. Number them from 1 5. _____1. _____2. _____3. _____4. _____5. They ate raw meat of animals and vegetables. They began roasting the food they eat. Then they discovered fire. The early people did not have permanent homes. They went from one place to another.

God bless!!!

CASICALLAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IkatlongMarkahangPagsusulit sa EPP IV SY 2012 2013 Name: _______________________________________________________ Test I. Enumeration Panuto: Piliinangtamangsagotsabawattitikparamagingwasto Isulatangsagotsapatlangbagoangnumero. Score: ____________

Basahingmabutiangmgapangungusap. and pangungusap.

____1. Ang ______ ay isangparaanngpagbubulokngmgabasurasaisangsisidlan. a. Compost pit b. Compost pile c. Compost ____2. Ang _________ ay angpinakaangkopnalupanggagamitinsapaghahalamanggulaysapagkatnakakatipiditongpanah on at nagigingtuluy-tuloyangpaghahalamanan. a. Kahon b. Kahongpunlaan c. Punlaan ____3. Ang _______ ay isangkagamitangmahalagasapaghahalamanggulaysapagkatnakakatipiditongpanahon at nagigingtuluy-tuloyangpaghahalaman. a. Kahongpunlaan b. Kahon c. Punla ____4. Angpaghahandang ________ ay isangmatipidnaparaanupangmagkaroonngsapatnapanustosngmatabangorganiko. a. Compost b. Compost pile c. Compost pit ____5. Sapamimilinghalamanggulaynaitatanimsabakuran, dapatsumasangganisa ____ upang. a. Kalendaryo b. Kandelario c. Kalendario ____6. Angtawagsapatabanggalingsapinaghalongnabubuloknabagay, duminghayop at lupa ay _____________. a. Sandy b. Humus c. Loam ____7. Angabonong _______ ay mainamnaihaloupangmabilisangpagkabulokngmgabasurangilalagay. a. 16 20 b. 14 14 14 c. urea ____8. Angpagdidilignghalaman ay dapatginagawatuwing a. Gabi b. Umaga at hapon c. Hapon ____9. Maaaringgumamitng ______ ngpunongkahoybilangsuportasamgahalamangnangangailanganngsuporta. a. Patpat o sanga b. Dahon c. Bulaklak ____10. Ang _______ nglupasapaligidnghalamangtaniman ay kailanganupangmakahingaangmgaugatngmgatumutubonghalamanupangyumabong at lumagonanghusto. a.Pagdidilig b. Pagbubungkal c. Pagtatanim Test II. Tama o Mali Panuto: isulatang TAMA kungangpangungusap ay tama at MALI kung ito ay hindi tama angisinasaadnito. ________1. Angmgaproduktomulasamgapananim ay dapatmabigyanngsapatnapagiingatnahindiitomasisirasauringatingpanahon. ________2. Angbigas at butyl ay iniimbaksakamalig. ________3. Angpag-aalaganghayop ay kapaki-pakinabang. ________4. Angkambing at baka ay nakapabibigaynggatas at masarapnakarne. ________5. Pagbukud-bukurinangmalalaki at maliliitnaitlogsapagkatiba-ibaangpresyonito. ________6. Angmadahonggulay ay dapatanihinbagomagsiigkisangmgatangkay. ________7. Angpaghahalaman ay isasamgaparaanupangkumitangkaragdagangpera. ________8. Nakakainipangpagtatanimnghalamang-gulay. ________9. Angdahonnghalaman ay tuladngpunongkahoy, nagbibigaylilim at oxygen nakailanganngtao. ________10.Angsibuyas at bawang ay kailanganganihinhabangsariwa pa angmgatalbosnito.

Test III. Enumeration 1 7: 8 10: 11 13: 14 20 Magbigayng 7 kasangkapangkagamitansapagnanarseri. Magbigayngtatlonghayopnanagbibigayngitlog at karne. Magbigayngtatlonghayopnanagbibigaynggatas at karne. Magbigayngmgaparaanparamagingmagandaanghalaman.

God bless!!!

CASICALLAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IkatlongMarkahangPagsusulit sa MSEP IV SY 2012 2013 Name: _______________________________________________________ Score: ____________

I. Panuto: Isulatangbilangngtamangsagot. 1. Anongpangkatng orchestra angtinutugtogsapamamagitanngpaghagodngdaliri at pagkalabit. a. Strings b. Woodwinds c. Brasses d. Percussion 2. Alinsamgapangkatnginstrumentoangnagtataglayng reed? a. Strings b. Woodwinds c. Brasses d. Percussions 3. Itoypangkatnginstrumentongyarisatanso at may ihipanghugis-kopa. a. Brasses b. Percussion c. Woodwinds d. Strings 4. Alingpangkatnginstrumentoangbinubuongpinapalo, tinatapik, kinakalog o pinagtatamaupangtumunog. a. Brasses b. Percussions c. Woodwinds d. Strings 5. Alinginstrumentoang may apatnakwerdasnanakatotonosa g, d, a at e. a. Byulin b. Viola c. Cello d. Double bass 6. Anonginstrumentoang may sapatnakwerdasnanakatononang mas mababangisangoktabasa viola? a. Cello b. Byulin c. Viola d. Trumpet 7. Itoy may apatnakwerdasnanakatonosa c, g, d at a? a. Viola b. Byulin c. Gitara d. Cello 8. Alinginstrumentosabandaang may pinakamataasnatono? a. Trumpeta b. Trombone c. French horn d. Tuba 9. Anginstrumentongitosabanda ay may pinakamababanatono. a. Tuba b. Trombone c. Clarinet d. Oboe 10. Instrumentongpercussion/perkusyonnapinapalongisa o dalawangpamalo. a. Timpani b. Tambol c. Oboe d. Plauta 11. Alinginstrumentoangyarisatanso? a. Pompyang b. Tambol c. Timpani d. Plauta 12. Alinsamgainstrumentoangyarisapilak? a. Pompyang b. Tambol c. Timpani d. Plauta 13. Alingantasngdaynamikoangnangangahulugangmalakasnamalakas? a. mf b. m c. f d. ff 14. Anongsimboloangnangangahuluganngmahinang-mahina? a. p b. pp c. mp d. ff 15. anongsimboloangnagsasabingulitinmulasasimula? a. De Capo b. DC Al fine c. mp d. DC 16. Anongsimboloangnagsasabingulitinhanggangsakatapusan. a. Alfine b. mp c. DC Al fine d. DC 17. Itoymalakingpangkatngmgamanunugtogngmgamusikangpangknosyerto? a. Banda b. Orkestra c. Strings d. Musikero SINING 18. Isangsinaunanggusalikungsaanikinulongsi Jose Rizal. a. Malacanang b. Fort Santiago c. Fort Bonifacio d. Muntinlupa 19. KilalanggusalinatinitirhanngmgapangulongPilipinas. a. Malacanang b. Fort Santiago c. Fort Bonifacio d. White House 20. Saanmatatagpuananglumangbahayni Rizal? a. Ilocos Norte b. Calamba, Laguna c. Fort Bonifacio d. Bagumbayan 21. Saanmatatagpuanang Underground River naisasa UNESCO World Heritage? a. Puerto Rico b. Puerto Princesa c. Palawan d. Ilocos 22. Salugarnaitomakikitaanglumangbahaynabato? a. Vigan, Ilocos Sur b. Vigan, Ilocos Norte c. la Union d. Iloilo 23. Alinsamga UNESCO World heritage and matatagpuansa Cordillera Region? a. Mt. Mayon b. Cordillera Rice Terraces c. Chocolate Hills d. Hot spring

24. Anoangkahuluganngdisenyongetnikongkatuladnito? a. Ahas b. Kidlat c. Araw d. Puno 25. Anongdisenyoangginagamitparasapuno? a. b. c. d. 26. SinongPilipinong pinto rang gumuhitng Planting Rice? a. Napoleon Abueva b. Fernando Amorsolo c. Hernando Ocampo d. Da Vinci 27. Anoangipinintani Hernando Ocampo? a. Planting Rice b. Man and Carabao c. Monalisa d. Birds 28. Alinsamgasumusunodanglikhani Nestor Leynes? a. Mag-inasatabingDuyan c. Monalisa b. Mother and Child d. The Child 29. Alinangtinaguriangisasa Seven Wonders of the World? a. Banaue Rice Terraces b. Chocolate Hills c. Taal Volcano d. Mayon Volcano 30. Sinongbantogng Pilipino anglumikhasaSpolarium? a. Juan Flavier b. Juan Luna c. Guillermo Tolentino d. Napoleon Abueva 31. Sino angngiskulturang UnangSigawsaBalintawak? a. Juan Flavier b. Juan Luna c. Guillermo Tolentino d. Napoleon Abueva 32. Sino angmgaiskulturasa PIETA? a. Leonardo da Vinci b. Michael Angelo c. Raphael d. Durer 33. Sino samgadalubhasasasiningangnagpintang Monalisa. a. Leonardo da Vinci b. Michael Angelo c. Raphael d. Durer 34. Ang creation naipinintasakisameng Sistine Chapel ay ginawani? a. Michael Angelo b. Leonardo da Vinci c. Durer d. Raphael EPK 35. Alinsamgakatutubongsayawngpagliligawan? a. Paseo de Bicol b. Cariosa c. Tiklos d. Surtido Norte 36. Angsayawnaito ay buhatsaBongoran, Das, Albay. a. Tinikling b. Tiklos c. Cariosa d. Paseo de Bicol 37. AnongsayawangnagsimulasaIlocos Norte? a. Paseo de Bicol b. Surtido Norte c. Tiklos d. Cariosa 38. Anonguring pitching itinatapatsadibdibang bola, mabilisnaihiwalayangkamaysa may hawakna bola pababasabay-imbay at ihagissapapalo? a. Underhand pitch b. Windmill pitch c. Sling shot d. Pitch 39. Itoyisinasagawasapamamagitanngmabilisnapaghihiwalayngkamayna may hawakna bola pababasabayimbaypasulong, paikotna haggis nangmabilissapapalo. a. Windmill pitch b. Underhand pitch c. Overhead pitch d. Sling shot 40. Anonguringpagpaloangginagawakapagang bola ay mababa? a. Pagsalosaibabangbaywang c. Pagpalosaibabangbaywang b. Pagsalosa lampas baywang d. 1 at 2 41. Kapagang bola ay mabilispapuntang kana angpagsalo ay, a. Pagpalosatagilirangkanan c. Pagsalosaibabangbaywang b. Pagpalosatagilirangkaliwa d. 1 at 2 42. Anonguringpagsaloangginagawakapagang bola ay lumampassabaywang, a. Pagsalosaibabangbaywang c. Pagpalosatahilirangbaywang b. Pagsalosa lampas baywang d. 1 at 2 43. Alinang di-dapatgawinsapaghagisng bola salarong softball? a. Iwasangmatamaanangpumapalong bola c. Ihagisang bola ngmaayos b. Ituonangisipansapaghahagis d. Siguraduhingmatamaanangpapalo 44. Saanpapuntaang batter namulasa better box? a. First base b. Second base c. Third base d. Homerun 45. Anoangtawagsahuling base satatakbuhan? a. First base b. Second base c. Third base d. Homerun

46 50: Piliinangbilangngnagsasabing out angbeys runer

46. Kapagang fielder na may hawakng bola ay nakatapaksabeys. 47. Kapagna tag ng fielder ang runner kung walaitosabeys. 48. Kapagumalisang runner nangmaagasabeysnahindibumaliksabeys. 49. Kapagsinalingngbeys runner angtayanahumaharangngpinalong bola. 50. Kapagangruner ay tinamaanngpinalong bola bagoitodumaansamagbabantay.

God bless!!!