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ABSTRACT SEMBLANTE, MELLIENE G. Central Mindanao University, University Town, Musuan Bukidnon. October 2011.


Adviser: Dr. Laarni F. Lacandula

The study was conducted to determine the level of bacterial isolates in the three water passage sources (spring, reservoir and faucet) of drinking water in San Roque, Quezon, Bukidnon. The collection of the water samples was done last May 3, 2011 for the first sampling, May 17, 2011 for second sampling and July 29, 2011 for the third sampling. The fecal coliform counts were determined in three sampling periods. An informal interview was also conducted among household water users in the study area to provide additional information about the study. Results of the study showed that there is a high level of bacterial count in the third sampling period. This may be due to heavy rain that happened in the study site before the collection of the water samples. As for sampling stations, Station 3 (faucet) showed the highest bacterial count compared to Stations 1 and 2. The high presence of bacteria in Station 3 may be attributed to the absence of water treatment or possible contamination of bacteria which have entered through the damaged piping connections of the water distribution system. The presence of bacteria in all sampling stations indicates that the water is contaminated with fecal coliform. However, all of the water samples exceeded the Department of Health (DOH) water quality standard of <1.1 MPN/100mL. Thus, the communal water source in San Roque, Quezon, Bukidnon is not suitable for drinking purposes and the continuous using of the water source may cause health problems to the consumers.

Semi-structured interview conducted onshowed that there is an increase in number of villagers due tothe increasing number of migrants in the area.Majority of the respondents said that the quality of water affects their health and uses. The most common water-related diseases they experienced include diarrhea, skin allergies and stomachache.Furthermore, perception survey showed that majority of the respondents observed damages in water pipes and checkup for cleaning and repair was mostly done annually, and there was no treatment applied to the water sources. It is recommended that the Local Government Unit concerned should spearhead in disseminating the results of this study to let water-users be aware of the quality of water they are consuming. The LGU in cooperation with the Department of Health should develop rapid and sensitive methods for monitoring the quality of water at San Roque, Quezon, Bukidnon.